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Python for Everybody
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  • Aulabierta
    Aulabierta 14 days ago

    Muchas gracias

  • Scott x
    Scott x 24 days ago

    I'm happy for him and admire what he did.

  • Giusseppe Bervis Quintero

    I want to see this course :( I need it :(

  • Bevedel
    Bevedel 2 months ago

    Hi Dr. Chuck... I really love all your courses and your way of teaching. thank you

  • Be Fashionable
    Be Fashionable 4 months ago

    I am from varanasi India and my ID is not verified by coursera I try 5 time and now coursera is not giving me option of verification of ID. Please help me.

  • Anirudh Prakash
    Anirudh Prakash 4 months ago

    When will i be able to take this course again?

  • Intully
    Intully 5 months ago

    never seen erik so serious!

    KHANDOCTOR SAHAB 6 months ago

    Stem cell therapy training in Pakistan available

  • Priyanka Jai
    Priyanka Jai 7 months ago

    Took this course in coursera...Worth it! It covered from basic introfuction to ongoing research 👍

  • Damodara Rao Tammineni

    @coursera What happened to this course?

  • Nishongam Riammi
    Nishongam Riammi 7 months ago

    Hello Sir, I'm interested to learn more about Mozart style writing music. please make more tutorial videos on it. thank you.

  • Chippe S
    Chippe S 8 months ago

    Is this a new course?

    • Coursera
      Coursera 8 months ago

      No, this released earlier.

  • Leonel Colina
    Leonel Colina 8 months ago

    I graduated as a telecommunications engineer back in Venezuela... but to be honest I don't like it much. If I start studying data analysis online and get certificates from this websites.... could I actually get a job with those?

  • Wear Montgomery
    Wear Montgomery 9 months ago <#tigta @tigtarp @sigtarp PDF.>™What you need to take this course: A place to write and save drafts of poems (a notebook, a laptop, a sketchbook, etc) To satisfy the course requirements, you need to: @MISSINGCENTSTM. LAPSE LAPS #HEADSTRONG HEADSTRUNG TOPS:CIGAROS~`|>™{PDF.} @IRS #UNEQUIPPEDFISCAL #ITEMENTRY @BLOGSPOT

  • Alberto Bautista Ledezma

    Hola Dra. María Soledad. estoy interesado en participar en este curso. ¿como puedo pedir información?

  • ART.harbour
    ART.harbour 9 months ago

    Burst into tears. Thank you Balesh :)

  • Yumei Leventhal
    Yumei Leventhal 10 months ago

    Took this course when it was first offered by Coursera in 2015 and it was AWESOME! It delivered exactly what Dr. Chuck set out to do and much, much more. Even someone like me with NO previous background in programming at all can enjoy and finish this course (with hard work!) and see a door swing open into a new world. Have I used Python since? Not at all. But I use what I learned from Dr. Chuck almost daily when I work on WordPress websites, try to learn Google Analytics, or what is a secure password (bottom line: if your tech guy can change your password for you--not secure), public key and private key ... Anyone wishing to get a glimpse of the world of computer programming, whether you will become a programmer or not, should take this course. There is no better introduction than this!

  • RunOs
    RunOs Year ago

    I call BS, I bet she has a degree in math or even some advanced post graduate degree in math or computer science. A Coursera certificate isn't enough to get you into the data science profession unless you already have some advanced accredited training in maths. .

    • akirabrr
      akirabrr 8 months ago

      @RunOs this mean when "jobs are no longer applied" she would be affected anyway

    • RunOs
      RunOs 8 months ago

      "Automation crap would be over 9000?" I have no idea what you're trying to say.@akirabrr

    • akirabrr
      akirabrr 8 months ago

      @RunOs which means even though this automation crap would be over 9000 her job would not be lost because of it

    • RunOs
      RunOs Year ago

      @george mendez yes, I understood the fact that she was a college graduate.. But, you don't just get into the kind of profession she claims to be in all thanks to Coursera. That's the point I'm trying to make. I'm willing to bet she was not a fine arts major.

    • george mendez
      george mendez Year ago

      @RunOs they're not omitting the fact that she has further education beyond that of just coursera

  • صور جبس وديكور

    Could you tell me the name of programe that can be useful

  • veena mali
    veena mali Year ago

    I am Msc in analytical chemistry . How to switch to data science

    • Mr ClassicMetal
      Mr ClassicMetal Year ago

      In your case it probably wouldn't be too hard to make the switch. You already have the way of thinking that's required judging by what I read about the curriculum for your Master's degree. What's your Bachelor's degree in?

  • Sajal Bhardwaj
    Sajal Bhardwaj Year ago

    Hi myself sajal i had completed my technical education last 10 year .i m not from it industry but now i want to switch in it industry. Will it possible.

  • Jennifer Slay
    Jennifer Slay Year ago

    Hello Dr. Blewitt! I am very interested in your course. When will it be offered next? Thank you.

  • DjTrax78
    DjTrax78 Year ago

    Bummer! Thought I would find porn here... ;)

  • AGee
    AGee Year ago

    Please don't fire him! He is actually a really good prof, he's got teaching awards

  • Tapas Gaspocho
    Tapas Gaspocho Year ago

    Even though I got a D from him in our last assignment, I have to say that he is one of the most arousing professor I have ever had (only second to Mr. Randy (Cummings) Hardwood from Aspen Island highschool. His penetrating insight will surely help me to get As from him by the end of this semester!

  • Json
    Json Year ago

    His lectures have greatly improved! If you want more bang for your buck consider taking his course.

  • Kaushik Kandakatla

    Why can't I find this course on coursera currently?

  • Hannah Humphreys

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  • Pradeep K Verma
    Pradeep K Verma Year ago

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  • Pradeep K Verma
    Pradeep K Verma Year ago

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  • 秦昊
    秦昊 Year ago


  • Pereira Dosantos

    I like your Carrier

  • Be Smart
    Be Smart Year ago

    please where i can find this course now thanks

  • Soumya Jyoti Banerjee

    I wanna learn Web Intelligence and Big Data from Gautam Shroff sir. Please let me know the procedure. I have missed all his previous coursera teaching sessions. Please let me know when he will again deliver lectures on the following topics.

  • Tanida Ch.
    Tanida Ch. Year ago

    This course is disappeared from coursera. So sad.

  • Mutakubirr Morton

    How does the app work in accomplishing task and assignments

  • Abdullahi Ahmed
    Abdullahi Ahmed Year ago

    You are so good

  • Chawanut Junnual

    so cute

  • Meowface Music
    Meowface Music Year ago

    If it's free, how do the teachers / curriculum designers put food on their table?

  • Ravi Rajput
    Ravi Rajput Year ago

    Nice one; this will also add some info

  • MrDidaxi
    MrDidaxi Year ago

    Thank you Sir.

  • Sunil Sonawne
    Sunil Sonawne Year ago

    Sir i am in 12th can i do this course??

  • Casey Martin
    Casey Martin Year ago

    Though challenging, still one of my favorite courses and the most beneficial. Thank you Prof. Terwiesch.

  • Ayamt
    Ayamt 2 years ago

    Does anyone have videos of this course? I really need it

  • loki king of asgard
    loki king of asgard 2 years ago

    Import sklearn ,pandas ,numpy, metaplotlib am data scientist thanks to python

  • Jaime Rivera
    Jaime Rivera 2 years ago

    Love this testimonial 🙌🏽

  • Nguyen Trong Toan
    Nguyen Trong Toan 2 years ago

    Beautifull girl !

  • Shahzana Liaqat
    Shahzana Liaqat 2 years ago

    Waiting for the course ......

  • Design Tuts
    Design Tuts 2 years ago

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  • Faizan Khalid
    Faizan Khalid 2 years ago


  • Techshiil New App
    Techshiil New App 2 years ago

    coursera how can cancel one course after i Regeisterer any help becouse i regester 2course at soam time

  • Techshiil New App
    Techshiil New App 2 years ago

    she is cute...

  • Lazar Kostic
    Lazar Kostic 2 years ago

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  • Keep moving forward
    Keep moving forward 2 years ago

    you do this with python?

  • zCharged
    zCharged 2 years ago


  • Abby Sack
    Abby Sack 2 years ago

    I took his course via Coursera in 2013. It was a great experience and he's a good teacher. But beware of forearm shivers.

  • Jack Hill
    Jack Hill 2 years ago

    I entered, but the website language is French, how to change to English?

    Adm JOE THOMAS 2 years ago

    This is wonderful development in finance.

  • Edgar
    Edgar 2 years ago

    it's beautifull 😍😍😍

  • GermantownFamily
    GermantownFamily 2 years ago

    SNHU is worth in NH! Scam too! Enrolling ITT students. Gruella marketing. Low grad rates. High acceptance rates. High defaults on loans.

  • Wendi Chiquirio
    Wendi Chiquirio 2 years ago

    Learned nothing about a data scientist besides knowing they have a good salary. Come on guys, try a little bit harder to give content :/

  • rajesh JK
    rajesh JK 2 years ago

    Vivek..... you are awesome.... I worked under you for a long time.... never did you show this side of you..... I personally believe you are the world's best mentor.... teacher.... guru.... simply the world's best ....hats off to you

  • sashidar padmanaban
    sashidar padmanaban 2 years ago

    Hi Professor Sriram, I no longer see the lecture. Is there any way you can upload them to your page here on RU-clip? Wonderful lectures, listened to it a year ago.

  • Silviu Oprean
    Silviu Oprean 2 years ago

    One of the best lectures ever. If you're considering taking this course do it, it's amazing!

  • AhCunegonde
    AhCunegonde 2 years ago

    I am taking this course now, with great and pleasurable interest, as an ignorant of Plato's writings . I find it stimulating, the dialogues are mirthful !

  • Nasim Akhtar
    Nasim Akhtar 2 years ago

    extremely inspiring