Magician's Got Talent
Magician's Got Talent
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  • Neyssa RIVIERE
    Neyssa RIVIERE 3 hours ago

    I'm so shocked, because at first I thought of L3 but then I was like nah my brain must be primed into thinking that so let me say S3. That was impressive though.

  • Damon Mullins
    Damon Mullins 3 hours ago

    The jester he done a scary short film which was pretty epic

  • Sharon blanco
    Sharon blanco 3 hours ago

    Can’t pick it’s too hard🤨🧐😫

  • Lil Gachy
    Lil Gachy 3 hours ago

    The camera man is so brave to come. Respects to him

  • Sharon blanco
    Sharon blanco 4 hours ago

    I love dogs

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M 4 hours ago

    It is sad that people are so clueless.

  • AC Ricucci
    AC Ricucci 4 hours ago

    The comments here are more entertaining than Steven’s illusions. Some of the ideas offered here on how the tricks are done are truly hilarious! I think he’d be more fair to call himself an illusionist rather than a magician. There’s no magic being done here, but his sleight of hand is pretty clever.

  • Greg Holman
    Greg Holman 4 hours ago

    This is remarkable, really. Clearly, this sort of hypnotism is much like being in some kind of a trance. But maybe so-called reality is much like a trance, really, just as well so.

  • Khan Junaid
    Khan Junaid 4 hours ago


  • Alexandra Alaquinez
    Alexandra Alaquinez 4 hours ago

    First thing that comes to your head RU-clip: witchcraft Me: Minecraft Who else?

  • ThePeashooterPuppet YT

    All you need is a Halloween costume, a stolen dog, some relatable jokes, and a stone-face, and you pretty much get on America's Got Talent.

  • gwenn catalia
    gwenn catalia 4 hours ago

    I cant believe

  • ColeBlogs
    ColeBlogs 4 hours ago

    Bru the guy was holding the bottle of wine put it very slow

  • Will I am
    Will I am 5 hours ago

    Ok but what if at the last trick she would have said fuchsia.🤫

  • Rubison A.
    Rubison A. 5 hours ago

    What is the music in this video?

  • Avjinder Dool
    Avjinder Dool 5 hours ago

    collin cloud killed my last 3 brain cells

  • ed refila
    ed refila 5 hours ago

    The Indian Magician in the end of the video has a serial killer face!

  • Mayde Gonzalez Galvez

    Me: watching while reading coments

  • Clashing With Prince

    25:13 look behind someone is coming and will replace the dog

  • charlie gementiza
    charlie gementiza 6 hours ago

    I think this is staged

  • Danilo Reis
    Danilo Reis 6 hours ago

    Essa ultima é chata

  • Kyndra Zalmi
    Kyndra Zalmi 7 hours ago

    Im freakd out

  • Chloe Thomas Santos
    Chloe Thomas Santos 7 hours ago

    14:23 😂

  • Juliana Albino
    Juliana Albino 7 hours ago

    She can see through it >:(

  • Isa A
    Isa A 7 hours ago


  • Asterix Obelix
    Asterix Obelix 7 hours ago

    Thank you for summarizing these talents in one video - thumbs up for you

  • Doomfireblade 26
    Doomfireblade 26 8 hours ago

    Is that Drake?

  • Eduardo Ontiveros
    Eduardo Ontiveros 8 hours ago

    Vine a reír, no a llorar >:'v

  • Sara Miller
    Sara Miller 8 hours ago

    Is it just me but umm am I the only one that was worried about being hypnotised

  • maitsa rahma_28
    maitsa rahma_28 8 hours ago

    So,so,so amazing

  • maitsa rahma_28
    maitsa rahma_28 9 hours ago

    I like it

  • You Look Like A Frog

    Why does this guy look like drake

  • Tyler Bianco
    Tyler Bianco 9 hours ago

    ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)( ‾ ʖ̫ ‾)

  • Naomi Nieves
    Naomi Nieves 9 hours ago

    Why is Simon always so happy

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear 9 hours ago

    25:13 you can see them switch the dogs

  • CoderGirl248
    CoderGirl248 9 hours ago

    19:20 I know this trick, except he does it with more dramatics.

  • Bella Sofia
    Bella Sofia 9 hours ago

    He is the best

  • Lynne Seaward
    Lynne Seaward 9 hours ago

    He deserves his own theme type show in Vegas!

  • Naomi Nieves
    Naomi Nieves 10 hours ago


  • PuppyLover 9091011
    PuppyLover 9091011 10 hours ago

    20:59 OMG this is soo fake look at the note he dropped to Howie 🤣

  • younique's Life
    younique's Life 10 hours ago

    Omg these dolls th ats why I don't deal with them

  • Thao The Gamer - Roblox And More!

    Max’s was emotional, and amazing.

  • Dennis Jr. The Producer

    I should have been on this show with this beat

  • Samuel Ruano
    Samuel Ruano 11 hours ago

    When piff does his trick with his dog at 25:13nyou could see a person behind the stage changing the dogs

  • abdul 0
    abdul 0 11 hours ago

    Face hahaha

  • Айбек лининг

    3:50 music please?????

  • Eternal Dragon
    Eternal Dragon 11 hours ago

    I wonder what Derren Brown would think of this..

  • Arlos DayYT
    Arlos DayYT 11 hours ago

    Collins key the slime man...

  • Mayur Vanne
    Mayur Vanne 11 hours ago

    His laugh reminds me of someone....oh wait..! Is it Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones 😯❤️🔥

  • Natalie Hills
    Natalie Hills 11 hours ago

    3:22 my mom when I ask to many questions!

  • Luciana Preto
    Luciana Preto 12 hours ago


  • Veemo Bean
    Veemo Bean 12 hours ago

    "So are we about to be frightened?" *Perhaps*

  • Samantha James
    Samantha James 12 hours ago

    The food! Every time!

  • sksskskks anioop
    sksskskks anioop 12 hours ago

    1:43 is when the vid starts

  • Samantha James
    Samantha James 12 hours ago

    I love mister piffles!

  • I Eat Memes For Breakfast

    They could be communicating through Morse code somehow.

  • sachin kambale
    sachin kambale 12 hours ago


  • Francisco Mesa
    Francisco Mesa 12 hours ago

    Merlin and shin are the same people.

  • Snickers YT
    Snickers YT 12 hours ago

    My name starts with L and my lucky number is 3 shook😱

  • Nightcore Life
    Nightcore Life 13 hours ago

    Wow why didnt they put the real hermione not in the film 😂😂😂jk ok dont be angry

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 13 hours ago

    I saw the people behind the curtain take the FAKE Mr.pibles

  • flash skaters
    flash skaters 13 hours ago

  • flash skaters
    flash skaters 13 hours ago


  • Jennifer Göhnert
    Jennifer Göhnert 13 hours ago

    Genial so cool

  • Саша Ковальчук


  • Rosana Cordeiro
    Rosana Cordeiro 13 hours ago


  • bkgxii
    bkgxii 13 hours ago

    29:58 is simon almost crying? 🥺

  • Mikasasi
    Mikasasi 14 hours ago

    На 4 месте второсортные трюки если честно

  • Linda Sheldon
    Linda Sheldon 14 hours ago

    what's w the 2nd couple and an illuminati signs first off?

  • yes
    yes 14 hours ago

    Tf is julius from everybody hates chris doing there

  • yes
    yes 14 hours ago

    Bruh deadass he was in the middle of talking of the hotel shid and I heard this sweeping of a broom noise in my hallway and it was getting closer and closer and I told myself it was probably just my mom and then I realized I was home alone

  • Ella D
    Ella D 14 hours ago

    this dude gives me aaron mahke

  • Rakesh Gujjar
    Rakesh Gujjar 14 hours ago


  • Lucky Laxman
    Lucky Laxman 14 hours ago

    Eric's performance 😯😯

  • Magdaléna Štefanicová

    I so love this song 11:19😍

  • Lucky Laxman
    Lucky Laxman 14 hours ago

    That beer magician 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😮😮

  • Raquel Donias
    Raquel Donias 14 hours ago

    People are scared of a hand going up like people ITS JUST A HAND GOING UP!!!

  • Genesis Martinez
    Genesis Martinez 14 hours ago

    I never saw a kid like that

  • Madhu Shree
    Madhu Shree 15 hours ago

    I mean what m I doing with my life in this freaking world?? 😵😱

  • Madhu Shree
    Madhu Shree 15 hours ago

    Don't make me mad guys😵

  • Pokemon evolution
    Pokemon evolution 15 hours ago

    This guy is cheater at balls in his last second magic. He put balls while his hands and glass down

  • T-Series
    T-Series 15 hours ago

    It’s funny how staged this is 😂

  • Sam Safron
    Sam Safron 15 hours ago

    Шарлатан одним словом. Спектакль.

  • Ickle Richu
    Ickle Richu 15 hours ago

    Can someone check oh my channel


    The prestige trick, huh!

  •  15 hours ago

    i wonder if the other female judge feels jealous because they always call Amanda on stage....

  • iwantobe yourdecalcomania

    We hope to get in your heads and essentially mess with your mind *good.*

  • MorerichiVIII2109 richi

    The 1s I felt soo sad the the mom the hade cancer 1 like = 1 prayers

  • Kavser Jahan
    Kavser Jahan 16 hours ago

    He is an actor, magician, performer. Oh amazing

  • Jerome Caitum
    Jerome Caitum 16 hours ago

    Hope to do this hypnotized on Simon like if u agree

  • Jessica Margallo
    Jessica Margallo 16 hours ago


  • Creeper
    Creeper 16 hours ago

    I love comedy and magic. This guy was Robbed

  • Huy Huy
    Huy Huy 16 hours ago

    Chinese men are good at magics

  • Glenn
    Glenn 16 hours ago

    he sort of reminds you of a certain deceased comedic named ................. JOHN BELUSHI

  • Rakshya Poudel
    Rakshya Poudel 16 hours ago

    What are u doing child also do this fake thing

  • Asma Alk
    Asma Alk 16 hours ago


  • Balancé Heaux
    Balancé Heaux 16 hours ago

    So Simon only always wants to bring out the best in people with his comments!? Luv

  • Balancé Heaux
    Balancé Heaux 16 hours ago


  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 16 hours ago

    that’s a genji sword

  • anonymous scooter rider

    7:20 such an ez act i could do it