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10 BANNED Things On Amazon!
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  • TheCymbalProject

    Great compilation

  • Shawn Blaskie
    Shawn Blaskie Day ago

    What a colossal waste of tax payers money. No wonder US doesn’t have health care.

  • Pépin Duchef
    Pépin Duchef Day ago

    AMAZING ????

  • Scotty Fisher
    Scotty Fisher Day ago

    Big jumbo coconut balls!!!! You guys are America's very very best. Thank you for your service.

  • Josip Ozimec
    Josip Ozimec Day ago

    Dude i was eating now i cant.

  • A-a Ron
    A-a Ron Day ago

    They guy at the end. Just land it on the stool... Amazing skills🔥🔥🔥

  • William Stark
    William Stark 2 days ago

    All of these are routine, ho-hum landings. The tough landings are the ones they have to do in bad weather with rough seas, and especially at night.

  • William Stark
    William Stark 2 days ago

    I'm surprised at how much play there seems to be in the control stick of the FA-18's. The pilots sometimes move the stick quite a lot without any corresponding movement of the aircraft.

  • D. B.
    D. B. 2 days ago

    Obviously, they have never thought it necessary to restructure any of their lax, drunkin', lewd, disgraceful habits since blowing their job protecting our 35th President. I guess they continue to live in their own, highly, overrated, sense of being so elite in their own minds. Should have been completely gutted and started all over from scratch.

  • Geoff Infield
    Geoff Infield 3 days ago

    I watched #6 at 4:55 a few times, fricking awesome.

  • pj29819
    pj29819 3 days ago

    Damnit man.

  • gsmiley
    gsmiley 3 days ago

    "No Pro" call signs are so cruel...

  • Pe6ek
    Pe6ek 3 days ago

    There was nothing interesting about Stalin.

  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly 4 days ago

    the man uses a lot of small throttle & stick movements while approaching the deck,does he feel the ship tugging strongly,so he has to fight controls on the way in?

  • Peter Zandroff
    Peter Zandroff 4 days ago

    WTF is AMAZING about these landings??? It´s just NORMAL landings! If they were´nt it would be disaster landings and the pilots would be fired/sanctioned/killed for Gods sake!

  • Beowolf
    Beowolf 4 days ago

    Leo Major!! R.IP.

  • Srikanth TS
    Srikanth TS 4 days ago

    I have a weird sense of humor

  • F. W.
    F. W. 4 days ago

    The most impressive is not the landing, it's the parking!! lol

  • Fabio Filard
    Fabio Filard 4 days ago

    Esses pilotos da Marinha Norte Americana são realmente incríveis. Parabéns

  • dash roblox plays
    dash roblox plays 5 days ago

    no rules school what bad

  • Dale Chavez
    Dale Chavez 5 days ago

    1400 thumbs down?? WTH?

  • Alan PT
    Alan PT 5 days ago

    those pilots.. brave

  • J S
    J S 6 days ago

    Now, imagine doing it at night, in the rainstorm, and the flight deck of the carrier pitching up and down by +/-30 feet. Navy pilots interviewed about night landings all spoke of how their hands would shake after a landing. In one interview I read, one pilot quipped that you'd think everybody who landed came down with Parkinson's the way their hands trembled.

  • D Rock
    D Rock 6 days ago

    When they launch, is the joystick in a neutral position or is it locked? When they launch I noticed they don't hold it till they're flying. That God almighty handle yo.......

  • D Ford
    D Ford 6 days ago

    MAN!! I thought they said Mexican submarine for a second and I was like that's not made of pallet wood.

  • TheRealBen10Trippin _

    fighter jets look like old pieces of junk

  • Jeff Kerr
    Jeff Kerr 6 days ago

    Great video and what a job these aviators do. For me parking the damn thing after looks just as scary near the edge of the deck.

  • Slim Villain
    Slim Villain 7 days ago

    It's weird...ppl with big muscles always tear a bicep....and drive big trucks

  • B ernie
    B ernie 7 days ago

    Yawn zzzz

  • Christopher Pike
    Christopher Pike 7 days ago

    they make it look so easy. when in fact it takes incredible skill.

  • mcgman 80
    mcgman 80 7 days ago

    what are the details of that cable they use to catch and slow the airplane ? Is it only the cable that stops the airplane ?

  • Thomas A. Walker
    Thomas A. Walker 8 days ago

    How any of these people never mind the pilots go back to a normal life is beyond me.

  • Larry Long
    Larry Long 8 days ago

    Thank you all for your service...from an old E2-C driver. God bless you all!

  • Shaun Surplus
    Shaun Surplus 8 days ago

    These are routine landings. Nothing amazing about them. The pilots of these crafts will tell you the same. You people are just shallow minded. You don't know anything past your lamestream media, so everything is amazing to you.

  • Austin Stiles
    Austin Stiles 9 days ago

    Umm 3:20 anyone???

  • Prince Ironborn
    Prince Ironborn 9 days ago

    These pilots are so smart and calm . I love all y'all. Thank you so much sirs.

  • frankie hunter
    frankie hunter 9 days ago

    This is "10 Big Lies About Stalin"!

  • dave setchell
    dave setchell 10 days ago

    Awesome. My first two attempts to land on an aircraft carrier (in a sim) went totally balls up in complete opposite ways. In one I missed the hook, and shot off the end of the runway into the ocean, and the next attempt I stacked it into the back end of the ACC. Lol It took several more attempts before I got it just right and hooked the line, and landed without damage. My first few attempts of landing (sort of successfully) on the ACC I still managed to cause damage to the aircraft from touching down too hard, or going too fast. I honestly thought that I'd never land it with complete success - I did, eventually, after several more attempts. Mad props to the men and women who do it in for real.

    • Charles Mendez
      Charles Mendez 5 days ago

      Atleast you even made it on the runway, i only have a keyboard and unreliable mouse, when i go down to configure the plane for final landing and look back up, the carrier is right on my screen and i collide with it or end in the water

  • Smoke the mirroR
    Smoke the mirroR 10 days ago

    why are they these ones all amazing? i thought it was pretty amazing just to land on a carrier in the first place..... what makes these so special? im sorry im just not sure

  • Unseen Moon
    Unseen Moon 10 days ago

    I can land a Cessna 170 at an airport on a clear day. Does that count?

  • LoftusRoadLad
    LoftusRoadLad 11 days ago

    Number 6: "No Pro"... Yea right...No Pro! LOL!

  • Robert Rice
    Robert Rice 11 days ago


  • Hurricane Bee
    Hurricane Bee 11 days ago

    I agree

    JESSE B 12 days ago

    Just can't believe how long those Air Craft Carriers are, might be longer than a city block!

  • David A Loving
    David A Loving 12 days ago

    Is it ILS that is helping him line up for landing? Visual and audio for that? Very good videos.

  • ikominator
    ikominator 12 days ago

    Is it possible that plane hook the cable with the wheels instead of the hook?

  • Israel Borquez
    Israel Borquez 12 days ago

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  • Jessa Phelps
    Jessa Phelps 13 days ago


  • Rst28
    Rst28 13 days ago

    These guys hang balls...

  • Grady Gilchrist
    Grady Gilchrist 13 days ago

    Maybe in the next 20 years they should automate the landing process have computer land it. But avaitor should still need to know to land manually just in case computer issue.

  • Clark Kent 499
    Clark Kent 499 13 days ago

    This is amazing footage. These guys have to be intelligent, and fearless, and they have to understand the mission parameters. I'm absolutely fascinated by this and these guys. I have no conception or understanding or comprehension as to how these guys do it at night

  • Jaime Soto
    Jaime Soto 14 days ago

    I recall years back that the Herc was stripped down. I met the pilots son, good pilot as well. He is an airline pilot. Comes from good stock

  • Tommy H
    Tommy H 14 days ago

    Nice clips there. But what plane is this no. 10 one? Looks like the B2's little daughter?

  • Nadine Crupi
    Nadine Crupi 14 days ago

    What is the hatch open on the jets for????

    • A-a Ron
      A-a Ron Day ago

      Nadine Crupi Cooling apparently. These jets run seriously hot and can only operate still for a minute or two.

  • E Knight
    E Knight 14 days ago

    9:38 Bobble head LOL

  • Alex Braun
    Alex Braun 15 days ago

    I have managed that on Warthunder

  • Masster Gunnz
    Masster Gunnz 15 days ago

    I dont even fly jets or that interested in jets. I'm merely here because of the rabbit hole i fell into watching ASMR videos and Korean Street Food videos, but this is simply amazing and incredible. What's even more astounding is how one could be amazed at the ingenuity and skill it takes to manage these crafts, but also how mundane and ordinary is can seem once you get into a routine of things. Like, these guys have been doing this many many times, and I'm sure its just another day for them but for me, its pretty wild how I can see this from my desk at home and be amazed. Incredible

  • J.R. Vasquez
    J.R. Vasquez 15 days ago

    Amazing footage!

  • Reinhardt Wilhelm
    Reinhardt Wilhelm 15 days ago

    I didn't know that "all time" meant from 1900 onwards.

  • Digital Tech BD
    Digital Tech BD 17 days ago

    Fantastic 💋

  • Airlines cool14
    Airlines cool14 18 days ago

    Gopnik Concorde

  • Arioch The
    Arioch The 18 days ago

    kinda scary.... perhaps they can decrease deceleration rate for the sake of pilots retina...

  • peter wyatt middleton.

    How many G's do they pull when they catch the wires?

  • peanutaxis
    peanutaxis 18 days ago

    " 1 careless move could damage a $1b sub" Yeah, not really. What are you going to do? Hit Greenland by accident? Land it hundreds of miles away.

  • peanutaxis
    peanutaxis 18 days ago

    You called a submarine New Mexico? New Mexico doesn't even have a sea border ffs.

  • J V
    J V 20 days ago

    Wow I think the Navy Seals Are just full of hype they have All of these Seal Teams And are always being glorified By people but if they where So great the war in Afghanistan would of Been over by now And you don't see many Of those Seal Teams Actually doing anything To help out

  • Thomas Romundstad
    Thomas Romundstad 20 days ago

    Look at his neck...lol...thats a fat mans neck in "normal life" but im pretty sure thats all muscle in a fighterpilot

  • T_SixtyFive X_Wing
    T_SixtyFive X_Wing 20 days ago

    I think you lose another one for AV-8 that no nose gear land vertically on the pillows on the LPD

  • Dick Fitswell
    Dick Fitswell 21 day ago

    9:00 That is extremely hot air coming to him. Sometimes it feels like your skin is going to melt off and you wanna run but you'll be ok

  • A C
    A C 23 days ago

    Your target is perpetually moving up and down, side to side... While advancing forward. And yes you need to land your assigned $1,000,000,000 B-2 Bomber atop it. In a high wind during a squall after flying a 7 hour and 51 minute mission... At 4:13am local time.

  • Junior Gamer05
    Junior Gamer05 23 days ago

    0:04 that is the Avenger in GTA5

  • Matt Curry
    Matt Curry 24 days ago

    Out of all aircraft carrier landing videos I’ve seen; I’ve never seen one where the arresting cables move back into position. I wasn’t sure once they were pulled out; how they were to be put back😂👌

  • FR T-Rexx
    FR T-Rexx 24 days ago

    With the exception of the USMC KC-130F TO/Landings sequence at 00:35 (heaviest and largest aircraft to ever operate out of an aircraft carrier, the Forrestal at that - a much shorter ship than the current Nimitz-class CVNs!), and the AV8 portion at 7:45, which are both truly amazing, there is nothing exceptional about the other sections of this video, which only shows the daily life of aircraft carrier operations from an aircrew perspective.

  • Joey S
    Joey S 24 days ago

    stool landing every pilot should train on it aircraft or sim

  • Marco B
    Marco B 24 days ago

    Cool....but not "amazing". Typical day at the office for these guys.

  • pata lata
    pata lata 24 days ago


  • pata lata
    pata lata 24 days ago


  • Svetlana Lana Tisaj
    Svetlana Lana Tisaj 24 days ago


  • Kibble Racing Team Turbo R6

    I never had to drink Cobra blood or bite heads off of chickens

  • Kibble Racing Team Turbo R6

    lieutenant Cody and Sergeant Patrick not giving last names but they know who they are two of the most badass Marines

  • Kibble Racing Team Turbo R6

    I'm glad I'm not included on your list

  • Bhushan Pardeshi
    Bhushan Pardeshi 25 days ago

    Yadav was just 19 year old .

  • Eric Henz
    Eric Henz 25 days ago

    Nice video, cloudy days underway was so depressing.

  • I don't have a name Stop reading

    My future husband would be lucky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and I'm lucky to have one of these back dimples 😂

  • nato2ponto0
    nato2ponto0 25 days ago

    Very good breaks!!

  • Darrell Kingsley
    Darrell Kingsley 25 days ago

    Only a Naval Aviator could do this. An Air Force pilot would just eject........

  • दिग्विजय

    They are legends !

  • Robert Lafnear
    Robert Lafnear 26 days ago

    These guys make it look kinda easy.............. but.... they are the BESTof the BEST...... there is a place Washington State where they have a short cement runway and they practice this AT NIGHT 'til they get it perfect... looks like a Carrier Deck with all the markings..... kinda like your backyard, thats the way to reach perfection........ GO NAVY !

  • William Duhame
    William Duhame 26 days ago

    Hell, even the taxing looks scary.

  • Flash3
    Flash3 27 days ago

    They more experience landing. I wish own U.S. Navy could go out space for more experience, movie "Wing Commander."

  • CT2507
    CT2507 27 days ago

    "he looked frightened, paranoid and possessed"?? wow. where the hell do u see that in the video? thumbed down for being stupid.

  • Mallu TuBeZ
    Mallu TuBeZ 27 days ago

    Where's the Indian jaswat who killed 300 Chinese soldiers ...

    ROLLINGA 28 days ago

    Quien piloteará el TR-3B????

  • CPL, MP, C/O, CPT CL

    Hey Canada, show us that moon again. Please 😂😂😂

  • CPL, MP, C/O, CPT CL

    Slut walk? If I could wear heals I would show you... Damn. That’s just SICK! Peeing on stuff. EWWW

  • CPL, MP, C/O, CPT CL

    Damn. Nice six pack. 😉😍

  • CPL, MP, C/O, CPT CL

    At 3:39. What the hell kind of plane/helicopter is that?

    • Darrell Kingsley
      Darrell Kingsley 25 days ago

      A Harrier jump jet. Invented by the British and made in St. Louis Mo. Only a very skilled few can operate one.

    • Z4Zander
      Z4Zander 26 days ago

      If you are serious it is an AV8B Harrier.If you aren't serious.Meh.

  • Michael HypeTek
    Michael HypeTek 28 days ago

    What was the last Airplane???

  • Kevin O'Neil
    Kevin O'Neil 28 days ago

    what was that last plane?

  • john spinosa
    john spinosa 28 days ago

    I would like to know what the pilot's blood pressure is when landing?

    • Hadrorex
      Hadrorex 24 days ago

      I came aboard the USS America on a Viking. I was sweating watching a live cockpit view. The young drivers (a Lt. and a Lt.Jg.) were as calm as could be! You'd think that they were aged airline pilots with decades of carrier-landing experience behind them! Unbelievable but true. I was really sweating! The ride off the deck was just as scary!