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Remilia the LCS girl
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  • Orçun Şimşek Erkek

    ne diyo

  • saleh711 JM
    saleh711 JM 3 days ago

    Playing with controller and now you can accualy play lol with controller on ps4 😂

  • Mino Lee
    Mino Lee 3 days ago

    Bruh he knew

  • Cristian Prodan
    Cristian Prodan 8 days ago

    I wanna try the game, but i understood nothing from this minute:D

  • Soppingwet Burgers
    Soppingwet Burgers 10 days ago

    These guys can really hype a match.

  • Kruller
    Kruller 11 days ago

    The arrow didn’t win the game lmao cos elk still got there as they was fighting but was cool the timing

  • トキ
    トキ 11 days ago

    If the teleport is cancelled in dota, there will be like 60 sec cool-down and you have to walk all the way back :)

    GNARVEN 12 days ago

    I saw with my friends in live. Just awesome.

  • Roberto Emerson
    Roberto Emerson 13 days ago

    Essa rox merecia muito ganhar

  • Leslie Moore
    Leslie Moore 13 days ago

    I remember watching this live, that shit was fucking insane

  • Wael D.
    Wael D. 15 days ago

    But didnt SKT win in 2016 ?😂 i thought ROX won the series

  • The 1st Angel
    The 1st Angel 15 days ago

    Oh... I was getting excited to see turrets with lasers. Then I saw it was 2016. Trash game

  • stespin
    stespin 15 days ago

    Best ashe arrow in pro league... ever?

    CONÓMAGA 16 days ago


  • Faileby
    Faileby 16 days ago

    Honestly now rewatching it, Ekko didnt matter here. Even without the cool arrow play, ROX wouldve been able to finish, since SKT had no damage dealers for 30 seconds and Ashe is insane against tanks just kiting them

  • Roxy Yarbrough
    Roxy Yarbrough 16 days ago

    PraY backwards its YarP

  • TheWatchingEye
    TheWatchingEye 16 days ago


  • sushiroll
    sushiroll 17 days ago

    The last worlds that league was still good

  • lucas santos
    lucas santos 17 days ago

    Não é o pbo

  • Philip Paul
    Philip Paul 17 days ago

    And they still lost the series......

  • Fardy Ansyah Mulyadi

    Best match in world history, im glad to watch this match that day.

  • Jakob Christensen
    Jakob Christensen 17 days ago

    Why does it sound like they are playing football?

    • Sunny Chen
      Sunny Chen 16 days ago

      Jakob Christensen it’s much more popular worldwide though

  • F4ll3nKn1ght -
    F4ll3nKn1ght - 18 days ago

    I can’t believe there was a time that both Ashe and MF were viable in pro play. Glad I missed that season

    • UGBK 1337
      UGBK 1337 10 days ago

      Rafael John Ashe is always viable in pro play.

    • Rafael John
      Rafael John 16 days ago

      ashe is still viable in pro play. only if u know how to use her well.

    • Proccito
      Proccito 16 days ago

      @UGBK 1337 Mf was strong because she was good vs Zyra. That's it really. Mf wasn't really a viablepick within itself.

    • UGBK 1337
      UGBK 1337 16 days ago

      MF not rly but Ashe was one of the best ADC in competitive cuz of her Utility, Range and good peel by team.

    • DatBoiKobe
      DatBoiKobe 16 days ago

      F4ll3nKn1ght - u funny asf 🤣🤣🤣🤣 mf Ashe was so stupid

  • Hagane Tsume
    Hagane Tsume 18 days ago

    Gotta admit, that was REALLY sick prediction.

  • Kindred Lebel
    Kindred Lebel 18 days ago

    I don't play ashe. But i see a lot of ashe mains hit it at the same range while the target is moving. Which is harder.. I personally like both teams mechanics in team fights. That's something i can watch.

  • Shinichi's right hand

    Stop getting nostalgic guys. You making RU-clip recommend this to me

  • Over Supremacy
    Over Supremacy 18 days ago

    *You crazy son of a b*tch, you did it*

  • Riptide 1234
    Riptide 1234 18 days ago

    F*** it I'm making a new tradition The night before the world final match I'm watching this game and all five of the games

  • Saif Yousaf
    Saif Yousaf 18 days ago

    I always rewatched the finals for the awesome mf supp at world's, and always had pray arrow in memory, but never realized two of my fav things(pray aarow/mf supp) happened in the same game.(weak memory ;-;). And apparetly riot "shouted out" this play from a video?, so im glad more people can enjoy it. Also just go watch the whole finals >. <

  • Sweet Fean
    Sweet Fean 18 days ago

    And people say Lucian ins't a late game champ...

  • VandaIeyes
    VandaIeyes 19 days ago


  • Jeremiah Vincent Brazil

    answer back with game 2


    THIS WAS GREAT LEAGUE I mean ROX and SKT really did amazing now the game looks like shit lol

  • Italian edgy boi
    Italian edgy boi 19 days ago

    Missfortune support WTF

  • Kyle Shoto
    Kyle Shoto 19 days ago

    Actually looking at this replay that arrow didn’t do much, because tank ekko doesn’t do that much dmg in terms of wave clear and burst so his threat level wasn’t high at all. I think gorilla chasing and killing faker was the actual reason they won imo

  • Colin Hazel
    Colin Hazel 20 days ago

    Can we get an *OUTPLAYED* in the chat? 😮

  • Jashit
    Jashit 20 days ago

    El gill tenia para moverse en ese segundo intento.

  • TheTrucce
    TheTrucce 20 days ago

    1000 IQ Arrow

  • Mittron
    Mittron 20 days ago

    That delay didn't really do shit

  • Ua Toto
    Ua Toto 20 days ago

    yea so i came here from the longshot video(like a good number of us did) and i don't play league, i only kinda sorta understand what's going on, bUT THE CHILLS I GOT WTF HE REALLY JUST FIRED THAT THING AND MOVED ON LIKE HE KNEW WTFFF also the longshot video didn't really show how far duke was and just how far the arrow had to travel so to see it here on the map like... dude... the fucking... *CHILLS*

  • The Daily Chess Out
    The Daily Chess Out 20 days ago

    And still lose with SKT

  • peter andersen
    peter andersen 21 day ago

    MF is the reason they won not that ashe arrow, rumble had tp so it would be 2v3 regardless if ekko would tp or recall would not make any difference, they needed viktor.

  • TheBarti026
    TheBarti026 21 day ago

    Wasn't pray aiming for Faker? I've got that feeling...

    • Gabriel B.
      Gabriel B. 18 days ago

      Nah, if you look at Fakers position, you would see the arrow would be WAY too early

  • Daniel Wendelberger

    This ekko is a fucking tank. I don't see how anyhow could that retard stop anyone at this point XDD

  • alb eagle
    alb eagle 21 day ago

    Who came also from the Riot Games Longshot Video?

  • NickZ15
    NickZ15 21 day ago


  • Teeto
    Teeto 21 day ago

    Don't tell me you didn't watch this video because of "The Longshot" video.

  • Jeremy S
    Jeremy S 21 day ago

    Sickest arrow of all time

  • Peacekeeper
    Peacekeeper 21 day ago

    Put subs on and check around 0:11

  • Алексей Епифанов

    nah, Yellowstar's arrow at S1 Worlds was better

  • Victor Fernandes
    Victor Fernandes 21 day ago

    Aqui dps do vídeo da Rito... #GoFla #Worlds2019

  • snuriken
    snuriken 21 day ago

    Why is this in my recommended right after I watched the Riot Games video lol

  • MaaanuS
    MaaanuS 22 days ago

    Best series ever played. So glad that I got to see that live (from home, but no one told me, I saw it as it happened) and seeing that MF support was legit AF. Rox Tigers were a blessing for this game, that's why Korea dominated for so long, they were all creative and pushed themselves to the limit. And their downfall was because of the exact opposite. They took the game from granted and started playing meta. Hope to see something like that again, G2 has that spirit so let's cheer for them!

  • Pejelo
    Pejelo 22 days ago

    I ain't asked for this Recommendation. But it's a fantastic memory

  • Ted Danville
    Ted Danville 23 days ago

    The real MVP is Gorilla MF, killing Faker. If Faker got back to his base, he could easily fend off that push from Rox.

    • Destin Kane
      Destin Kane 19 days ago

      TheGodFatherOMG - I didn’t say he was wrong , but all those plays happen together or they don’t happen at all . Plain and simple .

    • TheGodFatherOMG -
      TheGodFatherOMG - 19 days ago

      @Destin Kane ? He's correct though. Since it would've been a 3v3 or possibly a 4 v 3 if faker managed to recall

    • Destin Kane
      Destin Kane 19 days ago

      A true bronze comment .

    • Kiyorhi
      Kiyorhi 21 day ago

      They both did a good job

  • Romain Delorme
    Romain Delorme 24 days ago

    Im still sad that Rox didn't won the bo, they were cocky enough to pick Mf supp during the final and pray was amazing... Yep but skt was a bit better i guess

    • Jason Jia
      Jason Jia 21 day ago

      MF supp was not cocky. It looked like a ballsy and risky pick but it ended up being genius. Ashe and MF can just combo their ults for massive damage, and MF e and Ashe w provide for poke and slow as well. MF can also q Zyra's plants, MF was considered a counter to Zyra at the time.

  • Murat Güler
    Murat Güler 29 days ago

    Who came from the World Championship 2019 video?

  • kr1on1k
    kr1on1k Month ago

    if my tp stops i instntly gang in real life pray. thats strong fuckd up

  • Joel Nawty
    Joel Nawty Month ago

    It all looks the same to me. Lots of colors for pre school kids

    • burt baker
      burt baker Month ago

      Not surprised it all looks the same to you. you gotta be pretty intelligent to be as good as these guys and see the differences

  • I'm not a Lawyer but I play one on YouTube

    I was expecting a death. Meh.

  • A random
    A random Month ago

    god I wish krepo didn't nonce kids I miss him

  • Asura Knight
    Asura Knight Month ago

    I was going to Tp back to base, but then I've got an arrow in the Knee

  • E B
    E B Month ago

    I just need to know, are people still calling him Dinky Doodle Sam?

  • yh k
    yh k Month ago

    Let's see again with this video.

  • MrAngeickKraken 505
    MrAngeickKraken 505 2 months ago

    You can hear the despair and disappointment in his voice when he realized that BoxBox was a guy.

  • Reptoid
    Reptoid 2 months ago

    That shen skin is really weird

  • stilianos Gregoriou
    stilianos Gregoriou 2 months ago


  • Scemo chi legge
    Scemo chi legge 2 months ago

    Remilia the LCS trap*

  • Nick Tech Talk
    Nick Tech Talk 2 months ago

    I remember seeing this live, and holy shit it got loud in there! The first LoL event I've been to, and man was that worth it.

  • Chaseity
    Chaseity 3 months ago


    III BAKURYU III 4 months ago

    Sneakerz needed help making it out of Korean Silver so he called SSW to help him out.

  • Shioriii
    Shioriii 4 months ago

    Gross Gore after doing insane plays are funny af x

  • crazydog349
    crazydog349 4 months ago

    PRAY IS BACK YALL! officially join KT with them boys!

  • mathwizard296
    mathwizard296 5 months ago

    Now people will flame and troll him more cause people will say he doesn't deserve masters

  • Nikicha 5
    Nikicha 5 5 months ago

    Can I play on Ps4

  • Veroveren
    Veroveren 5 months ago

    what is the name of the first streamer who thought box2 was a guy?

  • Ranking History
    Ranking History 5 months ago

    Doublelift "LUCIAN" World Ranking 1st Graph!

  • Shampoobottle Toilet water

    Six comments 1.6k lulw whos mo??

  • Shampoobottle Toilet water

    Whos yassou?

    • nasbb
      nasbb 2 days ago

      Fantasma CSTRP WeirdChamp

    • nasbb
      nasbb 2 days ago

      Kolanko WeirdChamp

    • Fantasma CSTRP
      Fantasma CSTRP 8 days ago

      @Kolanko It doesn't change the fact Yassuo is a retarded prick lol

    • Kolanko
      Kolanko Month ago

      he's alive unlike some shitty raper from your avatar

  • David Gispert Gutiérrez

    boxbox reacts a guy reacting boxbox inception XD

  • Gabriel Feijo
    Gabriel Feijo 5 months ago

    Which programm he use? And how he maked that mouse circle, where he moved in?

  • Gabriel Feijo
    Gabriel Feijo 5 months ago

    Which programm he use? And how he maked that mouse circle, where he moved in? PLSSS

  • Gabriel Feijo
    Gabriel Feijo 5 months ago

    Which programm he use? And how he maked that mouse circle, where he moved in?

  • Gabriel Feijo
    Gabriel Feijo 5 months ago

    Which programm he use? And how he maked that mouse circle, where he moved in?

  • Gabriel Feijo
    Gabriel Feijo 5 months ago

    Which programm he use? And how he maked that mouse circle, where he moved in?

  • Doj Kim
    Doj Kim 5 months ago

    not sure why im watching this in 2019

  • Jiggolo
    Jiggolo 5 months ago

    Wow He hits his r , noone ever did :)))

  • Sakata Samig
    Sakata Samig 6 months ago

    Came here after hearing PraY retire...

  • Korelon
    Korelon 6 months ago

    So sad to hear Pray has officially retired. One of the best ADCs in the world for the longest time.

  • M. M.
    M. M. 6 months ago

    Can we all have an F in the comments for Pray's retirement?

  • Patchoulii・マウス

    RIP PraY

  • Aditya Moon
    Aditya Moon 6 months ago

    He announced retirement today. What a legend!

    • Aditya Moon
      Aditya Moon 4 months ago

      @crazydog349 Same!

    • crazydog349
      crazydog349 4 months ago

      He is back with KT. im so excited!

    • MaNAME JEFF!
      MaNAME JEFF! 6 months ago

      Aditya Moon I remember him retiring in the pre season? There was even an article about him explaining why he is retiring back in december

  • Aleksa Teemo
    Aleksa Teemo 6 months ago

    Who came here after he announced his retirement? :(

  • Emutwo
    Emutwo 6 months ago

    Came to watch this legendary moment after his retirement announcement. You will be missed PraY. A true legend of the game

    • Jason Jia
      Jason Jia 21 day ago

      Sad he's not been doing well on KT though. I really hope he can make a comeback.

    • Switchblade
      Switchblade 4 months ago

      he's on KT aaaaaAaaa

    • The Fibrillator
      The Fibrillator 5 months ago

      I came to watch after his unretirement. What a troll.

    • Emutwo
      Emutwo 5 months ago

      Nvm guys, he's back

    • Alex Perko Plavec
      Alex Perko Plavec 5 months ago

      Hes back to kt lol

  • Leonardo Laria
    Leonardo Laria 6 months ago

    triste hoy me entere de su retiro

  • Seiki Rikodou
    Seiki Rikodou 6 months ago

    Others said that teddy's ult on chovy didn't matter should think this: all 4 members are critically low on hp and if chovy managed to go back he can push them back or worse kill some of them and extend the game further

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 6 months ago

    Yeah the only game SKT lost during that world's tournament lmfao.

  • 玻璃OwK
    玻璃OwK 6 months ago

    Just got here from the SKT GRF Spring Finals :V The Trueshot Barrage!Look at the Trueshot Barrage!

  • GinTriX 69
    GinTriX 69 6 months ago

    Who back here after teddy ezreal make it??

  • Allan Paolo Lapore
    Allan Paolo Lapore 6 months ago

    Who came here after watching SKT Teddy's Ezreal ult on stopping Chovy's recall?