Buğra Bekdemir
Buğra Bekdemir
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  • Evan Swint
    Evan Swint 19 days ago

    This isn't even played in the right tempo its sped up lol Jonathan sounds like a chipmunk on the chorus

  • Sonio 90
    Sonio 90 Month ago

    Why is the pitch higher and the music faster?

  • Sarie 111
    Sarie 111 Month ago

    To the people who always told me that rock, metal, etc., only screamed .... 🖕😘

  • Busternutt69
    Busternutt69 Month ago

    Head is back! yes!

  • Pirate Aleks
    Pirate Aleks Month ago

    This is a bit jarring after listening to the nightcore version for so long... very good though!

  • Robby Barnedt
    Robby Barnedt Month ago

    You will always lift me up...

  • Imad Elhilali
    Imad Elhilali Month ago

    I like that beat

  • sink
    sink Month ago

    Why is it sped up?

  • Милош Ћирић
    Милош Ћирић 2 months ago

    Good tekst.

  • chA
    chA 2 months ago

    2006 ankara kızılay bina altlarındaki stüdyolardan geliyorumdur

  • Cherish Madden
    Cherish Madden 2 months ago

    KORN I absolutely LOVE LOVE your music! Johnathan Davis love your voice you guys totally rock! You are one of a kind! You Got the Life! My favorite! I Cherish thy KORN!

  • Brad Serafin
    Brad Serafin 3 months ago


  • Catalina Alabion
    Catalina Alabion 3 months ago


  • Jane Willis
    Jane Willis 3 months ago

    Love this song relates to my life and type of person I am

  • Jane Willis
    Jane Willis 3 months ago

    I love this song my new fav

  • Ralph Price
    Ralph Price 3 months ago

    hell yes my brothers keep fighting Korn

  • Oğuz Mihram
    Oğuz Mihram 3 months ago

    Orjinalinden güzel :) gayet basınçlı.

  • Müziğin Nefesi
    Müziğin Nefesi 4 months ago


  • this is , for my love
    this is , for my love 4 months ago

    It's Downward spiral round and round !!!!!

  • ripley8 aliensmom
    ripley8 aliensmom 4 months ago

    One of my favourite songs .....and fuck the haters

  • Serkan Öztorun
    Serkan Öztorun 4 months ago


  • ripley8 aliensmom
    ripley8 aliensmom 4 months ago

    I love their music every song is like a sweet in a candy box .....I just want one more

    SAGE SNOW 4 months ago

    Loves this song

  • orhan çalışkan
    orhan çalışkan 4 months ago

    2004 yazına geri döndüm

  • Larry Aranda
    Larry Aranda 4 months ago

    You know it’s nice knowing there’s more people out there like me that are willing to help each other because we all are in the same situation and know what it’s like so thank you to everyone who helps one another

    • Human
      Human 3 months ago

      So true dude

  • Hater
    Hater 4 months ago

    your mom gay

  • Caro Spinouse
    Caro Spinouse 5 months ago

    I remember when this pissed bullies when it got released.

  • Buket Yüksel
    Buket Yüksel 5 months ago


    • Buket Yüksel
      Buket Yüksel 5 months ago

      Buğra Bekdemir evet alışkanlığım var hangi platformda yorum atsam direk beğeniyorum

    • Buğra Bekdemir
      Buğra Bekdemir 5 months ago

      moruk kendi yorumunu mu begendin .d

    SAGE SNOW 5 months ago

    Love this song:)

    SAGE SNOW 5 months ago

    Ty for uploading

  • Lorraine Matthews
    Lorraine Matthews 5 months ago

    But i keep flying i keep fighting you wont ever bring me down my baby girl loves dis song right lana????

  • Claudia Alvarez
    Claudia Alvarez 6 months ago

    You won't ever bring me down no more, hater hater hater!!! That goes to my ex 🖕

  • koku Kun
    koku Kun 6 months ago

    This song help me through middle school

  • Ian Skrivarnik
    Ian Skrivarnik 7 months ago

    wtf did you do with the sound...

  • Skoll Memes
    Skoll Memes 7 months ago

    The pitch is higher than it should be

    VANIA LUCY GUDEIKI 7 months ago


  • İbrahim Tatlıses
    İbrahim Tatlıses 7 months ago

    aferin lan keko güzel paylaşım

  • alejandro valente
    alejandro valente 7 months ago


  • thongchai keawchan
    thongchai keawchan 8 months ago

    2019 Korn in my heart

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 8 months ago

    "I ride a downward spiral round and round"

  • lil' poindexter
    lil' poindexter 8 months ago

    I've been bullied and a bully. This song is one of my favorites.

  • B Series
    B Series 8 months ago

    Music to my haterz

  • kristen stewart
    kristen stewart 8 months ago

    For all my fake ass friends

  • Maylie Haim Poulsen
    Maylie Haim Poulsen 8 months ago

    Awesome song but they got the lyrics wrong 🙈

  • BlueGameBoy91 D
    BlueGameBoy91 D 9 months ago

    Being bullied at school is one thing, but when it’s your own family, It’s corrosive. KoRn is my inspiration. If you are dealing with abuse of any form. Do not keep it all inside, find someone to talk to. Believe me, if you don’t it will eat you alive or make you snap. Stay strong people and thank you KoRn for everything.

  • Aris Koumbanakis
    Aris Koumbanakis 9 months ago

    This song saved my life... Chills every fucking time

  • Charles Mcdonald
    Charles Mcdonald 9 months ago

    "i keep fighting, you won't ever bring me....KORN" i can't be the only one who reads the bckground into the lyrics lol

  • The Wafflesman
    The Wafflesman 9 months ago

    Korn is an amazing band, and I'm only thirteen. Most people at my school say that metal is just screaming and things that don't make sense. Then I listen to today's rap, which is just people making no effort to talk about sex and drugs. People make really good assumptions. (Obvious sarcasm is used)

  • Trinidad Rodriguez
    Trinidad Rodriguez 10 months ago

    This song goes to all my hater! :)

  • Atilla Kürşat Akçay
    Atilla Kürşat Akçay 10 months ago

    Korn rules, so does Buğra Bekdemir

  • Atilla Kürşat Akçay
    Atilla Kürşat Akçay 10 months ago

    dislike atan umut kaya

  • Miss lalala
    Miss lalala 10 months ago

    DAMNN!!!! years I dont listen to this song! WTF this killer sound!

  • Atilla Kürşat Akçay
    Atilla Kürşat Akçay 10 months ago

    yaktım reis

  • TheWalkingDeadlife
    TheWalkingDeadlife 10 months ago

    Ever feel like beating the fuck out of some one...

  • Roman Horoško
    Roman Horoško 11 months ago


  • Trey Trey
    Trey Trey Year ago

    Korn is the shit

  • Tommy Bahama
    Tommy Bahama Year ago

    Hands down! Jonathan Davis is the best vocalist!

  • Misty Dowdy
    Misty Dowdy Year ago

    I don't care what you say , this says it all

  • Misty Dowdy
    Misty Dowdy Year ago

    I Love this song its fucking great ok

  • johnnylee223
    johnnylee223 Year ago

    Why is the song pitch higher?

  • Monkey JUMP
    Monkey JUMP Year ago

    The only hater I have lives in my head..Can't escape that f**ker..

  • Byakuya
    Byakuya Year ago


  • Ahmet Erdem
    Ahmet Erdem Year ago

    way mq türk paylaşmış

  • Freddy Fazbear
    Freddy Fazbear Year ago

    I keep flying i keep Fighting

  • Nettled Ned Flanders

    This song gave me the guts to tell people to just give up cuz no matter how hard they try they won't bring me down anymore

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy Year ago

    This song is about bullying and abuse. Bullies are not normal people. Actual bullying is a sick twisted form of abuse perputarated by evil people. Bullying whether it be school Bullying, domestic abuse or child abuse is disgusting. I've never been a victim of bullying but I've seen bullies and victims of it. It's disgusting and a horrendous thing. I hate bullies. I just don't understand why so many people shrug their shoulders to bullying and try to justify it. Most of the time they confuse general rudeness with bullying. It's too different things. Someone calling you ugly once on a blue moon isn't bullying. Someone or a group of people stalking you continuously with harrassment or physical Assualt for fun is bullying. It's not normal and no not everyone gets actually bullied and it doesn't bulid Charcater. It's abuse and abuse always has bad effects on people. Would anyone go up to a woman who is beaten by her husband or a child who is beaten by their parent and tell them it's building there Charcater and it's helping them.. no. I don't understand why we say that to actual school bully victims. The fact that bully victims eben end up suffering wuth severe mental issues which either make them kill themselves or in rare cases shoot up a school is evident that bullying can have major serious effects on people. Ibe seen first hand what actual bullying does to people. It's not pretty. I love this song and I love the message.

  • Deeb 714
    Deeb 714 Year ago

    Fuck this song

  • Letty Polk
    Letty Polk Year ago


  • Briana Hartley
    Briana Hartley Year ago

    We are the children of the Korn

  • J Flo
    J Flo Year ago

    I dedicate this song to my home town where I was born, I will never go back there again. When my mom passed away I left never to return. That town destroyed my childhood.Bullied by my peers,missjudged and mistreated by my teachers, even some family members treated me like crap. I took my wife and kids out of there when my kids were little to keep them safe. Thank God they didn't suffer the same fate. I'm 45 now, my kids are grown. No trauma on them. Oh,my wife wasn't from that town. I left it all behind. Part of me is still broken, but I'm alive and my family's safe. Bullies destroy lives , I barely made it out alive.

  • serenity raienne

    I love this song so much love you guys

  • Fátima ArMarques

    Witty and realistic lyrics.

  • Valentina Saldaneri

    I fucking love ALL their songs!

  • Friedrich Sensenberger

    Treffer ey Den Inhalt begreift fast Jay x ähm z See jeder HAHA YEAH Z IT See I T

  • Google Search
    Google Search Year ago

    🤘 KooRnnn IN VEIN 🤘

  • Syskiii
    Syskiii Year ago

    Nice fucking job changing the tone. Fucking sucks. Sounds like he is on fucking LSD or some shit.

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis Year ago

    Haters hater hater haters you have been warned now change your ways before we swam and make your hating ways your Norm.......... Hater hater

  • Onur erkoç
    Onur erkoç Year ago

    Bu ne be

    F4LLEND4RK Year ago

    When creating a lyric video you have one job: get the lyrics right. "I write it down then spiral round and round". Surely "I ride a downward spiral round and round" makes a lot more sense?

  • NitroN_
    NitroN_ Year ago

    H A T E R S B A C K O F F >:((

  • Friedrich Sensenberger

    H ater later reLater No excuses but Real singularity injustice Trick Tick nic sick m3 k feils teils rails haha YEAH UniX YEAH theory Live Musik in Wirklichkeit wahr nehmen ALS Diss oh sie no m3 aaahahaha entWürdigung s Tick s ohne Ver Bindung....weeeiiill kein Mensch so = aaaaaaaaahahahaha bipolar + Not hey LP hell p Help Say wat see WHAT s.hitz

  • LeeLee Dee
    LeeLee Dee Year ago

    This song makes me feel so good. Been a fan since the 90s and they just keep pumping out hit after hit

  • Night Spirit
    Night Spirit Year ago

    Is it me or this sounds sped up?

  • Büşü ü
    Büşü ü Year ago


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    USA,CA,Fresno G Year ago

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  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    İşte bu

  • Pita Gartner
    Pita Gartner Year ago

    I want this song on spotify:(

  • Rokebear
    Rokebear Year ago

    In the chorus, I believe it is "I ride a downward spiral round and round" rather than "I write it down then spiral round and round"

    • Hate Plow
      Hate Plow 7 months ago

      Scrolled down so I could find this post and upvote it.

  • WolfAnarchyVonCreepy

    Why couldn't I find this in high school?

    ERICCO MICHEL Year ago

    Really, thank you for upload this video, i have a abusive father, this makes me feel better...THANKS alot!

  • Sayuri Beetroot
    Sayuri Beetroot Year ago

    This song made me remind of my friend who comitted suicide 2 years ago. Even if I didn't liked him, he will always be in my heart.

    • Dominik Kremeike
      Dominik Kremeike 7 months ago

      friend-never liked him. Youre disgusting

      KITTY DINO Year ago

      You said it yourself u never liked him and now hes in ur heart since hes dead....pathetic

      KITTY DINO Year ago

      Ur such a shame in society, you just care once therye gone and thats sick

  • Bill Bill
    Bill Bill Year ago


  • Marian Goates
    Marian Goates Year ago


  • Fuhrer
    Fuhrer Year ago

    "you won't ever bring me down down down down...." I just want sing this part over and over again and again.

  • faith Trezon
    faith Trezon 2 years ago

    this song will forever be my shit

  • Görkem Görk
    Görkem Görk 2 years ago

    şarkıda bi gariplik var yalnız

  • Berkay Sert
    Berkay Sert 2 years ago

    Bu daha güzel rapçinin ne işi var onun

  • nobodyomega
    nobodyomega 2 years ago

    I dont need therapist listening real music,los vi en madrid el 17 de mayo,brutales,los vi antes pero ahora son mejores musicos ,pro

  • Natalia Miskowicz
    Natalia Miskowicz 2 years ago