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I went AMD!!
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The All-ROG Gaming PC!
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Cheap vs. Expensive Gaming!?
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  • Jos de Bluts
    Jos de Bluts Hour ago

    Fucking annoying cats.

  • Jason U
    Jason U Hour ago

    Water cooling is so lame.

  • Sonac
    Sonac Hour ago

    9:25 he definitely dropped that card.

  • Alexander Amis
    Alexander Amis Hour ago

    I feel like a video of Luke disassembling his Virtual Boy (and maybe trying to fix it?) could be fun

  • UNKNOWN Reddy
    UNKNOWN Reddy Hour ago

    Girls watch serials boys watch tech videos 🤕

  • Nelsonramos21
    Nelsonramos21 Hour ago

    Why do I feel like shots are being fired at console gamers

  • Wrathlon
    Wrathlon Hour ago

    What Im taking away from this is a large portion of LTTs viewers are the DUMBEST motherfuckers on the planet. Like jesus christ talk about cognitive dissonance and outright minimal brain function, holy shit.

  • tempersne
    tempersne Hour ago

    What the hell.. secret hardware???

  • Bart Blom
    Bart Blom Hour ago

    LTT, for all the CPU losing sweaters Lmao

  • Zahlenteufel1
    Zahlenteufel1 Hour ago

    116:27 Somebody care to explain?

  • Aneesh Kakumani
    Aneesh Kakumani Hour ago

    Can we have more build suggestions and config tips and tricks from this guy??

  • Zachary Binion
    Zachary Binion Hour ago

    Does anyone feel bad for the guy that is holding the cooling tubes up for me majority of this video? :D

  • Aneesh Kakumani
    Aneesh Kakumani Hour ago

    This guy is so precise and knows his stuff...... Such a soothing voice

  • Kiyomi
    Kiyomi Hour ago

    SHES 52 POUNDS OF LOVE so wholesome

    N3CRO TECH Hour ago

    12 cores and several ghz ago, AMD brought forth on this nation a new processor. Conceived in the best price to performance ratio, and dedicated to the proposition that not all processors are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great CPU manufacturer war. Testing whether those companies or any company who conceive processors and are dedicated in such a way can long endure. In the comment section of this video we are met in a great battlefield of that war, and we are to dedicate a portion of this comment section as a final testing place for Intel and for all of those who dedicated there lives so that that manufacturer might endure, it is fitting that we should do this. So that AMD can have a reminder on what not to do in order stay on top.

  • Itsjohnidk
    Itsjohnidk Hour ago

    Cop car pc lol

  • kingoftanks
    kingoftanks Hour ago

    Omfg valve isn't allowing Australian's to buy anything to do with the index so no index controllers or index I have the money to buy one but I can't get it in my country without any dates announced on when I could get one

  • Dihydrogen Monoxide

    is there a place where i could buy a small form PC similar in power to this one prebuilt, im a super beginner with PCs, barely know how to swap out RAM or a GPU, but i would love exactly this PC

  • Miroslav Handzhiev

    cats love it :D

    MAFIABOY Hour ago

    Wtf is secret sauce , fucking cable

  • Matt Lai
    Matt Lai Hour ago

    and u regret it

  • Filip Třeba
    Filip Třeba Hour ago

    I think this video deserves a bit of clarification. THIS IS NOT A RANT ABOUT RX590. This video is a rant about manufacturers (ALL OF THEM) rebranding their exact sam products and selling them with new name and new price. The catalyst for this video was actually the Intel 9980XE. In the last week's WAN show Linus mentioned a misterious product, that he received for review, that the manufactured refused to give any information about, and put Linus under NDA. Despite the fact, that most of that information can be obtained in about 5 seconds by running the appropriate software. He was pissed then already, but couldn't went, because NDA. The product turned out to be 9980XE, with is LITERALLY just better binned 7980XE. Big surprise, big secret release. Yay! And then, just as he calmed down, the thrid-time-rebranded RX570/580/590 came out. BAM! Of course there are many more examples. Radeon 6xxx/7xxx series. Previous GTX rebrands. nVidia's Pascal low end mess of a nomenclature. Intel's mobile same but not even remotely the same nomenclature (I think there is a Pentium and an i7 somewhere in the 3rd get, that literally only differs in clock?). And don't get me satrted about smartphone naming schemes logic. And so on. So there you have it. Not about RX590. PS: If you spot any information that could be fixed, or clarified better, please let me know and I'll update this post.

  • Muhd Firdaus Muhd Ridzuan

    Pure Japanese culture at 17:30

  • Liam O'Neill
    Liam O'Neill Hour ago

    would be cool if you did a pc build where a new pc builder cannot look at any manuel. A skilled person will stand by to make sure they dont BREAK anything but they are allowed to mess things up. Given 3 life lines like "call linus" would be funny

  • Telogor
    Telogor Hour ago

    The secret sauce is obviously a fiber optic cable of some sort.

  • its_topguN
    its_topguN 2 hours ago


  • Phaedra
    Phaedra 2 hours ago

    Does someone know what DAC hes using? You can see it sitting on his desk but i cant make out the text on it

  • Sorberus
    Sorberus 2 hours ago

    Yeah it a gnome from me.

  • john kicqx
    john kicqx 2 hours ago


  • Gordon X
    Gordon X 2 hours ago

    its like watching a kid on christmas day

  • Alfian Christanto
    Alfian Christanto 2 hours ago

    16:56 : "hey ." "... vsauce, Michael here"

  • Waouben
    Waouben 2 hours ago

    The secret cable is actually en hentai tentacle

  • Dalton Hutt
    Dalton Hutt 2 hours ago

    The non overclockable cpu is probably how they keep the warranty, less points of failure = less repairs

  • Ray Vanhem
    Ray Vanhem 2 hours ago

    Msi ads all the way through out the video

  • Vedant SAKPAL
    Vedant SAKPAL 2 hours ago

    I love how he called it attractive

  • nunya
    nunya 2 hours ago

    Has Advertisement about privacy when purchasing online, has webcam on monitor not covered

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown 2 hours ago

    Project Idea: Doing this to build a bigger monitor using a 4 panel array.

  • Alexis Almanza Meza
    Alexis Almanza Meza 2 hours ago

    "Not everyone is gonna be able to afford this motherboard" Cat proceeds to rub buthole in it

  • tyraelswraths
    tyraelswraths 2 hours ago

    I think Windows 10 Was Sandbagging this system i was running a Q9450 up from a Q6700 at the end of the Q series i was also running XP on the Q6700 and went to 7 for the Q9450 Crysis would be fun to see on this system as Well as Windows 7 You could do a Crysis 1-2-3 Comparison on the system to see how it aged And id like to see Metro 2033 Running on here One time with dx 11 tessellation which will lag like poop and one time in DX 10 with no special things Linus if you ran this system in DX10 MAX it would probably wood chipper mostly anything you throw at it Get that win 10 off of there and put 7 and get me some DX10 Benchmarks DX12 is not better than DX10 for Performance Especially on Legacy parts Cmon linus do better

  • EqualsCubed Gaming
    EqualsCubed Gaming 2 hours ago

    thats cute

  • MatthiasAI
    MatthiasAI 2 hours ago

    10/10 agreed Tim Hortons sucks now. :'(

  • L
    L 2 hours ago

    Look the cats have never, and will never, destroy as much hardware as Linus.

  • super nova
    super nova 2 hours ago

    Was this filmed in 2015?

  • Predator
    Predator 2 hours ago

    Play Arma 3 on max gfx on king of the hill. That would be interesting.

  • Kev Lew
    Kev Lew 2 hours ago

    Linus, that cat of yours is cute and all, but... Motherboard... Cat fur... Not a good mix...

  • TheHellSpawn000
    TheHellSpawn000 2 hours ago

    ugly. as. sin. for the love of god. get an actual PC case.

  • NicholasGREEN 69
    NicholasGREEN 69 2 hours ago

    There are 3 ps4 models

  • Đăng Quang Trần
    Đăng Quang Trần 2 hours ago

    That case is just ugly

  • P4F Elton
    P4F Elton 2 hours ago

    as cool as they look... i would never do a custom watercooled pc... first, it is ridiculous expensive and gives tons of work... second, manutence... third it doesnt give much better results than an all in one watercoolers, specially the 360 ones... and most of all... the high risk of leakage and destroying the components... and remember components destroyed by water is goodbye warranty...

  • Daan de Wit
    Daan de Wit 2 hours ago

    Well.. That was pretty cool..

  • μυθοπλαστης μυθοπλαστης

    the green mode... looks so hi tech :P iam joking

  • haithem
    haithem 2 hours ago

    how to use your computer from the next room buy a super tall usb cables and a super tall HDMI cable , plug everything from the other room and your room a little super tall power button thats a better solution than what you have used , i saw lagging when you resize your task manager window a little problem , you gotta have a big hole on the wall so it fits all those wirering , or a super super tall cables and get it throw the doors

  • Real Salica
    Real Salica 2 hours ago

    idea : move the cat outside the room , close the door

    LOUDEN 2 hours ago

    I really hope you put thermal paste on that off camera.

  • MarcAFK
    MarcAFK 2 hours ago

    Doesn't look as tough as the oldschool toughbooks, but looks great for a consumer level laptop.

  • Richyy!꼬링크
    Richyy!꼬링크 2 hours ago

    OwO What's this?

  • Lawasoft
    Lawasoft 2 hours ago

    I'm amused that they did pixelate it, like Linus had someone steal it from Area 51 :P

  • Poon Billy
    Poon Billy 2 hours ago

    Hey Linus you should use this PC to test in ICEM to convert unstruct mesh to test the speed and maximum ram

  • Alexander Amis
    Alexander Amis 2 hours ago

    I actually did this myself a while back, but slightly jankier. No drill, no 3d printing. I just bought the control board and hooked it up to the panel from my old dead laptop. Used the top half of the laptop as the case, some scrap plastic to secure the control board, and hot glue/epoxy glue to hold it together. Stand was just a salvaged picture frame stand. Because I scavenged most of it, all I really spent money on was the control board and the power supply, wound up being maybe 40 bucks, and because of how I put it together it was a nice little portable display. Nowadays I don't tend to move it much, but it remains my tertiary display on my desktop even now

  • KabutoRyu
    KabutoRyu 2 hours ago

    5:00 sounds like A EX WIFEs

  • azza
    azza 2 hours ago

    The cat's in the shoot so tacky Linus.

  • Sadist Fish
    Sadist Fish 2 hours ago

    In here you see a rather conspicuous Feline exerting dominance while standing on one the most expensive graphics cards out in the market.

  • billkill37
    billkill37 2 hours ago

    I bet his PCs and Server are worth more than his house....

  • Why not Dean
    Why not Dean 2 hours ago

    Another launch, another AMD hype train. For as long as I remember, these articles come out "IS HIGH END AMD FINALLY NOT SHIT!?" and the answer 100% of the time so far has been "no".

  • xxxGpakos
    xxxGpakos 2 hours ago

    why would you even spend time and effort when you can buy a decent 1080p monitor for like 100$

  • Hardcore Hardware
    Hardcore Hardware 2 hours ago

    I've been waiting for this for a long time!

  • EmperorGamingTV
    EmperorGamingTV 2 hours ago

    I need $1,300 for a new PC, I have an xbox one and a crappy laptop (it used to be good, but it's 3-years-old.)

  • Kitsone
    Kitsone 2 hours ago

    Great Cat video :3

  • Craftsman's corner
    Craftsman's corner 2 hours ago

    i love how you guys censored the mess of cables under his desk XD

  • GoldCobra/ Arima
    GoldCobra/ Arima 2 hours ago

    1:00 how does this work?

  • Brian O'Connell
    Brian O'Connell 2 hours ago

    The best thing about the Toughbook is that, well, it's tough. It's made to survive almost everything. If I had the money, I'd have one. Didn't know it was able to be upgraded, though (beyond RAM/HDD).

  • Jonathan Suniga
    Jonathan Suniga 2 hours ago

    The Verge unsubscribed. I'm going to buys all the components and let someone else build it for me 😅

  • GhostDivision 123
    GhostDivision 123 2 hours ago

    Wow such catbait.

  • Joey Pug
    Joey Pug 2 hours ago

    Note 9 alerdy have water colling bruh

  • Amar Ramoul
    Amar Ramoul 2 hours ago

    Soooooo cooooooool

  • Vaxall run
    Vaxall run 2 hours ago

    16:55 ...vsauce, linus here

  • jub8891
    jub8891 2 hours ago

    Ugly case

  • Brandon Campanile
    Brandon Campanile 2 hours ago

    3:48 lol he pet the motherboard but not the cat.

  • Skooma Gnark
    Skooma Gnark 2 hours ago

    7:52 whos the Titan now? "me-ow!" hehehe ;D wasnt there a plan to do a new intro? i think i member seeing something like half a year ago, or more... xD 5:02 and hey! i use a PS/2 keyboard! yes, im that person that uses one of those old beige plastic dome keys style things, and im fine with that! ;) they are cheap AF, like 10bucks, and i dont get a heart attack when ich spill something over them! most of the time its just fine, open it, put the non electrical stuff into the dish washer, wipe of the electric parts, and put it all together when its dry, tadaa :D

  • Zachary Cumming
    Zachary Cumming 2 hours ago

    I want it but I'm never going to get it 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Chris Metcalf
    Chris Metcalf 2 hours ago

    you look like dodo gama

    NOWRAX 2 hours ago

    so emm do you get the keep the loatop ?

  • Houdini
    Houdini 2 hours ago

    got the cool master ml240r f air go water

  • Enrico Drawe
    Enrico Drawe 2 hours ago

    rtx titan?

  • Nalianna
    Nalianna 2 hours ago

    If you can't show us the solution (so we can't emulate it), what the point of the video?!?!

  • akkoisnotafraid
    akkoisnotafraid 2 hours ago

    We love you linus dont worry 💗

  • Dude Trust Me
    Dude Trust Me 2 hours ago

    I was considering this as a gift. I went into 3 different shops, and tried the trackpad. AND NONE of them had the issues you mentioned. ZERO dead real estate. Or maybe they configured Microsoft Precision. Who knows. But no trackpad issues.

  • Chris Welburn
    Chris Welburn 2 hours ago

    WHY. Made me laugh so hard

    ETL TTC 2 hours ago

    Next: *_whent linux for a month_*

  • MatthiasAI
    MatthiasAI 2 hours ago

    I think everyone also forgets LTT is Canadian not American. xD

  • Charlie Miners
    Charlie Miners 2 hours ago

    The PL4500 RGB upgrade kit is an absolute farce. I bought the PL4500 back in June hoping to add the RGB upgrade kit, but to find out that the top kit alone costs more than the chair itself? To call it extortionate would be the understatement of the century.

  • Luca Felice
    Luca Felice 2 hours ago

    does it look smoother than a 60hz monitor?

  • Gideon h
    Gideon h 2 hours ago

    Sorry, I just kept looking at the cat.

  • Nalianna
    Nalianna 2 hours ago

    @14:35 i'd have laughed so hard if he's have cut it too short

  • Alperen Gacar
    Alperen Gacar 2 hours ago

    Linus trying to explain the card. Cat rub my ass :)

  • poiuytrewqpoiiiiiiuy

    I think we all love the cat cameos.

  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez 2 hours ago

    No central AC? Being from Texas that sounds crazy to me.

  • haithem
    haithem 2 hours ago

    look at the cat XD 4:19