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Car Phone - Oh WOW !
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  • Nirbhay pratap shrivastav

    I love ur way of making videos brother......God bless

  • Palash Sk
    Palash Sk 11 hours ago

    Excellent yrrr.....u r super.

  • Eric Tigga
    Eric Tigga 12 hours ago

    Luv u sir

  • Tarun Saini
    Tarun Saini 13 hours ago

    Sir review some cycle gadgets request from my heart!!

  • vamc tech
    vamc tech 14 hours ago

    Am your oldest subscriber But still love your vedio for your efforts

  • Sushant Khanal
    Sushant Khanal 15 hours ago

    Sorry for late..... 💓💓💓💓💓

  • Muzaffar Khan
    Muzaffar Khan 17 hours ago

    After your good pitch I hit impress and subscribe your channel and like as weelll

  • _Hynorm _
    _Hynorm _ 20 hours ago

    The most underrated channel ....u deserve more bro

  • Maharaj singhhh

    Wear os watch please

  • divesh manglani

    Amazing video. Always enjoy and love your content and the exclusive comparisons. Would love to see if you can feature budget friendly stainless steel straps for the iwatch.

  • Akash Subramanian

    A Needed Video For Many Parents And Guardians Of Small Kids... You Deserve Appreciation For This... Very Informative... Will Surely Share... Best One... All The Best Bhai...👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Rajiv Urkude
    Rajiv Urkude 2 days ago

    Could u plz make vedio on good "Mosquito Killer Machine" as there is no single good vedio available on RU-clip

  • srinath chowdary
    srinath chowdary 2 days ago

    techshan channel giving awesome video content...very nice..but why subscribers are not upto mark?? techshan deserves Million subscribers club...all the best techshan

  • Debojyoti Pramanick

    I wish u could get u a 10000 likes for your editing skills.. Great job sir

  • Hemant Pardeshi
    Hemant Pardeshi 2 days ago

    Support ntfs pendriver

  • Sudeep Nayak
    Sudeep Nayak 2 days ago

    It would be better if I could compare the iball ear phone with boat rockerz 255 in terms of specification and performance. You r the best to do this. It could start a new season of comparing most competing devices in their area of application.

  • 8D Song & NCS
    8D Song & NCS 2 days ago

    Bhai nice Video your editing is fire 🔥 keep it up bro😇🤟 love u❤️

  • Abdullah arif
    Abdullah arif 2 days ago

    Battery capacity

  • king clasher
    king clasher 2 days ago

    Hey shan make a video for dog health kit and all imp things for street dog and pet dogs plz

  • Roshanallindia
    Roshanallindia 3 days ago

    Nice budget friendly products....

  • Mukesh dhiwar Dhiwar


  • VARUN Movie World
    VARUN Movie World 3 days ago

    Needs atleast 1M subscribers... 🔥

  • maharshi raj
    maharshi raj 3 days ago

    Really useful and cool gadgets with in budget, love it shaan

  • raghavendra dasa
    raghavendra dasa 3 days ago

    Micro screwdriver super

  • King KJ
    King KJ 3 days ago

    As always amazing video.♥️ 10.57 which phone was that?🧐😍

    • King KJ
      King KJ 3 days ago

      @Tech Shan thanks for the reply bro😊

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 3 days ago

      Samsung fold

  • yogesh tiwari
    yogesh tiwari 3 days ago

    Best strating animation ever bro

  • Cyborg Basumatary
    Cyborg Basumatary 3 days ago

    I'm so happy that you give my Philips T-bulb.

  • ANANTH Shinde
    ANANTH Shinde 3 days ago

    Yo guys i have already bought the Philips T-bulb and the 2 in 1 keychain. Its amazing and useful as Tech Shan said 😊😊

  • masspubg gaming
    masspubg gaming 3 days ago

    omg still everyone watching tech shan retro videos

  • A John john
    A John john 3 days ago

    Shan englishla podradha tamillayon podunga

  • Kishalaya Basak vines

    Is the music bulb having alexa control

  • Raj Gope
    Raj Gope 3 days ago

    Editing Hollywood Style jaisa hai Bhai 👌👌

  • Dave Kumar
    Dave Kumar 4 days ago

    Lovely videos you deserve more subscribers

  • Ibraheem Khan
    Ibraheem Khan 4 days ago

    Tshirt link... 🙄

    • Ibraheem Khan
      Ibraheem Khan 4 days ago

      @Tech Shan ok thanks for the reply

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      It was bought in offline store

  • Sandipan Kayal
    Sandipan Kayal 4 days ago

    Uff... Editing skills are as usual out of the world and products are obviously lit 🔥🔥

  • Vaibhav kesarwani
    Vaibhav kesarwani 4 days ago

    You are awesome bro...and this one was a amazing video...

  • Anubhav Das
    Anubhav Das 4 days ago

    Great utility products Shaan!!

  • Mahesh Chand Paliwal

    All time I think of order something.. u came up with another good thing. Hats off to your efforts

    GAMES O, FREAK 4 days ago

    Hats off to your efforts !!!you Make great videos with awsm editing !!! 😃😃😃

  • Sri Sri Inventions
    Sri Sri Inventions 4 days ago

    Unbox something special for RU-cliprs by the way I love this videos

  • _the_raptor__kid _
    _the_raptor__kid _ 4 days ago

    Cool shan🥰

  • V Lad
    V Lad 4 days ago

    Allways Superhit every week.

  • Dark L
    Dark L 4 days ago

    Cool intro... And useful products... Please make a video on unique apps, software and website if you like😅😅😅.. how are you sir.?

  • brenen21
    brenen21 4 days ago

    hey buddy!! how did u get ur galaxy fold? i dont think its launched in india yet

  • msenapati 89
    msenapati 89 4 days ago

    Bhai tere intro videos to zeher hai katai zeher

  • Bemizal Abid
    Bemizal Abid 4 days ago

    'Shan'dhar videos by Shan.. 😁👌👌👌

  • vishal sharma
    vishal sharma 4 days ago

    Why is your channel is underrated, you must have millions of subscribers, OP editing bhaiya😎

    • Mandy thakur
      Mandy thakur 2 days ago

      Guys is video ko sab log like karo and share karo jinta Jada karoge utna channel ki growth hogi

  • aniketpggaikwad
    aniketpggaikwad 4 days ago

    Love ur presentation... Top notch

    SUNNY SINGH 4 days ago

    Bro I would love to hear your one video in Hindi .. guys say yes techshaan

  • shiddesh Malshe
    shiddesh Malshe 4 days ago

    Thankyou tech shan sir i loved all your videos ...and the way u present to us.....loved all your techy stuff..

  • Dhan Jit
    Dhan Jit 4 days ago

    Apke jaisa koye nahi

  • adithya chotu
    adithya chotu 4 days ago

    Every Sunday with a good intro ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • karthik jonas
    karthik jonas 4 days ago

    Welcome to 2019

  • Tausif Siddiqui
    Tausif Siddiqui 4 days ago

    Your videos never fails to amaze me!!

  • Tausif Siddiqui
    Tausif Siddiqui 4 days ago

    Sir, Thanks for the amazing products Request you for cheap 10.1 inch tablet in budget gadget episode.

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      ❤️😊👍 will def keep in mind !

  • Harsha
    Harsha 4 days ago

    Today I'm late 😅... Btw video was crazy as usual! ❤️ Love your efforts sir.

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      thank you ❤️😊👍

    CREATIVE INDIANS 4 days ago

    Awesome Video Sir But Please Make A Video Of product under 250 on Flipkart

      CREATIVE INDIANS 2 days ago

      @Tech Shan Ok sir 😀😀

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      well flipkart the problem is they are priced high and also shipping cost is more

  • Ccir
    Ccir 4 days ago

    I have that motion sensor led but it doesn’t go off it just dims when no motion. It works fine as in the light brightens when motion is detected but doesn’t go off when not. Is there some settings I need to do?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      must be an issue with the sensor in ur unit

  • Dr unfollowme
    Dr unfollowme 4 days ago

    Tamil pesamudiyada thala

    • Dr unfollowme
      Dr unfollowme 4 days ago

      @Tech Shan ohh adapavameee

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      thambi adhuku neenga tamil channel ku poganum. u are in my english channel

  • NexusPrime Gamer
    NexusPrime Gamer 4 days ago

    I got the screw driver free with lenskart specs😋

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      yeah when u order glasses from them they give it

    GOVIND BHATT 4 days ago

    Sir hindi me video kab banaoge sab intezar kr rhe ha👍👍😊😊😢☺️👌👍😢😊 reply jarrur krna

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      ❤️😊👍 lets see what future holds

  • Playing Girl !
    Playing Girl ! 4 days ago

    Please unbox a mini PC with windows 10 under 15000

  • Ashutosh Kaushik
    Ashutosh Kaushik 4 days ago

    Love your style big bro 👍♥️🙏🏻😂

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      ❤️😊👍 thank you so much !

  • ram kumar
    ram kumar 4 days ago

    COOOOL.... ❤❤❤

  • naga raj
    naga raj 4 days ago

    Awesome products Shan 👌. Well choosen products 👍👍

  • Avadhesh Gupta
    Avadhesh Gupta 4 days ago

    I'm loving it

    TECH NATION 4 days ago

    I watch every cool tech series and also watch every video of yours, because you make of the best Videos on youtube

  • Super Hero
    Super Hero 4 days ago

    Best youtuber

  • Sumit Ram
    Sumit Ram 4 days ago

    Every product is awesome at this price range. Loved your contents & edit!! ❤️❤️ #TechShan Twitter @SumitRamSays

  • Yash Darji
    Yash Darji 4 days ago

    Best emergency light in a budget video plzzzzzz

  • Humpty TechZone
    Humpty TechZone 4 days ago

    sir hindi me bhi bnaya kro

  • Kevinly
    Kevinly 4 days ago

    you never fail to impress thanks Shan love you 3000

    RAZEEL KAPDI 4 days ago

    #intro is always great

  • PHØENÎX gaming TP

    Going good You will Surely reach on 10million

  • Shyama Charan
    Shyama Charan 4 days ago

    Another cool video of tech

  • Saswat Subhankar
    Saswat Subhankar 4 days ago

    Wonderful animated intro once again..can u plz review a toy drone with camera?

  • Mohan
    Mohan 4 days ago

    Hello Tech shan , I have been following your page since 1 year , your videos for tech series are awesome and useful ..! Keep doing more videos , my best wishes 💐 #tech Shan 👍

  • afroz ali
    afroz ali 4 days ago

    I always wait for Sunday only for ur video.. super efforts

  • Ansh Choudhary
    Ansh Choudhary 4 days ago

    Sir I really wanna have a humidifier. Kindly suggest one good and affordable. Include that in your next video please.

  • Amit Negi
    Amit Negi 4 days ago

    Awesome video always

  • godavari sarma karri

    Your T-shirt superu...!!!👌👌👌👌

  • Richard Pradeep
    Richard Pradeep 4 days ago

    Those who disliked this video are blind people who are not able to see light 🚦.. Haa haa!!!! Keep up the good work shan buddy!!!

  • What The MATHS
    What The MATHS 4 days ago

    It's been years i have been asking for... Please unbox dragon Ball z action figures 🤗...hope i get it one day... thanks

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      Will try just have to get the right ones

  • sam4franklin
    sam4franklin 4 days ago

    Very nice shirt “we are the boysu “

    VILLAGE VIEW 4 days ago

    Nice bro

  • The Añdrōid Gūy
    The Añdrōid Gūy 4 days ago

    The galaxy fold and 11 pro🥴

  • Kuntal Parashar
    Kuntal Parashar 4 days ago

    Is the voice of the lady is your wife?

    UNCOVER HISTORY 4 days ago

    Sir, I have one request the alarm clock that you have shown in this video can we get a USB charging option instead of aaa batteries. If you know a clock with USB charging plz provide a description.

  • reverse guy coc gamers

    What he brings every Sunday??🤔🤔🤔 New product and a new intro

  • Pranab Seal
    Pranab Seal 4 days ago

    Intro was cool!! And some cool products under 250

  • Raghottam Sholapur
    Raghottam Sholapur 4 days ago

    Perfect Editing and a perfect video for Sunday.... Thanks for the efforts...

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 4 days ago

    You are putting lots of effort on a single video, 🙄🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️👍👍👍

  • Anirban Halder
    Anirban Halder 4 days ago

    Really missed the compact comparison last time . The pens looking so cool .

  • hard core
    hard core 4 days ago

    sir please make a video on gadgets helping people having vision problems . please sir....

    • hard core
      hard core 4 days ago

      @Tech Shan thank you for even considering my comment brother ..... and it will be very helpful if I get something which can help me in my studies ......thank you once again it really means a lot ....

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      will def keep in mind

  • Ritika Joshi
    Ritika Joshi 4 days ago

    Please suggest some Android TV Box (if possible then please give link also) under Rs.2500 as Banggood is running 11.11 Sale.😶

    • Ritika Joshi
      Ritika Joshi 4 days ago

      @Tech Shan is H96 Max good ??

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan 4 days ago

      i have done a lot of boxes. do chk chanel for videos

  • Ika Lakshmi Narayana

    I think you have good editing skills, looking forward to see more

  • Minu Pandey
    Minu Pandey 4 days ago

    What an animation!

  • Pritam Kayal
    Pritam Kayal 4 days ago

    I am always amazed by your intros! each and every video has a new & complex one!

  • Shaik abdul kareem
    Shaik abdul kareem 4 days ago

    Just One word 'awesome'.👍😊🇮🇳

  • Sai Nath
    Sai Nath 4 days ago

    Awesome video 😍