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  • ayesha nasreen
    ayesha nasreen Minute ago

    For wearing spects also make up needed

  • Aina Yasmin
    Aina Yasmin 3 minutes ago

    Aaaaaand that's why they have been single for a long time.

  • Joshua Ezekiel Trinidad

    People watching this in 2019?

  • Mark Hoang
    Mark Hoang 6 minutes ago

    I meant 4:56

  • Mark Hoang
    Mark Hoang 7 minutes ago

    Anybody here the f word 4:57

  • Brett Ziebz
    Brett Ziebz 16 minutes ago

    These women are amazing

  • Nona dona
    Nona dona 17 minutes ago

    Wuts the point of getting a new phone if ur not gonna text me back lol

  • Wipe your screen
    Wipe your screen 22 minutes ago

    I saw the first 20 sec and if it took me that long to take a bath, my mom would tombstone piledriver me. (Man btw)

  • Alicja Jus
    Alicja Jus 22 minutes ago

    Billie eilish is my sister

  • Маша Ви
    Маша Ви 22 minutes ago

    Есть русские?

  • 1GoldRunner
    1GoldRunner 23 minutes ago

    Please hire an appropriate artist for the type of videos you're playing because the one used here isn't connecting well with this audience. They aren't bad in the least but their style is making it hard for people to fully understand the information being shared.

  • •Jaelyn •
    •Jaelyn • 24 minutes ago

    dowoon and jae talking about eachother 🥺🥺

  • sparkling lightz
    sparkling lightz 28 minutes ago

    0:22 why you go to sleep so early?

  • Ches Ca
    Ches Ca 31 minute ago


  • Jake Battis
    Jake Battis 32 minutes ago

    Was definitely waiting for the A Day To Remember cover of Since U Been Gone 😂😂

  • juffy manuel
    juffy manuel 35 minutes ago

    I cant stop listening billie eilish song😍

  • Millie Billing
    Millie Billing 37 minutes ago

    So you just didn’t draw the hat or ?

  • elton thomas
    elton thomas 37 minutes ago

    So when the snake gets big? So I guess your the meal.

  • Eka Arfina
    Eka Arfina 37 minutes ago

    imagine their babies 😍😍

  • Jace O
    Jace O 39 minutes ago

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  • Tree Bark
    Tree Bark 43 minutes ago

    Mortgage Broker $600k?

  • Karen Smith YouTube
    Karen Smith YouTube 53 minutes ago

    She sweared!!!!!!!!

  • chipsmee
    chipsmee 55 minutes ago

    Old fashion was way better than today's fashion

  • 셀아빠 [SelDaddy]
    셀아빠 [SelDaddy] 56 minutes ago

    촬영하는 카메라는 어떤 걸 쓰나요 궁금하네요~^^

  • NateDawg
    NateDawg 57 minutes ago

    was waiting for the woman who does it herself for free pretty disappointed

  • Paj Pob Tsuas
    Paj Pob Tsuas Hour ago

    John can do better than Chrissy come one dawg!

  • Will Treck
    Will Treck Hour ago

    Y'all I'm eating my chips

  • flysociety
    flysociety Hour ago

    For some reason I truly don't believe this🤔

  • Rakesh Ojha
    Rakesh Ojha Hour ago

    Indian engineering students = 4am

  • proud2BaNurse
    proud2BaNurse Hour ago

    This guy is a hair god! I'm currently on month 2 growing out an extremely short pixie. It's a brutal experience. Why do I do this to myself? (((( IDK. ))))

  • P Cuff
    P Cuff Hour ago

    Trust me she has a stash🤑🤑🤑

  • Oguhijokle
    Oguhijokle Hour ago

    oh no

  • Ijlaal Ahmed
    Ijlaal Ahmed Hour ago

    Title:dove Cameron hijacks a strangers phone. Dove:this is my friend Nina☺

  • shubhashri choudhury

    It takes a great one to see, acknowledge and respect a great one! Beautiful ❤😍

  • Hacked Games
    Hacked Games Hour ago


  • Paris Quick
    Paris Quick Hour ago

    *what if the 69 year old used the eggplant emoji*

  • Reva Denard
    Reva Denard Hour ago

    you need a shotgun for sure or a large machete for your protection and safety

  • P Cuff
    P Cuff Hour ago

    I love the don’t spend part she with retire in 5 years n a house. Trust!

  • Jessica Su
    Jessica Su Hour ago

    Still an inspirational love of SA ❤️

  • P Cuff
    P Cuff Hour ago

    Poor knees... all that squatting and sitting.

  • Dani's Slime Videos

    She has a great courage to leave in that van! Good to her for that big success! 👍✨💕

  • M_1_R_A_Y
    M_1_R_A_Y Hour ago


  • Ivy Bassett
    Ivy Bassett 2 hours ago

    Friends that make each other do those little stifled giggles are friends forever <3

  • sev marczynski
    sev marczynski 2 hours ago

    This is the first friendship test video where i laugh almost the entire video😂 the bond is undeniable!

  • Beauty and House
    Beauty and House 2 hours ago


  • Chloe Erh
    Chloe Erh 2 hours ago

    Normal peeps: hand. Billie Eilish: Leg.

  • o e
    o e 2 hours ago

    It's kinda weird when I do not see the face ...😂

  • Zeynep Çakmak
    Zeynep Çakmak 2 hours ago

    Aramızda türkler var mı

  • Kate
    Kate 2 hours ago

    19 year old: my wife and I me: chokes on own spit

  • Avynera
    Avynera 2 hours ago

    Guys... I almost cried. That's beautiful

  • 세은 ᅳ방탄 보라해


  • Melissa
    Melissa 2 hours ago

    1950s outfit looked more like 1980s. And once again the 2010s outfit was so strange! I would have loved to see her wearing a crop top and high waisted pants, I think I saw that more often than lime green dresses!

  • kira yoshikage
    kira yoshikage 2 hours ago

    i thought she was an angsty teen but she's actually nice

  • Tanya Espejo
    Tanya Espejo 2 hours ago

    Do more of this video's Dove

  • Human Being
    Human Being 2 hours ago

    I must say, the illustration to display the accurate design of Mulan’s garments is simply atrocious.

  • aznbreakerboi51o
    aznbreakerboi51o 2 hours ago

    White lady telling us about Chinese fashion? Lmao

  •  3 hours ago

    I looooooove Billie illis so much 💙💙

  • Dylan Boii
    Dylan Boii 3 hours ago


  • Sierra x
    Sierra x 3 hours ago

    At least this can’t hurt me 😊💗🌺 Nvm.. that sh*t hurted 😞

  • pippp pip
    pippp pip 3 hours ago

    when they hug each other - it makes me cry.

  • Johnny Nguyen
    Johnny Nguyen 3 hours ago

    People are crazy being man. Selfish

  • Thin Bao
    Thin Bao 3 hours ago


  • 101cathycat
    101cathycat 3 hours ago

    i like number 2 look why is mismatch black navy cool,its ugly

  • sommi
    sommi 3 hours ago

    🧡💛💚💙 The $1.3m girl, "Entertainer" is a diplomatic way of saying Prostitute. Good on her, God bless you mami 🧡💛💚💙

  • Alice Willoughby
    Alice Willoughby 3 hours ago

    1:33 - In this pose, Little Brother (Mulan's dog) looks like Stitch(sp?)! Am I right, people?

  • Ditte Münch
    Ditte Münch 3 hours ago

    You maybe forgot to mention, that the snow Queen is not a norwegian story.....

  • child
    child 3 hours ago

    1:32 looks 40. 50 max

  • Sanvir Jamaal
    Sanvir Jamaal 3 hours ago

    I'm over here struggling to get a McChicken

  • NAWW
    NAWW 3 hours ago

    Remember the higher the salary the bigger the cut because this is percents

    RAGE_GOD 3 hours ago

    Time to become a male stripper

    RAGE_GOD 3 hours ago

    Makes 300,000$ a year but can’t afford 35k-65k a year for a high end apartment

  • Freddie’s games D
    Freddie’s games D 3 hours ago

    62 is really nice

    BILLIE EILISH 3 hours ago

    Keara graves is looks billie a little bit (pls dont fight meh) just my opinion 😅☺️ only for me

  • Hayley J
    Hayley J 3 hours ago

    Why is this spoken so slowly? It's like they are slowly falling asleep.

  • Amar Bazuka
    Amar Bazuka 3 hours ago


  • Spoilt baby tiger no.1

    What is billies natural hair color

  • Lee- MusicLover
    Lee- MusicLover 4 hours ago

    i REALLY prefer her to do these fashion expert videos- she just seems genuine. no put on accent, no fake sounding attitude. she just seems like a genuine person sharing her expertise. please let her continue these!

  • melissa Parker
    melissa Parker 4 hours ago

    Your snake eat the i lol

  • Lee- MusicLover
    Lee- MusicLover 4 hours ago

    did anyone actually think that mary poppins (a fantasy movie) WOULD be historically accurate? lol

  • Tanver Ahmed
    Tanver Ahmed 4 hours ago

    "its a vegetarian 🐅"

  • jatin chauhan
    jatin chauhan 4 hours ago

    Emma king you're so talented! But i really hope you won't eat my kids

  • To Meme or Not To Meme

    Even the narrator doesn’t want to be there

  • No fucking way
    No fucking way 4 hours ago

    The comments 😭😭😂 y'all roasted tf outta him

  • Georgia Boaretto
    Georgia Boaretto 4 hours ago

    É linda d+

  • Edwina Gauna
    Edwina Gauna 4 hours ago

    Do you love Billie ellish voice? Like if its a yes Like if its a no

  • Charlotte Scrivner
    Charlotte Scrivner 4 hours ago

    Hi I love you I sing all the time my fav is bad guy

  • ameera Chaudhry
    ameera Chaudhry 4 hours ago

    Aaaa they are all literally soooo cute! 😻 🤤

  • Jules BCKRS
    Jules BCKRS 4 hours ago

    What gender pay gap?

  • Jules BCKRS
    Jules BCKRS 4 hours ago

    What gender pay gap?

  • Sarayu Manoj
    Sarayu Manoj 4 hours ago

    i am 0:21

  • Jordan X1123
    Jordan X1123 4 hours ago

    These girls Ain’t know nothin about him😭😭😭

  • himynameiscyn
    himynameiscyn 5 hours ago

    I havent cut my hair in 3 years....

  • THE Daniel Craig Fan

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  • Samuel S
    Samuel S 5 hours ago

    I wanna fight 😂

  • geeky sunny
    geeky sunny 5 hours ago

    i m racist

  • Gear 14
    Gear 14 5 hours ago

    I got no sleep Got only Barazzers HD

  • SawmonOnDex
    SawmonOnDex 5 hours ago

    Ok the girl that makes 1.3M please tell me what type of entertainment you do

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  • Paula Lara
    Paula Lara 5 hours ago

    Wake up girls. Please wake up.

  • Cerabella Moanism
    Cerabella Moanism 5 hours ago

    Lovely! So much talent!❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏💔so perfect!