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  • Gabriel Gabe Logan
    Gabriel Gabe Logan 48 seconds ago

    What the hell happened to project resistance? Such a boring gameplay is what I saw. Oh well I'll keep waiting for that RE3 remake if Capcom actually makes it.

  • Mr-Merciless
    Mr-Merciless 2 minutes ago


  • Deedric Kee
    Deedric Kee 2 minutes ago

    MGS is definitely the reason I bought MGS☺👏 . . . Bought it at a time my life was fantastic.

  • Ollie Fisk
    Ollie Fisk 7 minutes ago

    i thought it was Kermit the frog doing the review :O

  • Dennis Cleary
    Dennis Cleary 11 minutes ago

    I played Spyro a million times getting myself dizzy and sick

  • Mirza Maulana
    Mirza Maulana 13 minutes ago

    Dawn of a man is good tho

  • Beardown 365
    Beardown 365 14 minutes ago

    Gears of War is every bit of the word original. There is literally nothing else like it, hence why they haven't had to make any major changes to gameplay mechanics. Anyone who has been a fan of the franchise knows that it never gets old. Hopping on gears with your friends is always fun, and that to me is the main difference between a good franchise and an amazing one. I was a PlayStation guy until the year gears 3 came out. My parents had gotten me a 360 with Gears of War 3 for Christmas. I was the biggest noob ever, but let me tell you to this day I have never had as much fun playing a game. It's the only game I have ever maxed out in terms of rank. I became a huge fan and ended up beating them all. Unfortunately we took a hit with some of these releases but we're back baby #Gears5 is legit.

  • Omnicloudx13
    Omnicloudx13 17 minutes ago

    That pizza hut demo disc that had Final Fantasy 8, Metal Gear Solid 1, Medievil, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater was freaking awesome back in the day. Played it so much before I got the full games.

  • Whomst
    Whomst 25 minutes ago

    Pronunciation was fucking cringe

  • Dan theMan
    Dan theMan 40 minutes ago

    6 will have to be a radical change in the way Gears has played for over a decade b/c of what happens in this game unless they explain it as a vision of the future. Gears 5 was decided on so it would show up above the older titles in stores and such. That was more of a marketing thing.

  • BigBoss9696
    BigBoss9696 44 minutes ago

    Loaded was a demo I always played, don’t forget Twisted Metal.

  • Roses and Violets
    Roses and Violets 45 minutes ago

    I would be so much happy if sly copper would be back,But ism scared that they will nver make another game

  • Dan theMan
    Dan theMan 45 minutes ago

    By giving us a choice of who dies, JD nor Del can be in 6. Based on your personal choice, they are both dead. I think 6 will be radical change to the franchise going from a squad to a single person. Or they will explain it away by saying the ending we saw was a vision in her head of the future.

  • demoh2o
    demoh2o 46 minutes ago

    I still have my demo disc that was offered from Pizza Hut way back in the day.

  • superlbc
    superlbc 49 minutes ago

    Destruction Derby 2. I played dozens of hours. Would reverse before completing the second and final lap soni could carry on playing. My friend's and I discovered we could drive through the "unavoidable" jumb obstacle backwards by driving backwards through the slope at 78mph while turning backwards so we co yi les mans on top. Awesome demo.

  • Ivan Jasso
    Ivan Jasso 50 minutes ago

    We need infamous second son 2

  • Randall Schonfeld
    Randall Schonfeld 55 minutes ago

    Shadow of the colossus should be in the top 5 on this list.

  • John Murray
    John Murray Hour ago

    Consider having Nintendo as your best option. Sucks, doesn't it? lol. That was 90's gaming in a nutshell. Thank God I was only a child then. The advent of the Playstation finally made games appealing for an older audience

  • Games 4 Life
    Games 4 Life Hour ago

    You seem to have forgotten the Resident Evil 2 demo that came bundled with the Director's Cut.

  • Philjondoe
    Philjondoe Hour ago

    I used to think that the whole game was on the demo disc.

  • Sarita Singh
    Sarita Singh Hour ago

    Left 4 Dead 4


    my favourite in PS1 : Winning Eleven series and Tekken 3

  • MoviesNGames007uk

    Hogs of War!

  • Keynan Martinez
    Keynan Martinez Hour ago

    It's stuff like this that's sad we can't do anymore.

  • Andreas Makrygiannis

    Legacy of Kain soul Reaver

  • iiBoxie
    iiBoxie Hour ago

    joel is not the bad guy at the end of the last of us,if you find the tapes at the end like you're supposed to(and obviously gamingbolt never did) you find out the operation is pointless,there were several other immune and every time the operation ended with the immune dying. he was saving ellie. not stopping a cure from being made.

  • VicVein
    VicVein Hour ago

    You guys forgot Parappa the Rapper demo!

  • Greg R
    Greg R Hour ago

    I don’t want del to be gone, considering this entry really made me more attached to him, but it makes the most sense if he’s the one to die. JD was hardly in this game, and he followed his fathers footsteps in basically getting people killed by using(or abandoning and inadvertently not using in Marcus’ case) the hammer of dawn. Dels story threads were wrapped up well, but JD could potentially have more character development in the next entry over Del. Plus Marcus and JD can finally get over their beef and relate to another on losing a brother.

  • Igor Suvi
    Igor Suvi Hour ago

    Game sucks

  • Leads The Fallen Vlogs

    I enjoyed playing that jet ski racing game. Forgot what it was called now lol

  • ꉣꏹꉣꉣꏹꋪꁏꋊꀤ

    Where's the tech demos with the t-rex and stingray 😆

  • Simpleatrain
    Simpleatrain Hour ago

    Net Yaroze compilation demo

    • MoviesNGames007uk
      MoviesNGames007uk Hour ago

      I liked the game when you shoot these things trying to save babies

  • Michael
    Michael Hour ago

    No Twisted Metal

  • Confirm ation
    Confirm ation Hour ago

    You just summed up my youth in 6 minutes and 17 seconds 😂

  • Forrest Hunter
    Forrest Hunter Hour ago

    The FF 8 demo was amazing!

  • Benny Orozco
    Benny Orozco Hour ago

    First thought Tony Hawk better be there

    • Benny Orozco
      Benny Orozco 49 minutes ago

      Lmao 😂 that and whistle from the trial runs. This was the only time my skills in Tony Hawk was god like I think the High score was maxed and telling my friends I can pull a kickflip, 50-50 and a Christ Air in one go but in reality I was a jackass couldn't do shit on my Walmart skateboard 😂😂😂 ahhh youth

    • Emilio N
      Emilio N Hour ago

      "So here I am, doing eeeeeverything I can, holding on to what I am. Pretending iiiiim a Supermaaaan" 🤣🤣

  • Mr X
    Mr X Hour ago

    Official PlayStation Magazine for £5 in the UK was the best. I remember when they reviewed Santa Claus Saves the Earth and they gave it a 1 out of 10 (not even worth stealing) 😂😂😂

  • The Peoplz Show
    The Peoplz Show Hour ago

    Demos i played to death 1. WWF Warzone 2. Ninja 3. Culdcept Saga 4. Fighting Force

    • The Peoplz Show
      The Peoplz Show 31 minute ago

      @Tamo Balu Remember the soda machine?? Lol I swear, that first stage was all we needed

    • Tamo Balu
      Tamo Balu Hour ago

      I think I played through Fighting Force for about 200 times with my friends... And when we finished a Playthrough - you just started the next one :D Good times

  • vinniecorleone62

    Surprised my favorite "Syphon Filter" isn't on here, played the Hell out of it.

  • Luke Palmer
    Luke Palmer Hour ago

    Speaking of demos the New Dragon Quest 11 demo on the Switch is like 10 HOURS long and you can transfer your character to the main game when it comes out on Friday. The game is incredible.

  • Donna Leonardy
    Donna Leonardy Hour ago

    @2:15 WHAT MONKEY ISLAND GAME IS THAT!?!? Seriously, I watched all the playthroughs and I have NEVER seen a high quality, proper lighting, shadowed softly version of the game.

  • A M S
    A M S 2 hours ago

    When you're a kid in the 90's and don't have the money to buy the full games. GUILTY! :D

  • MaXX
    MaXX 2 hours ago

    Resident evil 1 demo, smackdown games and vigilante! ou the memories! 🤩

  • Playstation Nation
    Playstation Nation 2 hours ago

    I played the Syphon FIlter demo the most

    • Mr X
      Mr X Hour ago

      Same here

  • Clutch Cake
    Clutch Cake 2 hours ago

    7:31 Damn Straight!, I feel like today's critics, youtubers, millennials are too damn picky and have triple standards. Borderlands is the type of series that doesn't NEED to change or innovate. Other games like God of War 2018, Call of duty, Assassin creed had no choice but to change because they were becoming shitty titles. there are things that get tiresome but like you said it makes fun of itself when it is.

  • francescop1
    francescop1 2 hours ago


  • williams milton
    williams milton 2 hours ago

    Kill them all my queen!!!

  • Patato Fred
    Patato Fred 2 hours ago

    "Lickers" use a knife. Yeah it sounds retarded, but truthfully they'll go down easily with a few swipes.

  • Fløwers
    Fløwers 2 hours ago

    Ohhhhh Strongfork is his last name huh

  • ONYX Frans
    ONYX Frans 2 hours ago

    If thier smart they will have a choice option when u start a new game in gears 6 choose saved jD or del campaign options

  • JT
    JT 2 hours ago

    saints row 2 is best

  • Xbsjssnn Xbdnsnsnn
    Xbsjssnn Xbdnsnsnn 2 hours ago

    1 was better. 2 showed the early signs of the end of bioware(laziness in taking the mako out instead of improving it, over emphasis on romance options, centralized plot being less important etc). 1 just seems more creative and interesting to me. 2 was more of a corridor cover shooter than an rpg.

  • Miguel Santos
    Miguel Santos 2 hours ago

    I'm not a graphics make a game dude, I mean my favorite current Gen games are dark souls 1,monster hunter, u get the drift, but fuck me these graphics are still. Horrendous

  • UsernameGeri
    UsernameGeri 2 hours ago

    Honestly, ME2 is the weakest game in the trilogy in my opinion. Edit: 4:40 ok, fuck off, you clearly don't know what you're talking about.

  • Go Forward
    Go Forward 2 hours ago

    Subsistanse: hold my beer.

  • Arrow Maker
    Arrow Maker 2 hours ago

    Saints row 1 & 2, after that it kinda got too silly and the target audience seemed to be aimed at edgy teenagers, It then got unfunny to the point it was actually really uncomfortable to play and 4 was just a clusterfuck of cringe.

  • J.D.
    J.D. 2 hours ago

    Kinda upset they forgot to mention inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood.

  • Pike Sike
    Pike Sike 3 hours ago

    Does noob even have a face

  • This cat on drug is gonna cut your Mustache

    Press X to *Shame*

  • I-Am Sax
    I-Am Sax 3 hours ago

    Nearly 3 minutes of advertising a mobile game?

  • neb1006
    neb1006 3 hours ago

    Does anyone know what the game is from the thumbnail?

  • Four5 Beats
    Four5 Beats 3 hours ago

    Dip shit editor

  • Jimmys Arva
    Jimmys Arva 3 hours ago

    No open world in gears of war! Leave it for other games! And NO player choice shit! Gears has one plot! SPOILER AHEAD! To make us choose who to die from 2 main characters was so STUPID!

  • DJ Durian
    DJ Durian 3 hours ago

    Boring and sluggish...

  • Casey Hurrell
    Casey Hurrell 3 hours ago

    420 likes..... Nice.

  • Steven Andrews
    Steven Andrews 3 hours ago

    Isn’t this the game that wants 60$ every few months

  • Inukrieger
    Inukrieger 4 hours ago

    hope they expand the gameworld and make it bigger then i love the world in Dark Souls 3 and 1 with the interconectet design. Hope devs from Code Vein bring a bigger dlc that maybe bring a new weapon class and expand the gameworld

  • Revenant666
    Revenant666 4 hours ago


  • Nevzat Mutlu
    Nevzat Mutlu 4 hours ago

    At least he said Scorpion correct

  • silver-id
    silver-id 4 hours ago

    All those tips are already given in the game and most of them are pretty obvious... I guess that tips have been made for retards ?? 😂

    I-HAVE-UR-DOGTAGS 4 hours ago

    So this game is actually still relevant?

  • Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I

    Damn it. Now I wish we get a remake of MGS trilogy 😭

  • Nathan Davis
    Nathan Davis 5 hours ago

    You forgot coles speech to the locust when they infiltrate the locust palace in gears 2

  • Shivati Starr
    Shivati Starr 5 hours ago

    Haze is op af

  • MavericK -
    MavericK - 5 hours ago

    DONT BUY THIS GAME!!!, you will ended playing it all the time, it will ruin your job, your marriage, your family, your friends and ruin your body, dont say i didnt warn you!!!

  • Benedict Tennyson
    Benedict Tennyson 5 hours ago

    Where's The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes & Sherlock Holmes The Devil's Daughter Games ?

  • Rudy Corona
    Rudy Corona 5 hours ago

    Jack died, but as for another squad member how much you wanna bet theres gonna be another Carmine. Or maybe even Clayton as a squad member.

  • Mirage
    Mirage 5 hours ago

    Sim racer? You mean Assetto Corsa right?

  • leprechaunluck24
    leprechaunluck24 5 hours ago

    Characters. Done. And Miranda’s hot ass lol.. jk. Kinda.

  • Alex Al’Thor
    Alex Al’Thor 6 hours ago

    Even though Marcus’s reaction to JD’s death is gut wrenching I think JD and Marcus coming together as father and son when Marcus learns of Dels death feels more powerful

  • 七ane Miller
    七ane Miller 6 hours ago

    Where is fnaf? Im not really a fan of ir but it makes me jummp

  • jekill1
    jekill1 6 hours ago

    I save Del First. He's cool.I liked playde Kait too.

  • drysilk
    drysilk 6 hours ago

    Been waiting for Code Masters to roll this out. Had no interest in what they put out in between time but this is on my list!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🇯🇲🇬🇧🙏🏽❤️

  • glizzok 3x
    glizzok 3x 6 hours ago


  • William Van Parys
    William Van Parys 6 hours ago

    Wtf???!!! You forgot Silent Hill 1!!! And what about crash 2 cortex strikes back and of course crash team racing!!! I'm sure I'll think of others you forgot...

  • Tim P
    Tim P 7 hours ago

    Saints row 1&2 are the best. It was like a better version of GTA San Andreas. The other ones are ok but I'll still replay 1&2 all day!

  • Shane Van Holm
    Shane Van Holm 7 hours ago

    U fcking idiot. U didnt had to jump off the train in san andreas. U could basically kill the vagos on it and return to big smoke h

  • Jamal X
    Jamal X 7 hours ago

    Back tracking?? This guy doesn’t know about the new fast travel feature. It’s one of the new tweaks that makes 3 the best of the series.

  • JamOfAllTrades
    JamOfAllTrades 7 hours ago

    Infamous 2 is one of my favourite games (never did play the first one tho). I was super hyped for Second Son when that was announced, but it left me wanting more. I can't really remember my criticisms with it at this point (aside from them giving the final power set after beating the final boss, which I only did after 100%ing the rest of the game), but I consider it not as good as 2. That said, I would kill for another game in the series. I love the gameplay, being able to upgrade my powers and learning new ones, I just fuckin love these games. Be it a remaster or new game, I would happily take any new infamous content

  • Animatic Dream
    Animatic Dream 7 hours ago

    Ya know, looking back on the story, my hero academia is actually really similar, except it takes place way father.

  • Jack The Ripper
    Jack The Ripper 7 hours ago

    Next infamous game in 2 years

  • THC
    THC 7 hours ago

    Liked because the tittle says Mass Effect 2.

  • GabeLogan
    GabeLogan 7 hours ago

    BUT why didnt the remastered the backgrounds? Even some fans could do it for the RE Seamless Project Again this is a money rip off.

  • Electric Blaster
    Electric Blaster 7 hours ago

    "We have not seen a new game from the franchise since Jak and Daxter: the Lost Frontier." I dOn'T kNoW wHaT yOu'Re TaLkInG aBoUt. *Coughs nervously*

  • Renaldo Soleyn
    Renaldo Soleyn 8 hours ago

    they should hav remake

    JP KEOGH 8 hours ago

    The guy talking sounds like dale from step brothers haha

  • Patrick Perlas
    Patrick Perlas 8 hours ago

    SPOILERS Having just played Borderlands 3 here are some things moving forward or made cannon from Tales: -Zer0 is confirmed as being in the last mission, as they have stuck together and are bros - A.I. Handsome Jack is kept alive, from Tales to BL3 he was installed in a legendary SMG called the "Handsome Jackhammer" -Rhys and Sasha are shipped, while she has gone off the radar Rhys has her picture on his desk -Vaghn has led numerous bandit groups and is now in the current Crimson Raiders, and is still uncomfortably fit.

  • PandaBush1
    PandaBush1 8 hours ago

    I just heard of this game and it looks awesome, I was hoping itd answer my two questions; if its open world and if its co op. Not completely open world but lots of games do interconnected worlds very well. And co op is hardly talked about but im glad it's there I just hope its available through the entire journey and not like DS where you have to be in the same area with an undefeated area boas and do some flare.

  • Andres Quogana
    Andres Quogana 8 hours ago

    Us players... are F@#$ING monsters -_-

  • Stormtroopers
    Stormtroopers 8 hours ago

    I think gears 6 will be like telltale games due to the ending choice