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CES 2019 was alright // Vlog
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A Day at Raspberry Pi
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I made a game.
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Merge Sort | Algorithms
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  • Nashi Haruka
    Nashi Haruka 54 minutes ago

    hi, can you please make a empty frame tutorial? i've been trying to edit so that your face shows up in a frame i select but i can't do it :(

  • Inspire people♡
    Inspire people♡ 21 hour ago

    Can you please explain how to make fuller lips, not only wider, but fuller (i’m talking kisa fish filtrr full! Thanks a lot

    • mouza 12
      mouza 12 20 hours ago

      yeah please we need that

  • Talía Cu
    Talía Cu Day ago

    Thank you!!!! Great tutorials, just what I was looking for!! 💪🏾

  • vort lol
    vort lol Day ago

    I don't know why but for some reason my approved filters aren't visible on my Instagram profile. Like there is no filter button with all my filters including the demo videos. But when I manually go to my camera it's there.

  • Michehal
    Michehal Day ago

    I did this but the mesh mask is still there.. how do I take it off

  • edwin
    edwin Day ago

    this is so helpful!! and can you make a freckles filter tutorial?

    • edwin
      edwin 16 hours ago

      Estefannie Explains It All thank you! (when i commented i was on the minute 4 lol)

    • Estefannie Explains It All
      Estefannie Explains It All Day ago

      If you keep watching you'll see I cover freckles around min 6:13 🤘

  • Sander S
    Sander S 2 days ago

    In the beginning you say you add one ''blance one''. What do you mean by that? If I add en blanc png or white jpg the glasses are just white. Thanks!!

  • Кстати
    Кстати 2 days ago

    Thank you very much! You created awesome lesson!!!

  • Janez Alex vrhovec
    Janez Alex vrhovec 2 days ago

    make a tedy filter ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh what do you think i think you shuld

  • masticazzi 666
    masticazzi 666 2 days ago

    ho bisogno di qualcuno che mi aiuti a fare degli effetti.. da qui non capisco, vi prego qualcuno mi aiuti.

  • ipunk esmod
    ipunk esmod 3 days ago

    Hi Estefannie, what kind of editor that you used? thanks

  • Desolo Zantas
    Desolo Zantas 3 days ago

    I wish I knew have the stuff that you know lol

  • Beauty and the Bolt

    SLAY girl!!! Nice job! *ponders making one, then never does*

  • Wills Pat
    Wills Pat 4 days ago

    For some reason I don't have "Add material" option when i click on Glasses 2D :S

  • Mohammed Ali IZGUA
    Mohammed Ali IZGUA 4 days ago

    I loved it at the end where the real glasses and AR glasses looks the same

  • علي الصديق

    عمل رائع 😍

  • Adrian Vaduva
    Adrian Vaduva 4 days ago

    wow my 2015 macbook strugles to mentain a good framerate while testing on my own face

  • Rocket Destroyer
    Rocket Destroyer 5 days ago


  • Mel Mel1
    Mel Mel1 5 days ago

    I like this tutorial, more in-depth than the other tut. Good job!

    IRENE WIEDHA 5 days ago

    love you so much....i will try

  • Alice Braglia
    Alice Braglia 5 days ago

    Thank you so much Estefannie! I have just one question, how do you make 'deformations' on your face filter? (like puffier lips, bigger eyes...)

  • Ashraful Islam
    Ashraful Islam 6 days ago

    Thank you Estefannie! I’ve been you for years on instagram. Love your work. Looking forward to more of these from you. 💜

  • Alayna Michelle
    Alayna Michelle 6 days ago

    I want one like this! But just colours, like a LUT if that makes sense

  • ayla retuta
    ayla retuta 6 days ago

    what type of photo editor do you use?

  • Tony Calderón
    Tony Calderón 6 days ago

    Awesome video 😎🔥

  • follow me
    follow me 6 days ago

    how do i post it on insta?

  • Ashraful Islam
    Ashraful Islam 6 days ago

    Thank you! You are cool!

  • Eddicson Hernandez
    Eddicson Hernandez 6 days ago

    very good tutorial, it's time for techno-makeup XD

  • Multimed 8
    Multimed 8 7 days ago

    beautiful :)

  • martiii
    martiii 7 days ago

    thank you so much for this video!!! it was very very helpful, i've been struggling for days for eyelashes and eyeliner 😂

  • garagemonkeysan
    garagemonkeysan 7 days ago

    So cool. Great video. Mahalo for sharing. : )

  • Francisco Samir Pinheiro

    Very Cool!

    BADUSER97 7 days ago

    Esteffanie can you please do this Tutorial in spanish For some Mexican and latinoamerican people ? .... 😪😪😪😪

  • Cheng32290
    Cheng32290 7 days ago

    Pretty fun video! Loved it

  • Tim Reid
    Tim Reid 7 days ago

    when is Teddy going to get his own channel?

  • Özge Günaydın
    Özge Günaydın 7 days ago

    Different,funny typical Estafannie video! Lots of girls make makeup videos and some girls make Filter!

  • HenryNutella
    HenryNutella 7 days ago

    What Photo Editor did you use?

  • Jayson Avilez
    Jayson Avilez 7 days ago

    Awesome video, Estefannie! Keep up the good work, loving this channel and what you're doing with it.

  • Cinematography Database

    Always wondered how these work, nice tutorial

    ROBO MAN 7 days ago

    Cool anda awonsome, please looking my Chanel and İ am turkish

  • Ibrahimworldwide
    Ibrahimworldwide 7 days ago

    i miss the days when you use to make amazing inventions....nowadays i don't even know what your channel is really quit your job to be making Instagram filters and showing off your logo?....don't waste your talent

  • Corbin Cook
    Corbin Cook 7 days ago

    Awesome video. Halloween is coming, I can't wait to see what creations people come up with using this.

  • Uhohsheback
    Uhohsheback 7 days ago

    im confused how you drew the makeup on did you use an app? x

  • Juan Castro
    Juan Castro 7 days ago

    That is AWESOME thank you

  • אור אלקיים

    u are the best!! i really hope u reading this to let u know u helped me so much with the first guide and now with this too.. if u got more ideas for guild ill be happy to :) thanks!

  • Ibrahim Kalantan
    Ibrahim Kalantan 7 days ago

    COOL Tutorial As Usual Keep Up The Good Work Estefannie. LIKE 👍

  • Daniele Pala
    Daniele Pala 7 days ago

    Hi! Can you please make a tutorial on how to change eye color/ contact lenses filter? I have learned a lot from your past videos and I have already 2 filters out, now I had a new idea but I need to learn how to change eye color if that’s possible. Thank you 💖

    • Estefannie Explains It All
      Estefannie Explains It All 7 days ago

      Hi!! Thanks for watching! Unfortunately as far as I know, and the current version, I don't think it's possible to change your eye color.

  • Mayukka
    Mayukka 7 days ago

    Cooooooool ! thankyu so much , Thanks to you, I was able to make my own filter !!! Love from brasil

  • Kristin P
    Kristin P 7 days ago

    This is so great!!! Thank you 😊

  • Adan Ruiz
    Adan Ruiz 7 days ago

    I didn't knew I wanted to make an Instagram filter until I saw your videos, thank you :)

  • blue spider
    blue spider 7 days ago

    Thank you for this wholesome content

  • M π
    M π 7 days ago


  • Aerial Avenue
    Aerial Avenue 8 days ago

    Thanks for posting this! can you explain a little bit about your designs. Are you doing it on Illustrator? Blender? It looks a 2D png abject, but I am confused how the glasses sides and front of the glasses fall into place the way that you show them. Like I would think I need to make the glasses in blender in order to be fitting on a face. I am confused. lol - Thank you!

  • Hilmi akgünlü
    Hilmi akgünlü 8 days ago


  • juanchooo adro
    juanchooo adro 8 days ago

    up to 4:00 im fine but when i put the part that is supposed to be transparent is black what do i do?

  • Paola Pinna
    Paola Pinna 8 days ago

    I have some problems with Alpha in user_mat . It says Unset shader uniforms: u_Texture1 :(

  • Hussain Al-Bahrani
    Hussain Al-Bahrani 8 days ago

    Well done! Very nice and informative video! Thanks dear!

  • Scott Hillberry
    Scott Hillberry 9 days ago

    Love the new branding! So exciting. I need a sticker! Also, happy house hunting!!!

  • Amira Nur Diana
    Amira Nur Diana 9 days ago

    So helpful! Thank youuuu! ❤️

  • Christian Edwards
    Christian Edwards 9 days ago

    You covered everything in under 10 minutes! Amazing

  • Alessandro Smedile
    Alessandro Smedile 10 days ago

    Somebody know how do I flip/mirror objects relative to the center of the face?

  • Francesco Crisci
    Francesco Crisci 10 days ago

    Why when i put my star there's like a square around it and when it goes through my filter it hide it?

    • I͟S͟A͟
      I͟S͟A͟ 6 days ago

      @Francesco Crisci I fixed it AAAA Thank you so much. I dragged all the particles down and changed the position between them and it worked.

    • Francesco Crisci
      Francesco Crisci 7 days ago

      @I͟S͟A͟ I've solved, basically you havew to drag the particles outside anything, try to drag it under de microphone section, it should work

    • I͟S͟A͟
      I͟S͟A͟ 7 days ago

      I'm having the same issue. I've tried everything and i can't solve this.

  • Charley Games
    Charley Games 10 days ago

    Nvm ima buy it instead lol

  • Daniele Pala
    Daniele Pala 10 days ago


  • Uncle Weirdo
    Uncle Weirdo 11 days ago

    Think I might watch this.. ONE MORE TIME! 🎶

  • Dulce .Perezchica
    Dulce .Perezchica 12 days ago

    help. I followed the steps to hide the lens legs, but they are not hidden :(

  • Rod Malloy
    Rod Malloy 13 days ago

    I'll be ordering a shirt for my girlfriend Tina and I'll watch for stickers to order for my laptop and my H2O bottle

  • Cars Simplified
    Cars Simplified 13 days ago

    The logo looks good! I got a pretty rad logo early on thanks to having a brother that has art skills. I repaired/maintained his car a few times in exchange.

  • Joacop JD
    Joacop JD 15 days ago

    Hi! I have an error, my effect is a bunch of stickers on the cheeks, and I use glasses, when I test it, the stickers appear over my glasses

  • Eduardo Muniz
    Eduardo Muniz 15 days ago

    Priceless in deed. Thank you so much!

  • nnasty
    nnasty 16 days ago

    thank you <3

  • Matias Volpe
    Matias Volpe 16 days ago

    great video!

  • Gabriel Fagundes
    Gabriel Fagundes 16 days ago

    I just love the stars and try do it too, but isn't work in my cell phone. It's works in my girlfriends cell phones, I don't understand why this happens, but it isn't works everywhere :(

  • Karma Projects
    Karma Projects 16 days ago

    We love these stickers!! How can we get them?!?!?

  • Sonic Alchemy: A maker space

    Paul kicks ass. I love that guy.

  • Forby
    Forby 16 days ago

    Nice! Love it.

    FONTANA 16 days ago

    OMG, can you make me a filter too? That is sooo cool!!! Congrats!!! <3

  • Anna Denaro
    Anna Denaro 17 days ago

    Cool design wicked logo. congratulations and cool stickers :)

  • Soy Sasha
    Soy Sasha 17 days ago

    *zero day tshirt* me: shut up and take my money

  • Madeline Younes
    Madeline Younes 17 days ago

    Cool logo!!

  • Beauty and the Bolt
    Beauty and the Bolt 17 days ago

    Woohoo congrats!! It looks great :) .....How do I get my hands on a sticker??

  • Elizabeth Havanna
    Elizabeth Havanna 17 days ago

    how do u make ur lips big?? and nose small and eyes big

  • Blitz City DIY
    Blitz City DIY 17 days ago

    pink cat on the shirt? i'm sold.

  • Brandon Graham
    Brandon Graham 17 days ago

    We have paid two separate people to make a logo for my wife's new medical practice, but they don't listen. "Hi! Go crazy, just don't use blue or a stethoscope." *presents a blue logo with a stethoscope* -______________- But you got a great one! Nicely done.

    • Alex J'rassic
      Alex J'rassic 17 days ago

      Brandon Graham you obviously need to track down a pirate

  • scrapjack
    scrapjack 17 days ago

    Working on an Audiojack mask filter as we speak. Thanks for the How-To!

  • Figments Made
    Figments Made 17 days ago

    Yay!!!!!! It's finally out! And you might have to have that Sticker Report segment in all of your videos now. 😁

  • Mikhail Thomas
    Mikhail Thomas 17 days ago

    So, as a huge sticker nerd, how do I get like..... a handful of your logo, in sticker form?

  • Felipe Morales
    Felipe Morales 17 days ago

    I want one for my laptop!!!!!

    • prodestrian
      prodestrian 17 days ago

      Me too, there's an empty space on my laptop next to my Google Cloud sticker which would be perfect 😀

    • Estefannie Explains It All
      Estefannie Explains It All 17 days ago

      That would be amazing! I need to figure out how to get them out to the people :)

  • g3ek1337
    g3ek1337 17 days ago

    Guapo el logo tía!

  • 7 Sage Labs
    7 Sage Labs 17 days ago

    Love the logo super nice. I didn't know Paul did the Raspberry Pi logo.

    • 7 Sage Labs
      7 Sage Labs 17 days ago

      @Estefannie Explains It All It is beyond. He is such a nice guy. I love how the bolt looks like an E for you.

    • Estefannie Explains It All
      Estefannie Explains It All 17 days ago

      Thank you!! And yes! He did, isn't that amazing!?

  • Adan Ruiz
    Adan Ruiz 17 days ago

    Please please please sell stickers, I totally wanna buy them

  • AJ - Explains - It - All

    Hey Estefannie! Love the content but just wanted to bring it to your notice that the shirt link is not working!

  • garagemonkeysan
    garagemonkeysan 17 days ago

    So cool. Congrats! Great video and story! : )

  • Milena Michalska
    Milena Michalska 17 days ago


  • Tipoyio
    Tipoyio 17 days ago

    Love it and the story!

  • The Mad Maker
    The Mad Maker 17 days ago

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    Alex J'rassic 17 days ago


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    Jorge Izas 17 days ago

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  • Catherine Cordova
    Catherine Cordova 17 days ago

    I love this!! ✨❤️