League Of Fails
League Of Fails
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  • Jose caldo
    Jose caldo 6 hours ago

    The internet claims another soul

  • domaiN yasuo
    domaiN yasuo 7 hours ago

    N/a riven

  • MikoFinland
    MikoFinland 10 hours ago

    i have 2 pentakills in my channel if you want to use them in your video

  • Joselito Acebo
    Joselito Acebo 13 hours ago


  • Ni K
    Ni K 14 hours ago

    yeah running into them as a mage with constant AoE damage for NOT fighting and doing nothing impressive is definitely an outplay!

  • Dark M48
    Dark M48 15 hours ago

    3rd yeeeeeeeee

  • Vincent Lopez
    Vincent Lopez 16 hours ago


  • Xinyu Zhang
    Xinyu Zhang 18 hours ago


  • Jhonatan Rey Angel
    Jhonatan Rey Angel 19 hours ago

    First :D

  • Skellymon
    Skellymon 23 hours ago

    most of these werent that good...?

  • Furkan Erdem
    Furkan Erdem Day ago

    Where is urf in eu

  • mert altunsoy
    mert altunsoy Day ago

    Dayı adamlar boş oynuyor boş derken şanstan

  • ExplainMe
    ExplainMe Day ago

    woke also up top this dude, never saw him. Ty youtube

  • bryle bryle
    bryle bryle Day ago


  • Никита _

    lol his skill so low

  • eren bayram
    eren bayram Day ago


  • Justin Cartwright
    Justin Cartwright 2 days ago

    8:38 why does reksai have the GA circle and stuff yet doesnt revive

  • Dexter Gualberto
    Dexter Gualberto 2 days ago

    urf is just finny to the person who is winning lul

  • gabriel vazquez
    gabriel vazquez 2 days ago

    How do we submit a video?

  • Oppai Saitama
    Oppai Saitama 2 days ago

    Perfect Plays would be a better title

  • William Gilcrease
    William Gilcrease 2 days ago

    May I forward your video to bilibili?

  • Yeter Amk
    Yeter Amk 2 days ago

    8:50 autoplay ? He didnt play it wtf

  • ElectroYT
    ElectroYT 2 days ago

    Broken shit illaoi

  • Kazanosuke Sano
    Kazanosuke Sano 2 days ago

    trash af

  • Bd C
    Bd C 2 days ago

    1% FAKER

  • PosteMelon GT
    PosteMelon GT 2 days ago

    how do i send a highlight?

  • Hamood Nasser
    Hamood Nasser 2 days ago

    Nice bro 😍

  • youtube user
    youtube user 3 days ago

    2.30 Warwick chat perma ban please

  • Kickflashcycle
    Kickflashcycle 3 days ago

    what a play to flash and ult as a full ap malphite clap clap skills recommended

  • Wilow Mamanillo
    Wilow Mamanillo 3 days ago

    Como mancos apretan loquesea en el teclado

  • mercy
    mercy 3 days ago

    14:25 the most cartoony "wahoo" I've ever heard besides mario?

  • Jhonatan Rey Angel
    Jhonatan Rey Angel 3 days ago

    Nice songs bro :3. Pd: How I can send you videos?.

  • Italo Anderson
    Italo Anderson 3 days ago

    Want to send a highlight how to proceed?

  • Djmatiashd El Pro
    Djmatiashd El Pro 3 days ago

    WOW 10 min early <3

  • Eren Oğuz
    Eren Oğuz 3 days ago

    Hi bruh

  • Asdres Tuyks Tuyks
    Asdres Tuyks Tuyks 3 days ago

    İlloai s score is 4-6 farm 116 in 23 minutes still makes penta

  • JB Bustamante
    JB Bustamante 3 days ago


  • 小誠
    小誠 3 days ago

    0:32 OMG...幹

  • Leen Huang
    Leen Huang 3 days ago

    I am sad for the opposite team, ace and a baron. Too cruel for them.

  • Mateo De Los Santos

    Nidalee and jayce?

  • daniel rivera
    daniel rivera 4 days ago

    No pasa nada prefiero el dota : )

  • 張子辰
    張子辰 4 days ago

    1:26 13:49are the same

    URGMT ITUN 4 days ago

    2018?fucking fake

  • paleguy
    paleguy 4 days ago

    disgusting guy disappear from my playlist at once, doesnt matter how many times i block your channel you keep appearing

  • Tah kame
    Tah kame 4 days ago

    Kailan sa ph server?

  • League Of Int
    League Of Int 4 days ago

    Nothing illaoi does is anything to do with IQ Or an outplay.

  • Max Johannsen
    Max Johannsen 4 days ago

    Half of Them do not Even have ultimate😅

  • Joseph Chung
    Joseph Chung 4 days ago

    Terrible video for the title you have displayed

  • The rekted one
    The rekted one 4 days ago

    dude u suck big time , better stick to the fails and quit streaming..

  • Nam Junhyun
    Nam Junhyun 5 days ago

    I don't see Leesin as Balanced Champ...

  • saidou sidiki
    saidou sidiki 5 days ago

    Sad most of then are just smurfs having fun on noobs

  • HeartbeatKiller
    HeartbeatKiller 5 days ago

    10:25 400IQ wardhop flash out of that neeko ult

    • HeartbeatKiller
      HeartbeatKiller 4 days ago

      i hate to be a advocate of this but it's true to see a highlight montage and as much as i wish i could ignore that part of me but when i think good play when i think insane montage i don't like to see mistakes... i know that's hard from a content creators standpoint as someone who has tried streaming and youtube a few times and in a few ways and i know not everything can be perfect but i think you will get much more positive feedback cutting mistakes that happened to work out compared to genuinely good and perfect play in exchange for a slightly shorter or delayed video... no flame much love otherwise id not be subbed ofc still like your videos but i figure that tip might help your comment section a bit or maybe even improve the reaction to your videos in a way you truly enjoy. -Much Love, Heartbeatkiller

    • Alvaro Bogar Rodriguez
      Alvaro Bogar Rodriguez 4 days ago

      Hahaha I know, I can't believe they put that clip on the video

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 5 days ago

    3:20 that clip not real imposible there is players like that and 3:40 soo fake

  • Marilynn Cast
    Marilynn Cast 5 days ago

    This isn’t even 2019 gameplay

  • Neo Lermontove
    Neo Lermontove 5 days ago

    Wow this Aurelion crazy 🤣

  • Robert Soloq Coach
    Robert Soloq Coach 5 days ago

    irelia fed at 6min just go next guys xD

  • louis mhillaj
    louis mhillaj 5 days ago

    Aurelion is op

  • Margie Maquinana
    Margie Maquinana 5 days ago

    mauuna sa PBE mag ka urf at huli na ang live server para sa di nakakaalam

  • Slykeren
    Slykeren 5 days ago

    i too woke up to this goofy mf on my screen

  • jengis king
    jengis king 5 days ago

    and still all random... so stupid. for balance.... how is it balanced with 5 whack champs vs 5 op champs.( worst case) if u can choose ur champ it would be most likely that there will be much champs seen pretty often. but that would be literally more balanced.

    • Xexomaru
      Xexomaru 3 days ago

      they could make it easy, put tiers to the champions and make an algoritm that would go like "if S on team, cant S again" etc... but also, that would be "balancing urf" and its not about balance, its about having fun!

  • jengis king
    jengis king 5 days ago

    u could cut urself out if ur not even doing anythin anyways. and btw i was like "ok he might be just bad on vayne" but ur literally bad on any champ. even on the strongest champ on this mode. zed

  • Trozer176
    Trozer176 6 days ago

    When urf comeback ? :(

    • Pumpkinhead1986
      Pumpkinhead1986 6 days ago

      i wanna know to please ... cant play with lags on PBE XD

    EL ESPARTACO 6 days ago

    i dont know why "the pro players" they break their keyboards

  • Jmjk Cajurao
    Jmjk Cajurao 6 days ago

    Sana all

  • Mèo Sát thủ
    Mèo Sát thủ 6 days ago

    Khi nào về sv VN

  • Neo Lermontove
    Neo Lermontove 6 days ago

    Wow this urf corki really outplay penta 1v5!! Nice Montage Bro 👍

  • Grejaszek
    Grejaszek 6 days ago

    Nice film!

  • XFireGT3 Gaming
    XFireGT3 Gaming 6 days ago


  • Raijineko
    Raijineko 6 days ago


  • Jared Glez
    Jared Glez 6 days ago

    Sona? Hecarin?

  • jeremiah agustin
    jeremiah agustin 6 days ago

    Haha I wish my first pentakills I lvl 29 and my more record was my first 3ple kill. 😂😭

  • Zadicus
    Zadicus 6 days ago

    Stop fucking redirecting me here

  • KeepitrealEz
    KeepitrealEz 6 days ago

    me cago en tus muertos pisoteados, deja de salirme por reproduccion automatica

  • Erkenzi
    Erkenzi 7 days ago

    Nice :DDD

  • Biocrucifix
    Biocrucifix 7 days ago

    just report this video tired of seeing this emotionless rock videos when i wake up who tf wants to wake up to seeing this kids face jesus

    • Wow Ceri
      Wow Ceri 4 days ago

      fucking true how thwe fuck does he always ends up on my screeen hahaah

  • Jayvin Taguinod
    Jayvin Taguinod 7 days ago

    Yesterday we made a undying neeko bug...

  • Kaze
    Kaze 7 days ago

    Good morning for you who woke up to this video!

  • nursery rhymes for kids

    9th comment oh yeah

  • El Hemp
    El Hemp 8 days ago


  • TC Rime
    TC Rime 8 days ago

    so satisfying to watch

  • Cloudy
    Cloudy 8 days ago

    Why isn't this just illaoi compilation tho..

  • TheBroxah
    TheBroxah 8 days ago


  • PyKKeD
    PyKKeD 8 days ago

    Hi, Im Get Cringed. Can you make live stream today and play with me? ( On PBE ) Name : Get Cringed

  • Zedant
    Zedant 8 days ago



    TÜRKİYE burda mı ? ZedXSmörf montage pls lets go

  • MakoBill
    MakoBill 8 days ago

    Second comment oh yeah

  • Darius Ortiz
    Darius Ortiz 8 days ago

    First comment oh yeah

  • M Riley
    M Riley 8 days ago

    Like 90%+ of these were just regular league plays.. way to title bait. Only rememberable one for me was the Lee Sin dodging pike ult since that was a complete zero reaction read on his part.

  • Jesuz
    Jesuz 8 days ago

    4:20 cencer😂

  • GravityZero
    GravityZero 9 days ago

    Waking up to this boring guy

  • šểьâš lеч
    šểьâš lеч 9 days ago


  • Ms Kata
    Ms Kata 9 days ago

    Great video man enjoyed it Keep it up💥👍

  • Connor Cramer
    Connor Cramer 9 days ago

    lol the first clip, akali missing almost everything and still getting a penta xd xd

  • Ivan YIYI
    Ivan YIYI 9 days ago


  • Pikachu1love
    Pikachu1love 9 days ago

    🤓🤓🤓Hi, It's interesting to watch cuts from streams, come to my channel and watch interesting and crazy moments. Good luck 🤓🤓🤓

  • Supachoke 11
    Supachoke 11 9 days ago


  • League of Pit
    League of Pit 9 days ago

    Nice video Mate :)

  • Fucanglong SC Fucanglong SC

    Nice video

  • Eugene Lee
    Eugene Lee 9 days ago

    Talk you fucking vegetable

  • paN1K
    paN1K 10 days ago

    ich bin grad 5 oder 6x gekommen :D