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EBA Channel Trailer #3
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  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios Hour ago

    TFW the game won't let you be that bad...

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    PLEASE let me know now in the comments other challenge ideas! We don't know how much I'll be able to use comments in the future....

  • Rjit
    Rjit 2 days ago

    5:01-5:06 it took him 5 seconds to jump off the ladder and get inside the house... *I AM SPEED*

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios 2 days ago

    Glitches means new challenges Glitches also means rage It's a content win-win!

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    Since I wasn't able to get the escape route I wanted, I plan to record another video on Act 2 before recording Act 3. In that video, I will get BOTH of the other escapes so that our runthrough is truly 100%!

  • NCshredder Gaming
    NCshredder Gaming 7 days ago

    great video buddy, keep grinding XD

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios 8 days ago

    I play! You play! LET'S PLAY! (I'm so sorry)

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    I love this series and I'm excited to see what new lands we discover!

  • Laurel Luvs Dragons

    I’m the 362nd person to like

  • JXim439
    JXim439 9 days ago

    Congratulations yoo! You look Amazing!😎

  • Pig VS Cow
    Pig VS Cow 9 days ago

    congratulation bro!!! 👍💪

  • Blue Star
    Blue Star 9 days ago

    1:49 it’s gay utopia!

  • Seanpvs101 Incredibles fan boy

    Nice face 👍🏻

  • Rjit
    Rjit 9 days ago

    A 10 minute 1 second video with hitting 1000 subs... monetization confirmed? 😂

    • Eagle Builder Animation
      Eagle Builder Animation 9 days ago

      Rij ur bad! Don’t start rumors! 😆 It just happened to end up a 10min vid. I am not monetized and never plan to. 😁

  • Fire Wood
    Fire Wood 10 days ago


  • MJCstar1
    MJCstar1 10 days ago

    When are you going to reveal your real eagle face?

  • Patricia Boughan
    Patricia Boughan 11 days ago

    Stan got Ralph rolled

  • Bloopdork7
    Bloopdork7 11 days ago


  • Bloopdork7
    Bloopdork7 11 days ago

    Lol, I wish I had a thousand subs! I only have 300

  • Qreases
    Qreases 13 days ago

    This is happening to me 😭

  • Galaxite45z
    Galaxite45z 13 days ago

    What if he pulls his mask off and realize he’s actually an Eagle?

  • ACPlayGames
    ACPlayGames 13 days ago

    ay congratulations its a celebration

  • Blackmirror 20
    Blackmirror 20 14 days ago

    you are secretly Evanmcgaming 😓💨

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios 16 days ago

    YEET! We did it! Let's party!

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    I'm still partially in shock that we actually did it! Thank you all SO much! I hope you enjoy this celebration video!

  • Lemon Drop-Chan
    Lemon Drop-Chan 16 days ago

    1:53 roll the tape backwards what bill is actually saying is a x o l t my time has come to burn invoke the power I may return haha fun facts with lemon UwU

  • Cesar Hernandez
    Cesar Hernandez 17 days ago

    congrats on 1 k subs

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios 17 days ago

    All in favor of a full version of Beat Saber Rick Astley 🙋‍♂️

  • Cartoon Apocalypse
    Cartoon Apocalypse 17 days ago

    Beat saber without any mods looks so different 😂

  • Eagle Builder Animation


  • Cartoon Apocalypse
    Cartoon Apocalypse 19 days ago


  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios 19 days ago

    Uhhhh.... What just happened?

  • F-15eaglePlays
    F-15eaglePlays 20 days ago

    Legit a really cool video! What version is the game in?

  • Qlixzy
    Qlixzy 23 days ago

    Hello! Your content is amazing bro! I've watched a few videos now and you're going to get somewhere one day! Keep being unique and keep grinding! You've earned another subscriber!! All love from Twitter❤‼

  • Maya M
    Maya M 23 days ago

    oh My GOD THEY PUT IN THE SHOOTING STAR MEME Das mw favourite meme

  • MLM Gaming
    MLM Gaming 23 days ago

    Nice intro, I like. And wow you speak very well beside me on my videos 😂

  • Fire Wood
    Fire Wood 23 days ago

    Bruh, you're too close to 1k. WE NEED MORE SUBS PLEASE

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios 23 days ago

    🎵Hello! I'm your neighbor! Goodbye! I'll see you later! This place was not for you to look and see, Take it from me! 🎵

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    Sorry for a few awkward cuts in this one! My dogs wanted to be "helpful" while I was recording :/

  • Starco Fan 25
    Starco Fan 25 23 days ago

    When Are you going to Make this?

    • Eagle Builder Animation
      Eagle Builder Animation 23 days ago

      I have two spinoffs to make first! - Janna Banana and Karate Boy - Rebel Princess The problem is that editing the EBAEU is VERY time-consuming and college is my priority. I plan to finish JB&KB in December for a January release and start work on Rebel Princess at the same time. So it may still be a while until Daron’s Endgame is made (which is unfortunate because it’s the one I’m most excited to make), but I WILL get it done eventually! There are some projects that I have a bond ones, but I refuse to forget this one!

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios 24 days ago

    Chez da savage!

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    Please ignore the fact that I'm trash and enjoy the video! 😁

  • Kanvi GD
    Kanvi GD 24 days ago

    I didnt laugh whats my reward

  • Canada Countryhuman
    Canada Countryhuman 24 days ago


  • CrispyShrimp003
    CrispyShrimp003 25 days ago

    I know MJCstar1 he is in my band and he plays trumpet like a boss

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios 25 days ago

    Now this is Mario Kart-ing! r/prequelmemes

    • Anthony 237
      Anthony 237 25 days ago

      Have you ever heard the tragedy of King Boo the wise? It's not a story the pipe would tell you

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    These tours just keep getting better! Be sure to let me know what challenges you'd like to see me try in the future!

  • sea.seaweed
    sea.seaweed 28 days ago

    ...........1:49............. did he say gay or are my ears just not working

  • Rjit
    Rjit Month ago

    I was able to experience it Damage Control today! It was an amazing VR experience. Here’s my take on it Unfortunately there’s two key points which make this not canon, Thor in his Infinity War form when it’s set in a post-Endgame timeline, and having the players actually kill Ultron in the final battle. Still the MCU actually ties a lot in despite it probably not being canon. If it weren’t for the two plot holes I mentioned previously this would make for a great MCU storyline. For instance Marvel really made sure that you know it takes place after the events of Endgame (we still don’t know if this was supposedly before FFH or not). Such as having literally every hero join the final battle aside from those who departed the MCU in Endgame. They also tied in the ending of BP (Shuri becoming the head of Wakandas international outreach center) perfectly. In an overall recap this experience was truly remarkable and something I’ll never forget. Marvel did a great job in creating a superb storyline, simple and solid mechanics, and as usual fantastic VFX and music (bringing back Thor’s entrance theme from IW was something I never realized I needed 😆). If anyone has the chance to experience this, you should absolutely check it out.

  • RetrovoiD
    RetrovoiD Month ago

    Honestly the map messes with me hard, but I don't even care because it's so damn sexy

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios Month ago

    Obviously official lyrics of the Stranger Things theme: Dodododododododo Dodododododododo Dodododododododo Dodododododododo DEE DEE!

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    What do you guys think of this map? And what do y'all think of our ST4 predictions?

  • Pig VS Cow
    Pig VS Cow Month ago

    hey, my friend, I come to support!!!

  • Morphus 17
    Morphus 17 Month ago

    The video is good. Will you do like a lets play on it?

    • Eagle Builder Animation
      Eagle Builder Animation Month ago

      I really wish I could! Unfortunately, Damage Control is going to be a Void-exclusive (meaning you have to physically BE at one of the Void locations and have tickets in order to do it). Hopefully if they get enough of a show of support on this they will consider creating a "stationary" version (since the Void has large spaces for you to walk around in during the experience) that can be released on home VR platforms like my Oculus Quest.

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios Month ago

    I've got no strings.... To hold me down.... And now I'm free.... There are no strings on me....

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    What are your thoughts on the theory today! Do you agree with how I think Ultron survives? Do you think this experience could be canon?

  • mcnakahr
    mcnakahr Month ago

    Dude, I haven't watched much at it... but I'm already loving it. I am watching the whole thing though. Just saying you rock! Hashtag of the day hidden in the video is a great idea for interaction!

    BLACK EAGLE Month ago

    Bro my name is black eagle i make battelroyal video can u plz shout out my name i want to grow plz i am your bro isn't it bc your name is eagle and my name is blackeagle

  • Anthony 237
    Anthony 237 Month ago

    6:54 You did it so smoothly

  • Anthony 237
    Anthony 237 Month ago

    Spooky Scary Intro 🤯

  • Cartoon Apocalypse


  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios Month ago

    Super. HOT! Super. HOT! Super. HOT!

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    Sorry about any issues this video had! This was my first time recording VR so I'm figuring it all out for next time! 😁

  • Gacha Milkshake#10

    Lol puts detroit become human in a kids show crack.

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios Month ago

    Surprised there weren't any spooky, scary skeletons featured prominently in this video 🤔

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    I know I started October late! Don't worry, I've got a TON of videos still planned for the rest of the month!

  • ZayJayPlays
    ZayJayPlays Month ago


    BLACK EAGLE Month ago

    Can you make me a gaming intro plz make the intro with name BLACK EAGLE

    GAMER ADAM 99 Month ago

    this is amazing i don't know how you do it with the picture tracking because i can't get a picture to be stuck on someone for an hour of video editing

  • Siera (The Chosen One)

    Cool channel! 👍

  • Chaeyoung Pastah
    Chaeyoung Pastah Month ago

    “REEEEEEE” - Gideon

  • Artist & Band News by Michael Nagy

    Great video and you have my support here!!

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios Month ago

    🎵 The sun is mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace! 🎵

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    Remember to comment "#<NameSuggestionHere>" for a chance to be in the Hall of Fame next episode!

  • Tyler Ward
    Tyler Ward Month ago

    it's really weird, the same thing is happening to me... I had around 15 likes on my newest upload, and now I only have 10... I don't see people coming back to my video just too unlike... it doesn't make much sense... i might call youtube honestly

  • Furry trash Is back!

    The audio is ofset

  • He Wi
    He Wi Month ago

    More Mario Kart Tour

  • Splashysmile
    Splashysmile Month ago

    I have that same problem idk what to do

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios Month ago

    It's-a me, the backup account that comments now because RU-clip is determined to remove likes and hurt videos' chances in the algorithm! EDIT: Wait is that not how the saying goes?

    • EBA Studios
      EBA Studios Month ago

      Nope. RU-clip's algorithm is based on "engagements." The more engagements, the higher chance a video has of being recommended and reaching a new viewer. There are three types of engagements: Likes, Dislikes, and Comments. Since RU-clip has unfortunately decided to reduce my like counts (😭), I've been commenting with this account to add an extra engagement.

    • Splashysmile
      Splashysmile Month ago

      EBA Studios so your saying they have to comment to actually see the like

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    Again: let me know if you want to see me record this more in the future (beyond just when the multiplayer update comes out)!

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios Month ago

    What if there was a knockback-based BW mode? 🤔 KING OF SLIME IN BED WARS (NOT CLICKBAIT)!?!?!?

  • Fire Wood
    Fire Wood Month ago

    Also most people use Reach, Knockback, and Anti-knockback. Also yeah there are glitchy spots

  • Fire Wood
    Fire Wood Month ago

    I played like all the maps XD Me and my friend would do duos and we don't suck THAT BAD. But if teams rush us, 95% chance we die. But sometimes we don't

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    Sorry if there isn't as much editing in this one, just because I prerecorded them doesn't mean I pre-edited them and I ended up with more school than expected this week. Just in case you were wondering :)

  • Sally Shoaf
    Sally Shoaf Month ago

    man you got me even before you added any editing

  • Jai’s Mashups
    Jai’s Mashups 2 months ago

    They're off key

    VERY STUPID GAMER 2 months ago

    Hi, i already subscribed your channel Can you Please subscribe my channel back? t.co/AKd4wGlByi Thank you,

  • floralfurycuphead 2
    floralfurycuphead 2 2 months ago

    Will: you aint never had a friend- Me: rude.

  • Yo-Kai Guy
    Yo-Kai Guy 2 months ago

    i want the to make more episodes

  • Bilal M
    Bilal M 2 months ago

    wow... This is good content for how small you are! You got a new sub <3

  • Neepha xox
    Neepha xox 2 months ago

    Hey 👋 I’m neepha just saying the video is 🔥 and I support small youtubers like myself I subscribed ☺️💕 you should definitely do the same help me get to 800 🥰✅

  • DarkDemon 562
    DarkDemon 562 2 months ago

    Can you make it through without laughing? Me: Yes I can. Also me: - almost laughs with the first one -

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios 2 months ago

    Lava cannot be trusted. EVER!

  • Eagle Builder Animation

    If you have ANY ideas for me for buildings/farms/etc., always feel free to comment them so I can see!

  • Mushy:3And The gang
    Mushy:3And The gang 2 months ago

    My fav 3:00 xD

  • Hellish Werewolf
    Hellish Werewolf 2 months ago

    0:35 I was about to praise you for not just putting the two songs and then THAT! What the hell? It completely kills the flow it had going.

  • Mini Wolfsbane
    Mini Wolfsbane 2 months ago

    Been saving this because I wanted to watch the movie unspoiled. Just watch a few minutes ago. (Missed it in the theater, big mistake!) Lovely! Great work.

  • EBA Studios
    EBA Studios 2 months ago


  • Eagle Builder Animation

    It's a bit annoying how inconsistent and crashy this game is, but I am determined to play through the entire thing!

  • ACPlayGames
    ACPlayGames 2 months ago