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Fun With Audio - Strings
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  • Keri Diablo / DevilSide

    El Buzz Lightyear > Buzz Lightyear Fight me

  • Jono Fancett
    Jono Fancett 6 hours ago

    No, a substitute and a temp ARE different. Why the sin?

  • comfortouch
    comfortouch 6 hours ago

    11:30 Movie: 'I can't feel my face." CS: "But I love it!" Me: (pause) ROFL! (comment)

  • LanceyZ
    LanceyZ 6 hours ago

    this video didn't age *well.*

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 6 hours ago

    I think it is way time that we have updated history books it's important research matters. helps to know the dates and times when historical events happen.

    EL TORO 6 hours ago

    0:55 This is a weird way to scan a barcode.

  • Peter Boadway
    Peter Boadway 6 hours ago


  • Zuunik
    Zuunik 6 hours ago

    I hate when he shits on a movie I like, then shits on Percy Jackson too. 😡

  • Damian Shannon
    Damian Shannon 6 hours ago

    Sin off of the scene with the record player playing nirvana

  • Delta Charlie
    Delta Charlie 6 hours ago

    This movie is garbage. It’s full of because the script demands it. I think they wanted the Actors to Act badly.

  • Some rando Animator
    Some rando Animator 6 hours ago

    *This movie scarred me as much a coraline*

  • Fernando Aguilar
    Fernando Aguilar 6 hours ago

    Cool right

  • Fernando Aguilar
    Fernando Aguilar 6 hours ago

    Yay I'm ft. Me

  • Delta Charlie
    Delta Charlie 6 hours ago

    Did Will Smith say AKing Not acting ?

  • Boris Joshua Teodoro

    They forgot to put 'is' in their intro

  • Delta Charlie
    Delta Charlie 6 hours ago

    Yes because there so many klan rallies in Miami, if they were having it in Indiana it would make more sense, but the whole shipment from Finland would be a head scratcher. Plus that pool is $700 at Walmart the latter is $270, so ... NO! I haven’t watched these movies and you have confirmed my decision to skip all of them. And I love how Hollywood is against police brutality, yet love to make it cool to do it.

  • Johnny Fletcher
    Johnny Fletcher 6 hours ago

    You fucking dipshits. A channel with this many subscribers is not the channel to make viewers pay for sins. Extra fuck you.

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 6 hours ago

    Bill and Ted escaped from hell Spawn got into hell and this army of darkness keeps on going in and out of hell. Spawn burned like Darth Vader and Freddy Kruger but not Dead Pool. Eddie Murphy protected the Golden Child from the minions of the devil. like the Crow Spawn is there same as State Farm to the rescue. and we can thank Doctor Claw for terminating Gadget.

  • The Sim Sinner
    The Sim Sinner 6 hours ago

    Jessica Biel and Ryan were the worst fucking possible casting choices for this bullshit of a movie

  • Prxperty
    Prxperty 6 hours ago

    Do joker!!

  • Blogger Blogg
    Blogger Blogg 6 hours ago

    6:57 these two in love in real life to or was... they had a child, live in a on-off relationship, but who we are to judge...

  • malek davis
    malek davis 6 hours ago

    Alr i agree with some of these but this is a good movie

  • arhickernell
    arhickernell 6 hours ago

    No Ron Perlman... ding

  • Greta_ sae
    Greta_ sae 6 hours ago

    12:19 he wasn't recently turned, Alice said Jasper was new to the "vegetarian" diet which excludes human blood and replaces it with animal blood instead

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 6 hours ago

    " Trinity Help!!" " he is the chosen one he's beginning to believe." Dracula is down he just got body slammed by the Wrestler.

  • Sasha Madison
    Sasha Madison 6 hours ago

    “What is the ‘it’ thats trying to stop you?” It’s a reference to the wendigo from the book

  • Isaacjosh Dcruz
    Isaacjosh Dcruz 6 hours ago

    0:11 not even one minute in and there's already a pun... This is why I like this

  • TheMossinator
    TheMossinator 6 hours ago

    The cliches crack me up 🤣

  • Tori Purgers
    Tori Purgers 6 hours ago

    Army/bully porn.

  • Duchesse de Berne
    Duchesse de Berne 6 hours ago

    Titel is a lie: video is 12:31min

  • UniversalNizzle
    UniversalNizzle 7 hours ago

    love how it went to 1 billion sins when trump came on

  • Sean Griffin
    Sean Griffin 7 hours ago

    “You did it!” “No, _we_ did it.” *_COMMUNISM INTENSIFIES_* 10:59

  • Benjamin Doherty
    Benjamin Doherty 7 hours ago

    NO Why you idiot You cannot sin this incredible movie

  • 0Sideswipe0
    0Sideswipe0 7 hours ago

    Holy shit how politically correct have you become? This video was so unenjoyable.. you've changed..

  • MrJohnnyJohnster
    MrJohnnyJohnster 7 hours ago

    Sorry, what were the names of the two main characters in this movie again?

  • Riley Sassafras
    Riley Sassafras 7 hours ago

    The audio is off at the end

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 7 hours ago

    " tell me something you ever dance with the devil in the pail moon light? I always ask that of all my prey have another cherry."

  • GetSomeScribe
    GetSomeScribe 7 hours ago


  • James White-Aldworth

    Also why would you remove all the blood in one go?

  • TymP321
    TymP321 7 hours ago

    Why no sin for him commanding WATER? Until the curse broke he had power over sand. Sand... Not water.

  • 𝑗 𝑜 𝑛 ت
    𝑗 𝑜 𝑛 ت 7 hours ago

    Wow that was surprisingly UnderSinned

  • Cardinal of the Tachanka Church

    Minions are 4 1/2 feet tall, and gru is like 14

  • deadlyta
    deadlyta 7 hours ago

    I know this is a racing movie so the trucking sin while incorrect was not a big deal, but Trucks are not about to go down another road because of thefts , infact there is a limited number of roads they are legally aloud to go down . No one is going to escort a truck over TVs either A better sin would be why wouldnt CHP or LAPD patrol the routes these trucks go down ? Smaller number of those routes after all.

  • ApocalypticGamez
    ApocalypticGamez 7 hours ago

    Wtf was that noise in 2:41 I died laughing cause the guys right, that line made no sense xD

  • GameTroller
    GameTroller 7 hours ago

    you should watch this movie over again and actually understand one thing that actually happend

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 7 hours ago

    Revenge of the Tacos, Tacos Avengers, Robo Tacos, Big Tacos House, we found the next Victoria Secret moddle and no there was no sex between him and her.

  • Douglas Evans
    Douglas Evans 7 hours ago

    sometimes the sins vids are legit because the movie sucks and sometimes these vids are just for the sake of comedy....this one is definitely for the sake of comedy

  • Kai Seymour
    Kai Seymour 7 hours ago

    Fox face actually was training soo *TAKE OF A SIN NOW!*

  • Siah Elkington
    Siah Elkington 7 hours ago

    "Carol ONLY gets hit, despite Yon-Rogg standing about the same distance away." The fuck? Do you need glasses Jeremy? Carol is clearly 3-4 feet away and Yon-Rogg is clearly 15-30 feet away.

  • sam&peg smith
    sam&peg smith 7 hours ago

    Nothing “wrong” with this movie.

  • Nataly Chacon
    Nataly Chacon 7 hours ago

    16:40 the girl opens her eyes for a quick second

  • redz machine
    redz machine 8 hours ago

    Gonna have to sin you for the mad mad mad mad mad world reference most ppl have probably never seen

  • Maxine Waters
    Maxine Waters 8 hours ago

    how about Everything Wrong With This Channel just a bunch of negativity

  • Maxine Waters
    Maxine Waters 8 hours ago

    how about Everything Wrong With This Channel just a bunch of negativity

  • Maxine Waters
    Maxine Waters 8 hours ago

    how about Everything Wrong With This Channel just a bunch of negativity

  • The Mighty Oh
    The Mighty Oh 8 hours ago

    That Resident Evil Clown ruins every movie she’s in, 🤣

  • Eric D
    Eric D 8 hours ago

    How do they not mention the fact that their ears aren’t into side masks yet they talk back and forth like they have a headset on . . .

    HUSSAINI AZADAR 8 hours ago

    Who love cars 2 like

  • Brendan X
    Brendan X 8 hours ago

    The movie was funnier than this video..

  • Fuzion Knight
    Fuzion Knight 8 hours ago

    Resident evil 1 10/10 Resident evil 2 10/10 Resident evil 3 8/10 Resident evil 4 9/10 Resident evil 5 10/10 Resident evil 6 6/10 And that my personal movie rankings

  • Brendan X
    Brendan X 8 hours ago

    Normally your videos are funny but this video just felt like you wanted an excuse to bash a movie you clearly don't like. Was this movie oscar worthy? Nah. Was it still a good laugh for a couple hours? Absolutely. And who the fuck sins the Reggie scene?

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter 8 hours ago

    No ones appreciating what these films have done to Peter Cullen and what they have made this guy say and do

  • ReaktorLeak
    ReaktorLeak 8 hours ago

    8:38 hackers can tell exactly what a complex program does while the code is flying up the screen

    SHUZAAM 8 hours ago

    How is an alien racist again?

  • Tony Acosta
    Tony Acosta 8 hours ago

    And all of nightmare on elm streets

  • Ren
    Ren 8 hours ago

    Oh Norm I know it's a payday but so is licking ass holes and these are both on par with each other! You sold your soul to a idiot satan, just like Chris did too.

  • Tony Acosta
    Tony Acosta 8 hours ago

    Can u do all of Friday the 13ths movies

  • The Fandom Menace
    The Fandom Menace 8 hours ago

    10:35 WHY did the machine bother to reconstruct his beard??

  • Steffen M.
    Steffen M. 8 hours ago

    Just imagine how Pearl Harbor and 911 would happen in this universe. Also the kamikaze and dropping of the atom bomb. Would it be similar to ours?

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L 8 hours ago


  • Zac S
    Zac S 8 hours ago

    Hey Robot, if you don’t kill me I will kill this guy. ERROR! 🤯

  • cecil filbert
    cecil filbert 8 hours ago

    Lara you have shrunk and look like 12 year old boy with hair!

  • Adam Osborne
    Adam Osborne 8 hours ago

    Soundtrack was absolutely killer though, can't argue with that. And it's a fun movie, if silly.

  • p j
    p j 8 hours ago

    I should say sorry to you because of my last comment , then i get that your channel is prefect ! Mabye i will be in the next video

  • valebliz
    valebliz 8 hours ago

    Particles can be described by a wave function, so your point about DNA is pretty stupid, since matter is made of particles.

  • Matthew Holevinski
    Matthew Holevinski 9 hours ago

    hell yes you'll remove a sin for Jack Nicholson!

  • J J
    J J 9 hours ago

    Also why is every other car in London a fucking Vectra? Also trucks are banned at night so one driving around quiet streets after a major attack would raise every red flag

  • BluMunky87
    BluMunky87 9 hours ago

    Harps about movie using holograms in "a Star Wars prequel manner" while said hologram is used by Qui-Gon Jinn.

  • シュガー
    シュガー 9 hours ago

    The Grudge was better

  • Irwan Zirwanda
    Irwan Zirwanda 9 hours ago

    Everything Wrong? More like Everything is Wrong :)

  • Jayden Seach
    Jayden Seach 9 hours ago

    Roboners 😂

  • Rick H
    Rick H 9 hours ago

    I'm removing 100 sins for casting Marisa Tomei.

  • leeccdoo
    leeccdoo 9 hours ago

    I fucking hate your channel so much.

  • Jack Faulkner
    Jack Faulkner 9 hours ago

    WHO THE F IS REGGIE? this scene is undefeated -25 sins

  • Artificial Eye
    Artificial Eye 9 hours ago

    Everytime I watch this kind of movies the first thing I've worried about is the human passengers

  • Jessica Ashland
    Jessica Ashland 9 hours ago

    I can't believe this piece of shit is getting a sequel

  • Bobzilla 789
    Bobzilla 789 9 hours ago

    Damn Nala really friend-zoned Simba at the start

  • YourDadisBald
    YourDadisBald 9 hours ago

    21:25 I pissed myself 😂😂😂

  • Rxonmymind
    Rxonmymind 9 hours ago

    It's a robot serial killer space aliens movie and this robot like to torture women, splice them open then make a living wall to the victim. Then there is taking over the ship that he will be able to torture 5,000 crew members that are asleep. What's wrong with it? EVERYTHING. Fruitking R.Scott is a psycho.

  • Vanshikha Singh
    Vanshikha Singh 9 hours ago

    Cinema sins... What are you smoking

  • Grünpelz
    Grünpelz 9 hours ago

    How can Luke fight Kylo with a blue Lighsaber if it got destroyed by Rey and Kylo???

  • You may have heard
    You may have heard 9 hours ago

    I've never heard him sound so pissed before lmao

  • Janine:D
    Janine:D 9 hours ago

    I was sooo confused when I found this video, I didn‘t know the Grudge, which is currently playing in the theaters was the remake of this remake. (I‘ve seen only the newest, yet from this video alone I can tell the 2004 version is MUCH better. )

  • rambam77
    rambam77 9 hours ago

    5th Element was green...SUPER GREEN

  • SpetZemas
    SpetZemas 9 hours ago

    Fuel was mentioned in revenge of the Sith when Obi-Wan went to find General Grievous. So one sin for you cinemasins

  • Cody King
    Cody King 9 hours ago

    I'm slightly pissed of this has quite a few less sins than monsters fucking inc

  • •Heartdroid The GachaTuber•

    "Well, that didn't rhyme at all.'' Pfft. I know right?

  • Jose Lara
    Jose Lara 10 hours ago

    The stupid predator killer suit at the end, is explained by the fact that disney owns the franchise now, and they couldn't wait make super hero movies out of the predator series

  • シュガー
    シュガー 10 hours ago

    #1 just stay home

  • Jaaziel Nicor
    Jaaziel Nicor 10 hours ago

    4:30 He's not scaring the kid lol