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Mike & Eleven ~ Perfect
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Anne & Gilbert hey there Delilah
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#annewithane #shirbert #renewannewithane
Barchie What might have been
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#Barchie #Riverdale #Phineas&Ferb #Phineas&Isabella
Learn the alphabet with Ijustwanttobecool
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#ijustwanttobecool #EmilBeer #VictorBeer #JoelAdolphson
Anne & Gilbert Perfect
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#annewithane #shirbert #gilbertblythe #anneshirleycuthbert #perfect #edsheeran
Gilbert Blythe Lost in the woods
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Enjoy! 😁❤️ #annewithane #renewannewithane #gilbertblythe #shirbert #frozen2 #Lostinthewoods
Anne & Gilbert it’s all coming back to me now
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#annewithane #renewannewithane
Mileven Lost in the Woods
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#strangerthings #mileven
Betty & Archie It’s all coming back to me now
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#Riverdale #Barchie
Mileven It’s all coming back to me now
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#strangerthings #mileven
Mike and Eleven can I have this dance
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Mileven Show: Stranger Things Song: Can I have this dance from High school musical 3 All rights to Netflix and the Duffer brothers #mileven #hsm3 #highschoolmusical3 #strangerthings #netflix
Mike & Eleven can’t take my eyes of you
Views 1147 months ago
Mileven All rights to Netflix and the Duffer brothers for Stranger Things.
Eleven Wildflower
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Show: Stranger Things Song: Wildflower by Tom Petty All credits to Netflix for this series and Tom Petty for singing this amazing song But obviously the most credit to the Duffer Brothers for making this amazing show (I know Tom sing’s boat and sea but there aren’t any boat scenes in the show and for the thumbnail I don’t know how to change that)
Mileven Riptide
Views 4258 months ago
Show: Stranger Things Ship: Mike and Eleven All credits to Netflix
Nabrina Riptide
Views 9211 months ago
Series chilling adventures of Sabrina Ship Nick and Sabrina All credits to Netflix
Eagles Friends style
Views 12911 months ago
Felicia & Ludde x Amie & Elias knowing me knowing you
Views 3.3K11 months ago
Alla klipp i denna video kommer från SVT Låt: Knowing me knowing you Mamma Mia here we go agin: ru-clip.com/video/pkJ_DqHN2sc/video.html
Amie & Elias Effortless
Views 13K11 months ago
Låt Effortless Sabina Ddumba Serie: Eagles Alla klipp som syns i videon kommer från SVT play Länk till låten ru-clip.com/video/grVpau80SpY/video.html
Fudde (Felicia Och Ludde) one of us
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Låt: One of us (Mamma Mia here we go agin. Serie: Eagles Alla klipp kommer från SVT så cred till er
Ijustwanttobecool Intro
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