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  • Jamil Ramos
    Jamil Ramos 15 minutes ago

    How many times did he kiss the air.😂

  • Luca Alpha Wolf
    Luca Alpha Wolf 17 minutes ago

    Guy: I thought it would be be reallyyy bad Banana peel: I'm about wreck this man's whole career

  • The Hypocrite
    The Hypocrite 56 minutes ago

    That thing was huge! Nasty Bastard.

  • Spencer
    Spencer 57 minutes ago

    Does this have to do with refrection?

  • Dakota Thompson
    Dakota Thompson 2 hours ago

    If this was me and I was throwing up bish I would throw up on the doctor telling me to "No no stop" Bish-

  • Mazayla Crichlow
    Mazayla Crichlow 2 hours ago

    Did anyone hear her say I peed my self😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gwen Game
    Gwen Game 3 hours ago

    Me when i go to school

  • ariel carr
    ariel carr 3 hours ago


  • Gerardo Zavala
    Gerardo Zavala 4 hours ago


  • Suman Roy
    Suman Roy 4 hours ago

    Then there's that one kid who's having the time of their life.

  • Ianiant
    Ianiant 5 hours ago

    That does not look like 100 shirts.

  • Mike fishead
    Mike fishead 5 hours ago

    Hmmmm interesting..... real pig confronts fake pig so as far as I know it's illegal to impersonate a pig and the fake pig is resisting arrest🐷

  • Aland Gomez
    Aland Gomez 5 hours ago

    Is it weird I like the other version better?

  • McNugget1999
    McNugget1999 5 hours ago


  • Alex K.
    Alex K. 5 hours ago

    Abilities: Charm, Laser Beam, Ferocious Bite

  • UrMom DotCom
    UrMom DotCom 5 hours ago


  • I ran over My dead dog

    Help I just shot that dog what do I do?

  • Jordan Thompson
    Jordan Thompson 7 hours ago

    Question? Can you do this to my head please ma'am please I'll do anything please

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok 8 hours ago

    He's possessed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • Mark Mashkov
    Mark Mashkov 8 hours ago

    yo is that me

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 9 hours ago

    This is whats wrong today! Bratty kids crying over flea bitten mutt! Embarrassing!

  • Shirley Kitchens
    Shirley Kitchens 9 hours ago

    OH HELL NAH!!!! 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • X0cuzPlays RBLX
    X0cuzPlays RBLX 10 hours ago

    me: goes to sleep me then: turns off the light for 5 secs me then: UHHH.... Hi my WORST NIGHTMARE

  • Pinkie 84
    Pinkie 84 10 hours ago

    It's a man y'all 🤷‍♀️but it's pretty funny

  • Chis English
    Chis English 11 hours ago

    I love the way the seal nonchalantly wobbles off at the end sort of trying to play it down and act cool, like it's the most normal thing in the world.🐽 (I couldn't find a seal emoji so I used the pig nose one as it's one of my favourites, that and the cow head🐮. Moo).

  • Whatacoolname
    Whatacoolname 11 hours ago

    Some guy at my school said he could lift 250 with one hand, yeah sure.

  • Iridus 434
    Iridus 434 11 hours ago

    *FBI OPEN UP! *

  • JDZ Reacts
    JDZ Reacts 12 hours ago

    Such ferocious beast.

  • jun lo
    jun lo 12 hours ago

    Surprised you can talk while lifting that f ing weight

  • Angelina George
    Angelina George 12 hours ago

    This is cute but that dudes voice hits my ears like nails on a chalkboard

  • Sirinrat Tungmala
    Sirinrat Tungmala 12 hours ago

    The 🐱is communism

  • Парвиз Вализада


  • fardiah daud
    fardiah daud 12 hours ago

    So cute

    SRAM OWL 13 hours ago

    Dan from game grump told me about this cat video.

  • Lechuks Hofmanis
    Lechuks Hofmanis 13 hours ago

    *C A T Y U S H A*

  • Beyblade Geek USA
    Beyblade Geek USA 14 hours ago


  • ••MASTER- -GAMER••

    0:10 👌😂 *Thx me later*

  • Kung fu Kenny
    Kung fu Kenny 19 hours ago

    That kitty tryna get some kitty if you know what I mean 😏

  • Kung fu Kenny
    Kung fu Kenny 19 hours ago

    That kitty tryna get some kitty if u know what I mean....

  • Kung fu Kenny
    Kung fu Kenny 19 hours ago

    That kitty tryna get some kitty namsayin?

  • Kung fu Kenny
    Kung fu Kenny 19 hours ago

    That kitty tryna get some kitty namsayin

  • Joey Cheung
    Joey Cheung 20 hours ago


  • Splay
    Splay 21 hour ago

    name a better video. i’ll wait

  • kevin conroy
    kevin conroy 21 hour ago

    He’s the hero we deserve

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith 21 hour ago

    Damn 😂😖

  • Nova Vector
    Nova Vector 21 hour ago

    Next time when a new FPS or BattleRoyale game want to come up make sure they use this "machinegun" sound🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • khalifmathiskm
    khalifmathiskm 22 hours ago

    Maury Cameraman Training be like:

  • Victor Agata
    Victor Agata 22 hours ago

    It makes me very uncomfortable how many people are forreal triggered by this cat

  • Alison
    Alison 22 hours ago

    Is he ok?

  • KlueZ
    KlueZ 23 hours ago

    where can I buy one

  • Poisone
    Poisone 23 hours ago


  • Allison O'Shea

    The subtitles should just be *screaming intensifies

  • Patrick
    Patrick Day ago

    0:22 "Check me outtttt....." 0:25 "OH GOD, I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE!"

  • Naomi Adams
    Naomi Adams Day ago

    It happened to me

  • Aether
    Aether Day ago

    Nobody: Blackheads on skincare commercials: 0:00

  • Dark Æl
    Dark Æl Day ago

    Be prepared

  • plumeria66
    plumeria66 Day ago

    Why do these guys call out to these clowns and get their attention?? Asking for it.

  • Lloyd Dobbler
    Lloyd Dobbler Day ago

    0:55 Dog throws the quick claw and the cat is not having it! Hiss!!!!!! lol

  • Tzimisce
    Tzimisce Day ago

    Believe in humanity: Restored

  • Redeamable Grace

    Just go pick him up and put him on the ground.

  • Убийца Воды2004

    So fuckin asmr

  • Dan Tague
    Dan Tague Day ago

    this is my local zoo. His name was Rajang and he sadly passed away aged 50, late december 2018

  • Puppana
    Puppana Day ago

    4:00 Kitty: "Oh shit! Now things got real!"

  • Payton Spigelmyer

    I was about to throw up laughing!

  • smowais82
    smowais82 Day ago


  • Jeff Calvin
    Jeff Calvin Day ago

    butt umalos ka?

  • JacubToo
    JacubToo Day ago

    0:23-0:39 When you don’t like the teacher but you really trying get the grade

  • Filipe Pepsi
    Filipe Pepsi Day ago

    Me with da boys at lunchtime 😂

  • Nicole Pinelook

    I’m sorry but her canter is maki in me cringe. It’s like she’s posting a canter. I know what a half seat is and that’s NOT it.

  • yahoomcrazy
    yahoomcrazy Day ago

    Who else's jaw dropped as soon as they heard the clanging of glass in the bag???😂😂😂😂

  • Emma Joyce
    Emma Joyce Day ago

    This should have been called rider falls of horse and horse finishes the competition. As the horse didnt knock the rider off. And if she would have just let the horse go for the jumps and not trying to make everything all perfect and pretty and let the reins loose that horse and rider would have finished beautifully.

  • Shaquille Oatmeal

    Only put in handcuffs? Unfortunate.

  • SeanE E
    SeanE E Day ago

    Thank God there ok... This was terrifying!

  • Soumyadeep980
    Soumyadeep980 Day ago

    This put a huge idiotic smile on my face :))))

  • Claire Dalziel

    Uhhhhhhhhhhh......the cats cute?!

  • anticipayo
    anticipayo Day ago

    Its amazing that an animal geneyically closer to a snake can do this

  • Soumyadeep980
    Soumyadeep980 Day ago

    Human: Heyyyyyyyye Seal: Ouch Ouch That Hurts :"(

  • Fellowy Ly
    Fellowy Ly Day ago

    Idiot boy

  • qxlt
    qxlt Day ago

    what a god m8, he gonna be the 8th world wonder

  • Serhosw 32
    Serhosw 32 Day ago

    Well his teeth is more cleaner than my future

  • Anthony Delphine

    Horror movies are supposed to give you nightmares But this guy is supposed to give you a heart attack .

  • AkaGetBoppedKid - Youtube

    He’s a demon

  • Kasmiadi Saputra

    Aiyyaa 😂👏👏

  • Savage Intellect

    Maybe in future she’s going sue this cat for sexual harassment under metoo.

  • Wayne Eaddy
    Wayne Eaddy Day ago

    0:47 when u have to work a double off 2 hrs of sleep 🤣

  • Brooklyn Dowling

    This is amazing

  • Bec Samuela
    Bec Samuela Day ago

    bruh why he nut at the end

  • ali Ubed
    ali Ubed Day ago

    OMG That is Fn over the top cute

  • Science Vids
    Science Vids Day ago

    Clam cums everywhere at 0:48 seconds. 😂👀

  • Bradog06
    Bradog06 Day ago

    I'm bamboozled

  • Darian cytherea

    Tbh i think she forgot to to turn off he facecam "poor girl"

  • relentless pig

    And the magician said when the card dropped. It's landed in shit I don't want it back and walks off.

  • Ķĕŕmañ
    Ķĕŕmañ Day ago

    Я так и знал что это РУССКОЕ!!!

  • Genre-Fluid Metal Plebtard Dude

    OMG I almost got cardiac arrest 😆

  • Emily Jacobs
    Emily Jacobs Day ago

    the real title of this video is horse trips and rider falls off balance and an idiot rings a bell to spook the horse more, the girl falls off, horse is way better without the rider keeping her reins tight and making the horses mouth foam

  • Rotormatic
    Rotormatic Day ago

    Tip: While watching this video, press the "6" key on your keyboard over and over again. You can thank me later.

  • AimiPotato
    AimiPotato Day ago


  • carolyn Sutton

    I feel very sorry for the people who had headphones