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    EASY SAiD 45 minutes ago

    Dont use this tutorial he misses a lot of details justin guitar covers every little part

  • jeffrey martino
    jeffrey martino 53 minutes ago

    If you play this song live. How do you move the capo.

  • CM
    CM Hour ago

    Well, that was easy. Said no one ever

  • Crystal Claycomb

    Could pass as an iron Maiden song

  • Dingus Mccringeblerry

    This song kicks ass

  • William Apgar
    William Apgar 2 hours ago

    I can't even begin to give enough thanks for this amazing tutorial. I have to play this for a wedding this weekend and I waited til the last minute to learn this: you saved me entirely! This is so much fun to play and your lesson was absolutely perfect, in my very humble opinion. Thank you so much again!

  • Daniel Navarro
    Daniel Navarro 3 hours ago

    I really need to get back into guitar. I just havent had the time to practice because of school and work.

  • Bruh
    Bruh 3 hours ago

    You should do a “make it wit chu” lesson, by QUOTSA

  • Tenshi Kasen
    Tenshi Kasen 4 hours ago

    ai lof yu

  • J C
    J C 5 hours ago

    Seven nation army please !

  • CallMe EJ
    CallMe EJ 6 hours ago

    Nice singing man!

  • noah beasley
    noah beasley 7 hours ago

    Thanks man! I appreciate your time. My son and I have been working on this for a few weeks now. Just wondering what the rhythm is doing behind this first solo? Is it still just the phase in the first lesson? Thanks again.

  • silentiom
    silentiom 7 hours ago

    I'd love to hear a full cover

  • Szofi Özbas
    Szofi Özbas 7 hours ago

    Song of my life hehe

    YUKAR APA 7 hours ago

    Strumming patter please

  • I komang Ares
    I komang Ares 8 hours ago

    I cant believe You can sing Love You my teacher

  • dr megaheartπαπαπαπ

    Can you do a lesson on how to play Ozzy Osbourne lighting strikes?also your work is amazing ,Keep going!!

  • German Mejia
    German Mejia 8 hours ago

    Thanks for all the great lessons ! You are one of the best teachers on the RU-clip channel as well as Alex from from Guitar Force.

  • German Mejia
    German Mejia 8 hours ago

    I love your guitar, is that a 57 re-issue ? I have a 1984 57 re-issue with a Dimarzio HS3 in in the bridge position which looks very similar to the one you are playing in your Hendrix Hey Joe lesson. I love the way it sounds and looks and have owned it since around 1987.

  • Bishal Ghimire
    Bishal Ghimire 10 hours ago

    Stairway to bed. It seems impossible for me to make first chord too.😂😂 Anyone else?

  • Parsa po
    Parsa po 10 hours ago

    please make how to play cry for you

  • ᅵᅵᅵ
    ᅵᅵᅵ 11 hours ago


  • Sushrut
    Sushrut 11 hours ago

    im not able to play 2nd fret high e but still sounds good with b thanks

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox 13 hours ago

    As an Irish man I like to occasionally "bar dive" whenever I can

  • xYottaByte Gaming
    xYottaByte Gaming 13 hours ago

    idk why i started playing this and planning on finishing the whole song, i just started a month ago, yeah pretty easy until the 4th chord

  • Himanshu Panwar
    Himanshu Panwar 14 hours ago

    Love to hear you singing. carl!

  • Himanshu Panwar
    Himanshu Panwar 14 hours ago

    Love to hear you singing. carl!

  • Michael Lawlor
    Michael Lawlor 14 hours ago

    Can you do invincible from tool?! It's some song. Keep up the good work.

  • Dynaty20
    Dynaty20 14 hours ago

    Hey man, that arrangement is one of the sweeter ones on YT! Great job man! This was one of the first guitar songs I learned (in a way simpler arrangement) wayyy back when. Am super happy to up my game a bit with this one :)

  • Syahriel 326
    Syahriel 326 14 hours ago


  • Scott Riggleman
    Scott Riggleman 15 hours ago

    Me to my wife...hey, get your butt in here, Carl is singin'!

  • Incog2k6
    Incog2k6 15 hours ago

    Yeah, that basically summarizes Dave's early guitar solos: don't even bother to learn them note for note. They're far too chaotic and random. Not even Dave himself plays them the same way live. He just goes for it like the guitarists of Slayer (but he's much more successful and musical when it comes to soloing). If you want to cover an early Mustaine solo, you just have to recreate the overall sound and mood of it.

  • Athul
    Athul 15 hours ago

    Came from beaulo video 💪

  • Michael Crider
    Michael Crider 15 hours ago

    Come you know as you were watching this you all started chanting thunder. Don’t lie.

  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis 15 hours ago

    Thank you very much, I’ve been trying to get my head round this for ages... could you also do U2 New Years Day please?

  • vaibhav x0a7
    vaibhav x0a7 16 hours ago

    Yo! Carl sings and he does that great .

  • Keanu Siganoff
    Keanu Siganoff 16 hours ago

    Oof! Carl singing!? 🔥 LOVE IT!

  • Russell Cilibraise
    Russell Cilibraise 17 hours ago


  • Maseran Pori
    Maseran Pori 17 hours ago


  • Lxrd Kami
    Lxrd Kami 18 hours ago

    The main riff was actually really easy for me 😅 I’ve only been playing 4 months it was just the picking that was a challenge

  • HeyBubbs
    HeyBubbs 18 hours ago

    Love this song! How bout some Eddy Money?Two tickets to paradise I know i could learn it from you.

  • scooterb3an
    scooterb3an 19 hours ago

    Flying high again by ozzy pls

  • Xbaq
    Xbaq 19 hours ago

    MOAR PANTERA!!!111!!1!1!!

  • brother missy
    brother missy 20 hours ago

    What key is this in and what scale is being used? What's like... the theory behind how this was composed?

  • HOTshotz.Gaming
    HOTshotz.Gaming 20 hours ago

    Something happened to your hotel california tutorials

    • elchip
      elchip 18 hours ago

      HOTshotz.Gaming It’s not a coincidence that if you search for “How to play [SONG NAME REDACTED BY RU-clip],” you get pretty much nothing. The Eagles are draconian about perceived copyright infringement. When Pippin declares in “The Return of the King” that “The Eagles are coming,” he gets cut off before he can finish saying “...for your RU-clip videos.” Even stating the the name [SONG NAME REDACTED BY RU-clip] in a comment can get the whole video demonetized. Congratulations, you’ve made Carl homeless. Sorry Carl. I hate the f***in’ Eagles, man...

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 21 hour ago

    uhhh I don't understand what barre chord is

  • Michael Mattson
    Michael Mattson 22 hours ago

    So cool, thanks. I’ll work on it.

  • Jorge Teixeira
    Jorge Teixeira 22 hours ago

    OMG TY, only watchinh this in 2019 lmao xD

  • Briansgate
    Briansgate 22 hours ago

    How are you getting that sound? distortion or overdrive? sounds in between. what pedal or whatever please?

  • Ruby C
    Ruby C 22 hours ago


  • Daniel Bredtmann
    Daniel Bredtmann 23 hours ago

    Can you do a lesson for love walks in?

  • Unvital
    Unvital 23 hours ago

    Can u do a tutorial for bitch lasagna

  • Amber133 Lee
    Amber133 Lee 23 hours ago

    Lead singer Brandon Boyd: "The lyric is basically about fear, about being driven all your life by it and making decisions from fear. It's about imagining what life would be like if you didn't live it that way." Boyd and drummer Jose Pasillas drew all the artwork for the video. It took them more than 50 hours to do it. So that’s the meaning and facts about this song From

  • Gabriel Johannson

    God dam Carl!!!!!! You fucking legend.

  • Michael Craig
    Michael Craig Day ago

    Do you got tabs for the instrumental part, like in the movie, the part where the singing would be?

  • Joel Gonzales
    Joel Gonzales Day ago

    Do jump in the The fire by Metallica

  • Thallis Santos neves

    Bruce Dickinson Abduction!!! Plis 🤙🏻

  • Do Hoeijmans
    Do Hoeijmans Day ago

    Extra points for singing

  • Euan Morgan
    Euan Morgan Day ago

    I’ve got to say Carl you are on fire recently!

  • Ryan Murry
    Ryan Murry Day ago

    Nice job breaking it down. Fantastic song and so much fun to play

  • szatanovsky
    szatanovsky Day ago

    Thank you!

  • Odd Itee
    Odd Itee Day ago

    Fantastic! Wonderful arrangement on that intro!

    GOON GOD Day ago


  • BeZet
    BeZet Day ago

    7:30 I heard "fucky little riff" :DD

  • Angel X
    Angel X Day ago

    Can you do come around by papa roach the full song

  • Dale Dalesson
    Dale Dalesson Day ago

    Awesome more Tears for Fears!

  • Anish Batki
    Anish Batki Day ago

    Could you do critical acclaim or second heartbeat by avenged sevenfold?

  • Adrian Reyes
    Adrian Reyes Day ago

    This is why I subscribe to you. I can just jump to where I need the help. Many can play. Many can teach. Not many can do both. Excellent job

  • Guitar
    Guitar Day ago

    Can you talk about the set up you have and the gear you are using to get the sound?

  • Se7en%Solution

    Appreciate the lessons, Carl! If you feel inclined to do another Tears for Fears song, I'd love to see you do Pale Shelter!

  • Francisco Flores

    Que exelente hermano lml 🖤

  • Ben Wasson
    Ben Wasson Day ago

    Yessss the memey boi Carl brings us this glory

  • BFrapEX
    BFrapEX Day ago

    Thanks for this Carl! Any chance you could do a lesson on Don't Look Back by Boston? ;)

  • Attila Barcsay

    Your voice is very good

  • Ksycherle
    Ksycherle Day ago

    Beautiful, thank you.

  • my1978z
    my1978z Day ago

    One of my favorite TFF songs. Love hearing you sing as well. 👍

  • Danielmcer
    Danielmcer Day ago

    Thanks Carl!

  • Aakaash Bulani

    Thanks a lot for this video Sir..... Thanks....

  • The Daily Fortnut

    Nice job on the vocals man

  • NH productions

    Pls do some kill em all songs like motorbreath, metal militia, or hit the lights. Or pls pls finish MOP by doing leper messiah and the thing that should not be. It's a sincere request!

  • Ajay Pathania
    Ajay Pathania Day ago

    Awesome in deed with some initial vocal stuff

  • Gianmario Bevilacqua

    I'm pretty sure F# is a major chord

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man Day ago

    Hey Carl, I'll just stop to say how much I appreciate your videos

  • Jefferson Ochoa

    Meme cover

  • Rohit Chauhan
    Rohit Chauhan Day ago

    Please do Ozzy Osbourne's Hellraiser Carl..!!

  • Jamison C
    Jamison C Day ago

    I’m liking the singing Carl!

  • Energy Bae
    Energy Bae Day ago

    can you please do cowboy song by thin lizzy next? it would be really cool!

  • Marco YT_007
    Marco YT_007 Day ago


  • RC32
    RC32 Day ago

    My favorite Tears for Fears song! Thank ye for the lessons, especially since I now have a capo. Cheers!

  • Jacob Tooshkenig

    Great lesson Carl

  • benjamin smith

    Woo! More singing :D

    MR11 MAIDEN Day ago

    Do more Avenged Sevenfold

    • Krimzo
      Krimzo Day ago

      Shepherd of fire PLS and thanks for all the lessons Carl and just, Thank you for being awesome!

  • Arnav Maturi
    Arnav Maturi Day ago

    Back at it again

  • SyntheticXBeats

    Please do Help Is On the Way by Rise Against!!

  • zach smith
    zach smith Day ago

    thanks a lot!

  • Born to lose Live to win

    I think they do the part at 22 second all down strock except that gallop

  • Will Chester
    Will Chester Day ago

    seize the day solo plsssss

  • Akif Güler
    Akif Güler Day ago

    Thanks man

  • even frantzen
    even frantzen Day ago

    Rip ben