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Is College Worth It?
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  • Will Higgins
    Will Higgins 22 seconds ago

    Can PragerU have one video about this time period with out shoehorning in 1800s Democrats. It’s jarring to anyone out side their party switch denying echo chamber.

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris 22 seconds ago

    Slave to statemen and he never asked for a reparation in the form of money.

  • MrReubenTishkoff
    MrReubenTishkoff Minute ago

    Why Libertarianism matters in a nutshell.

  • newlywedbeth
    newlywedbeth Minute ago

    I'm so discouraged. Woke up to a Facebook ad from a spice company (Pinzers?) who made a long essay about how they will be promoting and donating to impeachment. So many of the comments were supportive and happy the owner was articulate and "reasonable." Seeing so many this excited about the possibility of overthrowing the current government using fascist techniques and tyranny made me feel ill. I'm not a huge fan of the president. I'm a pleasantly surprised voter with a few reservations. But I was a deeply disappointed voter with huge reservations in 2009-2012. I didn't call for an coup but waited for the natural and designated method of removal - I voted. This is not a slippery slope toward communism. This is a bullet train.

  • JohnnyBoy 1299
    JohnnyBoy 1299 Minute ago

    That dude at the end tho 😂

  • John Hill
    John Hill Minute ago

    And they think conservatives are intolerant. Amazing. Here is an idea for a video. Show liberals this video and then ask them if they think liberals are intolerant or not.

  • G K
    G K 2 minutes ago

    POWERFUL video that fully exposes leftist hypocrisy.

  • Hugo
    Hugo 3 minutes ago

    "I'm a diabetic myself", lol I would never be able to tell.

  • Juan Chavez
    Juan Chavez 3 minutes ago

    The story of Frederick Douglass is a story that I’m sure both sides can emphasize with

  • Search More
    Search More 3 minutes ago

    Africa and the middle east was founded on slavery 1000 times more than America will never be.

  • NotNormalDude Barber
    NotNormalDude Barber 3 minutes ago

    Choose: Progressive or Regressive. My choice: ...MEgressive.

  • Marcus Beck
    Marcus Beck 4 minutes ago

    Honestly. Eight video ads for a 7 Minuit video is ridiculous. Come on.

  • Mark Rigsby
    Mark Rigsby 4 minutes ago

    Blacks take notice

  • glenn Winn
    glenn Winn 6 minutes ago

    One of the great men in American History. It’s sad that some many people have forgotten his words or never been taught them in the first place because of bias and fallacy ridden ideology.

  • lepain99
    lepain99 6 minutes ago

    Candice Owens theme song should be Alicia keys " this girl is on fire " damn she is so on point.

  • StarInaBoxShow
    StarInaBoxShow 6 minutes ago

    America: "Mr. Trump, I don't feel so good..."

  • Wendell
    Wendell 7 minutes ago

    I absolutely love Douglas. Great man. The race hustlers and regressives hate this guy because he stood for exactly the opposite of what they push for today. As a black man, one of the biggest problems, and aggravating, problem I see with the black community, and quite frankly much of our society now, is the lack of accountability and responsibility. These two things are no longer good in this society and have been replaced with pride, hubris, victimhood, and such other qualities that render truth and progress stale and hindered. I hope we can look to history like that of Douglas, who stood for what was right and true and upheld what American values truly are, in order to prosper as a country. Unfortunately the left wishes to do no such thing, and the majority of Republicans will either let them degrade the country or work directly with them in their nihilistic goals for this country.

  • Ujiri Ukiri
    Ujiri Ukiri 8 minutes ago

    And you want people's taxes to be used to dumb down this people more. Who doesn't know Hitler and Stalin?

  • Joanie Higgs
    Joanie Higgs 9 minutes ago

    Wow. Just wow! IMO Candace is the very best interviewer of the whole pond of current great interviewers.

  • HCSR2
    HCSR2 9 minutes ago

    The common trait of all these great men was that, despite whatever shortcomings they had, they all valued and aspired to live up to the Declaration and Constitution.

  • DaDARKPass
    DaDARKPass 10 minutes ago

    This seems like another one of prager's "oh wow this guy's so cool" video. I do have to wonder why prageru likes andrew jackson so much though.

  • Pasta9000
    Pasta9000 11 minutes ago

    Bruh if u don’t want the child just put it in adoption. It’s better then killing it

  • WorldPeaceNow!!!!!
    WorldPeaceNow!!!!! 11 minutes ago

    if c02 killed nature, trees by the highways would be non existant, but guess what life is abundant by highways!

  • Seth Bisschop
    Seth Bisschop 12 minutes ago

    So many fought so hard for so long for the freedoms that we have. Now we in the west are on the verge of trading those freedoms for government handouts.

  • That Boi
    That Boi 12 minutes ago

    How did you guys found couple of people that stupid?

  • America 2.0
    America 2.0 12 minutes ago

    I doubt most know slaves were actually well treated in most cases.

  • Ionel Patrunjel
    Ionel Patrunjel 13 minutes ago

    To romantic to be truh

  • hammertoe00
    hammertoe00 14 minutes ago

    These assholes don't know jack shit and these are the educated ones.

  • KenjiWatanabe1
    KenjiWatanabe1 14 minutes ago

    My god "..not because he is black but because he is a man." That's beautiful and should be instilled in everyone. Reach out and help unlucky people beyond your immediate relation.

  • lee dufour
    lee dufour 15 minutes ago

    Thanks PragerU.

  • excavtrooper
    excavtrooper 15 minutes ago

    Leroy Campbell, England......Rapist, Repeated Sex Offender and Murderer.....I would travel 1000 miles and more to see you hanged in broad daylight. We tax payers have to work to pay, to feed, house, clothe, educate and more sickeningly, give these faecal bacteria, medical support whenever they need it......unlike the sheer, cold blooded, INHUMANE, acts they (HE) carried out on others, with NO remorse at ANY stage, leaving them either damaged for life.....or in his case, ...dead. Hang them, electrocute them, any eye for an eye, pain for pain.....JUSTICE IS WHAT WE DEMAND. Leroy should be hanged........ It is time the worlds resources were no longer wasted on demented, evil, vermin like him. There is NO moral excuse, at any stage, to deny justice to the family of people cold bloodedly murdered by scum like him.

  • Xftbllplyr
    Xftbllplyr 15 minutes ago

    Where are the slave masters’ kippahs in these cartoons?

  • Drew Mariani
    Drew Mariani 16 minutes ago

    People are idiots

  • Joe D
    Joe D 16 minutes ago

    I used to hate Kanye but after seeing him rejecting the “Democrats” I really respect him.

  • dacosta0656
    dacosta0656 17 minutes ago

    Republicans freed the slaves Democrats founded the ku klux klan

  • Blarg Blarg
    Blarg Blarg 18 minutes ago

    My wife went back to work after our daughter was born. Three months later she quit to stay home with our daughter. Anecdotal, yes, but still true.

  • Diana Paventi
    Diana Paventi 19 minutes ago

    Phenomenal interview! I have been saying for years that any parents who allow their children to transition should be jailed! It is 1000% child abuse. Now we see the Hellywood and Monarchy encouraging the lie from the pit of hell of choosing your gender. Praise Jesus for you both for telling the truth!

  • Richard Sun
    Richard Sun 20 minutes ago

    Someone robbed 牛肉 面

  • mackk123
    mackk123 21 minute ago

    If an illegal alien says the phrase illegal alien do they get fined or is it imposed on us?

  • michael hendrickson
    michael hendrickson 22 minutes ago

    So...ummm…..who is thumbing down this?

  • Frances James
    Frances James 22 minutes ago

    My granddaughter is going through this and does see a therapist. The therapist told her mother that she had no say so in me granddaughter taking medications to transition her and no say so if she wanted transgender surgery. The therapists and psychiatrists are pushing this !!! My daughter and son in law both perpetuated her condition by allowing her to wear breast wraps, using a male name and the school gave her the key to the teachers bathroom so she doesn’t have to use the male or female bathroom. She was a prissy little girl, happy and loads of fun. We went to visit and she wouldn’t come out of her room for over a year. When she did we didn’t recognize her.....she was wearing all black, very morbid, her grades went from straight A’s to now at 17 wants to drop out of school. She is failing. My son in law’s relatives...a transgender woman(became a man) and his bisexual girlfriend lived with them. I believe she was raped, the transgender went to jail and the bisexual moved out. She became more open but her outlook about being the wrong gender hasn’t changed. I hope she comes to her senses because her parents, teachers, therapists are all affirming her confusion. She won’t talk to us her grandparents. But I will not call her Alex and I told her that.

  • Gjergji Bullari
    Gjergji Bullari 24 minutes ago

    What a great man

  • Nathaniel Bellmore
    Nathaniel Bellmore 25 minutes ago

    Change the title to "will wit asks MORE questions to attractive girls to see what young men have to deal with in 2019"

  • suzy klitgaard
    suzy klitgaard 25 minutes ago

    Independent voter .... living Conservative here❤🤗

  • Joseph Guida
    Joseph Guida 26 minutes ago

    I will use this video to help educate left leaning people (that I encounter in my daily life) who think the Republican party is racist. More proof that the Republican party spearheaded the very first human rights movement in this country. God Bless America!

  • Dean Mean
    Dean Mean 26 minutes ago

    Sorry LIAR!

  • bp 77
    bp 77 26 minutes ago

    Damn buttercup...

  • hammertoe00
    hammertoe00 26 minutes ago

    Yeah there is a wage gap. Women are actually getting paid more than men. Look at google and the women soccer team that get paid more than men.

  • Wesley Hult
    Wesley Hult 27 minutes ago

    By learning about Columbus Day in school it is a great opportunity to learn all the history and have a healthy debate. It is a common tactic of the left to not want a debate - that's why freedom of speech is under attack. The guilty feeling they get from believing that America only became "great" from evil people making evil decisions is so overwhelming they are willing to destroy all positive history. As a student of history I will say that history, from a mature balanced perspective, should basically give you a very neutral feeling. But, in order for me to be proud of my country overall - I tend to focus on the positives. There's too much negativity and I don't think it's healthy.

  • mackk123
    mackk123 27 minutes ago


  • massey3129
    massey3129 27 minutes ago

    they are still work in progress thanks to democrat policies that have chained blacks to handouts.

  • Jeff Tank
    Jeff Tank 29 minutes ago

    Slight change to reflect modern times. "Breaking family bonds. Increased dependency on the"...GOVERNMENT. This is exactly what the Left is doing. The goal of the Left is to make everyone a slave of the government. "Discipline is maintained by fear, destroying self-esteem. Being to soft or suggesting better ways that are not compliant with the Left will get you punished by getting Labeled. Stand up and rebel. Watch PragerU videos to gain the ammo you need to fight the Left. Many other republican presidents have caved to the Left. Trump is one who has the courage to stand up to the Left. Taking their whips, their blows, and various other assaults. Each time, he stands his ground. Hopefully future republican presidents will look to Trump as having the courage to stand against the Left. And the citizens follow behind and, themselves, stand against the Left. And hopefully we too will break the Left, the modernized slavery.

  • 135chelmer
    135chelmer 30 minutes ago

    “I think New Yorkers are more liberal and open minded” says the person not open minded enough to have a Republican friend 🤦‍♂️

  • 135chelmer
    135chelmer 31 minute ago

    “Why don’t you have any republican friends?” “I don’t tolerate it” Says it all really!

  • vegasmooch
    vegasmooch 32 minutes ago

    Wow for a second when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Fritz Coleman the weatherman

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 33 minutes ago

    What a great man. I wish we had leaders like him today.

  • crewcutter2030
    crewcutter2030 35 minutes ago

    2:37 the first intelligent person interviewed sadly also the only.

  • 300bpm
    300bpm 36 minutes ago

    Martin Luther King: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Intersectionality: a quasi-religious dogma based on hate, victimhood, and tribalistic divisions.

  • Christineeve
    Christineeve 36 minutes ago

    It's a made-up word that assumes that there is more than one race. There is only one race on Earth: Human. What is meant or intended is "ethnic bias." There are many ethnicity. We need to correctly use the word "Race".

  • Charles King
    Charles King 38 minutes ago

    "My cause was, and is that of the black man; not because he is black but because he is a Man" A sentiment lost on today's left.

  • Lucy Goosie
    Lucy Goosie 38 minutes ago

    As someone with food allergies, I think all ingredients should be listed, even if they seem obvious. It’s law in Canada and we get a lot of foods imported from the US. Those foods have all the ingredients listed for us, so it shouldn’t be that hard to use the same packaging for US stores.

  • Commodo Dragon
    Commodo Dragon 39 minutes ago

    Will Witt should be teaching at this college and not this "fossil" thatz spreading faux climate hysteria. Gotta' love the calm "stating of facts" that shuts down the ignorance cold.

  • Autumn Sierra
    Autumn Sierra 39 minutes ago

    If they have children in the future they're going to be gorgeous kids because she's beautiful and he's very good looking. Congrats to you both.

  • BeauPierre Bondurant
    BeauPierre Bondurant 39 minutes ago

    a great man.

  • Ryan Michelz
    Ryan Michelz 40 minutes ago

    Supporting sharia isnt necessarily promoting suicide bombing

  • Sylvertaco
    Sylvertaco 41 minute ago

    "a new kind of racial oppression arose in the form of Jim Crow laws and, even worse, widespread lynching." Well no, it wasn't 'new', just shifted to be 'legal' at the time... Because if you don't think slaveowners and hunters did this or worse to their slaves, you are gravely mistaken.

    • Sylvertaco
      Sylvertaco 3 minutes ago

      @Brion Stronghold - What are you talking about? What did I take 'out of context'? The quote is a complete claim, so what is said beforehand or afterwards to 'clarify' this statement?

    • Brion Stronghold
      Brion Stronghold 18 minutes ago

      You purposely take them and reality out of context to try and say something insightful but you just look like a retarded piece of shit

  • Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson 41 minute ago

    My only beef with this video is its claim that "polygamy devalued women and made them a kind of property." As one with Mormon ancestors who practiced polygamy, I can tell you this was not the case. Church rules on the practice were very strict; no man could marry additional wives without willing consent from the first wife and the prospective wife. In many cases, the prospective wife was a widow who did not have sufficient means to provide for herself and her children, and low-level church leaders might suggest to member families that they add her to their family. Then, only after much prayer and fasting by all parties would the relationship be made official. At it's peak, less than 5% of members practiced polygamy. Polygamy as a practice has existed since ancient times, having been practiced by the great prophets Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and throughout the tribes of Israel. It is the Lord's way of raising righteous generations while taking care of those most in need. It is also a practice only He can command his children to obey. He revealed it in modern times through the Prophet Joseph Smith, and then withdrew the commandment through the Prophet Wilford Woodruff some sixty years later. Only to an uneducated or dirty mind could such a practice be considered evil or devaluing.

  • anony mous
    anony mous 42 minutes ago

    It's only a matter of time before this scumbag Owens gets cancelled. I can't wait for the moment

  • Bryan Herbison
    Bryan Herbison 43 minutes ago

    England was a country united under one crown with Ireland and Scotland in 1603. The governments where United in the act of union 1706. Irelands government joined the union 1801. To become the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland..

  • Sylvertaco
    Sylvertaco 43 minutes ago

    "Lincoln, on the other hand, always admired Douglass. “Here comes my friend Douglass,” Lincoln said when he saw him at his second inaugural in 1865." A politician calling someone a friend doesn't necessarily mean they were genuine friends. Just take over half the cases of 'friends' Donald Trump has cited...

  • Wesley Hult
    Wesley Hult 43 minutes ago

    All men are capable of committing sin. Since all sin is equal, all men should not be honored (except Jesus). So lets get rid of everything (except Christmas and Easter).

  • Antonio Saurez
    Antonio Saurez 43 minutes ago

    Hollywood will NEVER make a movie about Fredrick Douglass...not a historically correct one.

  • tank mulkerrins
    tank mulkerrins 43 minutes ago

    Straight propaganda 😂😂

  • Ryan Michelz
    Ryan Michelz 44 minutes ago

    I swear they must edit out all the smart people for these videos

  • silentchevalier
    silentchevalier 44 minutes ago

    Very good as usual but, with respect he learned to read from the wife of one of his later owners not self taught. However it does NOT diminish his accomplishments in any way. Thank you for your time.

  • Sylvertaco
    Sylvertaco 44 minutes ago

    "He believed that the Constitution was fundamentally opposed to slavery." Well, at least 3/5 of it...

  • Susan Clark
    Susan Clark 45 minutes ago

    We used to want more kids, the world has gone mad, we changed our minds now I feel badly for my future grandchildren😢

  • Sylvertaco
    Sylvertaco 45 minutes ago

    "Displaying a confidence he didn’t actually feel" Well, you mean he didn't think right? Because confidence by definition is a feeling...

    STA STARTED 46 minutes ago

    Peoples lmao

  • Sylvertaco
    Sylvertaco 47 minutes ago

    "Covey never laid a hand on Douglass again." Yep, because there are plenty of others who could and did... Saying 'courage' was all that slaves needed is a very inaccurate view of the situation.

  • Jack Flash
    Jack Flash 47 minutes ago

    white people were just another tribe that joined an ongoing inter tribe war. and won because of superior technology. why celebrate losers?

  • Sylvertaco
    Sylvertaco 48 minutes ago

    "That all changed one hot August day in 1835. When Covey struck him, Douglass fought back." So the hope wasn't completely lost then, or just at that time he didn't care any more about being punished due to depression...

  • Hendrik Scheepers
    Hendrik Scheepers 48 minutes ago

    Che was also a huge racist.

  • Jack Flash
    Jack Flash 49 minutes ago

    white people were just another tribe that joined an ongoing inter tribe war. and won because of superior technology. why celebrate losers?

  • Sylvertaco
    Sylvertaco 49 minutes ago

    "He was one of the most revered Americans of the 19th century. " Well, at the time he wasn't, especially from individuals considered conservative or "on the right" in certain parts of the country...

  • Richard Lew
    Richard Lew 49 minutes ago

    You can't call yourself a progressive while hating on Frederick Douglass for his beliefs and values

  • Jimbo Jackson
    Jimbo Jackson 50 minutes ago

    Share this video! More people need to hear this story!

  • Gaafdovjun Gaming
    Gaafdovjun Gaming 51 minute ago

    *”You will stand more erect”*

  • Nick Burns
    Nick Burns 54 minutes ago

    I'm curious, what's the reason for the few dislikes? Please explain.

  • Shawn Matheny
    Shawn Matheny 54 minutes ago

    49 dislikes?? these must all be the Democrat Senators.

  • geminilove99
    geminilove99 54 minutes ago

    What most people don’t realize is that transgendered people are everywhere. In politics, your favorite actors and actresses, musicians, Hollywood and the White House. Majority of your A list celebrities are transgendered. 🤫

  • KB McBean
    KB McBean 54 minutes ago

    Fantastic video.

  • Bryan Herbison
    Bryan Herbison 56 minutes ago

    Adam Smith was Scottish not English.

  • sgtkat69
    sgtkat69 56 minutes ago

    I came for the thumbnail and stayed for the dog collar.

  • Nick Burns
    Nick Burns 56 minutes ago

    Great lesson! Responsibility, hard work and courage. Admirable actions and characteristics for anyone to respect. I personally think the label "Uncle Tom" is more offensive than the N word. Today's culture glamorizes the latter.

  • Johnny West
    Johnny West 56 minutes ago

    THIS is a fact I wish I'd known before I got married. My Ex-wife is STILL broken. But I am so happy and relieved ! Ha !

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 58 minutes ago

    That question about social justice replacing the Constitution was genius. These people should be living in China. They are enemies of freedom and have their social justice paradise awaiting them on the other side of the planet already.

  • totoroben
    totoroben 59 minutes ago

    It's not just slavery though. African Americans are still affected by very real segregation practices throughout the 20th century. Redlining is one of them

  • Mike K4ISR
    Mike K4ISR 59 minutes ago

    but but but... the parties switched sides.... at some point... maybe 1850s, or 1910s, or 1940s, or 1960s, or 2000s (every time the Republicans passed a major civil rights law or Amendment).... The left never knows when they "switched sides" as part of their bogus claim, but their basis is that every single time it was actually Democrats sitting as Republican majority that actually did it, which is 100% false.

  • Esteban Nemo
    Esteban Nemo Hour ago

    The life of Douglas would make an excellent movie. I dont know why someone hasnt made it yet. It's got everything you need to make a great drama- no need to Hollywoodize anything. There would be so many interesting characters besides Douglas- John Brown, Lincoln, William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Tubman, et al.