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Lionel Hun | Hope
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Lionel Hun | 7th Floor [2]
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Lionel Hun | 7th Floor
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Body | Work | Leisure
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Lionel Hun | Requiem
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  • precious jackson
    precious jackson 7 months ago


    • Lionel Hun
      Lionel Hun 7 months ago

      Thank you precious jackson 🙏✨

  • James Morris
    James Morris Year ago

    Hope.., excellently done.

  • Артем Борзов

    Отличная пластика и владение своим телом, и музыка очень красивая.

  • PianoCoverChannel
    PianoCoverChannel 3 years ago

    Inspiration and beautiful music.

    CARLO&ELISA 3 years ago

    Very GREAT WORK :)

  • Sarah Istace
    Sarah Istace 4 years ago

    Magnifique! Gorgeous!

  • Кристина
    Кристина 4 years ago


    CERON GLOW 4 years ago

    simplemente genial y espiritual

    CERON GLOW 4 years ago

    cada vez que lo vuelvo a ver me emociono

  • Lionel Hun
    Lionel Hun 4 years ago

    CERON GLOW 4 years ago

    Pura belleza e increible fuerza de mente y espiritu. Adelante...

  • mhm srk
    mhm srk 4 years ago

    God bless me...Helping me...Wish that Lionel can read my message... There´s nothing so beautiful...Sublime, sweet, lovely, celestial... Your soul makes my heart crying and smiling at the same time!! I already watched the video a thousand times...And will do it hundred million more, certainly!!! My heart reveres you, amazing pretty boy!

    CARLO&ELISA 4 years ago



    superb showreel everseen

  • cha L
    cha L 5 years ago

    radiohead - idioteque

  • Shade's Archives
    Shade's Archives 5 years ago

    Rest In Peace all those killed in the japan tsunami... This was beautiful

  • Danse et Ateliers - Lyon

    Paix et sérénité ! bel univers, belle qualité, beau sujet, et belle réalisation !

  • Pilar Casanova
    Pilar Casanova 5 years ago

    :) congratulations!!

  • Karina Bonnave
    Karina Bonnave 5 years ago

    Beauty and inspiration. From México un abrazo*

  • Nadia Piersotte
    Nadia Piersotte 5 years ago

    thank! you are unique!

  • Gina Gaines
    Gina Gaines 5 years ago

    Poetry in motion, stunning choreography. Thank you so much!

  • chamigo Tormenta Guaraní

    super !!!

  • chamigo Tormenta Guaraní

    buenísimo, genial, fantástico !!!

  • JOEL *
    JOEL * 5 years ago

    linda musica

  • Anna Toler
    Anna Toler 5 years ago

    I loved the touches of hip hop!! Amazing! nice work!

  • Evangeline Moon
    Evangeline Moon 5 years ago

    You're fantastic!!!!!!!!Bravoooo!!!!

  • Evangeline Moon
    Evangeline Moon 5 years ago

    Wow!!!You're amazingggg!!!!!!! =)

    CARLO&ELISA 5 years ago

    very beautiful!!! good!!!

    CARLO&ELISA 5 years ago

    Very Good! Compliments!

  • Klino
    Klino 5 years ago

    Hope !

  • Doro Saykaly
    Doro Saykaly 5 years ago

    Bravo Lionel. C'est super de finalement voir ton travail et ton mouvement après tout ce temps. Cheers!

  • Emily K
    Emily K 5 years ago

    This is so beautiful, i did not want it to stop.

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones 6 years ago

    Theresa's back, she won't shut up until she gets your number, she's filling up my memory card with her txts. "Any News From Lionel?" Lionel, please put me out of my misery

  • Edina Balogh
    Edina Balogh 6 years ago

    magnifique :) "le mariage " de la danse et de l'art martial... ca me plait beaucoup, dynamique, plein de l'énergie, fluidité....

  • Tommy Olsson
    Tommy Olsson 6 years ago

    Just Beautiful my friend!

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones 6 years ago

    My friend Theresa is standing here and she thinks ur hot. She wants your phone number. Seriously Theresa, get over it srry Lionel.

  • diaida
    diaida 6 years ago

    My name is Hope! Thank you for thid magic dance!

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones 6 years ago

    Interesting dance skills, interesting music

  • Ophélie Bess
    Ophélie Bess 6 years ago

    C'est magnifique, pas de mots pour décrire !

  • Денис Королев


  • Lena Marceli
    Lena Marceli 6 years ago

    Lionel ...what I can say ...Its totally amazing what You do ...Your arts and how You show emotion on Your movie take my breath away ! Thank You for this !

  • shiroiusagi1983
    shiroiusagi1983 6 years ago

    Genial video :3

  • Irisha Libra
    Irisha Libra 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for your art :) it expand and open widely the heart!

  • Anais Llopis
    Anais Llopis 6 years ago

    Hermoso 3

  • Karin Wolf
    Karin Wolf 6 years ago

    amazing -thank you!

  • Amrita Magdala
    Amrita Magdala 6 years ago

    What a gift... You bring Heaven onto Earth... Thank you!

  • Petr Brezani
    Petr Brezani 6 years ago

    I love it...nice "job" Lionel......give us more

  • Zen Ethic
    Zen Ethic 6 years ago

    ♥ ƸӜƷ _/\_ It's really beautiful, thank you Lionel :-) ƸӜƷ ♥

  • Cathy Cathy
    Cathy Cathy 6 years ago

    Thank you for Japan. Thank you for your dance message!

  • rebel750v4
    rebel750v4 6 years ago

    Merci à xanglat pour ce partage ***** , que de grâce dans la composition de cette chorégraphie magnifiquement interprété ...

  • CeciliaDaus
    CeciliaDaus 6 years ago

    Hermoso!!! Hermosoooooooooooooooooo

  • Giovanna Ferraro
    Giovanna Ferraro 6 years ago

    Magique Lionel et merci pour ton passage en belgique !!!! Et si tu reviens je fais le stage !!!!!

  • Ruby DeBonnaire
    Ruby DeBonnaire 6 years ago

    This is absolutely beautiful! Lovely choreography and the synchronised parts are perfect. Very impressive.

  • Lionel Hun
    Lionel Hun 6 years ago

    Thank you very much for your support. The soundtrack of "Hope" is now available online : Best, L.

  • Lionel Hun
    Lionel Hun 6 years ago

    Dear Everyone, Thank you so much for all your comments & messages. I know that some of you were asking for the music soundtrack. It tooks a while but I am happy to tell you that it is now available online Soundtrack "Hope" : Credit goes to my dear friend the Musician/Composer Olivier Milchberg. Thank you all for the support. L.

  • Natalie King
    Natalie King 6 years ago


  • Afrika Ruge
    Afrika Ruge 6 years ago

    pura expresion...danza...directo al alma....felicidades y gracias!

  • MatheTubeSE
    MatheTubeSE 6 years ago

    Great...what will it tell us? Maybe this: At the end it is important what we can and who we are, not what we have.

  • Tim Milgram
    Tim Milgram 6 years ago

    I love this... saw this a year and a half ago and just stumbled upon it again. Really inspired me when I first started directing and choreographing my own videos. Thank you Lionel for creating something so beautiful.

  • Tatjana Trobec
    Tatjana Trobec 6 years ago

    Beautiful !

  • Liliana Lili
    Liliana Lili 6 years ago

    very beautiful..i like it

  • sergey manukyan
    sergey manukyan 6 years ago


  • Face 2 Face
    Face 2 Face 6 years ago

    Wow AMAZING !!!

  • Nelly Steavens
    Nelly Steavens 6 years ago

    you are great! Thank you

  • NonSequiturASMR
    NonSequiturASMR 6 years ago


  • GroovyGoblin
    GroovyGoblin 6 years ago

    Few videos give me a sense of peace like this one.

  • magusmyaku
    magusmyaku 6 years ago

    simply pure and inspiring <3

  • Jairo Bonilla
    Jairo Bonilla 6 years ago

    So wonderfull!

  • Dominique Bethune
    Dominique Bethune 6 years ago

    J'ai reparlé de cette vidéo ce soir....Des mois plus tard, elle reste une de celle qui m'a le plus touché ! Merci !

  • Carmenpuimun Yap
    Carmenpuimun Yap 6 years ago

    Hi, May i know the song title, really love ur video.

  • Greg Moschopoulos
    Greg Moschopoulos 6 years ago


  • Anna Surján
    Anna Surján 6 years ago

    Dear Lionel! I really like your dance choreography, and your movements... :) My favourite is the wings! :) This video, with piano and violin music is amazing!! Very demanding and telling. Congratulations! Your Dance give me HOPE! ;) Thanks, Anna from Hungary...

  • king yo
    king yo 6 years ago

    Urkus-dla Ciebie.Taniec to tez walka...

  • P'eng Lu
    P'eng Lu 6 years ago


  • Timothée Guerin
    Timothée Guerin 6 years ago

    super bravo... j ai juste une question: lorsque vous etes venus au conservatoire d avignon, quelles musiques avez vous choisi pour creer le ballet "fragment" merci d avance

  • dm Cyber
    dm Cyber 6 years ago


  • Julie Coccoluto
    Julie Coccoluto 7 years ago

    Wow... Shivers.... <3

  • Ronnie Willis
    Ronnie Willis 7 years ago

    beautiful movement!

  • Marek Puchalski
    Marek Puchalski 7 years ago

    This made my day.

  • qthedancer4711
    qthedancer4711 7 years ago

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  • フラマンゴーFlamango

    Where is he from? Hidden Leaf?

  • Giovanni PoWaa
    Giovanni PoWaa 7 years ago

    u're perfect!!!!!

  • Tellia Za
    Tellia Za 7 years ago

    Your dance is perfect. Thank you so much.

  • Jose Brooks
    Jose Brooks 7 years ago

    You are Magnificent, You are Amazing, You are a Muse, You are Inspirational, You are Beautiful, You are Me! <3 Thank You! So Much! You have take me on a Journey I will never forget. ^_^

  • Hugo Coutinho
    Hugo Coutinho 7 years ago

    Delicate, sensitive, martial, traveling. You are wonderfull. It was a pleasure for me. You made my day =). Thank you.

  • naomidjinn
    naomidjinn 7 years ago

    Your dance is very moving. Thank you

  • William Hal Anders Jr

    Beautiful synthesis of forms, cliff hanger motion, and time stopping pops. Love the Fibonacci, build up on his foot work and slides. Nice. .

  • Jose Olivares
    Jose Olivares 7 years ago

    This just made my entire year!

  • breffnipark
    breffnipark 7 years ago

    WOW !!!!!!!

  • chounechapeau
    chounechapeau 7 years ago

    Parfait. Un univers singulier, une musicalité parfaite, un talent monstre, de la poésie..

  • Гавайские и таитянские танцы, Vaiteadance, Киев

    О Боги, земные, неземные и подземные, о боги всей вселенной и мирозданий.... это не танец - это полное погружение куда-то очень глубоко, это полностью измененное состояние сознания, это любовь, влюбленность и восхищение....... у меня отняло речь, слух, зрение, осязание, обоняние, только этот танец остался со мной...

  • PandaAdventures
    PandaAdventures 7 years ago

    where can we get that music it should so be put on itunes to buy

  • kiiDLoS0718
    kiiDLoS0718 7 years ago

    he should honestly perform a the worldofdance tour! everyone needs to see this dudes talent! everywhere! truly inspirational

  • kiiDLoS0718
    kiiDLoS0718 7 years ago

    inspirational!! thats all that has to be said!

  • Ida Milec
    Ida Milec 7 years ago

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Mcmillan
    Adam Mcmillan 7 years ago

    This piece is incredible, from the intricate hand circling of the wet patch on the floor to the sheer beautiful and graceful movement quality. Dance is a war between emotion and intellect manifested through movement. When dance becomes too intellectual and ignores the passions and emotions instead of maintaining an awareness to them it becomes sterile and lacking in substance. This piece however has the perfect balance between both inaugurating a powerful overwhelming performance. Much love :)!

  • Klincz11
    Klincz11 7 years ago

    One of the eighth wonder of the world. It's worth living just to show people just a friction of that beauty of human body. Thankyou

  • Luka Music
    Luka Music 7 years ago


  • Uneselprod
    Uneselprod 7 years ago

    BIG BOSS Lionel!!!! We luv you bro'

  • Uneselprod
    Uneselprod 7 years ago

    Very great LionelH Yoooo We're Fan!! Keep on touch!!