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Signs the World Might END...
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  • Aaron Perez
    Aaron Perez 5 minutes ago

    So for number 8 the grandma just left the baby there? Lol

  • Filip Kasovski
    Filip Kasovski 5 minutes ago

    If i listen to the metal band Possessed, does that make me possessed by Possessed?

  • Tim Kramar
    Tim Kramar 9 minutes ago

    On the Watcher. There was a case where the homeowner was told in a handwritten note by someone never identified that sarid the author always watched that particular house.

  • Ghost in The shell
    Ghost in The shell 11 minutes ago

    Mads mikkelson is best Hannibal

  • Ghost in The shell
    Ghost in The shell 14 minutes ago

    Stranger things is a ripoff of akira

  • Kadeem Alexander
    Kadeem Alexander 15 minutes ago

    There is a reason I watch these vids in the day time lmfao

  • Kaylim Z
    Kaylim Z 16 minutes ago

    Incorrupt bodies of saints = flat earth HOW CAN ANYONE FIGHT THAT LOGIC!!!

  • Frenchy PooWho
    Frenchy PooWho 18 minutes ago

    Good Video! Although I don't need a bunch of youtube videos to be cursed; I already am.

  • 00 Buck
    00 Buck 26 minutes ago

    Very good information. Could you slow down a little bit between sentences there's no break... it's just slam slam slam slam slam slam slam slam slam slam with no break can't even think from the last sentence to the next to process the information. slow down please... Otherwise it's been really informative

  • Ghost in The shell
    Ghost in The shell 27 minutes ago

    Congratulate you on using the Politically correct white robbers

  • Flux it
    Flux it 30 minutes ago

    Where do i find the vids?

  • Boris Bilič
    Boris Bilič 38 minutes ago

    I robb you with a marker

  • Sentinel Infinitude
    Sentinel Infinitude 38 minutes ago

    Health Canada for sponsoring this video

  • Peyton Brahl
    Peyton Brahl 42 minutes ago

    2:29 lsd doesn't last 3 hours it lasts like 7

  • Poolee Ranieri
    Poolee Ranieri 43 minutes ago

    What's the creepy song in his video?

  • Vic Wedick
    Vic Wedick 45 minutes ago

    This guy moves his hend to much for me ....wyll he talks ...freaky

  • caktalfraktal
    caktalfraktal 46 minutes ago

    check out the Screaming Heads in Burks Falls, Ontario

  • Mr God
    Mr God 48 minutes ago

    Yeh me and my friends hold it in sometimes but its mostly cuz we like seeing how long we can hold it in or were playing Chicago but I got some friends that say it'll get u higher and I just ignore em

  • Jamers
    Jamers 48 minutes ago

    Thats why restaurants sing a different song other than happy birthday

  • Elite Fire
    Elite Fire 52 minutes ago

    This video should just be called 10 more reasons not to use eBay

  • Not Cranker
    Not Cranker 53 minutes ago

    I am left handed.

  • Scouting Legion
    Scouting Legion 56 minutes ago

    I didn't know Matthew is 5'6!

  • orangefishblood
    orangefishblood Hour ago

    a chemical imbalance is what gave me depression, but I’m thankfully on medication that’s making it a bit better

  • Paul Lannister
    Paul Lannister Hour ago

    So who's with me on an adventure trip

  • Jon Champion
    Jon Champion Hour ago

    Why isn’t Camp David on this lists?

  • Alvin Lemus
    Alvin Lemus Hour ago

    my soul was made by god it’s his and it stays that way

  • Chicken Permission

    Matt's getting his bag! Go ahead with your sexy self getting sponsored by Warner Brothers!

  • KamaSutra King
    KamaSutra King Hour ago

    i will start with the fact that has broken many hearts each time i said it. GANJA is an INDIA word and the HERB WAS FIRST FOUND IN NORTH INDIA. THE GUD WON YAA'LL

  • Haus of Gemini
    Haus of Gemini Hour ago

    If a woman slaps a man she shouldn't be surprised if he slaps her back

  • StaticXYouth
    StaticXYouth Hour ago

    What mother nature does don't scare me. Humanity is worse.

  • Mary Anderson
    Mary Anderson Hour ago

    that poop plush is looking into my soul......

  • Paul Mayfield
    Paul Mayfield Hour ago

    I know the one with sinbad existed cause I always get the name mixed up with the other one with Shaq. I have never seen the one with shaq so I’m not getting the people messed up. I remember it came out after the sinbad one. I still can’t tell you which one of the names of the movie though without looking it up. I think the looney toons one with shaq was about the same time

  • KamaSutra King
    KamaSutra King Hour ago

    10 lies? i heard atleast 1000 lies about it from the white media and canada usa europe. being from India, I can educate all ju kids on the Herb nice and thoroughly. I got a nice backyard and frontyard....with a REally Green View....Ommm Namah Shivaiya..

  • Kwon Hyuk
    Kwon Hyuk Hour ago

    this bruh looks like vsauce

  • Kalen Dowdy
    Kalen Dowdy Hour ago

    You should do a video on the Bennington Triangle

  • Arizona person
    Arizona person 2 hours ago

    Why do you keep showing your ignorance calling Gods biblical flat earth a 'planet'. Flat earth is biblical fact and common sense. Wake up already its 2019!!!!

  • LoYaLtY. IRL
    LoYaLtY. IRL 2 hours ago

    i was wanking when i first experienced it

  • Never the Less
    Never the Less 2 hours ago

    Mereti ma in spre pula lu dumnezo de americani prajiti, numa prostii credeti...

  • Lazarus Serphant
    Lazarus Serphant 2 hours ago

    Omg I knew that the pig war would be on here 😂

  • Soadfan217
    Soadfan217 2 hours ago

    Bella kiss rumored to be a vampire "herself" Some believe that "he's" stil walking around

  • Murial Keren
    Murial Keren 2 hours ago

    Ed's so infamous...

  • Dawn United
    Dawn United 2 hours ago

    We're all monsters in our own way yet not discovered by another person until found they label as monsters

  • Julian Angel
    Julian Angel 2 hours ago

    who else is at school.

  • alchemist's dreams
    alchemist's dreams 2 hours ago

    bruh he really passed that 20 second video curse to us huh

  • merryweatherflowers
    merryweatherflowers 2 hours ago

    He did have something amazing in his truck the migrants where trying to get in his van to get to the uk

  • don bod
    don bod 2 hours ago

    Real good job on this one... Maybe the footage made it that much better..

  • Derek Lenz
    Derek Lenz 2 hours ago

    1:43 the rate of fatal accidents continue to fall... bruh moment

  • Matt Boselli
    Matt Boselli 2 hours ago

    They all sound interesting this to Matthew

  • XellNoverseTV
    XellNoverseTV 2 hours ago

    6:31 its called "LIFE"

  • Blueda Husko
    Blueda Husko 2 hours ago


  • Arizona person
    Arizona person 2 hours ago

    No such thing as 'aliens' and no one can land on the moon, stupid! Genesis 1:16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

  • McKein Mull
    McKein Mull 2 hours ago

    That dick tried to sue holocaust survivors! Wtf

  • Arizona person
    Arizona person 2 hours ago

    eww that is one ugly shirt, damn!!

  • Joannie Pledger
    Joannie Pledger 3 hours ago

    I really like your videos but have you realized that you repeat the same info in different videos?

  • Anna Etherington
    Anna Etherington 3 hours ago

    Privacy scarf, classic! I laughed so much I kind of want to buy one, god help me

  • Shaquira Jay
    Shaquira Jay 3 hours ago

    It "did" STILL exists. But now it's potentially vastly different from back then

  • Laughing Jack
    Laughing Jack 3 hours ago

    I've seen the cursed tissue commercial on the top 10 most disturbing TV commercials but nothing bad happened.

  • Walkertongdee
    Walkertongdee 3 hours ago

    Music was something called radio skip duh

  • S.himxdx
    S.himxdx 3 hours ago

    "You have 20 seconds to end this video" Me: *ends video immediately* (Now im scared thanks uncle matt)

  • Jayden18749orsomthinlikethat

    His eyebrow slipped down his face onto the floor in a sad little puddle

  • Dorcus Evelyn
    Dorcus Evelyn 4 hours ago

    when I heard Tanzanian man at number 9..I started getting excited that Matt finally acknowledged us..then it got dark real fast 😟.. Sending love all the way from Tanzania 🙋🏼

  • TheGolden Pick
    TheGolden Pick 4 hours ago

    Omg I forgot about your channel, Matt!

  • Christopher Masterson

    Turns out I could be a psychopath

  • juicy threads
    juicy threads 4 hours ago

    Just wanted to say that new Zealand does not have snacks at all and never has.

  • Linda Mueller
    Linda Mueller 4 hours ago

    You can buy Kinder now in the U.S

  • Kenshin 1849
    Kenshin 1849 4 hours ago

    To be honest #5 made me very sick for one night in 2007

  • Viking Queen Jada
    Viking Queen Jada 4 hours ago

    Me: *sees most evil kids in history* I'm surprised my nieces and nephew isn't on here😂😂

  • John Forgette Jr
    John Forgette Jr 4 hours ago

    Don't believe anything NASA tells you it is all lies they spew forked tongue serpents

  • John Forgette Jr
    John Forgette Jr 4 hours ago

    NASA is lying to you about everything the Earth isn't a ball it's a flat plain more like the shape of a dinner plate. It's called sea level for a reason.

  • Nicnine Murphy
    Nicnine Murphy 4 hours ago

    3min 50 secs in white rock looking object looking like a basketball in space flying bye. I just saw a video a couple of days ago of something identical that people don't know what it is driving in the water near a boat in the middle of ocean

  • Based Beaner
    Based Beaner 4 hours ago

    A BLM supporter is racist? Say it ain't so

  • ZackOvAllTrades
    ZackOvAllTrades 4 hours ago

    I thought I was weird because I collect CD's, a dead media form....

  • Leia Brunell
    Leia Brunell 4 hours ago

    Actually, snakes are smooth, not slimy

  • Mark Zoobkoff
    Mark Zoobkoff 4 hours ago

    I've accidentally ate 4 ads on this video.

  • Divya Ray
    Divya Ray 4 hours ago

    Very Entertaining video , love.from INDIA,🤗😘

  • Riley Gibson
    Riley Gibson 4 hours ago


  • Sawma&Judy cck
    Sawma&Judy cck 5 hours ago

    I want to sell my soul for whelth and fame because i'm despite,and i want to become a demon magician

  • Jennifer Lynn
    Jennifer Lynn 5 hours ago

    Video would be better if you didn’t have the background music or it wasn’t so loud

  • R slash dat random boi

    When matt said mustard gas Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Jennifer Lynn
    Jennifer Lynn 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks Graham young is cute? Probably it shows how bad my taste in men is 😝

  • Puky94
    Puky94 5 hours ago

    Question : Why? Oh Why did he had to be born? I want Obama back!!!

  • Lily
    Lily 5 hours ago

    what about how teeth aren’t bones lol

  • TTempes TT
    TTempes TT 5 hours ago

    Thanks im goona try them all

  • TJ Acree
    TJ Acree 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one that notices he chooses one word every vid and pronounces it wierd?

  • Mono832
    Mono832 5 hours ago

    Don’t you need an area code to call these?

  • Brandon spicer
    Brandon spicer 5 hours ago

    Are they against us? Or are they trying to wipe out corruption. It takes a con to take down a con. It's to balance humanity, As much as we disagree without them the world would be imbalanced.

  • Joanne Burns
    Joanne Burns 5 hours ago

    Ghost in Versaille, the thief was stealing also for the security guard, great cover-up....and angels in the bedroom where the woman stayed....all this is not time travel, its going into another dimension..

  • Tawanda Mapfumo
    Tawanda Mapfumo 5 hours ago

    lol,,, God's mistake

  • Lorita Murray
    Lorita Murray 5 hours ago

    Maura is pronounced Mor-a not Mow-ra😂

  • pink_full_moon
    pink_full_moon 5 hours ago

    YES!! Those were definitely miracles from God!! He's not some small being or an old man, He is the King of kings and Lord of lords!! The song that says He's got the whole world in His hands is truth!! Why do so many ppl minimize this totally Awesome God?? He is still in the miracle working business.. His power cannot be matched!!

  • TJ Cummings
    TJ Cummings 5 hours ago

    Tobad these Satanist have it wrong the biggest law of Satanism in hurt no one and in Luciferian it is hurt only evil doers just saying

  • Jason Coughenour
    Jason Coughenour 5 hours ago

    Whys that one guy taking a grumper on his back porch ?

  • Jason Coughenour
    Jason Coughenour 5 hours ago

    My dad used to tell me theres a duck in every pond

  • Pixelminerr
    Pixelminerr 5 hours ago

    None of these are scary.

    • Pixelminerr
      Pixelminerr 28 minutes ago

      @mr Mcnurp I'm glad you agree

    • mr Mcnurp
      mr Mcnurp 29 minutes ago

      @Pixelminerr it should be

    • Pixelminerr
      Pixelminerr 33 minutes ago

      @mr Mcnurp then it would be 10 dangerous places that exist.

    • mr Mcnurp
      mr Mcnurp 43 minutes ago

      Maybe they're nightmare because they could kill you

  • Justin Pettit
    Justin Pettit 6 hours ago

    Google up "nature boy" or "carbonnation" that's another cult.

  • mrslayerman shit
    mrslayerman shit 6 hours ago

    I wish I could do I legal things and I wont get arrested for it

  • Michael Kelley
    Michael Kelley 6 hours ago

    LOL.... I bet one was uuh... why don't birdies fly underwater and why don't they fly out of fuel tanks ? LOL.

  • Michael Kelley
    Michael Kelley 6 hours ago

    Sometimes creepy neighbors are pushed to their was creepiness by others bad habits and smells... then they play with intellectual property and stray door handles aboard airplanes and trains to keep them away... sometimes out of context personal recordings can cause weird things to others also.

  • Kenneth Gibson
    Kenneth Gibson 6 hours ago

    Very cool. I believe that NASA has discovered things and has technology they dont want to get out to the general public. Theres much out there that we earth bound people just dont have any experience with.

  • Eric Dempsey
    Eric Dempsey 6 hours ago

    Likely wrong there were 2 possibilities with number 10. There may be 3, which would be that things were destroyed during a mission that consisted of sending humans 240,000 miles from Earth in an aircraft with an unbelievable amount of rocket fuel attached to the back end of it. I can only imagine gravity is unforgiving in more ways than given credit for here.