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BRUNCH at 7-ELEVEN Thailand
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  • Kanto Terror
    Kanto Terror 3 minutes ago

    From the phil, thumbs up to ur channel man, thanks for introducing the food diversity here.🕺

  • Beau Arroyo
    Beau Arroyo 7 minutes ago

    tell your 'friend' to lay off the soy

  • Georgia Hartley
    Georgia Hartley 13 minutes ago

    Loved seeing Becky! I feel like Keith is keeping her awesomeness to himself 😱 great video Mikey, I need to try that shrimp noodle dish 💗

  • Kachey
    Kachey 20 minutes ago


  • Shaun
    Shaun 21 minute ago

    Misleading headline to draw views when the pay as you wish food is only 2 minutes.

  • ninja
    ninja 22 minutes ago

    Omg I need some of that Indian food right now

  • Roses City
    Roses City 28 minutes ago

    I rarely go to buffets.. cause im light eater..

  • tarteus hec
    tarteus hec 35 minutes ago

    Marvel : We have the best crossover ever. Mikey : Hold my dumpling

  • ellimac59
    ellimac59 41 minute ago

    there are some good takoyaki in singapore?

  • Bin Wu
    Bin Wu 41 minute ago


  • Weirdkidbythestreet
    Weirdkidbythestreet 42 minutes ago

    The tangy dish he dipped the dosa in is most probably sambar

  • George Titus
    George Titus 45 minutes ago

    Mike it's time to cum out of the closet bruh...

    LEO LOK 47 minutes ago

    Singapore laska or laksa?

  • Vanilla
    Vanilla 53 minutes ago

    The popular 'Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee' stall is closed every Thursday.

  • Scott The Great.

    Apam balik/martabak manis not mochi.

  • s thompson
    s thompson Hour ago

    read 'a tree grows in brooklyn'.johnny Nolan drank coffe with butter when there wasn't any cream

  • Gordon Yau
    Gordon Yau Hour ago

    Why is the guy who does chicken watch acting so calm.....

  • คุณพ่อลูกสอง


  • The Adventures of Bob

    im eating this on an empty stomach I mean watching I need food bob needs food lol

  • raul martinez
    raul martinez Hour ago

    This was very entertaining! Excellent work.

  • Animeman147
    Animeman147 Hour ago

    really have to stop watching these videos at 3 in the morning while hungry

  • tanu rauth
    tanu rauth Hour ago

    Please ready FOR N.R.C

  • Jacob Jack
    Jacob Jack Hour ago

    I hate you talking but I like you eating, you a talking too much

  • Dion Santos
    Dion Santos Hour ago

    Calamansi is ubiquitous only to the Philippines, it's only been widely available elsewhere in southeast Asia because their local limes s*ck!

  • Muskaan Arora
    Muskaan Arora Hour ago

    Sitting at mcD saying wow , you would faint when you would go to an actual indian restaurant

  • The Adventures of Bob

    diabetes on a plate 15:27

  • Sinermox
    Sinermox Hour ago

    19:46 basically a huge fresh crumpet.

  • Riad Samuel
    Riad Samuel Hour ago

    Can someone tell what's the opening song please ^^

  • Ben GM
    Ben GM Hour ago

    I feel like this paisa is faking all the emotions just for the video trying to hard but he is the best food youtuber in Mexico el mejor garnachero showing the world all the good food in mexico Lalo from la garnacha

  • Dawn Ho
    Dawn Ho Hour ago

    Mike, why didn't you order the durian dessert from Ah Chew?! Their durian stuff's good! Anyways, we love having you here in Singapore. Come back soon!

  • vaishnav chaturvedi

    Goku has retrun in human body to devour his food

  • Yixin Kua
    Yixin Kua Hour ago

    SG pride is international celebs/internet stars coming and loving local food! Love u mike for bring all my favs to enjoy Sg food :DDD

  • thegame213la
    thegame213la Hour ago

    Keith kinda eats and spits food out at the same time

  • Lemon Rinds
    Lemon Rinds Hour ago

    I really enjoy the videos you do with Keith. Seeing him outside the TG is pretty refreshing, and you're introducing him to tons of new foods!

  • Sherrie Reece
    Sherrie Reece Hour ago

    Dude they have the best mac-n-cheese on the planet!! You missed out... Make a trip back to AZ for bobby Q's mac-n-cheese

  • BwanaLana _
    BwanaLana _ Hour ago

    That pancake looks like sweet rice cake but with a yummy butteryness to it

  • karan mehra
    karan mehra 2 hours ago

    Ive lived in India my whole life and this guy just ate more street food than Ive ever had

  • Phil Duong
    Phil Duong 2 hours ago

    Mikey..... I can eat better then/than u☺️

  • MyNameIs Ds
    MyNameIs Ds 2 hours ago

    My Dreams All you can eat Kobe A5 OMG 🤩😍🤩🤤🤤

  • Sombuddha Chakravarty

    How can one guy eat so much 🤣🤣🤣

  • Arly Kohar
    Arly Kohar 2 hours ago

    8:53 what is that noodle dish name ?

  • myselfANDi
    myselfANDi 2 hours ago

    Ur sweating Like crazy mike 😂

    KILLA STEELA 39 2 hours ago

    No mames 🤦🏾‍♂️ que le cuesta usar una cuchara @ 17:50. Good video like always 👌🏾

  • eadwine
    eadwine 2 hours ago

    Strictly Try Dumpling Guys?

  • Batman
    Batman 2 hours ago

    Why spoil the beautiful steak with that cheese sauce.

  • Anwesha Paul
    Anwesha Paul 2 hours ago

    I can't wait to go back to Kolkata and get the taste of this amazing food joints. Seriously, I am gonna explore the Chinese street food

  • vaishnav chaturvedi
    vaishnav chaturvedi 2 hours ago

    Man he has a real big appetite .he's like goku but in human body . but sure he does enjoy his food a lot .

  • Chelsie F
    Chelsie F 2 hours ago

    Lovveee! Such a good video.

  • Deon Lee
    Deon Lee 2 hours ago

    Come to malaysia next 😉

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P 2 hours ago

    I like the camera angle to make you two look like the same size.

  • Daribha Kharluni
    Daribha Kharluni 2 hours ago

    My question is:Will he ever get full?

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P 2 hours ago

    Yo Keith do you feel like the jolly green giant! I my self would just blend in at 5’8.5”!

  • Joe Stitt
    Joe Stitt 2 hours ago

    I live in Austin. Franklins is OVERRATED. Terry blacks with a 5 min wait wayyyy better

  • spear wolf
    spear wolf 2 hours ago

    you need a better microphone, been watching a few of yours and can never hear you properly!

  • Wanderlustiya
    Wanderlustiya 2 hours ago

    how the guy in the back was smiling 15:20 how cute

  • Yingyi Song
    Yingyi Song 2 hours ago

    Mike, you should totally go to Changsha, China. It’s a very exciting food city. A lot of street food and snacks, one of the city with great food but underrated. Check it out if you have chance! Highly recommended

  • Kim T
    Kim T 2 hours ago

    Keith holds chopsticks so well for an American

  • Tang Tang
    Tang Tang 2 hours ago

    I've already ate, and yet looking at you eat these great food making me hungry again.

  • Kelley Abitbol
    Kelley Abitbol 2 hours ago

    Hmmm...the memphis ribs look good...they look tasty..but they do nottt look juicy ..moist..nope. You seem to be exaggerating this one...granted they like i said look delicious but they look dryyyish...and it is making me question some of your previous food reveiws. 😕 bummed .

  • TheObserver
    TheObserver 2 hours ago

    How many think he looks like Jackie Chan?

  • Lyla Adalyn Kennedy
    Lyla Adalyn Kennedy 2 hours ago

    wanna see matt stonie and mike chen in a buffet.

    JOTAROO 2 hours ago

    can't believe he went to pullman, it's so weird watching this bcs that's where i occasionally go for my buffet craving lmaooo. $33 is quite expensive for us indonesians tho🙄 still amazing value

  • l1233799
    l1233799 2 hours ago

    Saw Keith thought to myself, the man can't handle spice. Then sees the cook puts a dollop of chilli sauce into the bowl.

  • MrTurtle1120
    MrTurtle1120 2 hours ago

    1:44 the moment when it turns into a horror clip

  • Oh kim leong
    Oh kim leong 2 hours ago

    Hope you coming back soon...

  • Ong Weibaek
    Ong Weibaek 2 hours ago

    Bring Keith to eat mala! He's not good with spicy

  • Sanjay Khandagale
    Sanjay Khandagale 2 hours ago

    Try *Burger Buddies* at Pinnacle Duxton food court Essen, the best burger in Singapore try the spiciest one too, its hot as per even Indian standards but still tasty at the same time. Also do not forget to get the view of *Pinnacle Towers Terrace* Next go for $5 meal from Michelin starer *Hawker Chan* in Chinatown Next is *Mr. Biryani* to have authentic Indian Dum Biryani Also call me if you need helping hand...😉

  • Deron Kim
    Deron Kim 3 hours ago

    what's the track at the beginning of the video???

  • Mike H
    Mike H 3 hours ago

    Please can someone tell me the song in the beginning?

  • Princess Adaro
    Princess Adaro 3 hours ago

    Omg! So big. Did u too finish the whole platter?😱😱😱😱

  • Cheeki Cheeks
    Cheeki Cheeks 3 hours ago

    Seriously so proud of Mike! He’s not even singaporean and I am, but I feel like he knows where the great local foods are compared to me! Thank you for loving singapore❤️

  • Clay
    Clay 3 hours ago

    no aunty you're not going TV. you're going on youtube!

  • The Adventures of Bob

    I was a vegan, now im not thanks mikey

  • MnMs002
    MnMs002 3 hours ago

    $125 you'd probably have to be a competition food eater to get your monies worth...I don't like Lobster that well,and $125 worth of crab no thanks too much effort to get bang for buck...

  • ibec69
    ibec69 3 hours ago

    Every time I see a video of this place, more than half of the businesses seems to be closed. Why is that?

  • Sonozaki Raitou
    Sonozaki Raitou 3 hours ago

    Keith or grant

  • hogster1475
    hogster1475 3 hours ago

    The Try Guy was here. Cool beans.

  • c .
    c . 3 hours ago

    Salted egg vanilla ice cream - brilliant!!

  • Slagg CS
    Slagg CS 3 hours ago

    The try guy... Ewwww. Can't stand them.

  • Sateek Roy
    Sateek Roy 3 hours ago

    Indian-Chinese cuisine is by far the best marriage between two cuisines.

  • thedoubtfeeling
    thedoubtfeeling 3 hours ago


  • Slagg CS
    Slagg CS 3 hours ago

    0:57 video starts without spoilers

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 3 hours ago

    Now I'm HUNGRY!

  • brainfulman
    brainfulman 3 hours ago

    I wish u did a colab with Night owl cinematics in a food king episode

  • Grudgy
    Grudgy 3 hours ago

    yeah food challenge is awesome but im waiting for your new movie jackie chan

  • fairykim
    fairykim 3 hours ago

    im surprised mikey hasnt come visit during ramadhan and visit the ramadhan bazaar. though it's become less traditional and more and more just another overpriced hipster festival, there's still some gems around the area.

  • Kai Andrew
    Kai Andrew 3 hours ago

    I was waiting for Keith to say “they’re goodles!” :(

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen 3 hours ago

    When all these are just appetizers🤣😂

  • TheHokkaidogaijin
    TheHokkaidogaijin 3 hours ago

    1:48 Creeper

  • Chloe.C 16
    Chloe.C 16 4 hours ago

    Omgg you are in sg

  • The Adventures of Bob

    bob wants some

  • Mz June
    Mz June 4 hours ago

    I wish you both would travel the world together lol love you both sooo much!!!!

  • Siu Fei Niu DRox
    Siu Fei Niu DRox 4 hours ago


  • Satyr Satyr
    Satyr Satyr 4 hours ago

    9:50 Babish changing mind about using fork and knife when he see the other two eat with their hands is the cutest thing ever

  • yah itzmeh
    yah itzmeh 4 hours ago

    yas another colab from faves 👍🏻❤️

  • Marissa Carpenter
    Marissa Carpenter 4 hours ago

    I enjoy how calm and chill Keith is in this. I get try guys are more up beat and "entertainment" but I definitely love their chill "normal" videos too. I always felt the over the top entertainment took out of his "try everything" videos. I get it still gets an audience but I wouldn't mind a side channel of him legitimately trying things without theatrics.

  • Rhayne Sthorm
    Rhayne Sthorm 4 hours ago

    Actually eating noodles while watching this. Added shredded carrots and sweet chili sauce because I cannot eat the seasoning/veggie packs.

  • Amber F
    Amber F 4 hours ago're a beautiful soul 💓

  • gian meng hui
    gian meng hui 4 hours ago

    The supposed "clams" he stated in the plate of kway teow is actually cockles.

  • tio yudhis
    tio yudhis 4 hours ago

    Those pancake looks similar to Indonesian Martabak Manis but with less margarine and sugar 🤣🤣🤣