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  • Maya _ lisn
    Maya _ lisn 2 days ago

    OMG I am crying 😭😭😭

  • marijna kreling
    marijna kreling 3 days ago

    I think this is stolen from zoë and senne

  • Sofia Coronado
    Sofia Coronado 3 days ago

    Los amo tanto que lloro😍😭😭

  • Larissa Gibbons
    Larissa Gibbons 3 days ago

    I know it change me life 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Jackie Afghani omidbabak

    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍wow nice

  • Nawal Jemal
    Nawal Jemal 5 days ago

    i still prefer stelena better. no stelena is a legend forever and nothing is gonna break that they deserve each other either on the show or not there such a good couple in real life too i hope one day they would be together in real life

  • drina Arteaga
    drina Arteaga 5 days ago

    DELENA for the win!!💞💞💞

  • Aime Aufrere
    Aime Aufrere 6 days ago

    Alguien me puede decir donde se puede ver completa la serie🤔

  • Sfhdjgghyu Tyyufyirtyioo

    Yes, everything is simple the people who complicate things " كل شيء بسيطٌ ، آلناس آلذين يعقدون آلامور"

  • Baby Kermit
    Baby Kermit 7 days ago

    “Please don’t leave me” reminded me of when Damon and Bonnie died and Elena couldn’t see Damon but she was saying “Please don’t leave me😭😭💕”

  • scarlett campbell
    scarlett campbell 7 days ago

    2020 alguien?

  • scarlett campbell
    scarlett campbell 7 days ago

    Lloro 🥺💔

  • Nisa Yağmur Koç
    Nisa Yağmur Koç 8 days ago

    Film name?

  • Kelly rocha
    Kelly rocha 9 days ago


  • Joanne Lewis
    Joanne Lewis 9 days ago

    I miss these two ❤❤❤

  • كبرياء انثى

    اكوو عرب🙊😂😂

  • alisa rare
    alisa rare 10 days ago

    that was the best storyline i’ve ever seen about skam ! i wish it was like that !

  • Lujan Maidana
    Lujan Maidana 10 days ago

    Delena? 2020

  • Basma hamid
    Basma hamid 11 days ago

    0:31 "you are my life " 🥀❤😥

  • Gouthami Mattapati
    Gouthami Mattapati 11 days ago

    I have never expected this triangle love story... This is awesome...🤘🤘

  • 456 123
    456 123 11 days ago

    Pero que obra de arte es está? Amando😍❣

  • Робия Гуд
    Робия Гуд 12 days ago

    Норвежская версия сериала СТЫД куда оригинальнее чем другие версии ,которые вышли после оригинала Там испанская версия ,немецкая версия и т.п ВС равно оригинал это оригинал и да,актёры тоже симпятяги в оригинале,а в других версиях что то не то всё равно😞😞

  • Cennet Gözükara
    Cennet Gözükara 13 days ago


    SAD TEEN 13 days ago


  • Finley Welford
    Finley Welford 14 days ago

    i just realized chord overstreet is sam evans from glee

  • Preslee Taylor
    Preslee Taylor 14 days ago

    This made me cry

  • Ines MAmaral
    Ines MAmaral 14 days ago

    #Delena 💯🌹🌹🌹❤️

  • Marie Gunns
    Marie Gunns 14 days ago

    Delena will always be my otp. They were meant to be. ❤️

  • T1mb3rwolf_lov3r X
    T1mb3rwolf_lov3r X 15 days ago

    And people who disliked. This video are idiots r stupid. Im srry but its true

  • T1mb3rwolf_lov3r X
    T1mb3rwolf_lov3r X 15 days ago

    Delena will live 4 ever And This vid. .. Yassss

  • Анна Иванова

    Chris &Eva

  • Michael Patrick Kelly

    Delena 2020😍?

  • Iqra Khan
    Iqra Khan 17 days ago

    Tell me movie name

  • Daria Solopova
    Daria Solopova 17 days ago

    that is truly an art

  • Nikkie J.
    Nikkie J. 17 days ago

    It's so obvious she likes him. You can clearly see she does after the way she reacted when she saw Alejandro kiss Inés. The only reason she rejected him is that she knows Viri still likes him and doesn't want to hurt her. I really hope we see their relationship start with Nora tutoring him. It would be a secret. I've wanted to see that since he asked her in season 1.

  • Alice Mendes
    Alice Mendes 18 days ago

    Delena .. the best vampire show ever. Who loves the lik series

  • Scarlette C
    Scarlette C 19 days ago

    Holy crap this made my heart skip a beat

  • Damon Salvatore
    Damon Salvatore 20 days ago

    2020 Damon and Elena ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Milos Zeman
    Milos Zeman 20 days ago

    Delena 2020 ?

  • Basto Silva
    Basto Silva 21 day ago


  • Dairy Trolla
    Dairy Trolla 21 day ago

    How much I miss you guys. You made 10 unforgetable years of my life. No words for this feeling

  • jordana 126
    jordana 126 22 days ago


  • Madmuozelė
    Madmuozelė 22 days ago

    delena . 2020?

  • Carla Munoz
    Carla Munoz 22 days ago

    this song makes me cry every time because of them❤️

  • Octávia Ferreira
    Octávia Ferreira 23 days ago

    2020 aguem?

  • LightFuryLover
    LightFuryLover 23 days ago


  • Not for Sale
    Not for Sale 23 days ago

    Still watching and missing it♥️☹️ January 2 2020♥️

  • Positiver Vibe
    Positiver Vibe 23 days ago


  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 24 days ago

    I love this movie it reminds me of many people I know. The movie is called After

  • Kwan Sangkhavichith
    Kwan Sangkhavichith 24 days ago

    Anybody here 2020?

  • Stallunicorn Ss
    Stallunicorn Ss 25 days ago

    Can you get elias and ammie a edit???? 🤩

  • Koray Moray
    Koray Moray 25 days ago

    Movie name please

  • mele nasilai
    mele nasilai 25 days ago

    The Vampire Diaries wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for Delena The whole point was based on Delena Every moment was about Delena Every second was about Delena Every lifespan was about Delena Everything is about Delena Delena is always a Legend

  • Shbcnv Fjxnc
    Shbcnv Fjxnc 25 days ago

    chris he dont love noora

  • IsabelaMmus
    IsabelaMmus 25 days ago

    I wish they could’ve done a spin-off , off Damon and elena as there human lives

  • Roshnie Sharma
    Roshnie Sharma 26 days ago

    Where to watch this series ?

  • Aachal Koli
    Aachal Koli 26 days ago


  • Mariah Toscano
    Mariah Toscano 26 days ago

    SEASON 9🥺😩😩

  • Maria Paz
    Maria Paz 27 days ago

    I need tvd on netflix

  • Maria Paz
    Maria Paz 27 days ago

    It hurts me 💔💔💔

  • ali marko
    ali marko 27 days ago


  • anaxgrande
    anaxgrande 27 days ago

    Delena will never END!🥺😍

  • Erika_ C.A
    Erika_ C.A 27 days ago

    Perece la serie española SKAM?

  • Martin Estrada
    Martin Estrada 28 days ago

    En que temporada se besan por 1era ves?

  • Flacko Jr
    Flacko Jr 28 days ago

    Anyone 2019??

  • Mag gie
    Mag gie 28 days ago

    M probably watching this for the 99th time

  • Dayana Rodríguez
    Dayana Rodríguez 28 days ago

    Cómo la podría ver completa al español ? Plis ayudaaaaaa

  • mummy's yummy Cooking

  • Kathi2018
    Kathi2018 29 days ago

    I will be Here still in 2020 ❤️ tvd forever

  • Алиса Куликова

    Delena ❤️💜 it’s a legend, we’ll always remember them))))

  • Katie Lopez
    Katie Lopez Month ago

    The flashbacks are the ones that get me crying 😭

  • Julia Dziekonski
    Julia Dziekonski Month ago

    totally just didn’t ball my eyes out😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mari Pazos
    Mari Pazos Month ago

    Como se puede tener esta complicidad y esta magia Sanem Can estás miradas de vértigo no se consigue si no se aman 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Aaralyn Sybrandy
    Aaralyn Sybrandy Month ago

    One of the best. Enzaline is what I would call them

  • Marilena Demeski
    Marilena Demeski Month ago

    If I am going to see one more video of Delena I am going to cry for a weekend

  • اسراء لمغروره وعصبيتي كد جنوني

    ححححححلو روعه روعه حب

  • اسراء لمغروره وعصبيتي كد جنوني

    ححححححلو روعه روعه حب

  • Louis Bourn
    Louis Bourn Month ago

    this is literally word for word the same as Zoe and Seppe relationship

    • Jamie Wickham
      Jamie Wickham 12 days ago

      yes bc zoe and senne are a remake of this exact story lol

    • SpacesInBetween
      SpacesInBetween 29 days ago

      Louis Bourn it’s because Zoe and Senne was made from this show. This is the original SKAM ☺️

    • Blen Alemayehu
      Blen Alemayehu 29 days ago

      Yeah but this was the original

  • Ela Oztok
    Ela Oztok Month ago

    this is the best ship i've ever seen

  • Madhu 1123
    Madhu 1123 Month ago


  • nataly maçaneiro

    Minha serie preferida

  • Ana Maria
    Ana Maria Month ago

    What is the name of this serial?

    • Livia Madeira
      Livia Madeira 28 days ago

      Ana Maria Skam Norwegian, the original version

  • Beatrice Bia
    Beatrice Bia Month ago

    True love

  • Isabelamoreno Moreno


    • Maria Paz
      Maria Paz 27 days ago

      Me too, I miss it💔😭

  • Julianna White
    Julianna White Month ago

    Too good

  • selamawit teshome

    can any one tell me the title pls

  • Gisellee
    Gisellee Month ago

    I want Carlos and lidia :(

  • Nouveau Mucha
    Nouveau Mucha Month ago

    For some very personal reasons this song and TVD is dear to me

  • Hellen Marques
    Hellen Marques Month ago

    Literalmente Elena e Damon combinam mais do que Elena e Stefan

  • Se_ledinic
    Se_ledinic Month ago

    Amberle looks like clarke from the 100

  • serendipity.
    serendipity. Month ago

    Beautiful ❤️❤️

  • tachi bana
    tachi bana Month ago

    I'm not sorry that I'm love with u 😢💔💔

  • Matmazel q
    Matmazel q Month ago


  • Yomna Baazaoui
    Yomna Baazaoui Month ago


  • Destiny Cortez
    Destiny Cortez Month ago

    What happened with her ex boyfriend j

  • Katie Lopez
    Katie Lopez Month ago

    The show came out when I was 1 yearsbold

  • Katie Lopez
    Katie Lopez Month ago

    I gonna cry 😭

  • Makhni G
    Makhni G Month ago

    No one decides exit n entry... Let's just make our in between as much happy as we can

  • Gowri R.Pillai
    Gowri R.Pillai Month ago

    where can i watch this series ?

    • Rojin Grky
      Rojin Grky 9 days ago

      Gowri R.Pillai dailymotion with english subtitles