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  • Bruce Sumter
    Bruce Sumter 41 minute ago

    this place is pretty water look nice so cool :)

  • Gamer king The king


  • Gamer king The king

    I was told they stoped production of this beast

  • Kimmy Kat
    Kimmy Kat Hour ago

    i wouldve asked for a full refund if they gave me pancakes for lunch. the fuck

  • Robin Farmer
    Robin Farmer Hour ago

    Nice and clean I like that

  • Zara Taku
    Zara Taku Hour ago

    Better then porn

  • lisa mueller
    lisa mueller Hour ago

    haha wtf NO!! star alliance is bigger then Skyteam

  • Dreamy San
    Dreamy San Hour ago

    The amount this costs is how much money i will make in a lifetime

  • Tatyana Dmitrienko
    Tatyana Dmitrienko 2 hours ago

    В Турции была 3 раза,но в Бодруме не была.)) Стоит поехать?)

  • JehGmTc5
    JehGmTc5 2 hours ago

    We went last December in Bangkok and we had dinner here at the vertigo. We spend $500 on dinner for 2 people. The view is beautiful but the food is not worth that much money. Food at the night markets are better and cheaper. I would not recommend. If you really want to go, just fo for a drink and enjoy the view.

  • R Killian
    R Killian 3 hours ago

    Great Video....Only thing missing is a nice shower in the first class....

  • Raybil Bilodeau
    Raybil Bilodeau 3 hours ago

    Cet hôtel est vraiment un bijou...bravo pour les prises de vues.

  • Shemi Rama
    Shemi Rama 3 hours ago


  • Shemi Rama
    Shemi Rama 3 hours ago

    I have a cool suggestion for u ... u shud play the music of each respective country for the hotels. I think it wud so give it a spectacular ambiance if we're really there! Much love 💓

  • Kawartha Thunderbox
    Kawartha Thunderbox 3 hours ago

    I just spent two beautiful nights , canoe and camping on a back lake here Central Ontario , Canada , not a soul in sight . No people living like rats in overpopulated hell holes Best $20 in gas driving there . You flew from one shit hole to another shit hole

  • ama C
    ama C 3 hours ago

    I spoke with many people worked in many 5 stars hotels in London and all of us would chose Rosewood to stay because of the best kitchen:)

  • Peter Negan
    Peter Negan 4 hours ago


  • Vlado
    Vlado 4 hours ago

    Brilliantly & Magnificently ! Spirit captures ! Delightful video and unforgettable impressions only ! My deep respect !

  • Wooly Pandora
    Wooly Pandora 4 hours ago

    I hope the God's see this and marvel at it beauty like I .

  • Japneet Singh
    Japneet Singh 5 hours ago

    oh yes i m going on Diwali this year first week of november. it will be awesome

  • Josanne Fromin
    Josanne Fromin 5 hours ago

    Yes indeed, You are very fantastic Hotel Oberoi Amarvillas, I was there the March %, 2014 and was going to the early in the morning to be with HDH Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji and when i return from Haridwar then i stayed at the Mumtaz Mahal hotel. This was amazing to be seen early again in the morning to ask your staff that i met on the street. They new i was Mrs Fromin. We will go very soon at the Agra and see together our Taj Mahal..........We are the Consciousness together and UNCLUTCHE with it all the magnificent World Wide Treasure of our Tomb....................We are the most down to Earth Being............................I will see U soon.....................Namaste

  • Ub3rshadow
    Ub3rshadow 5 hours ago

    You are a burden on society.

  • TheMan JH
    TheMan JH 6 hours ago

    Good video. I love Agra except for the heat. You deserve a lot more subscribers!

  • Uzumaki Naruto
    Uzumaki Naruto 6 hours ago

    You have been taking me to places where I can never ever be. Thanks a bunch!

  • Joan Becenti
    Joan Becenti 6 hours ago

    Anything in the beautiful mountains I'm there

  • nguyen robert
    nguyen robert 6 hours ago

    31 hàng điếu hotel hà nội

  • Mark Burton
    Mark Burton 6 hours ago

    In the name of climate change, this has to be banned - Vastly increases the pollution per person ratio.

  • 2HHB
    2HHB 6 hours ago

    Where is Sinapore getting all the money for these mega structures??

  • Raaghav G.R.
    Raaghav G.R. 6 hours ago

    Why do eat non veg? Go vegetarian please.

  • wolflikeyou
    wolflikeyou 7 hours ago

    Honestly this is repugnant when there is so much poverty in the world. I can’t believe people pay this much so they can stay in a sort of nice tiny hotel room for 17 hrs. I get business class because economy is awful but this just seems like a waste. People have too much money. Let’s eat the rich.

  • Amar Shah
    Amar Shah 7 hours ago

    Sir, please make a video on Udaipur udayvilas hotel.....

  • PSG
    PSG 8 hours ago the safety they recommend the first class's leather chair cushion to be considered the flotation device? Just curious.

  • Mien Murad
    Mien Murad 8 hours ago


  • Island Life
    Island Life 8 hours ago

    No wonder the air fare is extremely expensive, they pass out Bose Headphones!

  • Test Pilot
    Test Pilot 8 hours ago

    Thank you .👍👍

  • Geoffrey Boucher
    Geoffrey Boucher 9 hours ago

    Park Hyatt in Osaka and Siem Reap are my favourite but will be coming here for evening dinner when we go out to Zanzibar this Christmas thanks for all the videos on Zanzibar there great viewings,,

  • Mirnics Csongor
    Mirnics Csongor 9 hours ago

    Budapest airport is the best of all.

  • Laura RM
    Laura RM 9 hours ago

    Eat the rich

  • Nabeel Kreysler
    Nabeel Kreysler 9 hours ago

    Yes Capetown is a nice beautiful city but it’s also dangerous

  • Parimal ,
    Parimal , 10 hours ago

    Nice video, thanks. Elephants are considered very auspicious as per vedic tradations followed in sanatan dharma /Hinduism. Hence, many big houses also have elephants at their entrance.

  • A-Train Travels
    A-Train Travels 10 hours ago

    Taj Mahal is beautiful

  • H Q
    H Q 11 hours ago

    Who on earth does 2-3-2 configurations in business class?? These must be the worst business class seats amongst all full service airlines from established countries. Even third world airlines like Garuda, Vietnam Airlines, Thai, Malaysia and good help us, a low cost carrier like Air Asia has better business seats. Never thought BA could top how bad their offerings were but they have just out done themselves.

  • Psikopat Sadis
    Psikopat Sadis 11 hours ago

    Denger suaranya adzan....

  • 愛一喜
    愛一喜 12 hours ago

    Amazing love it!

  • Craig Willis
    Craig Willis 12 hours ago

    On my list when I win the lottery !!!

  • barkah ibrahim
    barkah ibrahim 12 hours ago

    You could use a Balinese traditional music as the background I think it will gives more vibe to the video . Anyway , this is beautiful .

  • Mwisha Ludack
    Mwisha Ludack 12 hours ago

    Your channel does not only showcase the aircrafts and accommodations but most importantly, it teaches English too. Thank you for the "combo", now I don't have to enrol myself into uni for an English course. Big ups!

  • mataanaha media vlogs
    mataanaha media vlogs 13 hours ago

    i will never fly this first class airling no

  • Moein Luxury Lifestyle

    👍 Excellent 👍 In my opinion this was the best hotel you showed in India till now . This hotel was another taj mahal, even better ! Great views, in my opinion, people who watch the Taj Mahal from here are much luckier than people who are in the taj Mahal (10:45 - 15:10) . I have been waiting for a long time until you show this luxurious services (25:03) 👍 . They must serve the breakfast in guest rooms (during renovation of the main restaurant) . It was also very good that the hotel staff were wearing traditional clothes 👍

  • Pit Spielmann
    Pit Spielmann 14 hours ago

    Another amazing video of what looks like a truly amazing hotel. Great music choice, too. A real pleasure to watch, Thanks. Will be in Udaipur end October. Can't wait for your video of the Udaivilas ;-)

  • ptthunder
    ptthunder 14 hours ago

    when i was 17 i saw this place in the movie summer lovers. i knew i had to go there, and eventually i did. even though i was born on the island of sri lanka, i have to say this is the most beautiful island in the world. i have spent months there now, and it has become an important part of my life. go, if you want to see what a paradise is truly like. ) <3

  • Justice Studios
    Justice Studios 14 hours ago

    This looks like it was recorded using minecraft cinematic mode

  • Fekete Balazs
    Fekete Balazs 14 hours ago

    They say money doesnt buy happiness. I say it is better ti be miserable on first class than ryanair :D

  • Stavros _GR
    Stavros _GR 14 hours ago

    Great as always !! I felt like it was from a movie with all the traditional clothing of the staff !! P.S. : Have you heard of the new resort in Maldives “Nautilus” ? It is a MUST visit for you !

  • Noskas 410
    Noskas 410 14 hours ago

    I like Haneda International Airport

  • Tonia Naivasha
    Tonia Naivasha 14 hours ago

    Like if youve never flown economy

  • Tonia Naivasha
    Tonia Naivasha 14 hours ago

    my fav is Emirates terminal 3 i think.. the one with the whole floor almost to itself

  • Raft Grumpy
    Raft Grumpy 14 hours ago

    Haha! Empty plane! :D So much space everywhere, so what is the point of getting into first class? Protect yourself from emptiness?! :D

  • Dikson Sailo
    Dikson Sailo 15 hours ago

    I would love to see a review on The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel of Mumbai some day soon.

  • Camber Hill
    Camber Hill 15 hours ago

    This place is handsome, but not as fabulous as the other places you've visited. I do appreciate how you called the hotel out on the morning less than fabulous Buffett. It gave you more credibility, as far as I'm concerned.

  • EFENDI Family Trip
    EFENDI Family Trip 15 hours ago


  • Carsten Bramsen - Showreel

    I visited the Taj Mahal last year and had lunch at Amarvilas. Great Club Sandwiches. It was 42 degrees at the time so it was nice to enter the cool airconditioned hotel. We had hoped that we could (in return for a fee) use the pool but it was only for overnight guests. The thing that hit me the most was the contrast between the poverty and chaos outside and the luxury and spendor inside. Hard to get used to if you are from a Western European country (Denmark in my case). Anyway.. Love the video. Keep up the good work!


    hi mr l.travell...{i am mike from greece} well,,,, about the hotel. i agree seems like a palace but as hotel {disappointment}... the room and especially bathroom is small like {prison break movie😁😁😁} the king size bed is king size bed only for DWARFS...} the breakfast buffet is almost only for the {local poor citizens...} with no big variety....


    AMAZING 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • yumiyumi
    yumiyumi 16 hours ago

    美しい✨素敵すぎる✨(இдஇ; )✨ 行きたいな❤ 大切な人と…

  • Amit Gadhavi
    Amit Gadhavi 17 hours ago


  • Nicholas Snyder
    Nicholas Snyder 18 hours ago

    Lol I love at 6:48 how both Flight Attendants give you a weird look and don't even acknowlege you. Very unwelcoming. Typical uninterested and rude BA flight crew.

  • QED
    QED 18 hours ago

    Bourgeois decadence . . .

  • vol4cast
    vol4cast 18 hours ago

    Eggs benedict is his favorite breakfast WHEN he's on vacation.... you seem to be ALWAYS on vacation! lol

  • David Fettyplace
    David Fettyplace 19 hours ago

    Money buys a great cigar to go along with those wine selections.

  • Sifat Khan
    Sifat Khan 19 hours ago

    Singapore airlines is best....😊

  • aquarious1dude
    aquarious1dude 19 hours ago

    What u are showing us practical then showering us as well. Luxury right ???

  • bushyconn
    bushyconn 19 hours ago

    You were lucky to find the Munich flight leaving so soon after the Paris flight - and having sufficient catering also. Pity the crew let all the hefty Business class fellows off before you though.

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    Beautiful luxury 💓

  • Dian Abadi
    Dian Abadi 20 hours ago

    Masyaallah ,wonderfull hotel

  • M M
    M M 20 hours ago

    I might never be able to travel to such a beautiful place. I thank you for sharing your travels Sir. Through Your Eyes I've seen so many beautiful parts of the world. Bon voyage until the next video.

  • iqsekhon
    iqsekhon 20 hours ago

    Yes, I have stated here. In my opinion I regard the Oberoi group of hotels along with the Four Seasons and Aman Properties as the best of the best. As far as the Oberoi properties go, my favorite is Wildflower Hall, followed by the Amarvilas. Also looking forward to staying at their renovated property in Delhi.

  • أبو يوسف
    أبو يوسف 21 hour ago

    the worst business class services in the world , don't waste your money and pay more for for business or even first because you will be treated like economy class , a very racism staff who treat asian more respect than any foreigners in the flight ,

  • Tommy Ford
    Tommy Ford 21 hour ago

    First class Emirates is my favourite

  • Gregory Lawler
    Gregory Lawler 23 hours ago

    the camera style is a bit sickening ! ... moving all the time in lots of circles - like a head spin out. Stop moving some times and count to 10 - think "people are on holidays to chillout and let view soak in - stop moving and FEEL IT !! "

  • Morgan Smiley
    Morgan Smiley 23 hours ago

    Stunning looking hotel. But I agree with your impression of the breakfast buffet....not impressive. The Boscolo in Budapest offers a far better variety buffet for a considerably lower price.

  • Antivlog
    Antivlog 23 hours ago

    That looks horrible!

  • Emillia Putri
    Emillia Putri 23 hours ago


  • zakinaab
    zakinaab 23 hours ago

    I see that you love this hotel, but somehow, I am not attracted to this hotel, I don't know why. This building is not cozy, I don't think I would have enjoyed staying here. India has more beautiful hotels that I would love to stay, I am sure about that. I love your videos though, and I am subscriber to your channel. I could not wait to see what you will post next week.

  • Ken Lansdowne
    Ken Lansdowne 23 hours ago

    Can't wait for next week! Also, one improvement you could make is to list the food you have on the plate (except for the eggs Benedict of course).

  • Ken Lansdowne
    Ken Lansdowne Day ago

    Face spoiler alert! At 6:56 to 6:57 We can see you in the mirror on the right side of the screen. Can't wait for you to get a million subscribers so we can really see you!


    Like 👍🏻👍🏻👋🏻👋🏻

  • Julio Cardenas

    Hotel oberoi Udaipur udaVillas

  • neel varatiya
    neel varatiya Day ago

    Amezing video

  • A Girl Has No Name

    The head chef 👨‍🍳 is amazing! The menu is exquisite.

  • Ashok Bhardwaj

    Iam pleased you give honest commentary even when their are negative things to say, another great video always lookforward to every new post.

  • Adam Hague
    Adam Hague Day ago

    I went economy for £350 and I also got to a tastier meal than First class for £2 when I landed too from a food stall.

  • David Helms
    David Helms Day ago

    Your videos are always stunning. So well done. You have the dream job.

  • nadeem ansari
    nadeem ansari Day ago

    Hello, Your videos are a treat to watch, but what makes them special are the soundtracks you use with it. Can you please help out with the source of these musics in all your videos? Thanks in advance

  • Mahim Khan
    Mahim Khan Day ago

    12:53 *Storage

  • John Calvin Hall

    I notice how sensitive you are in behalf of your fellow-guests, and I really appreciate this. Personally, I would find it annoying to be walking through a lobby or eating at a restaurant, only to find others pointing their cameras at me. I know, I'm in a public area, but I still consider such actions as being rather gauche.

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung Day ago

    روووووووعة شكر شكر شكر

  • Jasmine A. Hart

    WOW, beautiful place..... it's like breathing different air !!!!

  • Flutra Mustafa

    nice video 👌

  • Yuan Nita Santoso

    Add to my bucket list. Oberoi India 💜. Thank You for the video, its inspiring