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  • Silver Mine
    Silver Mine 14 minutes ago

    Tennessee has an Alabama football coach and an Auburn governor. Tennessee should declare the experiment a failure and merge with Alabama.

  • Donnie Walker
    Donnie Walker 36 minutes ago

    Waddle is so fun to watch. He's explosive and always has a big smile on his face. Just looks like he is much Fun. With Devonte out for the 1st half look for him to have another big game Get your cigars ready. Roll Tide !

  • Brett sanderson
    Brett sanderson 42 minutes ago

    I wonder how much Coke pays for the dual product placement on every one of these Sabin media days.

  • no one
    no one 53 minutes ago

    I love this man.

  • Guy barton
    Guy barton Hour ago

    Saban lied twice........ IT's how many championships did you win

  • Bama Boy
    Bama Boy Hour ago

    R🌊LL MF T🏈DE!

  • ethan cornett
    ethan cornett Hour ago

    Look forward to auburn stomping bama this year #WDE GO TIGERS

    • 30 Points TV
      30 Points TV 9 minutes ago

      A year away

    • Southern star
      Southern star 22 minutes ago

      war dead eagle, amirite guys...roll tide!

    • stickyfingers02
      stickyfingers02 27 minutes ago

      Lol, Auburn can go 1-11 and beat Alabama and your fanbase would be satisfied.. difference between a championship program and a little brother getting big brother every now and then

    • ethan cornett
      ethan cornett 35 minutes ago

      Someone take a picture. . . . . . A literate alabama fan. . . .🤣😂

    • jezuzfreek777
      jezuzfreek777 49 minutes ago

      War Damn Eagle... what a travesty of the English language. Typical Auburn fan. Roll Tide.

  • Silver Mine
    Silver Mine Hour ago

    Tennessee has an Alabama football coach and an Auburn governor. They should go out of business and merge with Alabama.

  • Robin Hardin
    Robin Hardin Hour ago

    ROLL TIDE!!!

  • MetallicA AlabamA
    MetallicA AlabamA 2 hours ago

    I think this guy, if given time especially, he will do a fine job. Its really unfortunate to lose 2 major players to injury, but it will work itself out. I didnt like him saying "The football team lost 2 linebackers, and they seem to be doing ok." Uhhh coach, you haven't got the talent Bama has for backups, JS. Lol, still love this guy.

    • Buble FN
      Buble FN 57 minutes ago

      MetallicA AlabamA huh

  • k pat
    k pat 2 hours ago

    ROLL TIDE #1

  • Savage Highlights
    Savage Highlights 3 hours ago


  • Batman Blood
    Batman Blood 4 hours ago

    God Finebaum can get XM radio with those ears

  • TSguy95701
    TSguy95701 5 hours ago

    It's the legendary Sal Bundry!

  • B Low
    B Low 6 hours ago

    I love the new look with the show!

  • Shane O'Mack
    Shane O'Mack 7 hours ago

    Alabama 58 the hillbillies 13

  • Fred Turner
    Fred Turner 7 hours ago

    I think when LSU comes to town the Oline and Defense should be pretty good.

  • Sam M
    Sam M 7 hours ago

    1:32 I laughed so hard it almost made me forget all of that cow college paraphernalia surrounding Lauren like some sort of gastly demonic halo. Mike, sir, you are a gift to us all.

  • Randall Banks
    Randall Banks 7 hours ago

    Is it me or is Laura hot

  • young& Handsome jay Tide

    Not smitty coach it wasn't his fault now

  • buzzard bait
    buzzard bait 7 hours ago

    It's a rival game because they are neighboring states and the bear hated Tennessee with a passion.

  • lovefunkrockmusic
    lovefunkrockmusic 7 hours ago

    Not to mention Tennessee beat Auburn in Jordan Hare

  • David Cole
    David Cole 7 hours ago

    Honestly as Alabama Fan think 35 Points spread is a lot for this game. I was thinking -27 is more realistic. 45 - 13 kind of game..

  • lovefunkrockmusic
    lovefunkrockmusic 7 hours ago

    Can’t make mental errors. You saw what happened to UGA and Clemson barely beating UNC. The Tennessee is going to play their heart out. I am a Bama fan. No pass interferences from secondary and no offsides for the defense. Tua must read every detail of the defense

  • Donald Beard
    Donald Beard 7 hours ago

    Do you know what they call the pretty girls at Tennessee? Visitors lol Roll Tide 😎🏈

    • Donald Beard
      Donald Beard Hour ago

      @Mo T VFL I actually love Rocky top I won money on scratch off have a good one

    • Mo T VFL
      Mo T VFL 2 hours ago

      Donald Beard that’s the one.

    • Donald Beard
      Donald Beard 2 hours ago

      @Mo T VFL Dixie Land Delight Roll Tide

    • Mo T VFL
      Mo T VFL 3 hours ago

      Donald Beard not quite sure what that means??But... Bama might have beat Tennessee a trillion years in a row but Tennessee actually owns Alabama.Alabama’s P.A. announcer plays a song that all the bamer fans sing to the tops of their lungs about “A Tennessee Saturday Night”

    • Donald Beard
      Donald Beard 3 hours ago

      @Mo T VFL all I can say Rocky top is Roll Tide

  • Les Wadley
    Les Wadley 7 hours ago

    Tennessee fan here! Game want be close! Tennessee needs to get out of this with no injuries! I like what Pruitt said maybe Tennessee should never punt just go for it lol! I think Alabama will pull players mid 3rd quarter!

    • Mo T VFL
      Mo T VFL 5 hours ago

      Les Wadley or WON’T be close.Thats what Coach Pruitt will probably do and why not this game is already going to be a blow out so why not just go for it on every 4th down.

  • phenixboy1
    phenixboy1 8 hours ago

    Bama 56- Crappy Top 0!

    • Jasper Feaggins
      Jasper Feaggins 7 hours ago

      phenixboy1 I don't know about that score, but I agree with the 56 points for Bama, but I see Tennessee scoring at least 17 points.

  • Judith Forgony
    Judith Forgony 8 hours ago

    Alabama will dominate them too no doubt about it!

    • Mo T VFL
      Mo T VFL 3 hours ago

      Judith Forgony duh!

  • T4'z Altered Rodz
    T4'z Altered Rodz 8 hours ago

    Roll Tide, ya'll, ROLL TIDE. AMEN!

  • Matthew Doerfler
    Matthew Doerfler 8 hours ago

    56 - 14 Alabama

  • Noah Miller
    Noah Miller 9 hours ago

    Bama is going to dominate Tennessee

  • Tom Blount
    Tom Blount 11 hours ago

    Class act!

    BAMA HAMMER 13 hours ago

    Since when did SINUS INFECTIONS become contagious lol.

    • pete49327
      pete49327 4 hours ago

      @S4V4gE SOUTH FWIW, a sinus infection can be viral or bacterial.

    • S4V4gE SOUTH
      S4V4gE SOUTH 12 hours ago

      If it's from bacteria. I looked it up. Thought the same thing lol

  • Shane O'Mack
    Shane O'Mack 14 hours ago

    Landon has to be the starting center for the remainder of the season. The o line clicks better with him

  • Vodka Drinker
    Vodka Drinker 14 hours ago

    #5 Carter is what is going to make this defence work don't forget about him

  • R.R.P.
    R.R.P. 15 hours ago

    The pervs are up

  • aeromedical67
    aeromedical67 16 hours ago

    This game is no longer a rivalry. Tennessee can’t compete with Alabama right now. The SEC needs to align itself with the rest of the Power 5 conferences and go to a 9 game schedule. Get rid of the permanent cross-over games to allow teams in the West to play teams in the East more frequently. It would also create more fairness in the scheduling on both sides. A team from the East having a permanent cross-over game with Alabama and may then also have to play LSU the same year is at a decisive disadvantage over a team that gets Arkansas permanently and also gets Miss State that same season. I’d rather see Bama play teams like UGA and FL more frequently in the regular season than TN every year. Why should we have to wait nine years to see Bama play South Carolina again?

  • Randall Banks
    Randall Banks 16 hours ago


  • Des Selesele
    Des Selesele 17 hours ago

    Malo lava faamalosi ,tumau pea lou loto maualalo,faalagolao ile Atua foiai le malologa ilou tino malosi Uso faalogo pea i ou matua ole taula na mea uma ,GOD BLESS ,LETS GO BAMA TAKE USO

  • Siki Aina
    Siki Aina 22 hours ago


  • Chris Lane
    Chris Lane 23 hours ago

    you had to get up and go to the tv to change the channel.

  • Gene Paulk
    Gene Paulk Day ago

    Good Game Coach !!!! 🐘 Roll Tide Roll 🐘.

  • Robert Mosley
    Robert Mosley Day ago

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! 🏈🏈🏈🐘

    NFL FAN Day ago

    Guys it says unofficial

  • Joshua Bentley

    Good answer Tua! Roll Tide and can’t wait to see you in a Dolphins jersey!!

  • Rob Pustolka
    Rob Pustolka Day ago

    Pure wiener

  • Judith Forgony

    Stay humble Tua when it comes it comes, that's a very good attitude 👍🏼❤️ first things first

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man Day ago

    Ahh! There's that Coke Nick. Water didn't show up. Its the perfect scenario, take a sip.

    • Mark Meadows
      Mark Meadows 4 hours ago

      It's a sponsorship. He doesn't drink Coke much.

  • Anita Watkins
    Anita Watkins Day ago

    Tua, Tua, Tua, oh Tua how we luv 😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖

  • Michael Toland

    Kick 6 when you looked like someone stole your soul . WDE .

    • Doc
      Doc 28 minutes ago

      Wow, you know your program is in a sorry ass state when you're on RU-clip talking shit about a game that happened like, what, six, seven, eight years ago?!?! Yeah, we've had two national championships since then and you've had what? sec championship APPEARENCE ?😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣ah man, gotta love those sorry ass auburn fans bahaha

    • Gene Paulk
      Gene Paulk Day ago

      J H No chance in hell !!! ✌🏻😎✌🏻. 🐘 R T R 🐘.

    • J H
      J H Day ago

      Good luck to Auburn hope y'all can get that 1.5 title(s)? bumped up to 2.5 this year.

  • forrest gump V

    The King of college football coaches.

    • Gene Paulk
      Gene Paulk Day ago

      forrest gump V You got that correct Sir !!! ✌🏻😎✌🏻. 🐘 Roll Tide Roll 🐘.

  • Pacific Chief
    Pacific Chief Day ago

    They low down.

  • Brian Glaze
    Brian Glaze Day ago

    You know you're old when the Pitt-WV game was a significant rivalry when you were young 😂😂😂

    • Brian Glaze
      Brian Glaze 11 hours ago

      @Walter Copus yikes. Edit: when I read "may I have your attention please", I thought of Eminem lol.

    • Walter Copus
      Walter Copus 13 hours ago

      During Pitt/WV game at halftime announcer said May I have your attention please. There is a green tractor in parking lot with lights on. West Virginia licences plate EIEIO. They fire him the next day.

    • Brian Glaze
      Brian Glaze Day ago

      @J H Right lol. It's hard to imagine at this point but you're right.

    • J H
      J H Day ago

      They gonna be saying that shit about us talking about the Clemson bama rivalry in thirty years.

  • lastofthefinest

    I can't wait for the Alabama/Auburn game. I already have my tickets! Roll Tide!


    All just to Lose Again and Again and Again to Bama Here we go... I gotta say it..... ROLL TIDE!!!!! 🐘

  • Wayland Colburn

    U need to nut up ! Because u just grabbed at people are u scared big boy ? The way the Defense is playin now is not the old Bama way Iam sorry ! You will not win a championship playing grab ASS!

  • 100anti
    100anti Day ago

    Awww he is a sweetheart! That sure helped bring in the W! Great teamwork:))

  • Jerry Wayne Gibbons II

    That's funny

  • Jeremy Payne
    Jeremy Payne Day ago

    Good job, Coach Saban! Very grateful for you, sir. Roll Tide!

  • Junior Ray
    Junior Ray Day ago

    And here...we ... GEAUX!

  • Junior Ray
    Junior Ray Day ago

    And here...we ...GEAUX!

  • Sam Petraglia
    Sam Petraglia Day ago

    Can we go ahead and rename the crimson tide the inbreds or gayretards?

  • Michael Hiers
    Michael Hiers Day ago

    Why are comments disabled on jimbo Fisher interview video.

  • Jeremy Payne
    Jeremy Payne Day ago

    What a blessing. That put a smile on my face. Praise God!

  • Jeremy Payne
    Jeremy Payne Day ago

    Good job, Coach Saban & staff. Keep up the good work! Thanks for coaching @ Alabama!

  • Jeremy Payne
    Jeremy Payne Day ago

    Great game, gentlemen..keep up the good work! All glory to God!! Roll Tide!

  • Jeremy Payne
    Jeremy Payne Day ago

    Great extra effort for the TD, Najee! All glory to God!! RTR!

  • Jeremy Payne
    Jeremy Payne Day ago

    Good job, Jaylen & team! Keep grinding, & Roll Tide!

  • Farm Dog
    Farm Dog Day ago

    Saban and the press! Cat and mouse!! 😨😨

  • Jeremy Payne
    Jeremy Payne Day ago

    Good job, Tua. Stay focused on the present objectives at hand, & don't let the hype'sters bait you with the "rat poison".

  • slyfish
    slyfish 2 days ago

    I like his take. He's gonna win the game no matter who Alabama is playing. Solid Alabama. Just win the game.

  • Bobby Perse
    Bobby Perse 2 days ago

    You the man tua ! Rolltide ! Mr Heisman !

  • Jeremy Payne
    Jeremy Payne 2 days ago

    Seems like a team player. I like that. Good job, Tua. Roll Tide!

  • Merino 33
    Merino 33 2 days ago

    I love how the players are all respectfull to each other while everyone else chants (hey Aggies we just beat the hell out of you)

  • larry piper
    larry piper 2 days ago

    Go vols

  • larry piper
    larry piper 2 days ago

    Go vols

  • Chuck Maleman
    Chuck Maleman 2 days ago

    yea its crazy how they do it.i wish they would extend the season,bring it down to the best top 4 or 5 teams,and go from there until you have the winning team.honestly its a little like politics,and i dis-like that word.

  • Absurd Hero
    Absurd Hero 2 days ago


  • Theron Wright
    Theron Wright 2 days ago

    Not really a rivalry

  • Smoke Purple
    Smoke Purple 2 days ago

    Media ask him the stupidest questions. Everytime they do, he makes them look stupid. Then they criticize him for it.

  • 31TITAN
    31TITAN 2 days ago

    Lol just brush it aside uce keep balling it will come when that time come

  • Martin Hickman
    Martin Hickman 2 days ago

    Mike Price wasn't a loser. He was an excellent college coach and recruiter who twice turned the Washington State program into a Pac-10 - even national - powerhouse, overcoming decades of WSU's bad reputation to recruit top talent. However, he was a flawed human being who made a huge mistake before the start of the '03 season and consequently, he never coached a game at Alabama. In fact, coaching Alabama isn't even listed on his online resume. He was never the same after that, his name was tarnished and he was stuck coaching UTEP the rest of his career.

  • Steven Love2bike!
    Steven Love2bike! 2 days ago

    I also had to go up on my roof to turn the antenna. I guess we were lucky. We got 4 stations. 😆

    • Gene Paulk
      Gene Paulk Day ago

      Steven Love2bike! I remember those days in the 70's !!!! ✌🏻😎✌🏻. The good old days !!!! 🐘 Roll Tide Roll 🐘

    • Ken Land
      Ken Land 2 days ago

      Yea that was back when you could trust the media, now they are all run by democRATS and are lying scum!

  • D R
    D R 2 days ago

    He's gotta get that thing removed from his head

    • T4'z Altered Rodz
      T4'z Altered Rodz Day ago

      You gotta get that thing removed from your shoulders.

    • Joe Veitch
      Joe Veitch Day ago

      What the crown LOL

    • H P
      H P 2 days ago

      @Vidot Daniel I agree... focus should really be on winning games not hairdo's LOL so stupid

    • Vidot Daniel
      Vidot Daniel 2 days ago

      That "thing" on his head makes him HIM. If you don't like it tough shit get over it. Tua aint gonna listen to you lol. I haven't seen anyone else moan about his hair except for you.

  • William Stalvey
    William Stalvey 2 days ago

    Only 2 good teams Alabama plays all year, not good, very piss poor scheduling Would you please play Utah, Boise St, Iowa...Notre dame, Penn st....only st teams bama likes to schedule is Kent st, tenn st, new Mexico st, ....sad that South Carolina plays a tougher schedule than bama...I say, start playing a respectable schedule and then no one can say how soft of a schedule bama plays....

    • Doc
      Doc 26 minutes ago

      Did you really just say play tough teams like boise and Iowa and notre dame and fucking Penn st?!?! Are you fucking serious😂🤣😂😂we did have a home and home against Penn st and beat the absolute shot out of them. Last time bama played notre dame they won by 40. And boise and Iowa, are you kidding me?!?! Get a fucking grip on the landscape.

    • ArkansasMade Teo
      ArkansasMade Teo 2 hours ago

      Chuck Maleman I agree roll tide but fuck trump 🤣

    • Freeanna Salter
      Freeanna Salter 4 hours ago

      @Bama4life fax👏👏👏

    • Stiller Fan
      Stiller Fan 5 hours ago

      @William Stalvey Clemson plays a soft schedule and won the national championship last year. Your point?

    • William Stalvey
      William Stalvey 11 hours ago

      @Poopiepie lol, you are not that bright son....sounds like you are the one butt hurt, cause everyone knows how soft bamas schedule is....just admit it Jack...what was the score last year vs Clemson and bama got physically thumped by georgia....half the team was in the tent...

  • CrimsonTide
    CrimsonTide 2 days ago

    Naw it ain't like Auburn vs. Alabama. But Roll Tide!

    • Fred Turner
      Fred Turner 7 hours ago

      @Joe Veitch in the 80s too

    • Joe Veitch
      Joe Veitch Day ago

      Back in the day it was bigger trust this old fart auburn was no challenge UT was a great team back with Jophnny Majors, it all went to hell with fat phil

  • Shelton Rogers
    Shelton Rogers 2 days ago

    I can't blame Smith in this situation, instincts take over. If somebody punches me, I'm gonna punch them back too! I just want to see the D# continue to improve. The LSU game will be a test.

  • John McCLenny
    John McCLenny 2 days ago

    Turn up the microphones .

  • Ediddy93 Rtr
    Ediddy93 Rtr 2 days ago

    As great as Jaylen played, I wouldn't been surprised if he had some NFL agents waiting for him at the hotel... 😂😂😂

  • mausborn15
    mausborn15 2 days ago

    "Y'all going to win that $hit"...trying to tell you " .at .033....Roll Tide!!!!

  • ImNotMad ButUR
    ImNotMad ButUR 2 days ago

    This defense is coming along nicely. The improvement week to week has been something to see. Glad to see T. Lewis back out there, too. RTR 🐘 - What does it mean when Tua passed AJ McCarron in passing TDs? “Well, it means he’s had a great career . . . “ That sports journalist isn’t fooling me. He just wants a peek into Saban’s sideline pocket notebook of “Past Alabama All-Time School Records My Team Ties/Passes.”

  • Arsi Rey
    Arsi Rey 2 days ago

    So let me make sure I understood you correctly. So you would take Burrows vs Auburn. But you would take Tua vs everyone else. Jajajajaja. So Burrows is better then Tua how?

  • Larry Salem
    Larry Salem 2 days ago

    If this Bama great was 100% healthy during his career.. Damn!!!

  • Mr Bigchest
    Mr Bigchest 2 days ago

    Bama vs lsu is going to be a shootout

  • Bama Girl
    Bama Girl 2 days ago


  • Williams Twins
    Williams Twins 2 days ago

    THAT'S A BAD & FAST DUDE!!! 💥💥👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽

  • Carderius Mckinney
    Carderius Mckinney 2 days ago

    Yall heard #9 talking about the incident with devontae Smith? Lol waddle just shook it off like bro I ain't trying to hear dat plus the cameras all on us 😂😂

  • Ant New
    Ant New 2 days ago

    I feel we need to just play all freshman on defense. The freshman we had on the D-Line came in and set the tone. They were in the backfield on TXAM all game. Pocket containment hurt us, but they did ok being that they are freshman

  • Hector Dumbo
    Hector Dumbo 3 days ago

    this 2019 alabama defense plays with no energy nor physicality as whole. there are a handful of guys who play physical but they are not enough to compensate for the entire defense. Lewis is a beast