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Pattaya Beach Road Scenes
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A Day in Thailand
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A Winter Day in Kyoto
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  • Stephen Ksiazek
    Stephen Ksiazek Hour ago


  • George Oshust
    George Oshust 2 hours ago

    No windows. No elevator. No way.

  • gareth isaac
    gareth isaac 4 hours ago

    thanks for taking the time and effort to go there and check it out , but there are a lot of better cheaper places around

  • brallor bow
    brallor bow 7 hours ago

    Very good vlog CC. A pity you didn`t let her show you the balcony room. The room you had a look at had a very nice bathroom but no windows, quite claustrophobic.

  • Anderson k-stones
    Anderson k-stones 7 hours ago

    not bad for 17 bucks, worth it

  • Travelbug
    Travelbug 8 hours ago

    The best thing about that place is the big English Breakfast lol. What did u say u use the coconut oil for? For the spaghetti, u can bulk it up by adding fresh veggies you can get cheaply from an open market - peppers, onions, any greens, that should freshen up the taste, stretch how long it lasts, and add some nutritional value.

  • Chris SOS
    Chris SOS 8 hours ago

    Charlie you need to relax a little more when you ask questions for the room reviews

  • DJ Raiders
    DJ Raiders 9 hours ago

    Thanks again for sharing

  • S1234567890
    S1234567890 9 hours ago

    Not bad but not great.

  • stuart imlack
    stuart imlack 10 hours ago

    Wouldnt stay there if it was free

  • joelincoln l
    joelincoln l 10 hours ago

    I've been hanging out in flushing NYC these Asian woman, mostly Korean Chinese so beautiful but they dont look at me at all and they dont gob tu o bars like American chicks...I'm afraid to bother going to Thailand if I cant even get a girl in NYC where I have papers lol

  • Spizz Energi
    Spizz Energi 10 hours ago

    You get something similar at her majesty’s pleasure in the UK...and 3 meals a day included.

  • bram vanderwijk
    bram vanderwijk 10 hours ago

    The only good thing is the price. No elevator and no windows in the room. Dangerous in the event of calamities. @CC Could the completion of the videos be better?

  • 88Zero
    88Zero 11 hours ago

    Can you bring lady to room 😁

  • Paul Mulvey
    Paul Mulvey 11 hours ago

    Good review charlie. Liked the room .and at 550 baht per night ,seems pretty reasonable ! Likeee 👍

    • thaynamite
      thaynamite 11 hours ago

      Forget it , the same price you get much better rooms with window and balcony center of buakhao or where ever you want ...

  • bradley Bradley
    bradley Bradley 11 hours ago

    That safety box does not look high quality. I would hesitate to put all my money and passport in that one. I have TSA locks 🔒 on all my suitcase zipper bags and a bike lock to secure my bags to the desk or bedpost. In the past some guys would bring a screwdriver so they could hide some money inside of the TV. I stayed at a Hotel in the Islands and one night several guest were yelling at the front desk staff saying some contents in their room safes were stolen. Police were called and nothing happened. I personally have never had anything stolen from me in Thailand but i go to the extremes by locking up everything in my luggage. If anyone has ever stayed at Nana Hotel they had all the safety boxes at the front desk in plain sight and you signed to get into the box. Not sure if they roll that way anymore

  • John Alexander
    John Alexander 11 hours ago

    Its not bad.

  • antio warr
    antio warr 11 hours ago

    CC cashier pretty, did you even ask her, her name and get a smile ?????

  • James
    James 11 hours ago

    I learned something there, you can cook pasta in a rice cooker. Seriously at 14,500 that room is way over priced, in fact probably double what it should be, you can get nice studio condos with a gym and swimming pool for less in Central Pattaya

    • John Salvador
      John Salvador 10 hours ago real discount for monthly rental at 500 baht per night

  • C Anderson
    C Anderson 11 hours ago

    "Maiden" House? In Pattaya? No way.

  • Tom Bon
    Tom Bon 11 hours ago

    Couldn't stay in a room without a window for 1 night never mind 1 month.

    • joelincoln l
      joelincoln l 3 hours ago

      @S1234567890 yeah cruise was my first time. In Mexico it's common to. I mostly worry about bad air. I always have fresh air with a window open unless its below freezing and my own house. U see alot carbon monoxide deaths from travelers, especially with windows closed. I also travel with a smoke alarm

    • S1234567890
      S1234567890 9 hours ago

      Big World Productions I wouldn’t say VERY common but yes common especially in Vietnam. Not being able to look out the window is a little strange for me. Raining? Day or night? Fire? Zombies apocalypse?

    • Tom Bon
      Tom Bon 10 hours ago

      @Big World Productions I have researched hotels in veitnam as I am going there for 1 week in December. And you are right some hotels have rooms without windows. But I will pay the extra which is not that much to have a window. Btw did you find out how much the balcony room was

    • Big World Productions
      Big World Productions 10 hours ago

      It’s very common in Asia, especially Vietnam many of the hotels don’t have windows.

  • fugiveup
    fugiveup 11 hours ago

    looks like a cell not a hotelroom.

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright 11 hours ago

    Carbs bad.

  • connor w
    connor w 11 hours ago

    Do people really stay in these guest houses or just get a proper hotel

    • Ok
      Ok 2 hours ago

      yes, people do.

  • Born To Fly
    Born To Fly 11 hours ago

    Do u guys think keeping money n passport in safety box is best n safe option. Plz give suggestion .👍

    • Ok
      Ok 2 hours ago

      I wouldn't, especially in a cheap guesthouse like that. Best to buy a Pacsafe and bring one of those.

  • des goulding
    des goulding 11 hours ago

    Is girl allowed lol 😂 hope you are well cc

    • 88Zero
      88Zero 11 hours ago

      Can you bring extra lady

  • Shawn Afshar
    Shawn Afshar 11 hours ago

    Name of hotel ?

  • Zif Luff
    Zif Luff 11 hours ago

    BWP :)

    COWBOY VIC 11 hours ago


  • Mana Mana
    Mana Mana 11 hours ago


  • Robert Hornbrook
    Robert Hornbrook 17 hours ago

    Taking the piss 17 000 thai baht

  • Active Sync
    Active Sync Day ago

    Hahaha Charlie say "Can I bring..." it is only for the video, ONLY FOR THE VIDEO ok haha I am single hahaha

  • Robbie Southern

    I stay there if you are here in peak time it’s £36 night you are paying mainly for pool , and half’s in price in rainy Season I think it’s overpriced compared to over places, plus if you put another £10 you can stay in accura soi honey for £46 but your money up to you

  • Francis Inghels

    no links, no prices...

  • brallor bow
    brallor bow Day ago

    Great vlog. You`re doing an excellent job in reviewing them rooms Charlie.

  • Stane Hering
    Stane Hering Day ago

    New renovated, but those rooms looks like old and still without any wardrobes, also other furniture are without any style at all. For 700 baht you should find much bigger and nicer and also nearly the Walking Street or in the middle of it for example on soi BJ. Huge problem of hotels early the WS is because many Indian people single men lives there and you can't sleep by day or by night at all because they making so big noise all the time. I'm not a racist but this is a fact they are very selfish and don't care about other people at all.

  • Out and About
    Out and About Day ago

    A million baht a month?

  • Gerhard Danner

    How much is the hotel? 950 million Baht.

  • George Oshust
    George Oshust Day ago

    The rooms are small.

  • Scooter
    Scooter Day ago

    Ellie vay tor

  • Zif Luff
    Zif Luff Day ago

    BWP :)

  • MAX H0202
    MAX H0202 2 days ago

    Wow..i whoever picked the color must be color blind . very bad color combos, dated looking, depressing but convienent

  • Stephen Costello
    Stephen Costello 2 days ago

    After a heavy night out ya wouldn't like to wake up to those colours 😂. But location is good

  • martbook
    martbook 2 days ago

    Dude, I have lived in Ecuador, Vietnam, and Thailand. I start every conversation with hello, how are you?, etc. Just don't barge in and ask "you have apartment, how much?" Always make a connection first. It makes things go smoother.

  • Travelbug
    Travelbug 2 days ago

    Charlie, your mods banned me on your other channel, not sure why. I’ve never visited a channel where the mods are so ridiculous. Not cool.

    • S1234567890
      S1234567890 5 hours ago

      Big World Productions I’ve heard you ask mana mana live about him banning someone because you received a message from the viewer and then I see comments like this every once in a while. Sorry but I assumed it’s him based on what I’ve seen and heard.

    • Travelbug
      Travelbug 9 hours ago

      Big World Productions thanks Charlie. If there’s anything I did, do let me know please. I‘m not going to point fingers on which mod, honestly I don’t know.

    • LemonLove
      LemonLove 11 hours ago

      @Big World Productions Charlie, Mana Mana banned my other account called "Foodforthought" on your other channel, can you unblock me, I have been a donator in the past and I think it is ridiculous that mana is a mod. Thanks

    • Big World Productions
      Big World Productions 13 hours ago

      I will look into it and unblock you, thanks for letting me know. I have many mods now and there could be a rogue one (not mana mana).

    • S1234567890
      S1234567890 Day ago

      Travelbug I’m pretty sure it’s mana mana. Charlie has questioned him before about banning someone and he said it was a mistake - not sure how it was a mistake. Anyway I doubt Charlie reads messages of luck.

  • Eric Everson
    Eric Everson 2 days ago

    Monthly price next time please. Good one.

  • Nolafan77
    Nolafan77 2 days ago

    I didn't see a shower!!!

  • Peter Tery
    Peter Tery 2 days ago

    Looks terrible

  • Stephen Ksiazek
    Stephen Ksiazek 2 days ago

    She cute. Petite. Polite. Make her a friend. 😚

    • Michael W
      Michael W 2 days ago

      Lol, but she is already thinking: "Him butterfly."

  • Creatures Hate God
    Creatures Hate God 2 days ago

    A lot nicer than Tony's short time bed bug hotel...

  • Japes
    Japes 2 days ago

    No bedstands

  • Spizz Energi
    Spizz Energi 2 days ago

    I think the Jewish fraternity might be a bit reluctant to stay in the SS residence.

  • Karl Travel Dude
    Karl Travel Dude 2 days ago

    Keep up the good work Charlie !!! Thank you ...

  • Robert Hornbrook
    Robert Hornbrook 2 days ago

    Charlie do they do monthly price

  • wally cleaver
    wally cleaver 2 days ago

    Nice room good price.

    SOM TAM 2 days ago


  • Philippines Fun With JLB & Friends

    The big CC back..👍👍👍

  • ak cy
    ak cy 2 days ago

    Alla Hu Akbar, Suka blyat

  • jim prother
    jim prother 2 days ago

    Did we see any breakfast in the menu? If so what was the hot breakfast price? How much was electricity per unit if stay 3-6 months? Considering the emptiness of Jomtien (and it is) why is it to pricey to live there and eat there?

  • Felipe, What's happening in Australia?

    She’s very aroi Mac Mac !

  • Timmy Tabasco
    Timmy Tabasco 2 days ago

    4:33 communal sink I guess..

  • Kevin Waters
    Kevin Waters 2 days ago

    Charlie : there be loud music and traffic , All Night Long - Wang dang doodle - All Night Long.

  • Zif Luff
    Zif Luff 3 days ago

    BWP :)

  • Steve Bandfield
    Steve Bandfield 3 days ago

    Way cheaper and more Appointed options. ...Jomtiem is nice and quieter but Pricey.

  • kitthammes
    kitthammes 3 days ago


  • George Oshust
    George Oshust 3 days ago

    Where is the air con?

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans 3 days ago

    Are you still staying in the hotel with the moldy ceiling? Might want to consider switching to this one if you want to keep costs low, looks like a great deal but the shower could use a good scrubbing first.

  • Frode Hagen
    Frode Hagen 3 days ago

    "Can you show me." He hehe 😂 😂 😂 bummer bro.

  • michael ward
    michael ward 3 days ago

    what soi this on

  • Creatures Hate God
    Creatures Hate God 3 days ago

    Scandinavian folks ALWAYS run a top notch business. They tend to have an attention to detail that your typical Slimy Limey drunkard business owner can't touch. Don't be a Drunk like a Limey CC.

    • Creatures Hate God
      Creatures Hate God Day ago

      @tom jones Nobody drinks and acts like the mush mouth slimy limey on such a mass scale.

    • tom jones
      tom jones Day ago

      Like no yanks ever get drunk!

  • bram vanderwijk
    bram vanderwijk 3 days ago

    Nice content charlie. When can we expect Digital Nomad part 2?

  • Larry Gee
    Larry Gee 3 days ago

    Love ur hotel reviews,,one complaint I have is some beds in thai hotels are too it possible for u to sit on the bed and let us know what type of mattress the hotels u review hard ones or the more comfortable always ,always look for the in room safe.

  • Peter Peek
    Peter Peek 3 days ago

    One more sorry, but she is not a girl for cooking. At home she buys a complete dish for 40 Baht and sends her daughter to bring it to her...

  • Peter Peek
    Peter Peek 3 days ago

    If Shawn would not do the work, they all would die from hunger. Sorry, but this is thai style when you are married for very long time. Lazy girl...

  • Mark H
    Mark H 3 days ago

    Looks alright but maybe a bit pricey for the monthly rate BWP 🤔💵 I'd take a shower after using that phone 🚿 yes that place was too expensive 💵🇹🇭👍

  • D T
    D T 3 days ago

    what the hell is a safety box kitchen? can you rush through these room videos any faster...

  • Jörgen Månsson
    Jörgen Månsson 3 days ago

    Akvavit is a typ off Scandinavian vodka/Schnapps :)

  • Michael W
    Michael W 3 days ago

    Nice overlooking the ocean, but being just off the road, I have to wonder about noise from cars and motorcycles all day and night?

  • Devinder Singh
    Devinder Singh 3 days ago

    Resort is GOOD ...but at 1:10 for the receptionist behaviour it’s a “BIG NO”

  • Jack Burrows
    Jack Burrows 3 days ago

    I never see people swimming in the pools of any of the hotels that you review..??

  • S1234567890
    S1234567890 3 days ago

    Great deal for the location

  • Paul Mulvey
    Paul Mulvey 3 days ago

    Nice one charlie ! 👍

  • stuart imlack
    stuart imlack 3 days ago

    Food looked a bit pricey there .

  • jigga1017
    jigga1017 3 days ago

    Where was the toilet in the bathroom?

  • Shortyshrew
    Shortyshrew 3 days ago

    jomtiem is great if you don't want to deal with the trashiness of beach road

  • Benoit Levesque
    Benoit Levesque 3 days ago

    I know its right on the beach ... but man, 15K for just a Bed and a shower ?? =/ I stayed in a place that cost 10K per month in BKK and I had 1 bedroom, small kitchen/living room and even a washing/dryer combo.

    • Benoit Levesque
      Benoit Levesque 3 days ago

      @Big World Productions Ok make sense !

    • Big World Productions
      Big World Productions 3 days ago

      This is more of a hotel (i.e. a place that rents by the night) than a monthly apartment. They just offer the monthly rate for people the occasional customer that wants it.

    SOM TAM 3 days ago

    HELLO CHARLIE BABE💖💖💖 im always waiting for your vids upload....i always miss you babe.

  • Kieren Hook
    Kieren Hook 3 days ago

    Very good price, can't complain about this place... got everything you need the moment you step out 👌

  • Henry Quach BSN RN
    Henry Quach BSN RN 3 days ago

    There's only so many hotels to review. Once you reviewed all of them, what will be the next direction in your video?

  • Sk abdul Rahman
    Sk abdul Rahman 3 days ago

    Nice place

  • Mana Mana
    Mana Mana 3 days ago


  • Björn Jonsson
    Björn Jonsson 3 days ago

    You shud ask if its ok to smoke at the rooms with balconys.And if its ok to bring girls to the rooms

  • royruw roy
    royruw roy 3 days ago

    Cheap? 😂😂😂nooo

  • John Solitude
    John Solitude 3 days ago

    GREAT: you've asked the question every punter wants to know about: 'Can I bring lady?' :-) That's the spirit :-)

  • Billy Pattaya
    Billy Pattaya 3 days ago

    Very nice

  • Paul Mullen
    Paul Mullen 3 days ago

    This is a very nice clean wee guesthouse food very good

  • Nilesh Shah
    Nilesh Shah 3 days ago

    No lift ???

  • Shortyshrew
    Shortyshrew 3 days ago

    Got a couple ads on this one so I’m guessing you got your monetization back. Props man!!! Glad to see that :)

  • philburch1970
    philburch1970 3 days ago

    ...2500 baht is $85, not $40

  • Brad Hewitt
    Brad Hewitt 4 days ago

    $100 CA a night! Did she say 2500 Baht? Ouch. Not a typical CC hotel room.