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  • Phillip Lowry
    Phillip Lowry 31 second ago

    Ign: ryland12914

  • Link Yt10
    Link Yt10 2 minutes ago

    *A cup of joe*

  • SkaterBoy086
    SkaterBoy086 7 minutes ago

    kagune is pronounced KA-GOO-NAE

  • Tracey Horne
    Tracey Horne 8 minutes ago

    He saying 2 like 👇

  • Tracey Horne
    Tracey Horne 9 minutes ago


  • Tracey Horne
    Tracey Horne 10 minutes ago

    I like

  • GamingBlox
    GamingBlox 19 minutes ago

    Tofu you inspired me to play ro ghoul and I really really really want takizawa witch is 1267 robux and I only have 1 robux I’m in your group I’m dragonfireYTBtw please if u could give me the robux I’ll do anything in my power to get u more subs I’ll type ur channel in the description and I would cry of happiness so if you could please give me the robux please I love your vids and your amazing please joe team turtle and tofu productions in amazing please I’m begging u joe ur the best youtuber I have ever watched please I love u

  • Caitlin Dhyt
    Caitlin Dhyt 26 minutes ago

    What game is this in roblox

  • prostevegamer 7898
    prostevegamer 7898 28 minutes ago

    Robux plus japitgawpo

  • GlOfT Z
    GlOfT Z 28 minutes ago

    Who wants joe to make a ep.2 on Halloween simulator

  • prostevegamer 7898
    prostevegamer 7898 29 minutes ago

    Give me touch plus I'm in the group My name is japitgawpo

  • Flynn Cowen
    Flynn Cowen 34 minutes ago

    My,11 days befor halloween

  • Arch Mc
    Arch Mc 35 minutes ago

    CHECK THE GRAVEYARD AGAIN! theres a suprise... check the Graves And You Will See Y.... -Demon

  • Wise animation
    Wise animation 41 minute ago

    I love your vids keep going TEAM TOFUU FOREVER 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

  • Alexander Petrou
    Alexander Petrou 51 minute ago

    I subed from 16k subs

  • Juan Bayona
    Juan Bayona 51 minute ago


  • giovanni lodico
    giovanni lodico Hour ago

    I saw you online but I didn’t know how to join you can you tweet what game you play

  • Antonio Orozco
    Antonio Orozco Hour ago


  • Gravy Pandaman
    Gravy Pandaman Hour ago

    Bee bee i am a alien

  • Qasim khan
    Qasim khan Hour ago

    Yes I did 4000 rb

  • Black Ops
    Black Ops Hour ago


  • Lozza B
    Lozza B Hour ago

    Rainbow road should start the nyan cat music

  • Darian
    Darian Hour ago

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have 1 like, But why's the button blue?

  • Isaiah cwc
    Isaiah cwc Hour ago


  • Margaret Lily Billy


  • Pugben YT
    Pugben YT Hour ago

    you barely even grinded tofu (One day I was better than you without robux)

  • Cristan Ruiz Magana

    Tofu can u give me 5 robux so i can by your merch my name is rockwaf

  • 😭👏no
    😭👏no Hour ago

    ♡_♡<3. Pat cat you ner is a good friend but I'm still in

  • Lo Riviere
    Lo Riviere Hour ago

    🐥tweet tweet just do it xD

  • Wallace Moa
    Wallace Moa Hour ago

    This is amazing

  • Dark_Marx
    Dark_Marx Hour ago

    I played broken bones 3 i loves that game

  • Marena Emery
    Marena Emery Hour ago


  • Gaming Fun
    Gaming Fun 2 hours ago

    Tofuu: making zombie group Tofuu again: killing all the zombies Me: what the fu....

  • Nena Mendoza
    Nena Mendoza 2 hours ago

    Poke won

  • FX Seyds
    FX Seyds 2 hours ago

    Tofuu pls play boku no roblox

  • a wgems gaming
    a wgems gaming 2 hours ago

    Play hero’s online 😁plz

  • Alvaro Silerio
    Alvaro Silerio 2 hours ago

    Joe is cool

  • Judith Magbago
    Judith Magbago 2 hours ago

    Hey tufoo iwant you to play Mad City season 4

  • Grumpy_Gio 8
    Grumpy_Gio 8 2 hours ago

    Joe can you play beyond beta its an anime game

  • Israel Rodriguez
    Israel Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    I what a fornight cert

  • Jacob Jonson
    Jacob Jonson 2 hours ago

    Tofuu: TOP LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION Editor: Nah man

  • Nian Abel
    Nian Abel 2 hours ago

    i dare u to dab smokes jdvdrvddvdjdvdhffhfvrbrjbfhfjddjevrjrvudfjdvdbd lololololololololol

  • Colbys Tablet
    Colbys Tablet 2 hours ago

    no i have not

  • Bryan Pin
    Bryan Pin 2 hours ago

    Yes I agree

  • Hanz Avellano
    Hanz Avellano 2 hours ago

    Tofuu do a sword simalator

  • Jimingot Jimingot
    Jimingot Jimingot 2 hours ago

    how many bones do you have!?!?

  • Brian Pfleiderer
    Brian Pfleiderer 2 hours ago


  • festive banana72
    festive banana72 2 hours ago

    I got viper first try 😂

  • Brian Pfleiderer
    Brian Pfleiderer 2 hours ago

    Do you have robux. LOL

  • Gaming Life
    Gaming Life 2 hours ago

    Tofuu my birth day is on November 1. BRUUUUUUUUU

    MAZU KAZIWE 2 hours ago

    Tofuu play heros online

  • PanzerPanic
    PanzerPanic 2 hours ago

    *Likes* *Jumps out of plane* Modern problems require modern stupidity.

  • MooMoo Cow
    MooMoo Cow 2 hours ago

    boil you watching roblox why u use a renegade raider logo its from fortnite so I am a fortnite logo so we even but we should watch fortnite

  • SmokeDev1
    SmokeDev1 3 hours ago

    Imagine that there was a quirk called T:OFA Quirk Ability’s Shell Arms (User can make the shells explode after touching a player or NPC) Shell Body (makes the player get in a shell for protection) Roll (Need to active Shell body and then the shell will move rapidly) Turtle Form (makes Strength and Durability Boosted and makes shell armour) So thats my weird concept for a quirk

  • silver 97
    silver 97 3 hours ago

    Do you think he's allforone

    MAZU KAZIWE 3 hours ago

    My friend buyed tofuus merch

  • Blanca Polanco
    Blanca Polanco 3 hours ago

    Robux winner you forgot

  • George Wee
    George Wee 3 hours ago

    Hey joe imma buy the dominus astra next year :D

  • Prince Mendez Marasigan

    my birthday i november 5 2008

  • FoxBoy
    FoxBoy 3 hours ago

    Broke all the bones to get money,money to pay hospital.

  • JordanIsBOSS I need to go in a dumpster

    OOF tofuu its prenounced mil near as i forget how to spell while correcting someone way older than me ;-;

  • Annie Belle Lange
    Annie Belle Lange 3 hours ago

    Me too i have something in my head that i can all ways forget ☹️

  • Tilly Edwards
    Tilly Edwards 3 hours ago


  • Amir Robinson Reese
    Amir Robinson Reese 3 hours ago

    Hey joe can you go back to boku no roblox?

  • gaming prodution
    gaming prodution 3 hours ago

    i wish i played with you my username is armrog

  • vikijr Fuentes
    vikijr Fuentes 3 hours ago


  • Angela Peralta
    Angela Peralta 3 hours ago

    100000000like:tofuu. Pls give me robux my name is ssgod22 and add me give me 3000 robux

  • Robert Baatje
    Robert Baatje 3 hours ago

    I have 999999999999999999999 iq

  • Devin Joyce
    Devin Joyce 3 hours ago

    I'm better then tofuu on slaying simulator boi so what you talking about?!

  • Sabine Cien Rosal
    Sabine Cien Rosal 3 hours ago

    i love poke and tofuu and Seedank

  • FunnyBaconBoy 09
    FunnyBaconBoy 09 3 hours ago

    Are you seriously

  • FunnyBaconBoy 09
    FunnyBaconBoy 09 3 hours ago

    AdmIn commands

  • roblox vids super cool!!!!


  • Khai Nguyen
    Khai Nguyen 3 hours ago

    Is there a secret game simulator twowhat you don’t want anybody to know hehehe

  • Heather Gardner
    Heather Gardner 3 hours ago

    My dis is ice wolf.62525

  • Ann Moore
    Ann Moore 3 hours ago

    The :D face is a troll emoji or troll face

    MYTHIC_BREAKEAR 2 4 hours ago

    Joe if your bald that was cool

  • Ğv1řūš Gam1ng
    Ğv1řūš Gam1ng 4 hours ago

    Halloween simulator! My fav. Game!

  • Eli Ash
    Eli Ash 4 hours ago

    How do you get so lucky? Like it is so hard?

  • Deborah Peterson
    Deborah Peterson 4 hours ago

    This is how many times Joe tells you to leave a like 👇

  • Ferret Love
    Ferret Love 4 hours ago

    I feel sick and I have a massive headache it felt like I got shot in my head

  • tdscott94
    tdscott94 4 hours ago

    I am getting a little suspicion when uou bleeped out yo part😏😕

  • Dhione Free Fire
    Dhione Free Fire 4 hours ago


  • deku playz
    deku playz 4 hours ago

    plat strucid it's a really fun game it's like fortnit plz play it

  • Eli Ash
    Eli Ash 4 hours ago

    Your hater is mad

  • ningning liang
    ningning liang 4 hours ago

    Yao Yao chicken Yao Hi toe

  • Freddy Nice
    Freddy Nice 4 hours ago


  • Narayan Tak
    Narayan Tak 4 hours ago

    My Birthday is in October to

  • blackgod1324
    blackgod1324 4 hours ago

    I like a LOT OF DRAGON BALL A MORW THAN YOU sorry don't get mad plz PLZ!!!!!! understand

  • Eli Ash
    Eli Ash 4 hours ago

    He should of asked for all tofus robux

  • RAM
    RAM 4 hours ago

    This game is perfect For Deku

  • Eli Ash
    Eli Ash 4 hours ago

    You should not do bàaaaaaad bets

    • Eli Ash
      Eli Ash 4 hours ago

      Find the s 555s66666

  • CCK ChickenNugget
    CCK ChickenNugget 4 hours ago

    roblox and you are the best I have 2 turtles as pets

  • Hayden Baridun
    Hayden Baridun 4 hours ago

    Joe... Can you plz friend me on Roblox? My name is not_callmehcupcak

  • The Everything Channel

    I think I unsubscribed but I was gonna ask if I could have some robux because every simulator u have played I have used it in none robux I have never used robux on a game and I only ever use codes but I have always been in ur group every time i join a group to get like boosts I always look at team turtle then I’m like “staying in it” and I just never have got out of it and I’m kinda having a hard time so i was just wondering if I could have some robux and my name if u will is called @dksnvndjddn

  • Vito Trupiano
    Vito Trupiano 4 hours ago

    Joe you are CRAZY bro

  • Eli Ash
    Eli Ash 4 hours ago

    I love your vids and the robux you spend

  • Rhoan Alberca
    Rhoan Alberca 4 hours ago

    I think all the robux you spend is 39.992 if I'm right search my name rhoan_4ever

  • Kaia Khoun-Chau
    Kaia Khoun-Chau 4 hours ago

    I’m in your group but i have no robux

  • King Zynoxx
    King Zynoxx 4 hours ago

    CaLl Me CrAzY, bUt ThAt SaYs OhIO 0:41