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Top 10 Hunting Dogs Breeds
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  • James Bailie
    James Bailie Hour ago

    BTW, there is no such term as expert bowman, the correct term is archer. Cute model, the photographer is clueless.

  • Aquaholic Adventurer Boat Log

    Our music is best enjoyed with a few! Slainte!🍻

  • Gen Dianala
    Gen Dianala 4 hours ago

    Feels much better 😊🙏🏻

  • Fluffy Yoongi
    Fluffy Yoongi 7 hours ago

    This makes me wants to ballet

  • Nhut Vo
    Nhut Vo 9 hours ago


  • SpicyMeme
    SpicyMeme 9 hours ago

    1:33:22 judge judy anyone?

  • LustiZRKZ
    LustiZRKZ 10 hours ago

    This is easily one of the best videos on RU-clip!

  • Mermaid Queen
    Mermaid Queen 10 hours ago

    Better stop reading the comments and start doing my R.S homework 😒😒😒

  • محمد ذكى زناتى

    الرفق بالحيوان ... حلو

  • Stella Astral
    Stella Astral 12 hours ago

    Illyich for the win!!😘

  • Stella Astral
    Stella Astral 12 hours ago

    Liszt For the Win!!😘😘

  • Stella Astral
    Stella Astral 12 hours ago

    Amadeus Mozart for the Win!!😘

  • Stella Astral
    Stella Astral 12 hours ago

    Mozart, You're amazing!!😘😘😘

  • Stella Astral
    Stella Astral 12 hours ago


  • Stella Astral
    Stella Astral 12 hours ago


  • Stella Astral
    Stella Astral 12 hours ago


  • Stella Astral
    Stella Astral 12 hours ago

    thanks for making this!!!

  • N Wing
    N Wing 12 hours ago

    Good point sir 👌 the correct morals. Thank you very much.

  • ch0c0late
    ch0c0late 12 hours ago

    Girl what the hell.. that bow is wrong way round 😂😂

  • Plancc_____ _
    Plancc_____ _ 14 hours ago

    I’m Christian but I’m just jamming it out

  • Ali POYRAZ
    Ali POYRAZ 16 hours ago

    dünyanın taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa amına koyum sevgili dostlarım herşeyi siktir edin eğlenceye devam :)

  • Tine Espenido
    Tine Espenido 17 hours ago

    Feels our house is a hotel now plus add some humidifer! Daaaaaamn 😍

  • Алла Ганеева

    Благодарствую!Божественный полёт души,во всех МИРАХ +++

  • Matthew Bradley
    Matthew Bradley 21 hour ago

    the bagpipes have their purpose in ,music

    MARCELINE Huff 23 hours ago

    Oh by the way my phone is connected to my mom's phone so...yeah.


    Hi my name is Ayriana and I love all of their music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Odom
    James Odom Day ago

    You don’t deserve a monetized RU-clip channel. Big fat thumbs down for robbing the artists of their deserved credit. Cite the artists in the description next time.

  • Pwiest
    Pwiest Day ago

    If I go back to my childhood, I must say that it was Tom and Jerry that I first heard classic music. The earliest memories go back to the episode, where they froze everything and were ice skating, with all them lights from jelly'ies? Anyone?

  • James Curren
    James Curren Day ago

    I'm Irish and damn proud of my heritage

  • Ádám Kisander

    I hear FL Studio sounds... :D Like it anyways!

  • Robert Sparkes

    As a traditional Catholic who attends only Latin Mass, these are the only types of hymns you’ll hear. No pianos, guitars, drums or dancing... just traditional Catholic Chants.

  • keith mitzel
    keith mitzel Day ago

    Love music

  • Hồ Dũng
    Hồ Dũng Day ago

    what's the piece in 2:04:04

  • Linxa
    Linxa Day ago


  • Jere nieminen
    Jere nieminen Day ago

    hyvä suomi!

  • Kenneth Ang
    Kenneth Ang Day ago

    Love this! Thank you!

  • princes maureen esquivel

    finally! soothing song 😍 . searching for playlist i can bring with me on visiting a different country for the next 2 weeks. how a bout a midnight tea/coffee in a balcony on a winter weather? ♥️

  • Jennifer Morrison

    I’m in Ireland right now!!! It’s so beautiful up here!!!

  • タピ岡タピ子


  • 王柏翔
    王柏翔 Day ago

    Change your life! 王柏翔

  • Coach Tony Paul

    This is wonderous backdrop while meditating on the Rosary.

  • 王柏翔
    王柏翔 Day ago


  • Pokemon Master

    Ye canny get better music dan this.

  • Bubba Jojimbob

    Lovely 😌

  • Ms. p0tatO
    Ms. p0tatO Day ago

    im just really depressed and anxious lately. i remember how i used to get out of stressful situations by stress eating but now i just throw up whenever i eat anything. but i realised that music really makes me feel better, thank you for this playlist!

  • Alvionita Vio
    Alvionita Vio Day ago

    I don't know how did you find all of this magical music, but i'm glad i found your channel. But still, i wish i have your skill to find those 😂

  • Sumit Singh
    Sumit Singh Day ago


  • Yami Kawaii
    Yami Kawaii Day ago

    You deserve a like ^^

  • First Last
    First Last Day ago

    Emotional support animals are NOT are not therapy animals Therapy animals do not work for one person.

  • Da Yan
    Da Yan Day ago


  • kazuu su
    kazuu su Day ago

    途中 広告が無くて素晴らしい

  • Jesus Hong
    Jesus Hong Day ago

    Does anybody know the name of the song or interpret? @ 32:06 - 34:38 I really need to know. Also it's been more than 3 years now and the person of this channel hasn't still uploaded the timp stamps Lazy bastard XD just kidding of course. But still what a shame

  • smaug dragon iowa battleship

    if real was i medival era with dragons and all that staff i would to be a dragon

  • Jazmin Dominguez
    Jazmin Dominguez 2 days ago

    Weeeey odio los comerciales de Didi!! Son excesivos!! 😤😤😤 La música genial, me encanta!!! 🤭💗

  • trip tamine
    trip tamine 2 days ago

    i love this music sm greetings from Argentina~ we drink more beer than u :p

  • Tundra Runner
    Tundra Runner 2 days ago

    Using a dog to protect oneself is not glorious, so to defend the interests of others ...

  • Mlg Ty
    Mlg Ty 2 days ago


  • Mutasim Billah Enan

    Nice.. From Bangladesh

  • FrostGaming
    FrostGaming 2 days ago

    I love scottish music and im the only person in my family and class that likes it

  • Sploot
    Sploot 2 days ago

    Beginning reminds me of music from the Sims. I love it.

  • 김서현
    김서현 2 days ago

    Nice song ^^

  • Konstantijn Van Popta

    THIS IS A WALL -------------------------------------------- Get back to studying/working, THEN WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED, read the comments.

  • Lee Gami
    Lee Gami 2 days ago

    Splendid. I was looking outside my window and making some work, that gives me some nostalgia, like animes on tranquil moment after big troubles, I like it very much. The actual 2.8k dislikes are undeserved.

  • W01
    W01 2 days ago

    If there ever was a balkan league or a slav union scotish irish Will be their Best allys.

  • Leibis Sn
    Leibis Sn 2 days ago

    Hermosa me encantan

  • Esther Traver
    Esther Traver 2 days ago

    I hope everyone has a great day.

  • Itzik
    Itzik 2 days ago

    What's the name of the first song?

  • rhi shi chi
    rhi shi chi 2 days ago

    Waaaaaaaaahhhh Kacau niiiihhh Atap gue bocooorr

  • Luzeelma Rodrigues
    Luzeelma Rodrigues 2 days ago

    Muito bom 👌

  • Daniel von Wartenberg

    Livebetter?! Leben ist besser? Warum einen englischen Text zur DEUTSCHEN Folklore. Diese Nation, echt...!

  • Wishbone Jordy
    Wishbone Jordy 2 days ago

    No matter what there is greatervthings yet to come when you hav patience to have tuime managemment

  • Wishbone Jordy
    Wishbone Jordy 2 days ago

    a remarkable time to do sswell things to grow and become happier more than ever to become a new times of overcoming signs of engaging in what you kniw you can

  • Wishbone Jordy
    Wishbone Jordy 2 days ago

    Fun is the name of the game from all avenues of exploring what it means to feel free and soar to new heights

  • Coda Daniels
    Coda Daniels 2 days ago

    The first one is from a movie called Tombstone

  • rd zy
    rd zy 2 days ago

    damn i was just tryna sleep but now i feel extra lonely HAHAHA

  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    Very relaxing!!!❤❤❤

  • 홍요섭
    홍요섭 2 days ago

    Perfect... Gracias

    REIWA JPN 2 days ago

    Is England on bad terms with Scotland? Is it same with a relation between North Korea and Korea?

  • jennie solo
    jennie solo 2 days ago

    It feels like minecraft

  • Mayka dCR
    Mayka dCR 2 days ago


  • Overthinker Blue
    Overthinker Blue 2 days ago

    The girl with the bow is HOT.....

  • Rooby yadav
    Rooby yadav 2 days ago

    Can any1 tell Da name of all the songs ..... This playlist is really good :)

  • Angeleigh Georgieff

    I love this! Made me weirdly happy

  • Best Meditation Music

    If you are reading this, i wish you the best in life.🙏❤


    Mark Korven-The Witch soundtrack or Cristobal Tapia de Veer-Girl With All The Gifts soundtrack.

  • mark sweeyu
    mark sweeyu 2 days ago

    stupid music got too many advertisements

  • Zee amin
    Zee amin 2 days ago

    Thank you soooo very much!

  • Vicki Petraska
    Vicki Petraska 2 days ago

    Beautiful speaks to your soul

  • Just. Another. Black. Shadow. #13

    I love your videos! You upload so often and it have such good quality! Thank you for posting!

  • a collection of atoms

    It's the 70's. I'm in the cities and it's raining outside. I'm sipping a coffee in the lobby yes yes yes.

  • Cali Brewed
    Cali Brewed 3 days ago

    Another great playlist Live Better!

  • Cali Brewed
    Cali Brewed 3 days ago

    I had to play this video for my girlfriend to remind her why she keeps me around!

  • Cali Brewed
    Cali Brewed 3 days ago

    My 6th cup of coffee had me a little anxious until I played this! :) Very soothing.

  • Konstantijn Van Popta

    This is amazing! All the other tracks I’ve tried made me either want to fall asleep or dance XD

  • Ciarra Way Depp Ledger Winston Iero

    I want the first one to be played at my wedding.

  • André Luiz
    André Luiz 3 days ago

    13:01 how music???

  • Juliana Jesus
    Juliana Jesus 3 days ago

    thank you!

  • Reri Lima
    Reri Lima 3 days ago


  • El kabil Mounaim
    El kabil Mounaim 3 days ago

    10 10 2019

  • Nadia 80
    Nadia 80 3 days ago