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  • shinobiJ20 Mora
    shinobiJ20 Mora Minute ago

    Nobody wants to see rebel Wilson or Sarah Jessica Parkerin a nude scene😅

  • Stacy Brown
    Stacy Brown 3 minutes ago

    Kill shelters are a blight on this already disgusting and dastardly planet. No life should be lost for convenience...period. I want a golden retriever since my fibromyalgia leaves me bedridden. Texas. Any takers?

  • galaxy 2.0 lilac
    galaxy 2.0 lilac 3 minutes ago

    I'm born in October 18 2011

  • Dam4en AKA Agent Potato

    I once bought milk, *it costed like normal milk*

  • prinsmetbroek
    prinsmetbroek 10 minutes ago

    You don’t even use pictures of the subjects you blah about????! So bad!

  • Nathan Hardee
    Nathan Hardee 10 minutes ago

    All the stock footage is funny...

  • Peggy Yacovone
    Peggy Yacovone 13 minutes ago

    what a marvelous idea. i believe in an afterlife. i think u 2 will have further journeys to explore. i, too am a widow. my guy was not a traveler, so I will not emulate your great idea. sympathy for your loss.

  • Leslie Sinclair
    Leslie Sinclair 14 minutes ago

    Owning exotic pets is illegal. Yet they are driving around with lions and tigers hanging out of the car window? I think Dubai has crime. They just let their male citizens get away with it. Females and foreigners seem to be a different story.

  • Doug Roberts
    Doug Roberts 16 minutes ago

    2 dollars....I want my 2 dollars..

  • Amy Wickersham
    Amy Wickersham 16 minutes ago

    I'm really glad this was a happy story!!!!!!!

  • Stacy-Anne Bryan
    Stacy-Anne Bryan 18 minutes ago

    This is stupid you never saw here

  • Jackson King
    Jackson King 20 minutes ago

    In other words “ Never tell anyone you won the lottery” Never ever, ever, Never

  • SSxSuper manxSS
    SSxSuper manxSS 25 minutes ago

    You are a *BITCH* punk.... not even gonna call you sir cuz you are a *PUSSY* , *FUCK YOU* .... and so is the crowd of *FUCKS* that watched you and didn't do or say anything.... hope everything they say happen to you actually happen you fuckin weirdo

  • Travis Morse
    Travis Morse 25 minutes ago

    There should be laws for this.

  • Zach
    Zach 25 minutes ago

    too many ADDS!

  • Linda Belardes
    Linda Belardes 27 minutes ago

    I don't agree with the mom giving her daughter highlights at a young age, make up and under it clothes and then sending her to the dads home. Yes, dads don't want their daughter looking older. Mom made a big mistake. I get it but to young. Dad went over the top!

  • Stacy-Anne Bryan
    Stacy-Anne Bryan 29 minutes ago

    Is this story real

  • wiggiewoomom
    wiggiewoomom 29 minutes ago

    Who tattoos their babies with dots???? Couldn't they just paint a toenail each a different color? Seems like a lot less pain to put a newborn through. Then their parents ENCOURAGE their daughter's to pose in playboy???

  • Dwayne Tempest
    Dwayne Tempest 34 minutes ago


  • Tea Sis
    Tea Sis 38 minutes ago

    This is amazing I am not Christian but I belive in god truly and strongly STAY SAFE KIDS

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown 38 minutes ago

    awesome story.

  • Josephine Bungu
    Josephine Bungu 41 minute ago


  • pass time
    pass time 41 minute ago

    Wow that's it waste of time watching that...

  • Brittany Leo
    Brittany Leo 41 minute ago

    Yep, here's the link to the original episode: ru-clip.com/video/iikJDdKKN8U/video.html

  • Brian Burwell
    Brian Burwell 43 minutes ago

    Yup more click bait, I’m going to unsubscribe

  • kittens2 Veternick
    kittens2 Veternick 43 minutes ago


  • Robert Joyce
    Robert Joyce 44 minutes ago

    Why show the first dog on the opening that has no resemblance to the story

  • Ian Ziegler
    Ian Ziegler 44 minutes ago

    Too much talking

  • Robbie Kenan
    Robbie Kenan 50 minutes ago

    My favorite breed of dog is the Greyhound. Both standard and Italian Greyhounds.

  • Steve Barber
    Steve Barber 51 minute ago

    The poor white, dirty cat in the thumbnail picture, advertising this video, where it is hugging a man's foot, what in the world happened to this poor cat? I've seen this posted on Facebook, and it breaks my heart every time I see it because I have always wondered what happened after the picture was taken. Did anyone take the poor thing to the vet, and give it a good home?

    ALFRED V. 51 minute ago

    My comment is you have already done this story once before just told a different way

  • Jan Kiper
    Jan Kiper 52 minutes ago

    This was very misleading

  • Jan Kiper
    Jan Kiper 54 minutes ago

    I always felt sorry for her being so homely and in the public eye at her age.

  • arlene hilton
    arlene hilton 55 minutes ago

    If there was a body cam, why not show the video of the actual encounter.

  • Shy
    Shy 56 minutes ago

    Honestly this didn't ruin anything ima still eat em Also I dont even like hot dogs or mac so idc

  • FunForSameer
    FunForSameer Hour ago

    Save yourself 12 minutes, it's worth $1000-$1500

  • 14AGAIN
    14AGAIN Hour ago

    OMG so i will not eat this..

  • maespip
    maespip Hour ago

    Couldn't you come to THE POINT from the beginning? Skip to 5:30 for those who want to know "The Real Reason She Couldn't Stand Patrick Swayze." Jezus!

  • Swaley Blue
    Swaley Blue Hour ago

    Where in the video did he say that it’s ok for a woman to hit a man? If I missed it point it please. Trying to see why all the comments are happening, I figured it was common since people shouldn’t be abussive.

  • Stephen Fleming
    Stephen Fleming Hour ago

    Smart kid knowing what he wants to do with his light so young.

  • Richard Wicker
    Richard Wicker Hour ago

    Granted she had that kind of money but there was no need for a big huge house and the boyfriend the first time he screwed up she should have kicked him to the curb!!! And then all those people calling wanting money, first of all when was the last time she saw them,was it just back at Xmas,or longer than that. Depending on who it was and why they needed it. It’s not that difficult to say (NO!!!) or to certain people I would have just laughed and said I WILL THINK ABOUT IT

  • TheLightbright01

    Most of these are common sense. Have heard these from a young age.

  • Swaley Blue
    Swaley Blue Hour ago

    The video he’s describing tho is of a man hitting a woman. If the video was the other way around I’m sure he’d still be appalled. I’m not going to go under a video of a kitten and start saying puppy’s are also cute equality lol he never said in the video once that it’s ok for women to hit men.

  • ML Gaming
    ML Gaming Hour ago


  • Rudi Ebejer
    Rudi Ebejer Hour ago

    No 😒😤

  • Beverly Rhame
    Beverly Rhame Hour ago

    Religion money and fake love the three most toxic poison mixed together always spells destruction she was also clueless when that devil pastor asked her for all that money to intervene although it’s been her church for so long she should have blessed him with the evil eye and that Rolex watch the house in that neighborhood she was just a dummy who’s incapable of learning anything which’s probably the reason she ended up with four children to care for all alone Same old story a fool and money can’t stay together

  • Mimi.V.143
    Mimi.V.143 Hour ago

    How fascinating

  • Sander
    Sander Hour ago

    I once bought a car then I realised its a model

  • Anastasia Brodfehrer

    I'm adopted. And I already met my birthmom.

  • JohanPlayz
    JohanPlayz Hour ago

    Dang if I would get that painting I would sell it and buy chicken banana wings

  • awizardalso
    awizardalso Hour ago

    I would have no idea of it's value!

  • Fish Slayers Inc.

    Are all your videos like this, it's just fluff and filler? There is no time spent on the actual image or video footage. It seems to be edited by someone with severe ADD as well...

  • Black Beauty
    Black Beauty Hour ago

    I’m LATE but I’m Here 👋🏾

  • Jeremy Holmberg
    Jeremy Holmberg Hour ago

    Id love to find my father

  • Joe Mcgee
    Joe Mcgee Hour ago

    Were you drunk when you did this???. One of the worst videos I have ever seen.

  • Ultimate Fencer
    Ultimate Fencer Hour ago

    Only 1,000 that’s it booo watched this whole thing for that?

  • felicia echeverria

    Click bait phui

  • Tina Hachey
    Tina Hachey Hour ago

    How is that possible everybody knows what a baby black bear looks like omg

  • sgt803
    sgt803 Hour ago

    You suck! Won't waste my time again.

  • Sparkle Taurus
    Sparkle Taurus Hour ago

    The padlock bottom of bottles & the toothpaste square also arrow in the car I was unaware now I know. The rest I knew . 👍. Thanks

  • President Pussy Grabber

    Burmese Mountain Dog? Really? My uncle has one and he's dumber than a box of rocks!

  • anna banana
    anna banana Hour ago


  • Hydro Mitten
    Hydro Mitten Hour ago

    I once bought a stripper for my dads birthday

  • Shania Duggal
    Shania Duggal Hour ago


  • Ahmad Farid
    Ahmad Farid Hour ago

    Where is the dog you damn stop wasting people time

  • Michael JoToya Jackson

    It's NO rumor he created Children with Sally Hemmings. So you can creep with a person of color and still be a Racist. So when people say I'm not Racist l have black friends.....what a joke...!!! She was good enough to "CREEP" with and lay down with but she wasn't good enough to "MARRY" and be proud of. So what did that make Jefferson l'll tell you what that made that 😈👺 👿👹 Devil another "RACIST" in a long line of famous "RACIST" that's who he really was .....!!!

  • Tina Marie Messiti

    He repeated one of these from another video...the extra scrap of fabric. No fair repeating yourself, maker of this video! Don't be redundant, Facts Verse.

  • Preston Puente
    Preston Puente Hour ago

    Hi 3rd

  • Michael JoToya Jackson

    It's NO rumor he created Children with Sally Hemings. So you can creep with a person of color and still be a Racist. So when people say I'm not Racist l have black friends.....what a joke...!!! She was good enough to "CREEP" with and lay down with but she wasn't good enough to "MARRY" and be proud of. So what did that make Jefferson l'll tell you what that made that 😈👺 👿👹 Devil another "RACIST" in a long line of famous "RACIST" that's who he really was .....!!!

  • Warrior YT
    Warrior YT Hour ago

    Like this vid 👇

  • Sadie's Spincraft

    A rip tide will take you and bring you back in if you relax never swim parallel to it you waste energy x

  • ZEN Gaming
    ZEN Gaming Hour ago

    First view pin me!!!

  • LADY _ HAN
    LADY _ HAN Hour ago

    First 💕

  • Don McIntyre
    Don McIntyre Hour ago

    What a joke I just wasted time here how do you block videos?

  • Bonnie Crawford
    Bonnie Crawford Hour ago

    I have done shoe boxes for here in the states and it is so humbling.My Husband ,my daughter and I would form a line and we passed the box and filled it with our lot .It was wonderful.My Daughter still does this type of thing for school supplies.See she was only 6 when we did this.And every since she's done The Christmas Angel trees the following year ,shes 30 now and still doing it today every year.

  • ArianaBlack Rose

    Me a virgo: i don’t CONTROL anyone THEY CONTROL ME!

  • Bella Jurk
    Bella Jurk Hour ago

    And nonthing about the President Form poland

  • Merryl Streak
    Merryl Streak Hour ago

    I loved the original. The remake was a disaster.

  • GalaxyTurtleGaming
    GalaxyTurtleGaming 2 hours ago

    0:44 you had one job

    ODEAN LAWRENCE 2 hours ago

    But getting a double kind of defeats the purpose if no one watching the movie even knows it's a double! As far as the viewer is concerned, they saw you naked...right? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Rosella Boduroglu
    Rosella Boduroglu 2 hours ago

    The lids in coffee cups working as coasters surprised me

  • Michael Vold
    Michael Vold 2 hours ago

    In China and the third world countries out there the best dog is served on a plate

  • James Shults
    James Shults 2 hours ago

    Elhew/English pointer

  • Sovietwolf679 Comrade

    Actually listen if you hear the rattle look for it and when you find it back away a slow a possible

  • BT game
    BT game 2 hours ago

    Good as some will do anything for money or fame.

  • Fultonfalcons86
    Fultonfalcons86 2 hours ago

    Kodi Lee is blan and has Autism but he did not let it stop him from winning AGT....

  • Robert Thorley
    Robert Thorley 2 hours ago

    That was a nice sorts car. 😂😂😂😂

  • Major Hardon
    Major Hardon 2 hours ago

    Shit channel, tells a story showing an array of photos irrelevant to its story. What’s the friggin point ??

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 2 hours ago

    I’ve seen some of the posts to Gordon Ramsey the dishes do look terrible in the most part and people only send them to him because they want to be roasted by him he’s famous for roasting people over their cooking.

  • Yve Peaceful
    Yve Peaceful 2 hours ago

    Why didn't we see her then and now picture,,,your title was just for clickbait,,,very disappointed

  • Adrianna Yeoman
    Adrianna Yeoman 2 hours ago

    I am adopted and I have no intention of knowing my biological mother

  • JG Harts
    JG Harts 2 hours ago

    I’ll admit that I’m in tears about not seeing Jesica Alba and Julie Roberts nude!😭😭

  • Gray Fool
    Gray Fool 2 hours ago

    This is a perfect example to set for the rest of us. I helped set up a coffe bar run by disabled people along with a project to refurbish old corperate computers. There is also a team of cleaners who are all disabled and look after the needs of day centres in Cambridgeshire in the UK . Tiffany should be celebrated for showing that people have abilities and not disabilities. We all need help in some way to live our lives. Some of us just need a little more than others.

  • Jack Hamilton
    Jack Hamilton 2 hours ago

    The title was clickbate

  • Harold Foor
    Harold Foor 2 hours ago

    I had to wait until the end of the video to get to the subject of this video and then find nothing about why she doesn't do nude scenes. The only time, about this video, I will ever quote Trump, SAD.

  • lelleS6
    lelleS6 2 hours ago

    Why don't you tell us what working conditions the guest workers live under? Why don't you talk about their views on the woman and sexual offenses. Stay away from Dubai.

  • Saucy Rossy
    Saucy Rossy 2 hours ago

    Where are you brown eyes at?

  • TSO 74
    TSO 74 2 hours ago

    The G.O.A.T

  • Obsidian Dwarf
    Obsidian Dwarf 2 hours ago

    Yeah, Guy. HOW DARE YOU have a personal opinion or feeling in this day and age. So, Facts Verses is against freedom? Freedom of expression? Freedom of personal feeling. Man, I got nothing against ANYBODY. You got an opinion, okay. Just don't try to force it on me. That goes for anybody in this video AND Facts Verses. I make up my mind. I say what I like and don't like. I don't need a RU-clip channel to tell me right from wrong. YOU, Facts Verses, are every bit as bad as YOU see these people to be. They are what they are. Accept it and then live YOUR lives, not mine.

  • Rob G
    Rob G 2 hours ago

    Comments like yours saves me the trouble of watching videos like this. That's why I always read the comments first. Thank you