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New year, new me?
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  • Hannah Christine
    Hannah Christine 2 days ago

    I love this video I don't understand the dislikes but I love you your a dime

  • SharonMacNZ
    SharonMacNZ 5 days ago

    Thanks, this was helpful as were over in Jan! Regards from NZ 🇳🇿

    • simplytaylorb
      simplytaylorb 5 days ago

      SharonMacNZ glad I could help!! Thanks for joining us :)

  • PinkGlitterTV
    PinkGlitterTV 6 days ago

    When in January?

    • simplytaylorb
      simplytaylorb 5 days ago

      PinkGlitterTV it most likely depends on the store but I want to say mid January is when my store did it!

  • Patrick Donahue
    Patrick Donahue 28 days ago

    Keep slaying it! Loving all the content ❤️

  • Devender Sharma
    Devender Sharma 28 days ago

    Today you are looking the cutest in black coat

  • Devender Sharma
    Devender Sharma 28 days ago

    You should not look so pretty ,lest you should get evil eye of mine.

  • Dany Sv
    Dany Sv 29 days ago

    Thank you so much~ I go shopping once a year to the US so its good to know, since I don't always get the best deals 😂

  • Blue Line Warrior
    Blue Line Warrior 29 days ago

    It’s definitely easy to get anxiety dealing with college registration. Hope it went well 👍🏻

    • Blue Line Warrior
      Blue Line Warrior 28 days ago

      Sounds good 👌

    • simplytaylorb
      simplytaylorb 28 days ago

      Blue Line Warrior it did! I’m very happy with my schedule, thank you for watching :)

  • James Benson
    James Benson Month ago

    🙂 Cool channel, Keep up the good work! Have you seen SMZeus[.]com!!? It would help you grow your channel much quicker!

  • Amanda Benoit
    Amanda Benoit Month ago

    *Instantly puts shoes on and goes to TJ-Maxx* THESE WERE A BLESSING

  • Dat boi
    Dat boi Month ago

    I didn't know they had skin care items

    • simplytaylorb
      simplytaylorb Month ago

      Dat boi they have tons! and there are some really great finds

  • Patrick Donahue
    Patrick Donahue Month ago

    Love it! Keep up the good work ❤️

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Month ago


  • Bella Duh
    Bella Duh Month ago

    This isn’t curly tho

  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago

    Love It

  • Kayley Leitch
    Kayley Leitch 3 months ago

    Love this!! Subbed 💗

    • simplytaylorb
      simplytaylorb 3 months ago

      Kayley Leitch glad you liked it! :) thank you 💓

  • ISmellLikeAfrica
    ISmellLikeAfrica 3 months ago

    Mine just got in the mail today!!

  • Grace Flowers
    Grace Flowers 4 months ago

    You remind me of my childhood friend that i lost touch with its awesome

  • Louise A
    Louise A 4 months ago

    Good to know that this bag sometimes actually gets available to buy 😅👌 stalking it online.

  • Arra Mae Salama
    Arra Mae Salama 5 months ago

    Im trying this method on me now. Its because my 3yo baby girl is curly and wanna learn to take care of her curls. My dad was also curly like 3b type so Im wondering if I can awaken the curl genes on me. Ahahhah

    • Bella.
      Bella. Month ago

      Arra Mae Salama same my mum and dad both had curly hair and I want it!!

    • Beachvibes
      Beachvibes 2 months ago

      Arra Mae Salama how did it go?

  • H P
    H P 6 months ago

    I do the curly hair method and I curly and straighten my hair all the time

  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S. 6 months ago

    I love using the everything bagel seasoning on the weight watchers 2 ingredient bagel recipe. Highly recommend. I am not low carb/keto but it is basically self rise flour and greek yogurt. I use the baking powder/salt recipe version so technically 4 ingredients but can use whatever flour I want and wont be restricted to the self rise flours on the market.

    • simplytaylorb
      simplytaylorb 6 months ago

      Sarah Shiver I’ll have to check it out!!

  • ahmad bashel
    ahmad bashel 7 months ago


  • Cleo Cleo
    Cleo Cleo 7 months ago

    Does sun bum helps the tan get darker ?

  • Jo A.
    Jo A. 7 months ago

    Hope i can find one of this

  • Danielle Wetherholt
    Danielle Wetherholt 7 months ago

    The curly girl method is for wavy hair too.

  • Sarah R
    Sarah R 7 months ago

    Awesome for you. I love peanuts. Also would love to see more videos on your curly hair.

  • B1ll1e Eilish
    B1ll1e Eilish 7 months ago

    Just me or did she say offline

  • Vindicator
    Vindicator 7 months ago

    Hey there Taylor !! 👋😊 Wonderful channel you have going here. Congrats on all your success , and wishing the best for even more for the rest of 2019 and beyond. Thanks very much for the update , and thanks especially for flexing 💪 as well , *always my favorite part* 😌 ... and can't wait to see more great fitness content in the future. 👍😊 ... Biceps and shoulders are shapely , and nice legs as well. 😉 ... So I wondered , when it comes to your training , which style in general , do you feel gives you more of a challenge: doing high reps with light weight or low reps with heavy weight ?? ... Well keep going strong and keep on inspiring. 😊 Look forward to being apart of the Taylor B. fan club !! Cheers. 🍷😎

  • Stevi Pearce
    Stevi Pearce 8 months ago

    More wavy hair vids please!!! You are stunning!

  • Ana A
    Ana A 8 months ago

    Lol the subtitles at 3:07

  • Meg L
    Meg L 8 months ago

    I did the curly girl method for a while, hard core. I now blow out my hair about one a week and my curls bounce right back. I think wearing your hair natural most of the time is enough to keep it healthy. You have gorgeous hair!

  • amelie tonoyan
    amelie tonoyan 8 months ago

    how long did it take to ship? <3

  • Sophie Allan
    Sophie Allan 8 months ago

    Love this video! Thanks! I am trying some new products, and this was a great intro!

  • Hannah Christine
    Hannah Christine 8 months ago

    Beautiful the whole time!! Looked like an awesome time girl.. cant wait to chill when you get back into the swing of things round here lol 💜

  • Cheese Juice
    Cheese Juice 9 months ago

    Okay totally give me Evan Rachel Wood vibes and 2. Your hair looks AMAZING! I have very similar hair to yours, I was wondering if you would be able to do a video that’s like a play by play how you do the CGM on a washing day! This is my day 2 and I’m hopeful mine will look like yours soon!

  • LLL C.
    LLL C. 9 months ago

    Such a nice Video! Loved watching it 💕

  • Hannah Christine
    Hannah Christine 9 months ago

    YAY im so happy for you !!!💓💓

  • Irene R
    Irene R 10 months ago

    So cute! I wonder why the strap is brown and not black or mono.

  • saradette
    saradette 10 months ago

    i’m really hoping to get this bag but with the pink! i hope it pops up on the website or that it’ll be in a store near me 💗

  • gloryah B
    gloryah B 10 months ago

    Congrats!! I also just bought the same bag online. Ive been stalking the website for over a year, and they’ve had the blue or pink in stock before but this was the first time I saw the black available, so I immediately “added to cart” and bought it. It should arrive tomorrow. I was hoping the new ones would have a black strap, but looks like they still have the brown strap. I hope you enjoy your new bag as much as I plan on enjoying mine! 😊

  • WW Jackie
    WW Jackie 10 months ago

    Very good choice, love it! Enjoy....and yes, if mom has one, you’re good to go! 😅

  • jessica victor
    jessica victor 10 months ago

    This is my first Louis Vuitton too. I've had mine about 6 months and love it more and more as I use it. The canvas and strap have gotten softer. I've got so many compliments on this bag. Congrats 😁

  • Awaking Beauty
    Awaking Beauty 11 months ago

    It’s so hard to find these bags !

  • Lux Collection85
    Lux Collection85 11 months ago

    Great video! Your Louis Vuitton Pallas clutch is beautiful and it’s actually on my wishlist as well! 🥰😍💖💞🤩 TFS. New subbie.

  • Simply Silent
    Simply Silent 11 months ago

    Beautiful clutch! Congratulations! Great unboxing.

  • Izzi2828 00
    Izzi2828 00 11 months ago

    Glad to see you! 😊

  • MrMatchboxman
    MrMatchboxman Year ago

    You are a liability with that knife lol.


    YOU CUT AWAY FROM YOURSELF oh nvm she did it good job

  • H S
    H S Year ago

    Funny how lighter people want to be darker and darker people want to lighter

  • Milo_1450
    Milo_1450 Year ago

    I thought she said black u know what 3:06

  • Ashkan Arjangfar

    Is the penny nickel better than the regular penny?

  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake Year ago

    She ain't even tan tho lol

    • Shani Fischer
      Shani Fischer Year ago

      4 Fake look at her chest area. Shes tan for her skin.

  • Miguel Barlaan
    Miguel Barlaan Year ago

    Lmao I'm getting an all white penny nickel board lolololol

  • bch nga
    bch nga Year ago

    because you will fry lmao

  • Joshua Lange
    Joshua Lange Year ago

    thats a steak knife TF

  • Justin Lesperance

    My goodness!!! Looks just like my nickel board black on black with purple

  • Laura Gessava
    Laura Gessava Year ago

    Love ur videos❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • pendeha uwu
    pendeha uwu Year ago

    No entendí nada pero bueno ,buen video. : Del

  • Darling Dear
    Darling Dear Year ago

    Just so you know there is no such thing as any SPF over 70...if any company claims they are anything over that it's false...with that being said you are a beautiful young lady ❤

    • Ezekiel Chojnacki
      Ezekiel Chojnacki Year ago

      Sheena Massengill The government just bans the use of that lable for sunscreen. It goes over 100

    VENOM 2 years ago

    Penny is ok but bureo is like penny but it's recycled plastic and it's sooo much better

  • A Cactus
    A Cactus 2 years ago

    3:00 captions

  • katzä
    katzä 2 years ago

    i has one too 😃 it is pastel and i LOVE it 💘

  • Kendell M.
    Kendell M. 2 years ago

    They say "since forever" because they have been around for forever.

  • Elijah McFarlane
    Elijah McFarlane 2 years ago

    You have no future as a youtuber

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl 2 years ago

    I would have bought millions of makeup products like tarte and urban decay palettes. I have a good skin care routine but holy crap you must spend like three hours washing your face😂😂 great video and it's your money you can buy what ever makes you happy but I'm just saying what I would buy

  • jose angel garcia jr.

    I did not feel safe you using that knife lol

  • Julia Whatt
    Julia Whatt 2 years ago

    You are so pretty!!! And I love your "top" I have one like that but most it😭

  • Ani Si
    Ani Si 2 years ago

    finally someone who talks about bali body! i was looking for reviews and honest opinions and that's the first one. i'll definitely not get it!

  • N
    N 2 years ago

    so...what's the tanning oil you used to get that tan? was it the Bali one? cause I'm confused.

  • Anatoliy Tymoshenko
    Anatoliy Tymoshenko 2 years ago

    Sei bellissima e contact me i passioned cruisers ,skater and longborder and i have it all ^_^ Instagram Anatoliy Diamond Eagle name

  • Aly Transformations
    Aly Transformations 2 years ago

    she seems more red to me, not tan but typically white people get red vs tan so it makes sense

    • Are Sol
      Are Sol Year ago

      Alyson Jackson I'm Mexican so I get a bronzy brown tan even though naturally I have pretty fair skin 🙃

    • simplytaylorb
      simplytaylorb 2 years ago

      Alyson Jackson I think it may have been the lighting! But I always start off a little red before it turns into a tan

  • morpheus goddess
    morpheus goddess 2 years ago

    penny boarding vlogggg 😄

  • Paola Rodriguez
    Paola Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Shailene Woodley????

  • Jokie
    Jokie 2 years ago

    I respect u that's why I subbed and turned on notifications✌️

  • •Sunflxwer•
    •Sunflxwer• 2 years ago

    I customized my nickel board and it doesn't match at all. Yours is way better.

  • bazz
    bazz 2 years ago

    The smaller board is easier to ride

  • Mia
    Mia 2 years ago

    You look so PRETTY! ❤

  • little rose
    little rose 2 years ago

    she should at least do a giveaway I mean 1000$

  • Bok Choy
    Bok Choy 2 years ago

    The whole since forever thing is referring to the fact that these kind of boards have been around for such a long time.

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole 2 years ago

    I just bought one. and a backpack!

  • اوروتو تيفي Aorwto TV

    what is the size?

  • Ethan
    Ethan 3 years ago

    i want one so bad but dont have fhe money to get one. ots cold but no snow so i cant mow. help

  • Genesis Pelico-Campa

    Omg finally someone who wants an all black penny board!! Hopefully my parents will let me get one I'm so excited I really want one...I want to learn how to skate so yeah😍

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores 3 years ago

    breathe girl breathe!! you sound out of breath lol

  • Libra Lyrics
    Libra Lyrics 3 years ago

    Thats my fav unboxing

  • Libra Lyrics
    Libra Lyrics 3 years ago

    Oh cool!

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen 3 years ago

    did u have to pay for the backpack too ? or did they give it for you for free with the penny ?

    • Petty Valeria
      Petty Valeria 3 years ago

      Thao Nguyen *_-you have to get it too-_*

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen 3 years ago

    Did the penny nickel board come with the back pack ? or did you have to order and buy that too ?

    • Wicked
      Wicked 3 years ago

      Thao Nguyen It depends usually you have to pay extra for it around 50 but the have done deals where if you buy a board you get 1 free

  • annique aniere
    annique aniere 3 years ago

    Hi! I love your bathers from Lotus Swim, when I tried to order the it comes with two options 'Ehukai' and 'Honolua'. What's your preference between the two and also what actually is the difference? Thank you! :) xx

    • simplytaylorb
      simplytaylorb 3 years ago

      Annique Aniere I like the Ehukai style because it has a deeper cut in the middle, the Honolua just is higher up on your chest!

  • Rachael Lawrence
    Rachael Lawrence 3 years ago

    Congrats on winning!!!! I was wondering how your acne scar treatment is going? I have super super bad dark acne scars. I love the things you got!! Also your lip color is gorgeous!!

  • dinero facil
    dinero facil 3 years ago

    i dont know witchone buy. the penny 22 or nickel. help me please

    • Libra Lyrics
      Libra Lyrics 3 years ago

      dinero facil uh also i have The 22 and The 27 (Nickel) nur in The 27 penny Board Make more fun and you feel Safe on it

  • FelixMOFO
    FelixMOFO 3 years ago

    just here for the tiny tits

  • Ana Skarica
    Ana Skarica 3 years ago

    If you want your own panel stickers, take a loot, btw nice video :)

  • Addison Worthington
    Addison Worthington 3 years ago

    Girl!! thanks for the tips. Also, where did ya get your bikini at?

    • simplytaylorb
      simplytaylorb 3 years ago

      Addison Worthington my top is from lotus swim! They have an Instagram and a shop online!

  • Mai Neng Vang
    Mai Neng Vang 3 years ago

    Super cute!!! TJ Maxx and Forever 21 are keys for me to get my clothes at too!!!

  • Wheel of Ixion
    Wheel of Ixion 3 years ago

    Wow you're unbelievably virgin girl annoying.

  • Matteo Spatola
    Matteo Spatola 3 years ago

    offline thats were i ordered mine o.f.f-line

  • Lindsey Gonzalez
    Lindsey Gonzalez 3 years ago

    How do u have OCD if u threw your makeup in plastic bags 😂😊

  • naa r
    naa r 3 years ago

    What mascara do you use? Do you have eye lash extensions? I need to know your lashes are beautiful! ❤

    • simplytaylorb
      simplytaylorb 3 years ago

      I use urban decay canon ball mascara, and I do not wear lash extensions. Also thank you so much :)