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Amazing Football Goals
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  • van Nguyen
    van Nguyen 20 minutes ago

    What's his name? Who wares number 7 for the white team? Did he learn anything about behaving or what? I see some raw behavior in the man. Sports is about losing a beautiful loss. Almost every team member shows savageness when they lose. What ugly millionaires they are.

  • mr lallain sanga
    mr lallain sanga 28 minutes ago

    Penaldo😀😁😂😃mouth rin ho

  • Juan Rodriguez Ziga
    Juan Rodriguez Ziga 48 minutes ago

    7:21 👌🤴🔝

  • Briyit Alferez
    Briyit Alferez Hour ago


  • Dominique Perez
    Dominique Perez Hour ago

    Omg omg goo edit bro when 0:42 i really love it olé olé ole

  • violent cop
    violent cop 2 hours ago

  • Bamba Ousmie
    Bamba Ousmie 4 hours ago

    😢😢😢😢😢😢 thank you DD11

  • Sulaiman Rashidi
    Sulaiman Rashidi 5 hours ago

    Ramos is the nicest person on the pitch until he starts losing the match.

  • Sarmed Baiati
    Sarmed Baiati 6 hours ago

    MESSI IS THE REAL , BIGGEST LEGEND ,Alone he destroyed Real Madrid many times .

  • Lil gonzii manji
    Lil gonzii manji 7 hours ago

    Wooow i was like 6 or 7 first time i wached this vid now im 12

  • سنوس اوجار
    سنوس اوجار 8 hours ago


    • سنوس اوجار
      سنوس اوجار 8 hours ago

      برشلونة مباراتي اليوم بني تشلسي ارسنال

    BLAST 8 hours ago

    Zlatan doesn’t need a doctor A Doctor needs Zlatan

  • Nadie Sabe el DÍA Ni la HORA Cristo Viene!!!

    *_Muy buena jugada de parte de CR7_* 0:48 👏👏

  • James Mx
    James Mx 11 hours ago


  • Angel Alvarez
    Angel Alvarez 12 hours ago

    La horquesta de PEP quedara en la historia del mundo !

  • Angel Alvarez
    Angel Alvarez 12 hours ago

    Revivir este partido no tiene precio ! Lo mejor que vi en mi vida soy fans del BARÇA desde chico por los colores de mi amado SAN LORENZO esr dia quede sin vos de gritar los goles ganarles a los merengues es lo mejor soy Argentino !

  • Salamat Riyadi
    Salamat Riyadi 13 hours ago

    What song

  • vasilis koulouris
    vasilis koulouris 14 hours ago

    bro zlatan should have won all the puskas awards

  • Yunita Iek
    Yunita Iek 16 hours ago

    animasi bagus ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Kaiba
    Kaiba 18 hours ago

    Who is better? Like : Ibrahimović Comment : Ibrahimović

  • are zo
    are zo 20 hours ago

    music is boring

    GAMES AND SPORTS 21 hour ago

    Pep was the best coach in barca history.

  • بادشاہ
    بادشاہ 22 hours ago

    and its not his prime! ....

  • _iL7C _
    _iL7C _ 23 hours ago

    The Real Of Barcelona

  • _iL7C _
    _iL7C _ 23 hours ago

    I miss this squad :(

  • Frankie De Jong

    Barcelona is the best

  • Chris Reaney
    Chris Reaney Day ago

    Sheffield United

  • Luis Deel-17
    Luis Deel-17 Day ago

    Me acuerdo cuando estaba morro y vi este video en el ciber de por mi casa Me encanto y me fascinó Que hubiera alguien con la habilidad de aser esos golazos

    LEART CR7 Day ago

    Shum nise

  • Aleff Veras
    Aleff Veras Day ago

    O bruxo

  • Gabriel Rodrigues

    Volta melhor trio d mundo.

  • amaçsız oyuncu


  • amaçsız oyuncu


  • Sharrey Films
    Sharrey Films Day ago

    * sida loola soo dago gameta fifa 20 ee kubada cagta👇👇👇👇 m.ru-clip.com/video/m4ajoSEQ8MU/video.html

  • RIDHO Khafidz
    RIDHO Khafidz Day ago

    I hate you

  • Mirjalol Mirmaxmudov

    Ronaldinhoga gap yooo uuu tengsiz

  • Emilie Bouliere

    la barcelona

  • Liam Minecraft Building Channel

    Casillas played like shit this game. He couldn't save anything.

  • Wysky Mondialu

    Din cauza pariurilor si mafiei de pariuri no sa mai fie meciuri deste numa 1 la 0 si 0. 0

  • Anirban Haldar


  • Njr10117cr7 Rivera
    Njr10117cr7 Rivera 2 days ago


  • Season Tally
    Season Tally 2 days ago

    damn bro i remember the days watching this under my covers on my ipod touch back when i was 9 years old... i miss those days

  • Roudyman black
    Roudyman black 2 days ago

    Le roi du foot ronaldinho

  • Ricardo Zamora
    Ricardo Zamora 2 days ago

    Ronaldo es mejor de aquí a la luna que Ronaldinho

  • Pubg Mobaile. للمبتدأيين


  • Oğuzhan Bakırdaş

    What is the music name ?

  • Lukas De Jesus
    Lukas De Jesus 2 days ago

    Check also the Ronaldinho's son ru-clip.com/video/EgE_SQesO4Q/video.html

  • Sajiry Mix
    Sajiry Mix 3 days ago

    V. Valdes banyak lagak masa d barca.. Epl.. Mcm taik sja..

  • alfa riz
    alfa riz 3 days ago

    i love how ronadinho control the ball, even messi and ronaldo can't defeat him... he can still pass or shoot the ball even when he loss his balance

  • helton santos
    helton santos 3 days ago



    *hotslut.ru* 4:48

  • اي باي
    اي باي 3 days ago


  • Mell0n
    Mell0n 3 days ago

    Now I understand better , why Neymar and Messi were also a great duo even though not as great as leodinho. Thanks a lot for making us loving the football Ronaldinho , you're a real legend. Much respects and loves from Turkey 💗

  • RTL
    RTL 3 days ago

    Did Penaldo not get his penalty? Lol.

  • Lyrics
    Lyrics 3 days ago

    Dont cry because its over Smile because it happened

  • Kanat Muhimbekov
    Kanat Muhimbekov 3 days ago

    Барса перёт

  • tandel ashvin
    tandel ashvin 3 days ago

    Neymar jr. is the best

  • Yadi Januarizky
    Yadi Januarizky 3 days ago

    Pertadingan persib vs selangor

  • Yadi Januarizky
    Yadi Januarizky 3 days ago

    Pertabdingan pesib dengan selangor

  • Strahinja Maksimovic

    Bravo doktore

  • english. moive
    english. moive 3 days ago

    fine j

  • Olivier Dufour
    Olivier Dufour 3 days ago

    Legend 🇨🇮❤️

  • Sujala Shetty
    Sujala Shetty 3 days ago

    Halal Madrid and fuck setien

  • Aria Camila
    Aria Camila 3 days ago


  • Eugene RTY
    Eugene RTY 3 days ago

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 THE BEST!!!!!

  • Akat Wangham
    Akat Wangham 3 days ago

    *Do you know!!??* *_Zlatan once kicked the football at the midst of game and referees gave free kick we named free kick nowadays_* Edit* _He is so real like me_

  • Fill Gaming
    Fill Gaming 3 days ago

    2020 Ibrahimovic AC Milan

  • Matos Tv
    Matos Tv 4 days ago

    Saudades desse time foda, que eles voltem nessa próxima temporada 20/21!!

  • Gebresellassie Seyoum

    Gebrekjdan inter voawra smbare

  • Gerardo Lugo
    Gerardo Lugo 4 days ago

    Like Messi y Neymar 👍 Suárez comenta

  • Fabiola Villano
    Fabiola Villano 4 days ago

    Ronaldinho is the best!! El mejor!!!

  • Cheick Osseni
    Cheick Osseni 4 days ago

    Malmö Ajax Barcelone Juventus Inter milan Ac Milan PSG Manchester United L.A galaxy 💪🏿❤️

  • gilberto pontes
    gilberto pontes 4 days ago

    Aproveite e curtam esse gênio , porque vai demorar uns 200 anos para parecer outro igual

  • gilberto pontes
    gilberto pontes 4 days ago

    O maior jogador que já vi jogar .

  • Youssouf Dembele
    Youssouf Dembele 4 days ago

    Je suis fan de Man united toute l Afrique est fière de toi champion

  • Rick Claark
    Rick Claark 4 days ago

    Never seen any attack as dangerous as this trio

  • cadawe 2020
    cadawe 2020 4 days ago

    Hala Madrid 7 hhhhhhhh baca 0

  • Alexandru Tudoran
    Alexandru Tudoran 4 days ago

    The way Ronaldo looks at Messi at the end is epic.Like peasant looking at a KING!

  • Arif Nurhayadi
    Arif Nurhayadi 4 days ago

    kekalahan paling pait ronoldo bersama club yg di belanya

  • osama Ahmed
    osama Ahmed 4 days ago

    who watch this bad guy 2020

  • Dalil eddine Slimani

    What r9 gave to football even if we make messi and Ronaldo younger again they don't dare to to do what the goat did.

  • Vismay Chandu
    Vismay Chandu 4 days ago

    When zlatan falls he doesn’t get hurt the ground does

  • Ady Allen
    Ady Allen 4 days ago

    Ramos es y será pura basura

  • md emon
    md emon 4 days ago

    Ronaldo bad boy😠😠

  • Saynabou Sidibe
    Saynabou Sidibe 5 days ago


  • iFenom_z
    iFenom_z 5 days ago

    Neymar could have been a Barca legend.

  • Kamalkant kant
    Kamalkant kant 5 days ago

    I believe he is a miracle.... How on earth can someone finish in any possible or impossible way he wants?????🔥🔥🔥😅🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🥰🥰

    BYCTEL LIMITADO 5 days ago

    que haremos sres cuando ya se acaben las ultimas leyendas, esta epoca esta muy falta de magia...

  • Nikolay Kirilov
    Nikolay Kirilov 5 days ago

    Humillando siempre el madrid 😂😂😂 .... que guai 4:0 ,6:2 ,5:0 ,5:1 ..y más...y más..😂👍 visca el Barça !!!

  • Jorge Marios
    Jorge Marios 5 days ago

    Zlatan was born in a house made by him

  • Ahmed Ayub
    Ahmed Ayub 5 days ago

    The match where Messi took the worst beating ever

  • ليث الأطرش

    حطم دمر رأس رونالدووووو

  • Dion-Brawl Stars
    Dion-Brawl Stars 5 days ago

    Song on 1:20

  • elif gokgoz
    elif gokgoz 5 days ago


  • kooki ghizlan
    kooki ghizlan 5 days ago

    أفضل لاعب عندي سلطان 💕⁦♥️⁩

  • Dream of life
    Dream of life 5 days ago

    Good also like hdidvhhuosg

  • Jack Copa
    Jack Copa 5 days ago

    Cr7 y messi los mejores

  • Tạ Vàng
    Tạ Vàng 5 days ago

    0:30 God skill

  • ആനപ്രാന്തൻ ആനപ്രാന്തൻ

    Please don't compire rono with messi.. rono the one and only king