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We're Heading To D23 Expo!
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  • Lord Vincenzo Leonardo Corleone III

    Final trailerrrrrrrrr, at last.............

  • Dave Noer
    Dave Noer 27 minutes ago

    1:45 It's Rey??

  • Povlennebo
    Povlennebo 47 minutes ago

    I love this movie so much, that last bit when he offers her his hand, that's why I went to see this movie in the theater. This is my favourite Star wars movie.I hope TROS is amazing like that too.

  • DARTH Piyush
    DARTH Piyush 50 minutes ago

    The Music still hypes me to this date .

  • Dakaraka 2807
    Dakaraka 2807 51 minute ago

    I'd rather watch the trailer than the movie...

  • Dakaraka 2807
    Dakaraka 2807 55 minutes ago

    I like the trailer than the actual movie 😂

  • Aleximusprime
    Aleximusprime Hour ago

    No porgs? But how will they sell toys? What a disappointment.

  • Nope
    Nope Hour ago


  • Michael
    Michael 2 hours ago

    Binge watching SW videos before TROS trailer drops later today. Feels like Christmas Eve 😁

  • Bob Bop Perano
    Bob Bop Perano 2 hours ago

    *In a galaxy far far away there were two brothers. They were called Los Pollos Hermanos. Or, the chicken brothers...* "The finest ingredients in the galaxy are brought together with love and care, then slow cooked to perfection in zero gravity. Yes, the Old Republic's ways are still best at Los Pollos Hermanos. But don't take my word for it. One taste, and you'll know." --The Fett Brothers

  • incadove
    incadove 3 hours ago

    The Mandalorian looks cool and all but I'm watching for that assassin droid.

  • Derek Lopez
    Derek Lopez 3 hours ago

    George Lucas did way better directing comparing to what Disney is doing.

  • Harv Begal
    Harv Begal 3 hours ago

    Well Favreau was able to re-vitalize Robert Downey Jr's crumbling career. Looking forward to seeing if he can do the same for Star Wars.

  • Warren Vidic
    Warren Vidic 4 hours ago

    Anyone else think Jyns "Rebellions are built on hope speech" would have been said by some American during the American Revoultion?

  • Sebastian Martínez
    Sebastian Martínez 4 hours ago

    Es una porquería esa película Disney la cago todo

  • muriel622
    muriel622 4 hours ago

    Kathleen Kennedy I just want to say thank you for ruining my childhood for me

  • Toxik-Vermin
    Toxik-Vermin 4 hours ago

    Werner Herzogs Voice 😀

  • Jon Parker
    Jon Parker 4 hours ago

    Ray is probably going to fight her self in a cave or something

  • Ric Marina
    Ric Marina 4 hours ago

    Who is here after the final trailer?

  • Ric Marina
    Ric Marina 4 hours ago

    Who’s here after the final trailer?

  • CoolsBreeze
    CoolsBreeze 5 hours ago

    I'm glad they released a trailer compared to TLJ where they released nothing.

  • A. S.L
    A. S.L 5 hours ago

    Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Another Hope

  • ragingmike 714
    ragingmike 714 5 hours ago

    Is it gonna be available in 4K?

    • Bob Bop Perano
      Bob Bop Perano 2 hours ago

      It's gonna have all the K's man... Maybe, not the three K's ;) But, to answer your real question. Yes, it's gonna be 4K HDR.

  • Bmanlegoboy
    Bmanlegoboy 5 hours ago

    Who’s watching this on her birthday in 2019 before the Rise of Skywalker trailer?

  • ahmadis94 _
    ahmadis94 _ 5 hours ago

    Rey Skywalker?

  • BornOnTheWestCoast
    BornOnTheWestCoast 5 hours ago

    I honestly could care less that they spoiled most of the movie, it was still super badass.

  • CarlitosWay277
    CarlitosWay277 5 hours ago

    I heard this takes place after Return of The Jedi, so does that mean Boba Fett lived?

  • Bdot
    Bdot 6 hours ago

    Aye it’s my boah Gustavo fring 0:50

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 6 hours ago

    Very different from the original outcome

  • Happy erzya
    Happy erzya 6 hours ago

    Похуй на пиздоболов, я обязательно пойду на премьеру!

  • Nick Cook
    Nick Cook 6 hours ago

    Rey is a Skywalker just go back and watch the second I believe trailer for the force awakens you'll know why

  • kanh174
    kanh174 6 hours ago

    Nothing Star Wars interests me. The MCU is the best saga ever... hands down...

  • Elizabeth K
    Elizabeth K 7 hours ago

    I can’t believe this was four years ago. I still remember watching it after my last day of sixth grade before winter break and falling in love with it and all the new characters. I am currently a sophomore and a new trailer is set to be released tomorrow. I’m so hyped for Rise of Skywalker because I was disappointed by Last Jedi. Here’s to a good conclusion for the final trilogy in the trilogy of trilogies.

  • Andy Brooks
    Andy Brooks 7 hours ago

    It makes me sad that this is the end

  • Stay Faded
    Stay Faded 7 hours ago

    Who else is watching this the day before the 3rd and final trailer drops?

  • Frederick H. David V

    So many legendary franchises coming to an end in 2019. Here are a few quotes I know to all the lead characters from these stories: Hiccup Haddock III: Go, Toothless....... go./ There were dragons when I was a boy. Steve Rogers: AVENGERS....... assemble. Tony Stark: Part of the journey is the end./ I love you 3000. Buzz Lightyear: To Infinity..... Woody: .......and Beyond. My prediction for The Rise of Skywalker: Anakin and/or Luke Skywalker: The Force will be with you............. always.

  • La Reina Cuervo
    La Reina Cuervo 7 hours ago

    2:09 I remember that in this moment, my Reylo brain just explode

  • cptnsolo28
    cptnsolo28 7 hours ago

    Only 2 months away 🤩 super excited

  • Sinead Lawson
    Sinead Lawson 7 hours ago


  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 7 hours ago

    Dark and exciting like THE NEW MUTANTS. I'm excited for both...

  • Brimstone
    Brimstone 8 hours ago

    Star Wars viewings Updated 10/20/19 7 pm ANH - 6,027 ESB - 4,314 ROTJ - 3,603 TPM - 2,754 AOTC - 2,527 ROTS - 2,702 TFA - 48 Rogue - 42 TLJ - 13 Solo - 8 TOTAL TIMES ALL MOVIES - 22,038 TIMES

  • MMoly
    MMoly 8 hours ago

    Reylo is canon and comiiiiing!! 💖💖💖

  • Damian Howard
    Damian Howard 8 hours ago

    To this day, still my favourite Star Wars movie.. This was the absolute pinnacle of the franchise.

  • Jules Woodbury
    Jules Woodbury 8 hours ago

    alright it has werner von herzog in it i'm sold

  • Adam Gugel
    Adam Gugel 8 hours ago

    This is like a space themed John wick

  • Jake kid 6000
    Jake kid 6000 9 hours ago

    2013: it's tomorrow.😀 Now:when it's the new update?🧐

  • The Nerd
    The Nerd 9 hours ago

    Ego much....

  • heroesflo76
    heroesflo76 10 hours ago

    Who's here before the final trailer?

  • Iñaki Alvarez
    Iñaki Alvarez 10 hours ago

    1:47 it cannot be!!!!!

  • Iñaki Alvarez
    Iñaki Alvarez 10 hours ago

    1:23 lando!?!?

  • David Waguespack
    David Waguespack 10 hours ago

    IG-88 finally looks like the kickass assassin droid from the books. Brings Shadows of the Empire to mind.

  • •Rey's Little Gurl•

    Rise of Skywalker: Soon my time shall shine. I'll be the greatest this year. The Mandalorian: You sure about that?

  • LukeWit
    LukeWit 11 hours ago

    back when the new trilogy was promising

  • Jonathan_407
    Jonathan_407 11 hours ago

    I can feel the Nerf guns by Hasbro coming

  • Nathan Chun
    Nathan Chun 11 hours ago

    Doza “Allow me to introduce you to your new Ace member ...” Kaz “hey guys” “Kaz are you kidding me”

  • Klassy Kent
    Klassy Kent 11 hours ago

    Why are my pants wet?!? 🤔

  • epicxel xl
    epicxel xl 12 hours ago

    Now everyone is gona wish they had 1313 to play as well after watching this

  • Raging Clue
    Raging Clue 12 hours ago

    Hi I'm someone that cant seem to get over the fact Disney is producing this movie... Sincerely, EVERY dillhole that cant seem to believe Disney is producing this movie. PS Get over it

  • Craig Cox
    Craig Cox 12 hours ago

    How to drum up excitement for a new series? Get stars from Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Rocky and mix them all together..

  • Just TikToks
    Just TikToks 13 hours ago

    0:40 how did I just notice that

  • Timberland_22
    Timberland_22 13 hours ago

    We want JarJar lmao!JarJae a sith master lmao!!

  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson 13 hours ago

    Tom Hanks in a Bosom Buddies episode goes on and on about taking Sonny to see Empire Strikes Back!! Also, Rev. JIM in Taxi talks Alex into seeing E.T. saying it will change his life.

  • Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    We better see IG88 & Dash Randar.

  • Laid Back
    Laid Back 13 hours ago

    Are they going to use a young, computer-altered version of old Mark Hamill for this? They did a good job with Kurt Russel in Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2.

  • Tyler Birdman
    Tyler Birdman 13 hours ago

    Man I remember how emotional I felt after this trailer. What a disappointment.

  • Viramila Andersen
    Viramila Andersen 13 hours ago

    who’s here after the trailer for the rise of skywalker?

  • Viramila Andersen
    Viramila Andersen 13 hours ago

    who’s here after the rise of skywalker trailer?

  • Jack Webster
    Jack Webster 13 hours ago

    i used to love this i can remember downloading all of the episodes and watching them i absolutely adored it and rex is back!!!!!

  • StefanoToscan
    StefanoToscan 13 hours ago

    All this movie should be a deleted scene

  • Anastasios Foutoutsakis

    I think Rey is Luke's or Solo's nephew

  • Tim Hansen
    Tim Hansen 14 hours ago

    The music alone make this trailer interesting

  • waggoo 92
    waggoo 92 14 hours ago

    Tomorrow ❤❤❤

  • record_37
    record_37 14 hours ago

    4 years wow

  • Peter DeSalvo III
    Peter DeSalvo III 14 hours ago

    I want like 5 more seasons, but it would be dope if this show ended with Obi-Wan and Anakin taking off in their star-fighters to join the battle over Coruscant.

  • Scott Covert
    Scott Covert 15 hours ago

    Democrats: We need more gun control. Disney: How about a bounty hunter movie instead? In all seriousness this trailer looked really good and the lack of dialogue was an excellent choice.

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire 14 hours ago

      Scott Covert It‘s Not a Movie, it‘s a Show.

  • Rioda Ser
    Rioda Ser 15 hours ago

    Chat Ruletka go. Big bum by

  • Jack Norby
    Jack Norby 15 hours ago

    The last Jedi came out on my 10 1/2 birthday

  • That guy you thought you knew once

    After watching this and the TFA final trailer, I am extremely confident in TROS’ final trailer tomorrow

  • Jon P
    Jon P 15 hours ago


  • athansky25
    athansky25 15 hours ago

    End of a Saga: At last, the Skywalker clan is no more! This whole thing is about the Skywalker family squabble. 🤗🤗

  • athansky25
    athansky25 15 hours ago

    End of a Saga: At last, the Skywalker clan is no more! This whole thing is about the Skywalker family squabble. 🤗🤗

  • John Murf
    John Murf 16 hours ago

    Lowkey looks good

  • Steven Kirkeby
    Steven Kirkeby 16 hours ago

    Everyone: Theres no way they could screw up a franchise as epic as Star Wars. Disney: Hold my beer

  • Betty Rivera
    Betty Rivera 16 hours ago


  • soap mctavish
    soap mctavish 16 hours ago

    1:59 half the star wars fan base 😂

  • Matt L
    Matt L 16 hours ago

    I'm sure they'll find a way to go full sjw with this project too.

    • KimDonk-un
      KimDonk-un 15 hours ago

      well since rian wont be directing it it will probably be good

  • Captain America
    Captain America 16 hours ago

    Good job, Disney! This actually looks good!

  • Kyle Biessener
    Kyle Biessener 16 hours ago

    Everybody's here talking about Bill Burr, but here I am freaking out over seeing Gus from Breaking Bad

  • Tony Callery
    Tony Callery 17 hours ago

    Who else is waiting for the notification: Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer (Official)

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 17 hours ago

    Yeah guys join the pork side

  • Daniyal Jalil
    Daniyal Jalil 17 hours ago

    I can't be the only who heard vader, right?

  • mastergreg 5944
    mastergreg 5944 17 hours ago

    Who here is just re watching the old trailers before the final one coming out tomorrow

  • AlienWarForce
    AlienWarForce 18 hours ago

    I would be embarrassed

  • 外国人说中文
    外国人说中文 18 hours ago

    Please, boycott 9

  • KARIM8960
    KARIM8960 18 hours ago

    This is simply the best Star Wars movie in all the franchise, perfect in all.

  • Quincy
    Quincy 18 hours ago

    Why they delete this???

  • Ælec Eoforheard
    Ælec Eoforheard 18 hours ago

    The Skywalker Saga ended with Return of the Jedi, this sequel trilogy is redundant and dumb.

  • Nicholas Miller
    Nicholas Miller 18 hours ago

    My only reservation is whether or not the upper management is going to be as heavily involved in this show as they were with the movies and past shows or if they’ll let people that care about the fans, like Dave Filoni, actually do a good job with the green light to make content they think fans will enjoy and want to spend money on.

  • ga4coolguy
    ga4coolguy 19 hours ago

    OoF 1:45

  • TidyWire
    TidyWire 19 hours ago

    I wanna believe this scene was deleted so that they aren't tying her off entirely from future appearances. This felt more of a finale to her character than how it actually happened. I wouldn't be surprised if she shows up again at some point in the future.