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Borderlands 2 trailer
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DmC Devil May Cry trailer
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GT6 Opening Video
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Uncharted 3 DLC for PS3
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Remember Me PS3 trailer
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GT6 | 6 December 2013
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Rain - Dev Diary 2 (UK)
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Do Not Fall launch trailer
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CounterSpy E3 trailer
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  • jose luis Vargas
    jose luis Vargas 20 hours ago

    Nice job

  • Shondar Powless jr

    Gimmie PS4

  • Loki odinson
    Loki odinson Day ago

    Game are done like that?, I didn't know that!!, that soo interesting 😨❤

  • Oscar Memo
    Oscar Memo 3 days ago

    why the fuck do they hired real actos?

    ALI3N_CON _TRES 3 days ago

    I felt this video as a goodbye...

  • Kyle Williams
    Kyle Williams 8 days ago

    I hope another one is in the works. Best game series ever, 1, 2, black & 2012 ps3 particularly in my opnion.

  • Cavaleiro Geeking
    Cavaleiro Geeking 8 days ago

    Pão de paluano

  • AriElNiñoPolla
    AriElNiñoPolla 8 days ago

    Ah oh I hit the bitch from the back and she like ah ouu aye

  • Danger Rocha
    Danger Rocha 9 days ago

    Cara eu não acredito que fizeram o filme da Dora aventureira e não fizeram o filme do God of War 😒🙄🤦‍♂️

  • amani mango
    amani mango 10 days ago

    One of the only reasons I’ll buy a Sony PlayStation again.

  • Tristen Arctician
    Tristen Arctician 16 days ago

    Next we need is portal scaling

  • Adam Webster
    Adam Webster 18 days ago

    Airborne givin me goosebumps!

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 19 days ago

    Omg this is so interesting when I get my acting degree I might want to be a part of a game or something if they give me the opportunity

  • Tess BillieObsessed

    I love Ellen ❤️

  • Jose Mata
    Jose Mata 22 days ago

    Helpline robots are the worst to get help from.

  • DeenanTheKemon I
    DeenanTheKemon I 23 days ago

    I just finished TLOU in Fall of 2019.. and I gotta say I am fckng blown away. Amazed. Flabbergasted. This Game stole my heart. TLOU2 is now on my preorder list.

  • lukas godoy
    lukas godoy 23 days ago


  • Ariel Vickers
    Ariel Vickers 24 days ago

    0:30 hey don’t mind me i’m Just T-posin

  • GmurdA 410
    GmurdA 410 24 days ago

    Still playing this online, and I play fornite all the time since season 1. This is unique it's the gears of war for playstation if you ask me... multiplayer mode I mean it's amazing so different, strategy based and team based but can solo wipe with skill I LOVE it omg. Literally The last of us REMASTERD is my favorite game to play for fun right now....

  • C.A.A
    C.A.A 25 days ago

    Who else just goes into a John wick mode and kills with whatever is readily available

  • Ben Mellors
    Ben Mellors 29 days ago

    Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) started his own gang he really let himself go

  • Elisei Hodorog
    Elisei Hodorog Month ago

    3:59 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ok
    Ok Month ago

    I’m imagining 70+ takes and 2 in the end

  • ゑま
    ゑま Month ago


  • Alanna Harvey
    Alanna Harvey Month ago

    Murray: It's just not fair!!!

  • n
    n Month ago

    look at this fossil of a comment section

  • BBQ sauce
    BBQ sauce Month ago

    I miss playing this for the first time 😭 I want back to 2013

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok Month ago

    Still one of my favorite games

  • jamez62982
    jamez62982 Month ago

    I finished the game on ps3 when it released. Now I play it again on ps4 getting ready for the release of part II. I do feel that hard should be the recommended difficulty level for newcomers as all game mechanics make much more sense. And while you have enough ammo for emergency situations, you really can't shoot enemies all the time. AI isn't perfect and downgraded cinpared to that infamous E3 gameplay demo, but the game is fun, tense, has great mix of stealth and action mechanics, resources management and you really get attached to the characters and the world. Not a perfect game for me but certainly one of the best of last generation. If the sequel delivers gameplay wise what we have seen at the recent trailer, I think it will be hands down best ps exclusive ever!

  • shirley halcrow
    shirley halcrow Month ago

    I FUCKING KNEW IT, WHENEVER SHE DIED I WAS LIKE “why does she look like ellen page?”

  • Murcielago Kuroko

    he was the man at the top of the hill, who would lift his own child above himself

  • Bazarov
    Bazarov Month ago

    Smoke bombs are also terrific at holding off/confusing runners.

  • Callum Byrne
    Callum Byrne Month ago

    There's a game that never going to make for PlayStation 4

  • Tzvetan Todorov
    Tzvetan Todorov Month ago


  • SalaD_ _aSS
    SalaD_ _aSS Month ago

    We live in a society 😂👌

  • Manjula Kaushal
    Manjula Kaushal Month ago


  • dawndawnndawnnn
    dawndawnndawnnn Month ago

    Here after seeing the reveal trailer and wanting to platinum the Last of Us. Very underrated video and goes in-depth with techniques. Lovely.

  • eri
    eri Month ago

    :( poor babies

  • eri
    eri Month ago

    loved this game

  • Matyas Dedek
    Matyas Dedek Month ago


  • WordsToGoStudio
    WordsToGoStudio Month ago

    I thought Jodi looks familiar lol

  • Hollow Bagel
    Hollow Bagel Month ago

    I really wish they made a part 2 like The Last Of Us

  • darktennisball
    darktennisball Month ago

    Weird subtitles

  • Noah Perez
    Noah Perez Month ago

    To this day I'm still trying to find the ice cream truck metal song.

  • LostChangz
    LostChangz Month ago

    LETS GO *2.21.20* I"M SO READY FOR THE SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LostChangz
      LostChangz 8 days ago

      @David Molina I did lol I commented this a month ago

    • David Molina
      David Molina 19 days ago

      Oh you haven’t heard? Sorry pal

  • ابرار
    ابرار Month ago

    ايام 😔❤

  • Mohsin Atta
    Mohsin Atta 2 months ago

    Fucking Thanos snap

  • Typhoon
    Typhoon 2 months ago

    Remake this beautiful masterpeice God i miss Killzone

  • DumpsterJuice
    DumpsterJuice 2 months ago

    Everybody worked really hard :(

  • Em4knight
    Em4knight 2 months ago

    Kitty Pryde teams up with the Green Goblin

  • EliteKZ3
    EliteKZ3 2 months ago

    Killzone 1,2,3 where the best shooters for me

  • Fraktur Obsession
    Fraktur Obsession 2 months ago

    Am in love with this music, the end of every epic chapter 💓💓

  • Mac Jameson
    Mac Jameson 2 months ago

    Why did they use the Mermaid Man theme song in the end of the video...?

  • The steel Shadow
    The steel Shadow 2 months ago

    3:59 I died xD

  • Malones2592 !
    Malones2592 ! 3 months ago

    I'm 61 and i got it for my birthday. Busted my hip playing.

  • The Last Of Matan
    The Last Of Matan 3 months ago

    This game has changed my life

  • AHealthyHorseWithExplosiveDiarrhea

    Free online....good times

  • Alanna Harvey
    Alanna Harvey 3 months ago

    Bentley: CON- VER- SION CUBE!!!

    • Alanna Harvey
      Alanna Harvey 2 months ago

      Bentley: SHRIMP COCKTAILS!!!

    • Blake Cooper
      Blake Cooper 2 months ago

      Sly Cooper: Haha! Calm down Bently. It's just a part. You could've just told us where to find a part like that, than we would've gotten it... Hee hee, I just can't stop laughing

  • Liwec Nguyễn
    Liwec Nguyễn 3 months ago

    love Ellen

  • GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks

    Lol they really got to chew the cardboard 😂😂

  • mrovem
    mrovem 3 months ago


  • sermedsh sh
    sermedsh sh 3 months ago

    A masterpiece, not forgotten

  • Benito Sierra
    Benito Sierra 3 months ago

    Even though it says PEGI 3, this trailer is NOT SAFE FOR KIDS!!

  • hana perez
    hana perez 3 months ago

    Pinche juegaso

  • Aezakmi
    Aezakmi 3 months ago

    Honestly I love this game so much and to see the scenes and how they were made and then those scenes in the game This game was made so well and it’s not just a “ooo look at me I have powers oh no bad thing is doing a happen better stop it yay I did it now everyone loves me” type game is amazing. It has story. It has plot, it’s easy to understand, and it has emotion. This game is hands down a top 5 must play game for me.

  • Phoenix GTX
    Phoenix GTX 3 months ago


  • Ryan Morgan
    Ryan Morgan 3 months ago

    1:39 what was that? SHRIMP COCKTAIL!!!!

  • BloodRose Reaper
    BloodRose Reaper 3 months ago

    Fun fact, during development the original PSX, one of Twisted Metal's working titles was "High Octane" Listen to the song carefully and you'll see why I brought this up ;)

  • Duy Anh
    Duy Anh 3 months ago

    co tai tu TTG qua day ko???

  • 黒い猫の歌
    黒い猫の歌 3 months ago

    Ôi, Jodie bằng xương bằng thịt đây

  • نار تحت الرماد IRAQ

    جزء فاشل وصعب التحكم

  • Ravel Thauã
    Ravel Thauã 3 months ago

    Love God of war

  • UBI fan
    UBI fan 3 months ago

    I don’t care if it’s a sequel remaster or a REBOOT I JUST A TWISTED METAL ON THE PS4

  • atubp
    atubp 3 months ago

    RIP Minecraft Ps3

  • Surendra Kc
    Surendra Kc 3 months ago

    I want to purchse this for my resturant ....plz let me know the all product details ...and how can i fix all these items? plz rply...( english is not my 1st language )

  • tri kusuma
    tri kusuma 3 months ago

    Kratos is good job

  • joffrey 123
    joffrey 123 3 months ago


  • Ratzmoonmopes
    Ratzmoonmopes 3 months ago


  • Daniel Hancock
    Daniel Hancock 3 months ago

    Who's all watching this in 2019???

  • David Velazquez
    David Velazquez 3 months ago

    Sweet game

  • David Velazquez
    David Velazquez 3 months ago

    Nice game

  • Julian McQueen
    Julian McQueen 3 months ago

    Superb commercial and even better game!

  • Felipe Salgado
    Felipe Salgado 4 months ago

    One of sweet tooth’s guys looked like tig from sons of anarchy

  • AnaEquestrain Xoxo
    AnaEquestrain Xoxo 4 months ago

    It’s so nice to think that Jodie is a real person Ik that her name is Ellen Page 😂 xxx

  • Jose Smith
    Jose Smith 4 months ago

    And PSP too mdf

  • amjthemoon1
    amjthemoon1 4 months ago

    I remember those good days when i used to play videogames like this before i got retinal bleeding. I wish i could play it one more time 😭 I could barely follow the details of the trailer.

    • Francisco Santos
      Francisco Santos 2 months ago

      In what year did you got your retinal bleating?

    • Francisco Santos
      Francisco Santos 2 months ago

      amjthemoon1 do research you can cure your eyes. Search for Dr Berg on RU-clip. He will help you a ton. Every Decease can be cure but it will take some time. Good luck bro

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 months ago

    It's halfway through 2019 and this trailer and the game's graphics STILL look incredible. Guerrilla Games was really ahead of the game before they fell off the face of the Earth.

    • Atlas Gerber-Burkhalter
      Atlas Gerber-Burkhalter 9 days ago

      They are working on another Horizon Zero Dawn for sure. But some rumors say they are working on a new killzone. With the end of Shadow Fall in a future Killzone i expect the return of Sev, Rico, Narville and maybe the ghost Natko, and why not all the other character they like to cut? Like Hakha and Luger? Sadly they do a bad work with Shadow Fall, but we need to know how this story end. After this they can reboot the entire series or makea an Helghast point of View campaing. But i was sure we will use Echo as player if they make a new killzone.

    • Slippytrippy
      Slippytrippy 3 months ago

      Yo, they didnt. They made horizon zero dawn. Then they gave their game engine to hideo kojima as a gift for him to make Death stranding. Theyre still goin

  • SeeJay X
    SeeJay X 4 months ago

    Bentley Kinda Looks like Filburt from Rocko's Modern Life (1993-1996) Even though they're Both Turtles

  • Albert Trigg
    Albert Trigg 4 months ago

    God I wish I need Twisted Metal on PS4. Unless there's a remake or sequel Almost 25th years of Twisted Metal - 1995 - 2020

  • Gigi La trottola
    Gigi La trottola 4 months ago

    Bello ma lo vorrei col joistik normale!!!

  • J. C.
    J. C. 4 months ago

    If Saints Row had a vehicle BR.

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson 4 months ago

    Has anybody found this version of Ears Hang Low?

  • Spring Blasty Animations

    The Taxi's in the trailer should be Yellowjacket TM 2012

  • Ascetic One
    Ascetic One 4 months ago

    I like her better in the last of us

  • WaveyBoy
    WaveyBoy 4 months ago

    2019, anybody?

  • aroundkhj
    aroundkhj 4 months ago

    Quand tu te rends compte que c’est français :D

  • soaring falcon
    soaring falcon 5 months ago

    Claptrap dancing LOL I love that guy

  • Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenywevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas

    Average playthrough is like 9 hour and you have multiple decisions and they have to set it up and redo stuff. Thats pretty impressive

  • Mocchi
    Mocchi 5 months ago

    *When watch dogs legion uses the same trailer music*

  • Spirit76
    Spirit76 5 months ago

    Great advice thanks