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  • nice nice nice nice nice

    Shave lol do it please 💇🏻‍♀️ becouse I love it your undercut hair 💇🏻‍♀️😘❤️❤️❤️😘

  • Michelle Day
    Michelle Day Day ago

    I actually think the mom jean is the most flattering!

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination 11 hours ago

      Thanks! I did end up keeping them but haven't worn them yet haha

  • Outermost_Owl
    Outermost_Owl 2 days ago

    I just found out from hormone testing that I'm estrogen dominant.. which would explain migraines before my period. I'm on a treatment plan for the next 3 months. i went to a registered dietician with a functional medicine background and a natural fertility clinic specializing in napro technology. I highly recommend you get your estrogen/progesterone measured and have a (holistic) registered licensed dietician create a treatment plan for you that will address your migraines at the root cause/ help balance hormones/ and address any other issues like poor stress management or factors that trigger your e dominance.

    • Outermost_Owl
      Outermost_Owl 2 days ago

      @Blackdiamond Just started the plan, so I can update again in mid January. I'll favorite this video to check back then

    • Blackdiamond
      Blackdiamond 2 days ago

      Outermost_Owl how is it going for you

  • Katie C
    Katie C 2 days ago

    I LOVE an honest review, no shade it just didn’t work for you! I’ve been watching your videos lately and I LOVE them!!! 💓

    • Katie C
      Katie C 3 hours ago

      CanadianFascination It is SO tricky! I’m still trying to find my holy grail foundation 😂💓

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination 11 hours ago

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the reviews. Foundation is sooooo tricky because everyone has different preferences and skin types. I heard some people love this one. Honestly I wish it worked for me haha

  • Amaya Vigil
    Amaya Vigil 4 days ago

    Love the mom Jean on you 😍

  • heather maiden
    heather maiden 7 days ago

    You’re not fat, you’re heavy.

  • spooky katt
    spooky katt 9 days ago

    No its because ABH is releasing too many damn palettes and most of us are over it.

  • spooky katt
    spooky katt 9 days ago

    ahh virtue signaling.

  • Amanda Kotchie
    Amanda Kotchie 9 days ago

    Who tf thumbs’d this down? Like what could you possibly dislike about this? You’re the best.

  • mez cotterill
    mez cotterill 9 days ago

    A moment off silence for homeless people freezing and staving then there’s this thing aghhhh

  • Kathryn Featherngill

    love your hair now.... sorry you had a shitty hairstylest!!!!

  • Smylesalot
    Smylesalot 10 days ago

    Just found your channel n I'm so excited! I'm a midsize girl too, and I love what I've seen of your style so far, and your personality seems so fun and chill! 😊😊

  • Samantha Geary
    Samantha Geary 12 days ago

    Okay wait. So you’re saying that even though I’ve spent so much fkn money at Sephora already, I can’t even GET the stupid reward unless I go back in time and don’t spend a single point I earned?? So I basically have to spend more money to get enough points to get a free “$100”

  • Jessie Lewis
    Jessie Lewis 13 days ago

    Omg the flannel <3 Fuck I do miss Target.

  • Haley Kordus
    Haley Kordus 13 days ago

    This level of cringe is too much, I’ve even had my hair botched worse than this before but I’ve never acted like this 🤮 not cool

  • Taniya Thompson
    Taniya Thompson 13 days ago

    Her mouth is so foul I couldn’t finish the video

  • 손보배
    손보배 13 days ago

    I bought 6 blushes and 2 shadows from Colourpop in September and got it internationally shipped (I live in South Korea), and 2 shadows and 1 blush came completely shattered. So I reached for customer service, and they issued an 18$ coupon code for me to repurchase the broken products, mentioning that IT DOES NOT COVER SHIPPING. I just couldn't understand why I have to pay for shipping AGAIN, especially knowing that international shipping costs a lot. I wrote a long email to show how disappointed I was - yes I was angry - and they finally gave me a "one-time courtesy refund." I was pissed - if I get broken stuff again, then I won't be able to get an exchange or refund. Why do customers have to pay for shipping again when blame is absolutely not on them? I was so surprised that an international shipping company has NO exchange policy for international customers. They don't even sell Colourpop here. I am never buying from them again. It's a pity since their products are great, but I just can't risk paying tons of money several times until I get unbroken products.

  • Jo S
    Jo S 14 days ago

    Nice threads for fall tfs🇨🇦

  • RD74
    RD74 14 days ago

    Girl, I feel your pain about Target going away 😢🇨🇦

  • Allecia Powers
    Allecia Powers 14 days ago

    Thank you for making this! I have the same texture hair and I am thinking of growing out my very extreme undercut. It gets so crazy when I dont keep it super short. It sticks straight out of the side of my head!

  • supergirl toTheRescue

    Her hair is green. She is a paying customer and the hairdresser is full of shit and patronizing her, money grabbing bitch.

  • Julie Garber
    Julie Garber 16 days ago

    As a licenced hairdresser currently behind the chair, this girl handled your needy, entitled ass EXTREMELY well and with professionalism. If you had been my client I probably would have even dismissed you sooner. She had a perfect gameplan in my opinion and handled your hair properly. Sometimes hair just does stupid stuff and reacts differently then we can ever anticipate, especially when an extensive hair history and lots of lightening comes into play. It also is very rude to keep her waiting that long for a reply. She was bending over backwards to try to make you happy and you needed a whole business week to "process" what she was saying, causing her to have to put her business on hold for you. Also, if your hair does not come out the way you want it initially, don't assume your hairdresser is shit. Most likely something happened that was unexpected due to the state of your hair. Often times these mistakes are easily fixable, and are often chased by the client not being totally honest or forgetting to mention some of their hair history. Color can do wacky fucking things on hair if you don't formulate exactly specific to each client. Things like this happen, and when the client is as entitled as you were, we are totally allowed to "fire" you as a client. Don't start a video with " I know nothing about hair" then proceed to act like a fucking expert on these things.

  • kaylyn Braga
    kaylyn Braga 17 days ago

    I did a big order; large 24 pan empty pallet with singles and some other things, I got everything EXCEPT the fucking palette, they sent a 12 pan. I still have some of my shadows not in a pan, cause I did not want to order again, after 3 emails and their fuck up,...all they did was refund the palette, WHAT COMPANY DOES NOT HAVE A "ITS ON US" POLICY .. Just fucking send what i ordered

  • Taylor Ashley
    Taylor Ashley 18 days ago

    I know this is old, but I love your rant videos! They are literally the best. I’ve seen this one like five times lol

  • Tanae Hitchye
    Tanae Hitchye 18 days ago

    “Did you just fucking judge me?” Lmaoo😂💀💀

  • Tamirrr !!!
    Tamirrr !!! 19 days ago

    your body is cuteee

  • Amanda Kotchie
    Amanda Kotchie 19 days ago

    First! 😃

  • Jo S
    Jo S 21 day ago

    Nice combination Canadian Fascination tfs🇨🇦

  • Corrin Jessen
    Corrin Jessen 21 day ago

    Her: "Hair dresser fried off my hair" Me: "wow thats sad :(" Her: "i was already silver and wanted to go more silver, and she fried off my hair" Me: "what did you expect" Honestly she should have just told you it couldn't be done.

  • Sarah's Kingdom
    Sarah's Kingdom 22 days ago

    Im growing out my undercut too, and its just like yours. Naturally curly hair and the same shaped cut. I ran into the same issue and my solution is to put it in a bun, but then tie on a scarf as a headband. Cute but also hides the undercut🙌

  • Gina Kennedy
    Gina Kennedy 23 days ago

    I want to be you.

  • weeird potatoe
    weeird potatoe 23 days ago

    There's no Victoria secrets where I live I'm so sad I bought ones when I traveled but I need more of them :(

  • charlie3069
    charlie3069 24 days ago

    Those kittens look big for 8 weeks, mine is tiny and is meant to be 8 weeks too

  • Zombie Bot
    Zombie Bot 26 days ago

    But you look great, if I were you, i dyed the undercut in purple it's just my opinion I think everything looks good on you

  • Jasmin Rodriguez
    Jasmin Rodriguez 27 days ago

    I think they discontinued them cause I can't find them anymore :(

    • Jasmin Rodriguez
      Jasmin Rodriguez 27 days ago

      CanadianFascination also what size did you get on them? I’m debating on Large or xl but I’m not too sure lol

    • Jasmin Rodriguez
      Jasmin Rodriguez 27 days ago

      Girl omg thank you! I was already sad lmao! But check out American eagles im looking at them rn and they have something like the Victoria secret as well! :)

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination 27 days ago

      I updated the link in the description bar. I think they just changed the link on the site. Don't scare me like that!! haha

  • Sarahcidal Streams
    Sarahcidal Streams 28 days ago

    My friend melted my hair with bleach lol I've wanted extensions forever.. now you need to ask your girl if you can get referral deals lol because I'm literally going to her because of your videos 😂✌ *edit* also does the tape leave any sticky residue over time? Is a hair mask damaging to the adhesive?

  • Mimi
    Mimi Month ago

    Oh girl . Those extensions look so good on you! 💕 I don’t think I can do it. Sometimes I have lazy days and don’t want to do my hair. I feel like any extensions are high maintenance.

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination Month ago

      They're definitely high maintenance when it comes to washing and styling. However, once I style them I find they're easy to maintain on a daily basis. The curl holds really well and I just have to dry shampoo and brush them. And maybe throw in a few extra curls here and there. Also if you don't have the undercut like me, throwing them up into a bun or ponytail is SUPER easy and you can't see them. I only wash my hair about once a week. So like once a week it's a pain. But other than that they're wake up and go for me.

  • Rebeca Diaz
    Rebeca Diaz Month ago

    Yay first comment, I clicked as soon as I saw

  • Christy Petersen
    Christy Petersen Month ago

    Who spends $700 on their hair?!?! That should have been your first red flag, deary. I've never had my hair professionally colored, so wouldn't know the going rate for this service. I'd just get a costume wig for that price.

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination Month ago

      What they call "colour correction" going from brunette to blonde or silver, takes a double process bleach and about 7 hours in the salon. I also have very thick hair. So $700 for a 7 hour service makes sense. Also yes you could get a wig for much cheaper. But a wig is hot on your head and no the same as being able to wake up and go with your hair.

  • Jessica Dawson
    Jessica Dawson Month ago

    You’d probably like the White Pumpkin candle! It’s like pumpkin, cinnamon & clove without the sweetness.

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination Month ago

      Sounds delish! I'll definitely have to give it a try next time I'm in B&BW.

  • Jordan Lindsey
    Jordan Lindsey Month ago

    this was so helpful! i'm 5'3" and tend to be either a 10-12 in american eagle so i have the same issues as you! thank you for being so detailed!!!!

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination Month ago

      I'm so glad I could help. I find there aren't a lot of mid-size girls doing try ons or videos like this on RU-clip. I find it so hard to find any helpful ones. So I definitely want to do more of these videos.

  • Joanna Stamataki
    Joanna Stamataki Month ago

    Love makeup hauls!!!n They give me some ideas to try new products🛍Fenty's foundation looks so good.Great video! Enjoy all your goodies! Just subscribed to your channel🙌🏼 I have a beauty channel as well. Hope we stay connected & support each other.

  • Adrianna Watts
    Adrianna Watts Month ago

    Thanks for posting I worry about growing out mine but I miss my hair too. My hair had so much volume lol. Maybe you can get your hair braided right and get a sew in for the mean time (:

  • Marcia Sousa
    Marcia Sousa Month ago

    Fellow Canadian here! Always look forward to watching your videos. Your sarcastic sense of humor is hilarious!

  • Jenn Makeup
    Jenn Makeup Month ago

    I’ll definitely be checking out this app, thanks girl!!!

  • Fabafter5
    Fabafter5 Month ago

    thank you for sharing this app :) Are you going to IMATS this year? Did you hear ULTA is coming to Canada!!!

    • Fabafter5
      Fabafter5 Month ago

      @CanadianFascination they are giving $20 discount code for IMATS . I think it's going downhill. Morphe, MAC are not there this year

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination Month ago

      I did hear Ulta is coming to Canada and I'm SO EXCITED! I hope the competition will help Sephora suck less and thankfully I'll finally be able to get shape tape here haha. And no, I'm not going to IMATS. I actually filmed a video called "Why I'm Not Going to IMATS" last year or the year before. You should check it out. I break down the sales amounts and ticket amount and let you know if I think it's worth it (spoiler, since so many brands are more easily available in Canada now - I don't).

  • Zombie Bot
    Zombie Bot Month ago


  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty Month ago

    I do hair in the GTA, come to me!!! @fabuxbeauty

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty Month ago

    Heat up coconut oil put it on the bond or where the glue is, leave it on for a few minutes and just brush off where the glue was slowly... that works amazing for me

  • Trinh Tran
    Trinh Tran Month ago

    I couldn’t finish, I wish you didn’t curse in almost every sentence

  • Zombie Bot
    Zombie Bot Month ago

    you look so cute. well I use bandanas or waxes

  • Hayley Roberts
    Hayley Roberts Month ago

    You are so unlikable and have a nasty foul mouth, I think you should focus on more in improving your attitude before you worry about your hair👌

  • Jessie Lewis
    Jessie Lewis Month ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only pumpkin ass bitch here ready for fall <3

  • sarah Glendinning

    I would fire you as my client, there is no need for the language you use towards this hairdresser and the negative attitude you have - you are not superior to her because you are a client and she works to please you, salons are not the same as purchasing a faulty product from a store. We can't predict everything that could happen but she was trying her best to accommodate you, which is more than you deserve from the way you are behaving.

  • Shelly Xx
    Shelly Xx Month ago

    I grew mine for 2 months and I hated it

  • Chandra Williams
    Chandra Williams Month ago

    Pumpkin apple and white pumpkin and bourbon maple are all really good. Great video

  • Allyshia Berger
    Allyshia Berger Month ago

    I'm so glad I found this video. I dont feel so bad about my chronic migraines:)

    VEE ANON Month ago

    I'm a dude but got the full sides and back cut. Barber messed up the back cut it at 1 year growth now ha e to wait another year for it to come back.

  • Jenn Makeup
    Jenn Makeup Month ago

    The candles in Canada don’t have the scent descriptions which I hate but the US stores do have the scent descriptions but if you order online it will be have the scent descriptions as Canada doesn’t have their own online ordering website.

  • Jenn Makeup
    Jenn Makeup Month ago

    Yasssssss girl fall is hands down my favourite season I’m so excited for fall!!!

  • Christina Kelsay
    Christina Kelsay Month ago

    Fall Farmhouse is so amazing when burning!! So is harvest gathering. My fave fall soaps are apple picking and pumpkin cupcake. I love black cherry merlot too yummmmm

  • Dani Ann
    Dani Ann Month ago

    i’ve been growing my undercut for almost a year now and it’s still driving me nuts till i go get my hair cut to even everything out.

  • Taylor Ashley
    Taylor Ashley Month ago

    Yasssss I’m living for this video!! How do you not have more subscribers??!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Taylor Ashley
      Taylor Ashley Month ago

      CanadianFascination I love Fall too! It’s my favorite :) definitely getting some this weekend to stock up!

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination Month ago

      Thank you! I wasn't sure anyone would care about a BBW haul but im SO EXCITED for Fall!! hahaa

  • Piper R
    Piper R Month ago

    You’re a bitch.

  • Sn0t Puppy
    Sn0t Puppy Month ago

    I’m so here for your foundation reviews! I wish more people used samples instead of buying and returning. I also appreciate that you remind people that nobody looks at your makeup as close up as oneself. I had a feeling you would like the Fenty. I bought both it and the Anastasia foundation and I really, really, like them both. I just can’t figure out what the Fenty foundation smells like? It’s a little sweet but I can’t put my finger on it.

    • Sn0t Puppy
      Sn0t Puppy Month ago

      @CanadianFascination I think they perform very similarly on my skin so far to be honest. I don't think anyone needs both. The fenty one smells the same as the fenty loose powder so I wouldn't suggest it to people who have issues with the scent on that. But other than that, they perform essentially the same on me so I would suggest either one but not both.

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination Month ago

      If you love my foundations reviews, check out Thataylaa. I'm totally inspired by her. She does the best reviews! Do you like the ABH or the Fenty more? They didn't have the ABH out yet when I went so I just passed on it. I haven't smelled the Fenty one really so I'll have to get back to you on that haha.

  • belle32100
    belle32100 Month ago

    It looks great.. Better than Pat McGrath. I have dry skin too and I wasn't interested in trying it until now. Your face looks so healthy and hydrated.

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination Month ago

      Thanks girl! I definitely thought I would hate it but it was pleasantly surprised!

  • fat chick
    fat chick Month ago

    I just got my gray kitten! She is so cuddly, and nice! I LOVE her! Her name is Polly. She is a little under 8 weeks!

  • Reactie S
    Reactie S Month ago

    Did any of them fall out?

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination Month ago

      I had a few fall out during my second application. However, I was on vacation and swimming in the salt-water ocean on Vietnam with brutal waves. So some of the glue came loose. But I think only half of one or two fell out. But other than that, I only had one fall out again when they had been in for 10+ weeks and needed to be pushed up anyways.

  • Jo S
    Jo S Month ago

    Your skin looks good. Life is short, buy it bitch! Tfs🇨🇦

  • R Cardenas
    R Cardenas Month ago

    Are your normally a 12 In there jeans or did you size down on the curvy line

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination Month ago

      I've never worn their actual jeans before so I'm not sure. Sorry. I am going to be buying a couple more pairs of their jeans for fall in early Sept so I should have a fall haul coming up soon. When I do I will include the sizing in that video. I'm going to go into store and try on some Mom jeans so I'll be sure to try on their regular jeans too.

  • Julio Medina
    Julio Medina Month ago

    you’re wrong

  • lexie balde
    lexie balde Month ago

    suc an informative video! thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

  • Jennifer Broadhurst

    I’d block you too:( gross attitude. Not worth the salons time

  • Shamballa
    Shamballa 2 months ago

    Look so gd good girl 👧

  • Magical Potato
    Magical Potato 2 months ago

    When my migraines start with a big headache. I normally get a lot of headaches and they start dull and builds up but not a lot. I get a glitchy kinda thing. It's not like the typical thing that looks like the after thing touching water. The medicating I take daily for my headaches (I get a lot and almost every day) and migraines, just gets rid of the vision and light weakness thing. But now I get the headaches way worse and it makes me throw up

  • Amanda Kotchie
    Amanda Kotchie 2 months ago

    Omg the hair is soooooo cute like that

  • antifa fan account
    antifa fan account 2 months ago

    why so much hate??? lmao the stylist was a cunt to her chill tf out

  • Kayleigh Troxel
    Kayleigh Troxel 2 months ago

    Nightmare Client of the YEAR 😨 entitled, uneducated, and rude. I’m glad your stylist blocked you!

  • Callie Bates
    Callie Bates 2 months ago

    you are a nightmare client!!! no wonder she blocked you bitch!

  • Joey The Murc
    Joey The Murc 2 months ago

    Welp. I said I was gonna make a comment on your most recent video. Not the topic I expected. 😂 -your favorite bird

  • Theresa Ehrichs
    Theresa Ehrichs 2 months ago

    I have been a fan of a/e for years! But I have not tried curvy jeans , as they do not carry in store! Since I have shopped there for awhile, like u said BUY nothing in stores ! I have literally been shopping there see something I like check the price on line.... always cheaper! Like u said they can be pricey but their quality is fantastic!

  • Corey Morriseey
    Corey Morriseey 2 months ago

    Yeah she obviously apologized and tried to help and get you in to fix it and you were still being a douche. Guaranteed you’re a shitty tipper even when you like your hair, and not worth the money.

  • Madison Conner
    Madison Conner 2 months ago

    Just my opinion because I want your channel to grow and be successful (most) people don't like long intros...

  • Shannon Owens
    Shannon Owens 2 months ago

    I’ve been on the hunt for good underwear. The struggle is real. Thanks for the video.

  • reanamichaud
    reanamichaud 2 months ago these are the best underwear ever! They are all I wear. They control the muffin top but are so damn comfy and cheap! They also are cute because the control panel is lace. Give them a try! I have the damn hip dips too 😒

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination 2 months ago

      Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely check them out!

  • Amanda Kotchie
    Amanda Kotchie 2 months ago

    Yesssss I need

  • Ashley Free
    Ashley Free 2 months ago

    Yes those are so comfy too ♡♡

  • Diamond arrow
    Diamond arrow 2 months ago

    I thought I had a tumor... I’m glad I didn’t

  • Mickie Hoffman
    Mickie Hoffman 2 months ago

    Grey is next to impossible to achieve unless you have WHITE hair. You’re an entitled spoiled brat. Ur lucky (coming from a hairstylist in this industry for 10 years) that your hair didn’t fall out. Sorry sis. You’re in the wrong. Sorry you’re unhappy with ur hair but you’re sincerely in the wrong. If your hair was so important to you- you wouldn’t have ever used boxed color in the first place. You’re expectations were unrealistic. Go to cosmetology school and then talk. Spend 50,000 on school, attend class, get an education 1200 hours of school, then even more experience in salons, and then complain about how she did nothing wrong. Anybody who sides with you is equally a pain in the ass.

  • acilirp
    acilirp 2 months ago

    Maybe you can cut it were its shorter in the back and it angles to a longer length in the front. And rock those curls more!!!

  • lupita alcazar
    lupita alcazar 2 months ago

    This actually helped so much your so real not on some kissing the brands ass thanks!!!!

  • Tina C.
    Tina C. 2 months ago

    Those are not the new Curvy line.

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination 2 months ago

      I don't understand this comment. These are the AE curvy jeans and shorts. You can see when you click the links.

  • Kes.C Burke
    Kes.C Burke 2 months ago

    As a stylist, hair is unpredictable! We aren’t magical, we aren’t wizards, we are human and shit happens. Your attitude is ridiculous. She did everything right to fix the situation and you acted like a brat. Alsooo yes using a purple shampoo/toning mask/ non professional direct dyes can overtone your hair because it builds up! I don’t get how you can claim “ the client/customer is always right” when you aren’t a professional and don’t know anything about hair. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Vanessa Velasquez
    Vanessa Velasquez 2 months ago

    For someone who says they don't know anything about hair you sure act like you do. She did great with trying to please you, if anything she was super professional! And btw she did cut you off by telling you to go to a different salon. 😂 And she can block anyone she wants, you are no longer her client!!! Get over yourself, I hope whoever books you sees this video and decides to drop you. I would never want you as a client. You're a nightmare and just watching this video killed my brain cells.

  • Lauren Romano
    Lauren Romano 2 months ago

    Girl if you have naturally wavy/curly hair... STOP heat damaging it!!! You killed your hair yourself lol. Coloring will not make your hair break off. But straightening it everyday definitely will. Embrace your natural hair.

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination 2 months ago

      I mean first of all, yes bleach will cause breakage. And second of all, I heat style my hair like once a week. Because I only wash my hair once a week and once I style it, it stays like that. And there are lots of weeks where I wear it naturally. But now that my hair is this broken, I had no choice because to straighten it. The shorter layers lay better when straightened/barrel curled. I get that both cause breakage but my hair straightens very easily and you definitely can't say that colouring your hair doesn't make your hair break off.

  • Kate Marshall
    Kate Marshall 2 months ago

    I love your style... I love that you are way more edgy than so many other youtubers but at the same time not over-the-top. That being said, please give thrifting another chance~! You can find some crazy cool stuff! Let me thrift for ya! xD

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination 2 months ago

      Thanks girl! I will definitely give thrifting another chance. it's just sooooo overwhelming lol. But I haven't completely given up yet.

  • Get your Glam!!
    Get your Glam!! 2 months ago

    Honestly I think you really didn’t pay attention and didn’t want to hear the truth

  • Jaiden Lovell
    Jaiden Lovell 2 months ago

    i hate putting my hair up because of mine

    • CanadianFascination
      CanadianFascination 2 months ago

      Same. I think I'm going to film a "How I style" video sometime in the next few weeks showing how I style it to hide it lol

  • snow littlesnow
    snow littlesnow 2 months ago

    Measurements ?

  • BA Rinaldi
    BA Rinaldi 2 months ago

    Need that undies video! I’ve been on the hunt for a good life changing midsize undies recommendation.