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  • city malang
    city malang 5 days ago

    Ayo ps tira 👽

  • juan barita silaban
    juan barita silaban 13 days ago

    Superb goal by willian

  • Supratim Chakraborty

    Chelsea under Lampard is displaying a nice blend of technical play and free flowing game!

  • Emil Vierinen
    Emil Vierinen 14 days ago


  • republik torrejon
    republik torrejon 15 days ago

    quel arbitrage de merde !!

  • Ilhom CHulliev
    Ilhom CHulliev 17 days ago

    Chelsen dunyoga tanitgan bu lenpr buladi bundan keyinam tantad olg'a chelse

  • stan tenhave
    stan tenhave 18 days ago


  • ToTallyNot lIteNough

    Next game Tottenham 2-7 Bayern Munchen

  • Jason Studd
    Jason Studd 19 days ago

    Please take that maybach watermark off, it really interferes with the footage

  • Aldi Gunawan
    Aldi Gunawan 20 days ago

    Ayo Sriwijaya FC

  • Mifta Holman
    Mifta Holman 20 days ago

    Semangat persik kediri

    • Aa bece
      Aa bece 20 days ago

      Anjayyy Lille benderanya kaya persik Kediri lu bnr

  • Dimas rein
    Dimas rein 20 days ago

    Croor muka

  • Suryadi Adi
    Suryadi Adi 20 days ago


  • Lucelis Maria Ortega Olivero

    Mís dos mejores selecciones. Soy Brasilero y Alemano :) :) Más por Brasil.

  • c
    c Month ago


  • Flakstad sebabels 10

    They lost tho lollll yaaaayyyy😂😂😂👌👌👌

  • Dominik Seidel
    Dominik Seidel Month ago

    Germany 2014: Destroying Brasil Germany 2018: What is the word ,,Destroying"? Why are 4 years so much for a soccer-team?

  • balogun dewale
    balogun dewale Month ago

    Awesome Griezzzyyyyy!!!!!!

  • Andy Albor
    Andy Albor Month ago

    He has good strength and a vicious left foot. CAM position should suit him best.

    • Mohammad Ahnaf Afique
      Mohammad Ahnaf Afique Month ago

      He's a pure forward putting him in CAM will be a worst idea.Just like Valvarde ruined Carles Alena's attavking mentality.He's good at RW or CF position

  • Abdoul Hamid Zeba

    Best striker

  • Emeka Anachebe
    Emeka Anachebe Month ago

    Way better than Dembele

  • Sanoussy Mara
    Sanoussy Mara Month ago

    Nicee goal

  • adam kilani
    adam kilani Month ago

    And second goal?

  • afrian firmansyah
    afrian firmansyah 2 months ago

    Emang apa bor?

  • Alexander Rojas Calero

    Ironic: all comments in UEFA's video "Top ten goals UEFA Champions League 18-19" show than that list is about ONLY mediatic players and clubs (Messi, Mané, Suárez, Ronaldo, Rakitic, etc), but everyone's agree one thing: Schöne's goal is THE BEST OF SEASON. But... y'know, UEFA is UEFA (maffia)

    • Timo Noorman
      Timo Noorman 26 days ago

      soooo true. schone is incredibly underrated

  • Umar Chowdhury
    Umar Chowdhury 2 months ago

    0:17 if u want to see just the free kick without the buildup

  • Valentinä cayo
    Valentinä cayo 3 months ago

    Brasil demostró muchas veces que no depende de Neymar ni de otro jugador todos los Brasileños nacieron con el fútbol en la sangre son unos crack

  • lnxred
    lnxred 3 months ago

    Sem Neymar como sempre. Brasil x Itália x Alemanha é o verdadeiro clássico mundial.

  • Hungry for Idea
    Hungry for Idea 3 months ago

    Hey plz help me

  • batu bey
    batu bey 3 months ago

    Seri alev alev seriyi izlemek icin gelenler

  • hafizul
    hafizul 3 months ago

    only few attacks from belgium they also use the bus for parking

  • Diego the GOAT Maradona

    Renato miss was the chance. If they equalised there then Belgium mental strength would be called into question. Having said that Belgium dominated until Brazil pulled a goal back and overall deserved to win. Hazard and De Bruyne were magnificent.

  • Gabriel Felipe
    Gabriel Felipe 3 months ago

    I love Brazil 🇧🇷

  • Wahyudi Agus
    Wahyudi Agus 3 months ago

    Čâęmöš 0øđěmøš

  • All Sharks
    All Sharks 4 months ago


    SANDSTORM 4 months ago

    Brazil played way better. Unlucky!

    • AsLaN Tv
      AsLaN Tv 3 months ago

      No. K de bruyne Broke golkepper 😂😂😂. Good gool

      SANDSTORM 4 months ago

      @LOLONO62 I see. I respect your opinion.

    • LOLONO62
      LOLONO62 4 months ago

      @SANDSTORM maybe not better but more realistic like vs japan

      SANDSTORM 4 months ago

      @LOLONO62 you think Belgium played better?

      SANDSTORM 4 months ago

      @Wouter Dehaut I totally agree with you. Brazil x Belgium could have been a much better final.

  • jfp05
    jfp05 4 months ago

    As long as Brazil has players like Neymar, they will never win the World Cup

  • Hoa Hoàng
    Hoa Hoàng 4 months ago

    champions league.

  • Hoa Hoàng
    Hoa Hoàng 4 months ago

    Lasse Schone .

  • mee ee
    mee ee 5 months ago

    Copa America mmak ulladhaaa ✌️ Viva BRAZIL 🇧🇷

  • Mario Cervantes
    Mario Cervantes 5 months ago

    Pirlo style

  • BbeKrishnendu Dhara
    BbeKrishnendu Dhara 5 months ago

    Hit like for Brazil ✌️

  • Nirmit Mishra
    Nirmit Mishra 6 months ago

    As a Barça fan, this was like porn for me.

    • Lymbe06
      Lymbe06 28 days ago

      Nirmit Mishra Madrid fan here, I understand you completely.

    • Mattia Ghiani
      Mattia Ghiani Month ago

      For me as an Ajax supporter it was better than porn trust me

    • Hulu Sport
      Hulu Sport 6 months ago


  • XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxX

    most. beautiful. goal. ever.

  • cristian recio
    cristian recio 6 months ago

    🇧🇷 1-7🇧🇪

  • Vincent Xu
    Vincent Xu 6 months ago

    Germany fucks

  • Reinaldo Silva
    Reinaldo Silva 6 months ago

    Respeita a seleção Brasileira sua Alemanha nazista

  • Hozaifah Shaikh
    Hozaifah Shaikh 6 months ago

    That goal just show how bad Real Madrid is! BTW I am FC Barcelona fan (they will win against Manchester United)

  • Mely Fuentes
    Mely Fuentes 6 months ago

    Neres humillo a Nachito jaaaa

    • Victor
      Victor 4 months ago

      No es Nacho, si a Daniel Carvajal

  • David Schilling
    David Schilling 6 months ago

    Bruh I scored a goal exactly like that today in my highschool game. Lol to bad we lost 5-2

  • Arwanki Thubru
    Arwanki Thubru 6 months ago

    thNks a lot a lottttt



  • White Soda
    White Soda 6 months ago

    Funny what happens 90 minutes after 😂❤️

  • akbar samsudin
    akbar samsudin 6 months ago

    kavin de brunye the best!!! # city player

    • AsLaN Tv
      AsLaN Tv 3 months ago

      My favorite player 😍K DE BRUYNE

  • Evan Anoj
    Evan Anoj 6 months ago

    Potti potti kali potti

  • Robert Jeszka
    Robert Jeszka 7 months ago

    germany sucks

  • ME Ebadul khan
    ME Ebadul khan 7 months ago


    STAR HIGHLIGHTS 7 months ago

    hay dont you get copyright strike on your channel

  • .
    . 7 months ago

    Haha is the cynical laughter in the background from RM fans?

  • rosangela domingues
    rosangela domingues 7 months ago

    Stop to Crying. BRAZIL IS THE BEST. Brazil is Penta !!!! You do not. Haha

  • Simon Colaco
    Simon Colaco 7 months ago

    p mo

  • Michael Newton
    Michael Newton 7 months ago

    Credit to the bald lad 😂 legend

  • syrian soul
    syrian soul 7 months ago


  • Asif Jr
    Asif Jr 7 months ago


  • Jeffery Tang
    Jeffery Tang 7 months ago


  • Just Calum
    Just Calum 7 months ago


    GAMER GROUP 7 months ago

    Yay Brasil I don’t real like brasil but my dad does 20 19 ???????

  • Wonders
    Wonders 7 months ago

    absolutely beautiful, some people say it was an accident, idk to me it was completely intentional

    • Deep Master Funk
      Deep Master Funk 11 days ago

      It was intentional. He knew he was about to be subbed off so he took his chance.

    • Krishna Vid's
      Krishna Vid's 7 months ago

      Lol accident? He is known for taking incredible freekicks.. It would be surprising for someone who came across Schone recently

  • Masyaf
    Masyaf 7 months ago

    This is the new Manolas for Madrid... Karma huh 🤣

    • THESG
      THESG 2 months ago

      Oof Liverpool 4-0 Barca

  • Shaqiri the PowerCube
    Shaqiri the PowerCube 7 months ago

    Ramos... joke... k bye

  • JimBach
    JimBach 7 months ago

    What a goal xD

    • Bzh Atao
      Bzh Atao 7 months ago

      Missile sol-sol from BZH 😎

  • We like fortnite we like fortnite

    Neymar knew where ninja was gonna sit... Ninja: "stream sniper" *neymar got banned by stream sniping ninja*

  • C van Beek
    C van Beek 7 months ago Almost identical free kick by Pierre van Hooijdonk.

  • Bzh Atao
    Bzh Atao 7 months ago

    Pataaaaaaaate !!!!!!!😂

  • Cunt Cuntic
    Cunt Cuntic 7 months ago

    Imagine beeing so cool that a guy like neymar walks up to you to meet you 😂

  • GueOmDuduto
    GueOmDuduto 7 months ago

    rennes playing superb today, congrats!

  • SjbTheScouseLegend
    SjbTheScouseLegend 7 months ago

    Neymar you nonse what are you doing with ninja (I don’t like fortnite and I support Liverpool.)

  • benjamin gjerde
    benjamin gjerde 7 months ago

    6:44: But...They promised me Gold! VAR what?!

  • sergio vignati
    sergio vignati 7 months ago

    Hahahahaha Buffon non la vincerai mai la Champions

  • kr1ry91
    kr1ry91 7 months ago


  • Rossoseko
    Rossoseko 7 months ago

    Brilliant pen

  • Colette Irving
    Colette Irving 7 months ago


  • OO ps
    OO ps 7 months ago

    Tony Cross goal against Sweeden %)

    • D.
      D. 7 months ago

      But kroos sucks

    • Krishna Vid's
      Krishna Vid's 7 months ago

      That was a missile goal

  • Ivan Droid
    Ivan Droid 7 months ago


  • PitbullSubs
    PitbullSubs 7 months ago

    Anyone knows the song playing in the background?

  • douglas aleman
    douglas aleman 7 months ago

    #Ninja El Mejor

  • Bagus Pamungkas
    Bagus Pamungkas 7 months ago

    honestly, it's not a pen, VAR👎👎

    • Bagus Pamungkas
      Bagus Pamungkas 7 months ago

      @Michael Newton f* off!

    • Michael Newton
      Michael Newton 7 months ago

      Bagus Pamungkas stfu

    • tharusha fernando
      tharusha fernando 7 months ago

      Ross0Seko 1860 agreed but for the country that owns psg they don’t care abt laws and stuff much like this guy

    • Rossoseko
      Rossoseko 7 months ago

      @tharusha fernando i personally find that to be a pen full stop no matter where you are what crowd var should be allowed doesn't matter if it's a handball weak challenge the var is there to help decision making, making football fair. If it was the other way round doesn't matter it shows they made the correct decision

    • tharusha fernando
      tharusha fernando 7 months ago

      Ross0Seko 1860 I think he means for psg there shouldn’t be handball coz count coz the state owned club can pay their way off like easily like what they do to fifa

  • Novita Dewi
    Novita Dewi 7 months ago

    Bye PSG 😂😂

    FREEDOM MAN 7 months ago

    Des Barres , j'en peu plus , j’exulte !! C'est MAGNIFIQUE, seul cette équipe de grosses pucelles est capable de se faire violer de la sorte autant de fois comme des merdes dans le monde du foot !! Pleurer parisien , pleurer ..................🤩🤩🤩 JUBILATOIR

  • Pro Gamer1
    Pro Gamer1 7 months ago

    What a waste of time they lost 😂😂

  • Doxi_ 27
    Doxi_ 27 7 months ago

    Ya un français??

  • Excalted Itz
    Excalted Itz 7 months ago

    Sad times PSG:) maybe next time

  • Banac  Miodrag
    Banac Miodrag 7 months ago

    The casters also know ninja, they got a shot of him during the game. :))

  • Magnus Würtz
    Magnus Würtz 7 months ago


  • zeeotter100
    zeeotter100 7 months ago

    Easy win

  • yvan isbr
    yvan isbr 7 months ago

    Hello did you post the full match

  • VicenzoV
    VicenzoV 7 months ago

    There are people who believe this was a cross gone wrong. These people are idiots.

    • alfahan74
      alfahan74 7 months ago

      I think there might be a tiny chance, that VicenzoV is being something called sarcastic.....

    • BradleyCV
      BradleyCV 7 months ago

      VicenzoV how am I an idiot when Lasse said it himself😂

    • D
      D 7 months ago

      @BradleyCVZiyech told in an interview straight after the match that Schone said `ill take it, and ill shoot`

    • VicenzoV
      VicenzoV 7 months ago

      @BradleyCV you're an idiot.

    • BradleyCV
      BradleyCV 7 months ago

      VicenzoV Lasse himself said in a Danish interview that it was a cross

  • PinochetAirlines
    PinochetAirlines 7 months ago

    Perfect angle

    KYMDYM OFFICIAL 7 months ago

    Excellenteee goalllll