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    Thank you that was helpful

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    Thank you so much for reviewing my channel, your opinions are like gold to me. I will follow all the advice! Keep up the great work, believe me when I say your help is precious!

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    A classmate hates me and then bombs me with dislikes on three of the latest videos I released. He must be out of his mind or something ...

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    doblen este video a español, es muy valioso. Gracias VidlQ en español...

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    Video just showed up in my suggested. Thanks so much for the helpful advice, because titles and descriptions are what I’ve been struggling with the most. Looks like I’ve got a lot of work to do. Oh one question, Will it hurt your videos if you keep changing your titles after your videos are published?

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    My RU-clip category says people and vlogs but I play games so it's gaming

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    Thanks for the audit 🙌

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    Sir, Why dont you inform us before few hours...? I really need your support but missed this live stream. I'm from India. When will the next session held ?

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    I am on 647 hours...

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    i want to download another video not the one which i have uploaded then how do i do it

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    On RU-clip, it’s important to find your buying persona or viewer persona. Use unique style - don’t copy others’ influencers. People watch them they are not interested to watch similar content. Record and create videos for your persona. More frequently publishing will be better if you don’t lose the quality. Bring value and don’t sell your products as vidIQ does - create brand awareness. Ok, you can sell if you have a loyal audience, but push slightly all your selling. Audience is more interested to engage or get additional education. vidIQ is awesome. All my team and my clients use vidIQ. Thx for this app! I like your content marketing style as well. Thank you guys.

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    Missed it! Next time hopefully!

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    Hey I’m trying to make it to 300 subscribers before 2020 please help me out and comment once your done and I will subscribe to your channel 🤗

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    This is terrible and I could barely understand you! I will not subscribe or use again. Thank you.

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    Thank you guys so much for the audit! You the real MVP 💯

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    Missed this live but watching the recording. You guys always bring massive value to the table.

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    Thanks for the channel audit. I really do appreciate the feedback. Sorry I wasn't in the live stream, it was to early for me

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    RU-clip revolution

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    where do I find my URL? trying to submit fform

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      @Sixty Sweet & Savory You are very welcome.

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      @Veganize It! Thank you!!! I'm so computer illiterate!

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      Simply go to your channel and copy the URL. That is your channel URL. :)

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    1st timer here heard so much good stuff about you guys!!! just subbed!!!

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    Does putting the location actually help? Is it a good idea a lot of big youtubers don't use them.

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    I'm still at 2 hours of watch time but I will get to 4000 before this year ends 😎

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    Next time, PLEASE purge your submission list. In NOT doing so many of us were locked out of being able to submit for this weeks audits. The way you then stated that only submissions from the last 24 hours would be considered meant that 300+ people such as myself had NO chance of having an audit. I understand that the advice is universal, and I habe been watching these for at least a month now. The advice is the same week after week, which is completely fine! No problem with that at all. I've been applying this stuff to my videos and thumbnails too :3 But I'd really like to get a personal audit, and this polava robbed me, and many others a chance this week... I dont think that's very fair at all...

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    At 4:40 how do you add the arrow as a bullet? I see other people use other cool pics here as well. Thanks.

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    How can is see it on my phone???

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    Isn't putting timestamps a sure way to get less audience retention? Since they skip multiple parts of your video?