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Beck - Saw Lightning (Audio)
Views 664K5 months ago
Beck - Colors
Views 2.6M11 months ago
Beck - Wow
Views 61K2 years ago
Beck - E-Pro
Views 66K3 years ago
Beck - Wow (Lyric Video)
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Beck - Heart Is A Drum
Views 4.6M5 years ago
Beck - Wave (Live on SNL)
Views 111K5 years ago
Beck - Wave (Audio)
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Beck - Waking Light (Audio)
Views 1.5M5 years ago
Beck - Blue Moon (Audio)
Views 6M5 years ago
Beck - Think I'm In Love
Views 2.6M9 years ago
Beck - Nausea
Views 859K9 years ago
Beck - Orphans
Views 588K9 years ago
Beck - Modern Guilt
Views 673K9 years ago
Beck - Hell Yes
Views 2.6M9 years ago
Beck - Girl
Views 9M10 years ago
Beck - Jack-Ass
Views 63K10 years ago
Beck - Lonesome Tears
Views 922K10 years ago
Beck - Ghettochip Malfunction
Views 281K10 years ago
Beck - No Complaints
Views 625K10 years ago
Beck - Youthless
Views 344K10 years ago
Beck - Devils Haircut
Views 9M10 years ago
Beck - 1000BPM
Views 258K10 years ago
Beck - Round The Bend
Views 309K10 years ago
Beck - Loser (Official Video)
Views 113M10 years ago
Beck - E-Pro
Views 6M10 years ago
Beck - Pay No Mind (Snoozer)
Views 1.1M10 years ago
Beck - Black Tambourine
Views 884K10 years ago
Beck - The Golden Age
Views 3.4M10 years ago
Beck - Sexx Laws
Views 4.8M10 years ago
Beck - Lost Cause
Views 4.3M10 years ago
Beck - Deadweight
Views 1.8M10 years ago
Beck - Beercan
Views 2.1M10 years ago
Beck - Nicotine & Gravy
Views 1.7M10 years ago
Beck - Replica
Views 156K10 years ago
Beck - Cellphone's Dead
Views 3M10 years ago
Beck - We Dance Alone
Views 561K10 years ago
Beck - The New Pollution
Views 5M10 years ago
Beck - Mixed Bizness
Views 1.2M10 years ago
Beck - Lost Cause (Version 2)
Views 1.4M10 years ago


  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn 20 minutes ago

    1:30 is that a candy man reference ?!

  • pnyc
    pnyc 3 hours ago

    The Wes Anderson of pop.

  • NowI'mMe
    NowI'mMe 3 hours ago

    I can't believe a guy as cool as Beck is a Scientologist, though.

  • israel
    israel 4 hours ago

    I can't believe it's 2019 it goes soo by so fast

  • Alan A.R
    Alan A.R 5 hours ago

    Los 90's eran esa época donde ser un perdedor era bonito y estaba bien .

  • tanhae1
    tanhae1 5 hours ago

    B"e"ck then Beck was much more relaxed...

  • Living Life
    Living Life 9 hours ago

    Back when music was actually really good!

  • Dwane Wiley
    Dwane Wiley 9 hours ago

    Shaggys theme song right here

  • Anne Patton
    Anne Patton 10 hours ago

    He's a cool guy you just wanna be friends with. And an amazing singer.

    SINGLE 12 hours ago

    слава украiнe

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 12 hours ago

    I hate beck

  • alex Olalde
    alex Olalde 13 hours ago

    she reminds me of the freestyle dance teacher meme

  • wes
    wes 13 hours ago

    Some of y'all have never tried psychedelics... And it really shows

  • Jon Poole
    Jon Poole 14 hours ago

    From the HORDE Festival to Vegas, I love your music brotherman

  • Maruquita Torres
    Maruquita Torres 15 hours ago

    Forza 4nice

  • Jehowa Himself
    Jehowa Himself 19 hours ago

    I love soundgarden rap

  • Toughen Up, Fluffy


  • Uno más del Patriarcado

    It is imposible for me to express how much i love this song

  • Moonlight King

    2019 and I'm still a loser

  • Elle Sayz
    Elle Sayz Day ago

    Dear Mr Beck, i still know all the words to this song even though i almost never hear it anymore, mein namma ist elle sayz und meine gebustag ist im apriil, ick whohne im die colorado fur zehn jaghren und am in das sch9ön wilderness. I had deutch class since 3rd grade for Sieben years und it is the klunkiest language of all time! Die der das .....the enshildigung.

  • explosionate
    explosionate Day ago

    sorry but i know beck and this is not beck

  • NSX 10
    NSX 10 Day ago

    I swear This entire MV is on LSD lol 😆

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe Day ago

    Song 👍Video 👎Beck's Dancing 👍

  • Sean Henry
    Sean Henry Day ago

    super kewl woman

  • Rgb 17
    Rgb 17 Day ago

    Urban chaos theme

  • Osvaldo Muñoz

    No me gusta demasiado está bien en su estilo.

  • Steve Eugene Swinnen Di Salvini

    Whoa the 90's👌👌👌

  • Steve Eugene Swinnen Di Salvini

    Never forget the graffiti guys in that little jellow car with this song, cheezzzzzzz,sweet 13😉

  • Daniel Wood
    Daniel Wood Day ago

    keystonechris cuse/west moroe ny 2019 getting crazy with cheese wiz!!!drive by body pierce!! give that termite cpr!! [choking on a splinter] things are gonna change its been felt

  • tom mat
    tom mat Day ago

    like , if you are generation X.

  • Zachery Santa
    Zachery Santa Day ago

    owen wilson's theme song

  • PooDot StinkPants

    Hello random people from the future, yes we are still listening to this in *[insert year here]* .

  • Stella Stapleton
    Stella Stapleton 2 days ago

    Beck is GENIUS

  • Stella Stapleton
    Stella Stapleton 2 days ago

    Beck’s Midnight Vulture album was GENIUS!! This song was a little grunge tripe for airplay

  • mulder 4
    mulder 4 2 days ago

    hey Jude

  • marc layne
    marc layne 2 days ago

    Beck...The Picture of Dorian Gary.....

  • Dachero
    Dachero 2 days ago

    "Soy un perdedor" doesn't really need a translation..

  • Michael Brawley
    Michael Brawley 2 days ago

    BE ADVISED!!! Watch out for cops who'd rather see their fellow officers gunned down at their homes than face up to embarrassment. (Sure hope you haven't made that list Bill Ross, undercover cop at Esperanza and A.S.U.) I've got 21 years of young hot steaming wet pussy coming my way and ain't NOBODY fuckin' it up or attempting to without catch death or worse.

    SHREEVER 94 2 days ago

    Lol how many of you are actually Beck fans

    SHREEVER 94 2 days ago

    Went to a Beck concert. Was the only one wanting him to play Truckdriving Neighbors Downstairs, Minus, Asshole, Whiskeyclone Hotel City, Steal My Body Home, Sexx Laws, Beercan, and MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack

  • Claudio Felisatti
    Claudio Felisatti 2 days ago

    Late 90 s. End of lasting music , rock , pop . Anything . Nirvana , Alice un chains . M Jackson , cardigans Stone Temple , Britney , inx , and more more . Sound forever . Whats the BEST o 2010 ? You remember ? No .......

  • Person Pacman
    Person Pacman 2 days ago

    Who else is looking for the vsauce comment

  • pogotovar2117
    pogotovar2117 2 days ago

    Solene Rigot 😍😍

  • Clirins Han
    Clirins Han 2 days ago

    Wow, In 1994 , famous song ^^

  • AnnaS13120
    AnnaS13120 2 days ago


  • Josiah Lauer
    Josiah Lauer 2 days ago

    Thanks for this nice song. We use it in a step aerobic presentation.

  • Katta Lady
    Katta Lady 2 days ago

    So cute

  • Marty Procaccio
    Marty Procaccio 2 days ago

    2:21 the driver for the video actually ran into Beck, hence his “wtf?” expression is legit.

    • Martin M
      Martin M Day ago

      yeah the brakes on the old Mercedes they hired for the shoot, didnt work quite as well as they were expecting.

  • Gerardo Gallinger Schnetz

    DR. HOFFMAN color bottles!!!!

  • elder jerome
    elder jerome 3 days ago

    This is the best thing I e ever seen an heard at the same time in my whole life

  • Gaby Grindcore
    Gaby Grindcore 3 days ago

    ¿cuánto vas a tomar?

  • KmanTheCube
    KmanTheCube 3 days ago

    I can’t tell if this is greatly uplifting or deeply depressing.

  • NightShriek
    NightShriek 3 days ago

    Anyone else reminded of Vib Ribbon?

  • FooledbyRandomness2

    RU-clip "Recomended for you"

  • Bobby
    Bobby 3 days ago

    2019 “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Monaco!!) 🔥🔥👀🇲🇨🇲🇨👍👈👌 • “human rights” 🔥🔥👀🇲🇨🇲🇨🇵🇱💯💯💯👌👈👍 • “Respect and dignity, 2019?”

  • Xyz Channel
    Xyz Channel 3 days ago

    Apple lead me here

  • karl chris
    karl chris 3 days ago

    When you're colour blind 😅

  • 360 Super Computers

    crazy with the cheese whiz

  • Ed Savage
    Ed Savage 3 days ago

    I just wanna stay up all night with you "but I love it" XD

  • Sorin
    Sorin 3 days ago

    She came to hug me and whispered at my ear "I don't love you anymore!". It happened yesterday evening. The most wonderful 10 years of my life are only smoke now.

  • Hank Igoe
    Hank Igoe 3 days ago

    i always loved those mad magazine foldups

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 3 days ago

    Asmongolds favorite song

  • Angelita Irinco
    Angelita Irinco 4 days ago

    it was 2019 when i first heard this.

  • Jackson Lee
    Jackson Lee 4 days ago

    It sounds like he says “with these plastic ass balls an spray paint my testicles

  • lougherin1
    lougherin1 4 days ago

    Beck <3 You play to our souls

  • Backyard Music Feedback

    I've not heard this side of Beck. Seriously, wtf. Fuck every person in my life for not saying a damn word.

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  • Ralph Hicks
    Ralph Hicks 4 days ago

    I'm a loserbaby so make me a damn quesadilla.

  • Ralph Hicks
    Ralph Hicks 4 days ago

    In retrospect Beck in this video reminds me of a colleged aged much cooler Napolean Dynamite

  • Atticus Deku Nut
    Atticus Deku Nut 4 days ago

    Ugh, I miss this.

  • Arzaker
    Arzaker 4 days ago

    and thus the stars aligned when this turned up in a random spotify playlist after being in my for OVER A FUCKING DECADE!

  • Private Author
    Private Author 4 days ago

    This song if bloody legendary and one of the hippest set of trip lyrics going.

  • Random Racoon
    Random Racoon 4 days ago


    YOUR BAD 4 days ago

    Beck is so awesome.

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face 4 days ago

    why no mention of Logic Pro ?

  • Jackson daily
    Jackson daily 4 days ago

    Absolute tune this like

  • Amber134 Lee
    Amber134 Lee 4 days ago

    Rock Band 2 brought me here

  • Amber_pops133 Lee
    Amber_pops133 Lee 4 days ago

    Rock Band 2 brought me here

  • Maruquita Torres
    Maruquita Torres 4 days ago


  • Stop Code Zero Echo

    Beck is such a consummate professional. No BS, no attention whoring, no pushing a political agenda or getting involved in scandals. He makes just makes excellent music and entertains. I respect and appreciate the hell out of that.

  • Susan Bravo
    Susan Bravo 4 days ago

    I love you, dumb donuts.

  • Miglior Store
    Miglior Store 4 days ago

    Beck says he's a loser. I can say it too. Beck says he wants to find the logic of the sex laws. I can't say that without lying.

  • HarryFlowers56
    HarryFlowers56 4 days ago

    Beck is a Genius! No debate!

  • Ivette Ibarra
    Ivette Ibarra 4 days ago

    Beck knows what the people want.

  • Matt Trivet
    Matt Trivet 5 days ago

    Fml I want a coca in nose job

  • JT_MAC
    JT_MAC 5 days ago

    Thank you work for adding new music and this being one of the songs on our playlist. We love this when it comes on

    WEEMEANSYES 5 days ago

    Matt Wattson from Supermega??

  • Kathleen Mobley
    Kathleen Mobley 5 days ago

    Loved Beck, his talent, diversity and messages and of course the best videos for over 25 years. Honored I saw his 1st tour back then.

  • Paula Fay
    Paula Fay 5 days ago

    Possibly the grooviest, coolest most melodic music video & song.

  • Paula Fay
    Paula Fay 5 days ago

    Zooey Deschanel based her whole career on the brunettes / cool girls in this video.

  • Paula Fay
    Paula Fay 5 days ago

    I keep expecting Beck to take over the world he's so good. But maybe Beck's not bothered about that.

  • Alexander Pehlivanis

    Beck seems to Like this one very much...

  • Supreet Mahanti
    Supreet Mahanti 5 days ago

    This helped.

  • Daniel Meeks
    Daniel Meeks 5 days ago

    Trying to be one of the butthole surfers singing “pepper”

  • Bargo Lyr
    Bargo Lyr 5 days ago

    getting old look ridiculous …….

  • donamick
    donamick 5 days ago


  • Luan Matheus Goes Coelho Adein Stark

    Beyond Two Souls!

  • Rita Cruz
    Rita Cruz 5 days ago

    ECW! ECW! ECW!

  • Matthew D
    Matthew D 5 days ago


  • Daniela Yeager
    Daniela Yeager 5 days ago

    I always thought he said. So open the door! Lol. I was wrong😝😝