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OREO Cookie
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Oreo Music Box
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Oreo Red Velvet
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OREO Milkshake
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OREO Golden Cheesecake
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OREO Mugcake
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¡Disfruta de Mini Oreo!
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¡Disfruta de Mini Oreo!
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OREO - Golden
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OREO - Enrobé Blanc
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OREO - Milkshake
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OREO - Milkshake
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OREO - Mmmh !
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Oreo The Boss
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Oreo Salon | 6" Bumper
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Oreo TV Time
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Chocolate Oreo Barra Cremosa
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Nuevo Chocolate Oreo Bolita
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Oreo Owen Wilson
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Oreo Owen Wilson
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Chocolate Oreo Bolita
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Oreo Cookie People
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Oreo Cookie People
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Oreo Cookie People
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Oreo Cookie People
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OREO Spiderman
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OREO Spiderman
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Oreo Cookie People
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Oreo Spiderman
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Oreo Spiderman
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Oreo Spiderman
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Oreo Spiderman ID
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Oreo Spiderman
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Oreo Spiderman
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Oreo Spiderman
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Cùng Spider-Man
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Nuevo Chocolate Oreo
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OREO Spidey YT 6sec B
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OREO Spidey YT 6sec A
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Oreo Spiderman 15s SG Youtube
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Oreo Spiderman ID
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بوظة الاوريو
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Oreo & Dream Whip Parfait
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Oreo Cookies & Cream
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Oreo Fudge Cakes
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Oreo Lick Crunch 15s English
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  • Luca Logo
    Luca Logo 3 hours ago

    An rainbow oreo a cream in the red cookie

  • Nux09 gaming
    Nux09 gaming 6 hours ago

    This is awesome I can see everything on this screen

  • Agus Prasetiyo
    Agus Prasetiyo 12 hours ago

    Memberi contoh adab makan yang buruk.. Makan sambil bersuara. Untung tidak tersedak..

  • Iwan Jiwandaru
    Iwan Jiwandaru 22 hours ago

    Makan sambil ngomong😒 kaya gimana gt.

  • mankolien toekayla

    So nice 😊👍

  • Derpcraft Gamer

    THE STACKER!!!!!!!!! (chocolate creme oreo with 3-2 layers of cookies and creme)

  • Vioxlet_Gachã Wolf

    Hahahaahahahaha no thanks disgusting creep

  • Plush Toy Adventures

    That’s Aaron the drama teacher at the grove theatre

  • a1 1
    a1 1 Day ago

    مرحبا شباااب🤕🤚

  • idk-chan
    idk-chan Day ago

    Como se llama la cancion de fondo?

  • ThatKidNamedJace Videos Daily

    Omg you tours are real please notice me

  • Nc Resident
    Nc Resident 2 days ago

    They glorify the only black man that acknowledges his kid lol

  • Laughing Cat
    Laughing Cat 4 days ago


  • Gabriela Aldana
    Gabriela Aldana 4 days ago

    ya lo probe vienes 5 o 7 galletas chiquititas ES UNA FaRSAA

  • صدى القصيد

    الهلال 💙💙💙

  • Robloxmanyt2006
    Robloxmanyt2006 5 days ago

    Also I like Oreo O's thanks for bringing them back to New Jersey

  • Robloxmanyt2006
    Robloxmanyt2006 5 days ago

    The flavor of mystery Oreos are fruity pebbles

  • Valarie Bennett
    Valarie Bennett 5 days ago

    Very time my daughter and I see this Commercial we want some oreos

  • ミモザサラダ
    ミモザサラダ 5 days ago


  • Edward Alexander Torres Mejia


  • OKAT2000
    OKAT2000 7 days ago


  • BlueIsTher
    BlueIsTher 7 days ago

    I Just Missed The Song "Wonder If I Gave The Oreo To You (Wonderfilled)" But I Liked When The Oreo Smile Animation Still Used!

  • Akulah si elly
    Akulah si elly 7 days ago


  • Gabriel Carvalho
    Gabriel Carvalho 7 days ago

    Wtf xD

  • Alexis Bell
    Alexis Bell 8 days ago

    I love this commercial

  • I need more subs Online


  • Vin1681
    Vin1681 8 days ago

    I remember watching the clip of Wiz and Amber taking their son to a Taylor Swift concert and it was just the loveliest thing. He sat with his son during the concert, sang along to her songs panned across to record his sons reaction to his music idol being up onstage. He also sounds like an amazing father. I love seeing these men being so present in their children’s lives. It’s so good that they see how important this time is with their kids. Big respect to Snoop, Wiz, Travis Scott and ice cube for being the doting, soft hearted, guiding and dedicated dads you are! And being great role models for other men who may not have had that type of presence in their own lives.

  • kenn saltos
    kenn saltos 9 days ago

    Este anuncio ostiga en todos lados

  • Ryan McWade
    Ryan McWade 9 days ago

    This dude high as hell eating Oreos lol

  • donjamer
    donjamer 10 days ago

    who know the name of the girls ?? need help shes cute

  • Rizki julianyah
    Rizki julianyah 10 days ago

    Gkglsaklaskslkalasklaskflsakd LCD galkkg

  • xMysticLxght Edits
    xMysticLxght Edits 11 days ago

    No i speka american#

  • Rizki julianyah
    Rizki julianyah 11 days ago

    Tuyytuiiiygyrew wr"aqtttio8🔰😊😊🐶👟🐩👟👟👟👞👟

  • ilham wahyudi
    ilham wahyudi 11 days ago

    Siapa nama modelnya?

  • Purple Shadow
    Purple Shadow 11 days ago


  • Arbiters Kiss
    Arbiters Kiss 12 days ago

    The Mad Manager placed Halloween Oreos around the city. All it would take is a single high schooler with a glass of milk to destroy the city.

  • Oana Elena
    Oana Elena 12 days ago

    ma uscirà o è solo per lo spot?

  • Olivia Angelina
    Olivia Angelina 13 days ago

    Judul lagunya apa? Atau ini cuma jingle iklan?

    HANNAH GARCÍA 13 days ago

    alguien mas la ve en el 2019?? no?solo yo ?? me acuerdo que me la pasaba cantándola y hasta ahora empiezo a cantarla otra vez JAJAJA que hasta e llegado a buscarla aquí en YT jaja

  • s b
    s b 13 days ago

    Autismo en un solo video

  • Zoe Summers
    Zoe Summers 13 days ago

    Please make a proper song from this tune, it's so damn catchy...

  • ABDULLAH Majid
    ABDULLAH Majid 14 days ago

    Who's eating Oreos?

  • face plant
    face plant 14 days ago

    i dont understand the language but hey, oreos are music players now so guess i’ll just put it on a vinyl player

  • Theraptsincolombia
    Theraptsincolombia 14 days ago

    Me encanta esta canción!!!! OwO

  • Brack Roshi
    Brack Roshi 15 days ago


  • artiste soundbox
    artiste soundbox 15 days ago

    I got a secret the world does know, I roll, big fat, blunteos🎶

  • Krys Snntr
    Krys Snntr 15 days ago


  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay 16 days ago

    How is he a rapper? It sounds like he's just talking.

  • Julia Silka
    Julia Silka 16 days ago

    My 5 year old LOVES this commercial. Made me play it for him 100 times :)

  • joe mothadots
    joe mothadots 16 days ago

    this commercial makes me sick.... garbage

  • Antony Li
    Antony Li 16 days ago

    I got a secret that nobody gives a damn

  • ندى بيوتي nada Beauty


  • آيه وسلاف
    آيه وسلاف 17 days ago

    First watch and second Like

  • Nesstrinn McBruhstinn


  • Nc Resident
    Nc Resident 18 days ago

    You know that's not his kid bc colored men dnt raise thier 6 7 8 or more children

  • PrimoEnzo
    PrimoEnzo 18 days ago

    Time to roll up some Oreos

  • PrimoEnzo
    PrimoEnzo 18 days ago

    Should be on his next album lmao

  • Shido Otone
    Shido Otone 19 days ago

    Best ad I've ever seen!

  • OddOneOut665
    OddOneOut665 20 days ago


  • Blood in Blood out
    Blood in Blood out 20 days ago

    So I have to have "face tattoos" to eat Oreos ?!? That's the message you are sending to kids...

  • Loli Cabezas Uroz
    Loli Cabezas Uroz 20 days ago

    En que supermercados los venden??

  • Rozi Rosandi
    Rozi Rosandi 20 days ago

    Yg baju putih syp? Cakep bat

  • suckmydick tu va crevé

    oreo c dla merde vous devriez avoir honte bande d'abrutis voir bande de putain de gros lard bouffer cet merde c fair le choix de participer directement à l'extinction des espéces en masse d'autant que c'est bourrer d'huile de palme donc avc,etc…..et la pub c dla merde comme ces deux cons qui sont deux grosses merdes sans aucune moral pour accepter de tourner pour ces enfoirer de fis de p!!e

  • Lils*xtape
    Lils*xtape 20 days ago

    Showed this to my Oreos now there edibles

  • No_ oR
    No_ oR 20 days ago

    لابوكم لابو اعلاناتكم

  • Jasmine Ahmed
    Jasmine Ahmed 21 day ago

    Cadbury and sprinkle Oreo

  • YhwhKhaiMostHigh
    YhwhKhaiMostHigh 21 day ago

    Hate all of these tats, especially the ones in the face... ugh. Thug not gonna be young forever. When you get old it begins to look saggy and nasty

  • Minecraft gamer
    Minecraft gamer 22 days ago


  • Minecraft gamer
    Minecraft gamer 22 days ago


  • Jon Adol
    Jon Adol 23 days ago

    Okay cool but who's the guy? For research purposes only

  • Ronald
    Ronald 24 days ago

    But it has multitouch bug

  • Ryan Garcia
    Ryan Garcia 24 days ago

    Every time I hear “Stack it up rack it up let it go” shits 🔥 lowkey

  • 동주이모
    동주이모 24 days ago


  • whiderboss
    whiderboss 24 days ago

    Fuck yeah

  • Autumn Sunsets
    Autumn Sunsets 24 days ago

    This child looks nothing like him. Amber needs to stop lying to this man.

  • Bill Gaydon
    Bill Gaydon 24 days ago

    Dude is doped up 24/7. Nasty divorce. How is this in any way wholesome? He even tosses in his God given Gangsta voice inflection into a Oreo ad? Seriously? Kid prolly cut this ad under court imposed supervision. Wiz Khalifa is a punk, dont be fooled my the typical Madison Ave spin.

    • Bill Gaydon
      Bill Gaydon 24 days ago

      FU Oreos

    • Bill Gaydon
      Bill Gaydon 24 days ago

      Thats not playful, its self indulgent and no grown-up way to parent. How freaking pathetic i

    • Bill Gaydon
      Bill Gaydon 24 days ago

      He wakes up every few hours having to take a pliers to remove the roach embedded in either his upper or lower lip.....both

  • Joe Manzi
    Joe Manzi 25 days ago

    This shit make me cringe so much

  • سبحان الله الحمد لله

    ضبطو العقال

  • Munna Begum
    Munna Begum 25 days ago

    No thanks

  • Temmie does animations:3

    Why is this here

  • Milili Gaming
    Milili Gaming 25 days ago


  • Parminder Minhas
    Parminder Minhas 25 days ago

    Omg yummy

  • ღميروكو_القطهღ

    الإعلان كيوت●^●

  • Kendall
    Kendall 25 days ago


  • IgnCrepe777777 !
    IgnCrepe777777 ! 26 days ago

    Make a gluten free cookie oreo

  • lil nambo
    lil nambo 26 days ago


  • Tom Autry
    Tom Autry 27 days ago

    Is he supposed to be the Dad, with a tear drop tattoo, that’s a real example setter, won’t buy Oreos no more

  • murilo_oreo
    murilo_oreo 27 days ago

    Sooo Cuteeee

  • wolf girl :3
    wolf girl :3 28 days ago


  • Logan Torres
    Logan Torres 28 days ago

    i dont use android but these ads are cute af

  • ميريا 99/ MeRiA-SaN


  • محذوف
    محذوف 28 days ago

    كان في اهانه من ورا التريلات

  • وليد في صوير


  • Moh Azkal
    Moh Azkal 29 days ago

    Yg baju kuning it sp namanya ya

  • roachy69
    roachy69 29 days ago

    Even while he eatin' Oreos he still be reppin' Tayyyyylor

  • عامر
    عامر 29 days ago

    ليه ما تجيبون حريم منقبات يعلمون دعايات لانه الغالبيه العظمى من السعوديات خاصه و الخليجيات عامه منقبات