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Is An 8K TV Worth It?
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How Plants Tell Time
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What Makes Soft Things Soft?
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On the Origin of Butts
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Why Does Fish Flake?
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  • Altus Polydarmus
    Altus Polydarmus 2 minutes ago

    To make an Opal, you just need to fuse a neurotic Pearl with an overcooked Amethyst

  • first last
    first last 2 minutes ago

    Have the amphibole asbestos been banned? Seems not. Maybe something worth mentioning in the video.

  • Ken Shackleton
    Ken Shackleton 9 minutes ago

    Nuclear power baby! That's the way to make the electricity to charge up your car.

  • Tom Forge
    Tom Forge 9 minutes ago

    Everybody needs to watch Team 3D Alpha’s nucleus overload videos. He was talking about this years ago.

  • S. Adam Bernstein
    S. Adam Bernstein 10 minutes ago

    Unfortunately this video says zero about vaccines, other than Big Pharma's mantra, "they don't cause autism". Therefore they are totally safe, right? Gotta love how pro-vaxxers avoid going into what is actually in vaccines, and all the reported side effects. Autism is one (actually ambiguous) condition that is probably induced by many factors. Vaccines may or may not be one of them. But many other conditions/side effects are conveniently ignored here in favor of explaining our bias. And the pro-vaccine bias of course doesn't exist, right?

  • Ernie Frisk
    Ernie Frisk 11 minutes ago

    You have a nice voice

  • Kevin Joyce
    Kevin Joyce 12 minutes ago

    Huh it’s funny how doctor Ronda Patrick said that meditating has profound effect on healthy brain aging. Something that the tank helps out so much with. With mental health let people find avenues that work for them. Enough of the scientific jargon

  • Alpaslan Aydin
    Alpaslan Aydin 12 minutes ago

    This dude speaks to fast.

  • Christian William
    Christian William 15 minutes ago

    But didn't cross the scientific mind that much likely the milk first actually taste different to that lady haha

  • Sanchit
    Sanchit 15 minutes ago

    Can you change the host please

  • SkyWolfAlpha
    SkyWolfAlpha 16 minutes ago

    no mention of coconut crabs?

  • cgarzs
    cgarzs 20 minutes ago

    0:03 - "There are all kinds of inventrens"

  • Tom Space
    Tom Space 22 minutes ago

    Search RU-clip for "The Elements in Six Dimensions"

  • Kim Weir
    Kim Weir 24 minutes ago

    How is it that you sound fondly like Carl Sagan and Hank Green? #asmr

  • gato712
    gato712 28 minutes ago

    jinkies Velma!

  • huyked
    huyked 29 minutes ago

    Hey man/host. Your haircut and style looks great today. I think it's different from what I remember.

  • Nutellakinesis
    Nutellakinesis 33 minutes ago

    I vaped for a bit. Got the worst lung infection if EVER had. The mucus both looked and tasted like cheese. Now I have auto immune problems. I don’t know if it is what caused it, but it definitely didn’t help

  • NotSoMagic Animations
    NotSoMagic Animations 34 minutes ago

    *Clyde Donovan has left the chat*

  • leon112089
    leon112089 36 minutes ago

    One time years ago my brother in-law was tearing up a sidewalk to replace it because it was old and cracked he didn't know that the reason it cracked was because of lightening and he found a pretty large piece of glass under it lol sorry for carrying on I just thought it was cool

  • Michael Sexton
    Michael Sexton 36 minutes ago

    Geology rocks!

  • Hunter Jackson
    Hunter Jackson 38 minutes ago

    Im so glad you guys mention fulgurite, i have seen some at the silver lake sand dunes in Michigan. Its pretty rare and to see it was awesome.

  • Crazyfacemcgee
    Crazyfacemcgee 39 minutes ago

    Lipid pneumonia was a real issue in 2009-2010 due to some liquids used oil based flavorings, wonder when the study was done and what liquids were used. The recent pulmonary issues are directly related to vitamin e acetate from black market THC “carts” that have been purchased off the street. I agree that we should continue to study the effects of vaping, but I have never heard a hardware or liquid manufacturer claim that vaping is completely harmless, just less harmful than cigarettes, and so much so that many UK hospitals have actually set up basic shops to sell smokers vapes and the royal college of physicians has deemed it 95% safer than combustible tobacco

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 41 minute ago

    I thought they would mention Egyptian green glass.

  • devo blanco
    devo blanco 45 minutes ago

    5:20 hahahaha

  • K Francis
    K Francis 49 minutes ago

    Dont normally comment but this was a very enjoyable and informative video! Great job!!

  • Sarah Scott
    Sarah Scott 50 minutes ago

    Obsidian is actually known as dragon glass. You know nothing Jon snow

  • Underrated Critic
    Underrated Critic 52 minutes ago

    This dude sounds exactly like Frye, from Futurama.

  • Cpt_Kodai
    Cpt_Kodai 52 minutes ago

    It's like shutting off a limiter?

  • UrbanExplorer1000
    UrbanExplorer1000 52 minutes ago

    dont listen to this clown

    SIIIOXIDE 54 minutes ago

    vaping vs sitting in a traffic jam in the city for hours a day... i wonder whats worse? time to ban traffic jams !!!

  • Amethyst Crystal
    Amethyst Crystal 55 minutes ago

    I like sparkly things 💜

  • adrian helyar
    adrian helyar 55 minutes ago

    In Australia whenever the sky has gone green it has haled, doesn't happen often.

  • Christopher Burke
    Christopher Burke 55 minutes ago

    Then there is the Gympie stinger with its glass needles.

  • Roll0112358
    Roll0112358 58 minutes ago

    I read the title as "gasses" and was very confused that everything was solid. Oops.

  • teknophyle1
    teknophyle1 Hour ago

    As I’m watching this “I’m thinking surely muscle hank commented on this” clearly I wasn’t the first to think that 😆

  • Igris
    Igris Hour ago


  • Steven Perry
    Steven Perry Hour ago

    So let me get this straight; somewhere in the Alaskan Sea, there are 8 foot tall glass sponge skeletons? I love our Mother, you can't make this stuff up!

  • SteveVi0lence
    SteveVi0lence Hour ago

    *"they're not rocks Marie! They're minerals!"*

  • tomyboy742
    tomyboy742 Hour ago

    this woman is disgusting

  • George ONeal
    George ONeal Hour ago

    Makes you want to go out and get one. I am going to name mine Adam Schiff Maybe not

  • Synonymous
    Synonymous Hour ago

    Muscle hank is finally featured in a video! It brings a tear to my eye :,)

  • Yullenator
    Yullenator Hour ago

    Does rinsing with salt not help? o .o

  • Wade Haden
    Wade Haden Hour ago

    Do a story how your skin remembers previous scars. Those scars that go away when your young and return when you get older!

  • Funky Mothman
    Funky Mothman Hour ago

    9:10 just revealed to me why my jaw always hurts so yeehaw for me i guess

  • ginkumo12
    ginkumo12 Hour ago

    Kinda got my hopes up in wanting to label vape fluid as bone scaring juice.

  • coriontatereed
    coriontatereed Hour ago

    What about meth

  • Angela M
    Angela M Hour ago

    No wonder why that guy wanted BONELESS pizza! He didn't want it to run away, it all makes sense now


    It's from feeding cows MEAT STUPID

  • Led Zepaulin
    Led Zepaulin Hour ago


  • Serendip
    Serendip Hour ago

    Mmmmmag ma

  • Bobby Knight
    Bobby Knight Hour ago

    Not trying to be rude, just some criticism but the delivery on this video was really bland

  • David Richards
    David Richards Hour ago


  • Sath Animations
    Sath Animations Hour ago

    7:42 Not gonna lie, Type 3 Fulgurite looks pretty dank...

  • Dejay Rezme
    Dejay Rezme Hour ago

    Haha another reference to Blue Planet II. They seem to have found quite a few new things while filming like those venus flower baskets trapping (or sheltering) krill where they can happily live and breed away from predators.

  • Cliff P.
    Cliff P. Hour ago

    Wow, living glass, whew my head is spinning.

  • WonderMagician
    WonderMagician Hour ago

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge of these little know natural phenomena.. they are indeed reflective of the ease with which nature creates it's wonders. your enthusiastic presentation was fun and engaging.

  • Ben Vasilinda
    Ben Vasilinda Hour ago

    So they didn’t think to look for Jimmy Hoffa down there?

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas Hour ago

    This is very true.. When I was young, 16-22 Ish. I lifted a lot and was stong for my body makeup. After about 30 years of being lazy after that I was fat and pretty weak starting over benching maybe 100lbs. Being 55 now after lifting for about 5 years, I am again very strong for my age and weight and getting stronger each month. I always thought it strange being old and not using any enhancements at 180lbs I can bench about 340lbs and I am shooting for 415 as a goal in the next year.

  • Charles Talhelm
    Charles Talhelm Hour ago

    Maybe an osteocalcin blocker could be useful in emergency medicine.

  • J R
    J R Hour ago

    Good pace with the narration, felt just a touch slower.

  • Dontrell Durant
    Dontrell Durant Hour ago

    Wait a minute. You were on power rangers jungle fury.

  • Skyantha Bladedancer

    This is so cool! :D

  • Philly Redsox
    Philly Redsox Hour ago


  • Something Dreadful

    Damn it! There's just no safe way to take drugs.

  • Eddie Bibby
    Eddie Bibby Hour ago

    I wonder how vaping grass compares to combusting it? Intuitively it seems less harmful.

  • wooseokisafrog
    wooseokisafrog Hour ago

    cacti* my dude

  • budi isnadi
    budi isnadi Hour ago

    "Gemology" is a thing?

  • Zigalko don Verven

    Missoula, Montana. Who else suddenly wanted to watch "A River Runs Through It" after hearing that?

  • codeman7055
    codeman7055 Hour ago

    In my opinion I suggest breeding wasps without stingers then releasing them so their offspring don't have the ability to sting you.

    • codeman7055
      codeman7055 Hour ago

      Yes I know the numbers of wasps genetically engineered needs to be high enough so that trait sticks

  • Daniel Jian
    Daniel Jian 2 hours ago

    I was waiting for the tardigrade the whole time.

  • Baruch Ben-David
    Baruch Ben-David 2 hours ago

    If P=0.05, then 5% of our experiments are suspect.

  • Jason Polyik
    Jason Polyik 2 hours ago

    Very interesting!

  • Bleikr Sound
    Bleikr Sound 2 hours ago

    My skeeter dodge . . . stay inside.

  • Ndreww Gaming
    Ndreww Gaming 2 hours ago

    Why does mustard get a hard chunk at the tip of the squeeze bottle if left out.

    • Bryan M
      Bryan M Hour ago

      Bc it dries out u moron

  • Exotik Jay
    Exotik Jay 2 hours ago

    Anyone else see a pink slime in the thumbnail, or was that just me? ~2019

  • Morbid Eel
    Morbid Eel 2 hours ago

    9:09 Not such a bad deal? That setup sounds like something involving Hannibal Lecter

  • david chappel
    david chappel 2 hours ago

    What If I can look into the future

  • Izuki 101
    Izuki 101 2 hours ago

    I've actually been wondering about this recently, I thank you for this.

  • Corey Lai
    Corey Lai 2 hours ago

    I fricken love these guys.

  • Minhchau Nguyen
    Minhchau Nguyen 2 hours ago

    Muscle hank, where are you!!!

  • Peanutbutter jellyfish

    What about the green glass made from an air bursting meteoroid over the sands of the Sahara?

  • lupitaortega74
    lupitaortega74 2 hours ago

    Does vaping include weed or medical marijuana? Will those vapors also have the same effect or are they different from vaping e-cigarettes??

  • skudzer1985
    skudzer1985 2 hours ago

    would have been nice if you would have showed a couple pictures of the movile cave and the insects therein. what happens to all the bodies of the deceased insects? Are they all eaten by other insects? Surely the digested insect carapaces would pile up over time?

  • Abram Thiessen
    Abram Thiessen 2 hours ago

    Wait, aren't circuit boards made from crystalline silicon, not a glass?

  • DawnJohn Bronze
    DawnJohn Bronze 2 hours ago

    Candidates to society are the worst parasites ....... do as you're told or else!!!

  • ravenous
    ravenous 2 hours ago

    No muscovite?

  • Kongolox
    Kongolox 2 hours ago

    Light up the muscle hank signal!

  • Devin Pauley
    Devin Pauley 2 hours ago

    A classic straw man fallacy used to confuse an argument and put all antivaxers into one category

  • MLG Dogster
    MLG Dogster 2 hours ago


  • skudzer1985
    skudzer1985 2 hours ago

    would a brick of helium float?

  • Peas Bemis
    Peas Bemis 2 hours ago

    Yay glass!

  • William Saltzmann
    William Saltzmann 2 hours ago

    Get the ring out of your face.

  • ΛβÜ_тне_ÇΔЯ

    Researchers are savages. Their papers are just elaborate "no u" s

  • 1,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge

    I fainted like 10 minutes ago. And as soon as I woke up. I literally thought I was deaf and I thought I had a seizure. Nut then I googled it and all the symptoms matched so yeah I fainted😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gordon Lawrence
    Gordon Lawrence 2 hours ago

    Actually early circuit boards did not use glass as they were FR2 type construction IE Compressed paper and resin with copper traces. Modern really high frequency PCBs are still ceramic and cheap ones are still FR2. And by high frequency I do mean these days 200GHz+. It was not that long ago they needed to be used for 1GHz hybrids.

  • Will
    Will 2 hours ago

    What’s the coolest man made glass? My money is on Trinitite.

  • Alicorn Trash
    Alicorn Trash 2 hours ago

    Obsidian is actually a fusion between a diamond a pearl a garnet and amethyst

  • ninjasolbadguy
    ninjasolbadguy 2 hours ago

    Just call Mundane Matt, he lifts boulders you know.

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 2 hours ago

    what nonsense these kids using black market THC/CBD oil in their vape SMDH

  • Alfa fox
    Alfa fox 2 hours ago