Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit
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  • Luis Angel Silva
    Luis Angel Silva Minute ago

    Happy bday shayne

  • Katy Hadaway
    Katy Hadaway 2 minutes ago

    Gonna admit one of my fave ships is shartney (real or not idc if they’re jus frens at least they’re close) but still my fave part of the vid was defo 8:35 cuz gosh darn was her lil side smile and nudge hella cute 😂

  • MewtillX prime
    MewtillX prime 4 minutes ago

    Anthony Padilla and Ian hecox from smosh

  • coogko moim
    coogko moim 7 minutes ago

    So wait... The horoscope for gemini said they are gonna be most compatible with a virgo this month... Courtney is also a gemini.... I wonder....

  • Robert
    Robert 17 minutes ago

    My goodness Olivia is weird

  • Mvy Bby
    Mvy Bby 17 minutes ago

    How can Laurel judge the donuts by how they taste when they didn't even make the batter themselves??

  • Rafael Geraldo
    Rafael Geraldo 18 minutes ago

    ok i think the coach kinda flirted with shayne in a very subtile way

  • Noah Trombley
    Noah Trombley 19 minutes ago

    I used to do the same flapping thing when I was little

  • Symonne XoXo
    Symonne XoXo 24 minutes ago

    Me & Shayne have the same T-Shirt ong😩❤️

  • Fazxii
    Fazxii 26 minutes ago

    7:52 *did Courtney actually just-*

  • Trosher Vmp
    Trosher Vmp 28 minutes ago

    Not gonna lie this made me kinda dislike Bose a lot.....................

  • jack ryan
    jack ryan 31 minute ago

    holy crap how small is Noah, I thought it was only ret that was big.

  • Christian Cuadrado
    Christian Cuadrado 34 minutes ago

    Gus italian man baby will always be my favorite

  • lilChickenJoe
    lilChickenJoe 35 minutes ago


  • Jakob Smith
    Jakob Smith 43 minutes ago

    11:50 Shane looks like a family guy character 😂

  • Me Also me
    Me Also me 44 minutes ago

    I lost track of who’s in the try guys and who’s in smosh, they’re all so alike

  • Leaf Wing
    Leaf Wing 48 minutes ago

    As soon as Courtney said rap I was like: TELL HIM TO DO IT HAMILTON STYLE

  • Kayley Parmley
    Kayley Parmley 52 minutes ago

    Smosh pit? More like smo- spit

  • Parking Jimin
    Parking Jimin 53 minutes ago

    10:05 hi yes what about virgos?

    • coogko moim
      coogko moim 7 minutes ago

      I like how Shayne and Courtney are matching 👀

  • puppy lover
    puppy lover 55 minutes ago

    Awww shayne😔

  • Kai Michaelis
    Kai Michaelis 57 minutes ago

    dudeee, ive always wanted to name my daughter Ryan

  • Leaf Wing
    Leaf Wing Hour ago

    My definition of strawberry strum: When one has played guitar with their fingers instead of a pick and their fingertips go red and get a bit swollen

  • Brown Panther
    Brown Panther Hour ago

    Feels bad for 4:35 for me

  • Brookie 270
    Brookie 270 Hour ago

    13:17 is the best thing ever

  • X-Ray722
    X-Ray722 Hour ago

    Did you actually get that cake Noah

  • Pdawg
    Pdawg Hour ago

    Umm, maybe slamming the bat on the wood floor wasn’t the best idea?

  • mimidevil007
    mimidevil007 Hour ago

    I totally forgot about Shane’s beanie days 😂

    R.I.O.T SPEEDY Hour ago

    Happy birthday shayne we share the same birthday 😂

  • Jade Taibi
    Jade Taibi Hour ago

    This is the funniest shit I have ever seen🤣🤣🤣 you guys should totally make another episode of this

  • King Ahmed
    King Ahmed Hour ago

    Why my man Damien always getting skipped on ✋

  • Karyme Rivera
    Karyme Rivera Hour ago

    Julien solomita would be hilarious on this!!

  • Maria C
    Maria C Hour ago


  • Frankie Ulin
    Frankie Ulin Hour ago

    This is the most unfunny video ive seen in my life how do you guys have a series with this garbage

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy Hour ago

    They aren’t watching any good videos

  • yikes !
    yikes ! Hour ago

    Whenever I’m sad I come back and watch this video Me: :( Smosh: We went to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire! Me: :)))

  • SerjEpic
    SerjEpic 2 hours ago


  • JCovers
    JCovers 2 hours ago

    When Zach brought out the skeleton during the voice message bit, I almost choked on my water I was laughing so hard 😂🙃

  • Abby MIller
    Abby MIller 2 hours ago

    I stumbled across a Courtney Miller sticker app on the app store. I don't know what else there is to say.

  • Sams Arcade
    Sams Arcade 2 hours ago

    My man Shane is.Awkward af in this video.

  • Gamer God
    Gamer God 2 hours ago

    if Shane says "sherbert" one more time! XD

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 2 hours ago

    Noah is a sweatheart

  • HJMkciN
    HJMkciN 2 hours ago

    2019 gang wya

  • Erick Mejia
    Erick Mejia 2 hours ago

    6:21 don't mind if I do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Leah Rosenbrook
    Leah Rosenbrook 2 hours ago

    just a 27 year-old man in a cat onesie. nothing to see here.

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 2 hours ago

    As someone from Florida Shayne he is right about Florida

  • ChairmanMeow
    ChairmanMeow 2 hours ago


  • Barney Boi
    Barney Boi 2 hours ago

    Who else thinks Olivia should have got the job

  • Knox Tabor
    Knox Tabor 2 hours ago

    Holy crap that's the Tennessee Valley Fair

  • Hayden Hall
    Hayden Hall 2 hours ago

    Shayne had a show called SMOSH LAB and he didn’t get A GOSH DARN CHEMICAL ELEMENT RIGHT!

  • John Wiseman
    John Wiseman 2 hours ago

    He sprayed her with this giant grin and I genuinely wanted to die. Thx Ian

  • Madz C
    Madz C 3 hours ago

    While walking through the fair after a long day of filming, Olivia spots a churro stand just around the corner. She all of the sudden feels her mouth watering and breaks out in a sprint towards it. Once Olivia reaches the stand, she is out of breath and in desperate need of some churros. She buys the churro. Olivia takes it from the cashier and prepares herself for the final moment. She closes her eyes and takes the warm treat close to her mouth, when she gets knocked to the ground by a group of middle schoolers sprinting past. She brushes off and recovers, only to realize that the churro is no longer in her hands. She looks at the ground and sees her true love squished into the dirt and filth of the fair grounds. Olivia drops to her knees and lets out a painful wail, knowing she will never love anything more than that churro The end 😔

  • Nalayak Ojas
    Nalayak Ojas 3 hours ago

    I know damien’s strategy, its he always the first one to hit the bell for the first dish!!! And also “nobody gonna believe thats probably toothpaste”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Senor Cat
    Senor Cat 3 hours ago

    Happy birthday Shayne!

  • The Fantastic World of Potatoes

    4:24 the bottle has landed on shayne if they counted the butt side of the bottle pointing at shayne that means that Courtney and shayne could’ve kissed for 3 secs and I wish that would’ve happened(I’m a shartney shipper)

  • ღIzzy Dubstep AJ ღ


  • Jimmy Gunner
    Jimmy Gunner 3 hours ago

    Anyone else think Shayne was actually gonna do a kipup?


    3:22 and snow cones are better than fro-yo

  • Madz C
    Madz C 3 hours ago

    I love how Noah just goes to the store and buys Mac and cheese for no purpose at all 7:26

  • Ella Watkins
    Ella Watkins 3 hours ago

    J o e n

  • Chris McMillen
    Chris McMillen 3 hours ago

    Courtney always loves the cute shit and wants to talk about her feelings lol

  • Jeremy Cox
    Jeremy Cox 3 hours ago

    Where is James

  • Nalayak Ojas
    Nalayak Ojas 3 hours ago

    Olivia is so angry !!!!!!!

  • The dead girl On the inside

    10:33 me when I remember I have no friends.

  • Danielle Chagnon
    Danielle Chagnon 3 hours ago

    Today is actually my birthday (the 14th) and it's also Shayne's birthday

  • Gemma Pullan
    Gemma Pullan 3 hours ago


  • ;
    ; 3 hours ago

    They should say "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME: we are trained idiots! Please like so they see this

  • NationOne44
    NationOne44 3 hours ago

    Y'all ain't ready for Elyse

  • Johnna Thomas
    Johnna Thomas 3 hours ago

    My Birthday is June 8th!!!

  • Sid Perez
    Sid Perez 3 hours ago

    Ian was definitely drunk during this. LMAO

  • Allison Robertson
    Allison Robertson 3 hours ago

    I've probably watched this like 50 times now

  • E.n. D.
    E.n. D. 3 hours ago

    You guys should invite markiplier and jacksepticey it will really be awkward

  • therogers33
    therogers33 3 hours ago

    Where’s episode 1?

  • iguess itsfine
    iguess itsfine 3 hours ago

    Omg have jenna and julien in an episode

  • Amani Flenoy
    Amani Flenoy 3 hours ago

    Love shazam

  • Alex Paez
    Alex Paez 3 hours ago

    Watch this in reverse

  • Stranger Things Fan
    Stranger Things Fan 3 hours ago

    When Ian walked out with the muscula shirt I thought it was real XD

  • Olivia Treppens
    Olivia Treppens 3 hours ago

    This has been an ad from Walmart

  • Wayne Stetkis
    Wayne Stetkis 3 hours ago

    Awww that match

  • Marla Rinehart
    Marla Rinehart 3 hours ago

    Happy birthday Shayne!!!!!🥳💜

  • Justice Raven
    Justice Raven 3 hours ago

    Gemini and Virgos match Courtney Gemini Shayne Virgo

  • Robots Compose
    Robots Compose 3 hours ago

    When Olivia talked about voicing the kitchen things I just thought of Martha Stewart picking things up and olivia just screaming

  • chonky boii
    chonky boii 3 hours ago

    Yanny seems like a great instructor

  • Robots Compose
    Robots Compose 3 hours ago

    Yo for some reason all my dreams are just unconscious original horror movies

  • Hailey Niemeier
    Hailey Niemeier 3 hours ago

    My life: currently being demonized

  • Jhin
    Jhin 4 hours ago

    I get so nervous watching this video everytime

  • Jamie_Jewel
    Jamie_Jewel 4 hours ago

    Why is it SMOKING?! That looks so dangerous

  • Grace Vano
    Grace Vano 4 hours ago

    When Courtney says "It's gonna fall out when things get hot and heavy" Shayne's face was RADIATING sm jealous vibes i could see it through the screen

  • Madz C
    Madz C 4 hours ago

    Love that Petty Comment Count 😂

  • Ethan McCallister
    Ethan McCallister 4 hours ago

    1:20 I really really want Shayne to cameo in a movie as this character

  • Kaylee morrison
    Kaylee morrison 4 hours ago

    Courtney winss for me

  • CeCe Bandy
    CeCe Bandy 4 hours ago

    So cute

  • Drew Przybylski
    Drew Przybylski 4 hours ago


  • rainbowcorn _243
    rainbowcorn _243 4 hours ago

    For some reason I always thought that Shane and Courtney were siblings

  • Mr Claw
    Mr Claw 4 hours ago

    I thought it was gonna be funny that Ian said he wasnt gonna be fazed and then yelling in agony but no. He he has problems.

  • UselessAnimationz
    UselessAnimationz 4 hours ago

    LOGAN FCKING PAUL???????????!?????!??!??!???!????

  • Abby Coupper
    Abby Coupper 4 hours ago

    I wanna see shayne and Sam or whatever the bumble person name was date lol

    • mechadoggy
      mechadoggy 3 hours ago

      Yeah, if Shartney never happens, then I’ll settle for Shayne and the Bumble girl (plus hopefully some Court-mien)

  • Joshua Knoebel.
    Joshua Knoebel. 4 hours ago

    Damien's last name is spelled the same as my half siblings.

  • Alex Valdez
    Alex Valdez 4 hours ago

    What is the thing on 2:22

  • It’s crazydestiny
    It’s crazydestiny 4 hours ago

    Jest courtney Shane jest date already

  • Wild_ian1
    Wild_ian1 4 hours ago

    14:01 sounds like it’s from the Gus and Eddy Podcast lol