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  • lovefunkrockmusic
    lovefunkrockmusic 27 minutes ago

    I think the field goal kicker should be the punt guy too. Skyler Delong is terrible. Field position matters against tougher opponents and it helps with defense allot.

  • John Wills
    John Wills 41 minute ago

    Best game to date by the Defense. Young guys starting to show promise.

  • Dylan Haynes
    Dylan Haynes 45 minutes ago

    Heisman right there

  • richard gortney
    richard gortney Hour ago

    Was really happy with the D this week. Had push up front . Had Mond stressing earlier in the game. 4th quarter he got loose a bit. and I still say J. Maydens arenweakest leank. He got tricked and burnt by a TE. But with that said we left so called money on the table offensively and D did great up to 4 th quarter. And 1 st roll tide

  • richard gortney
    richard gortney Hour ago

    1Alabama 2Ohio St 3LSU 4Clemson 5Wisconson 6Oklahoma 7Penn St 8Oregan 9Georgia 10.Notre Dame I would have Wisconsin jumping Clemson. If Clemson wasnt the defending Champs. I really beleave there 7 of the top 10 teams Ive listed that would beat Clemson on a Neutral field right now. Even aftwr there "big" win over FSU 😆

  • i hate google
    i hate google Hour ago

    Fuck you all Tide.

  • Tim Glover
    Tim Glover Hour ago

    If he doesn't win the Heisman then they shouldn't even have it

  • Michael Blount
    Michael Blount Hour ago

    Dude wasn't this video up early then taken down? I was watching it then had weird issues and it all of a sudden wasn't there. What happened?

  • Mr JayL
    Mr JayL 2 hours ago

    J. Hurts passed his test, but not anywhere near flying colors. D. Brown is one of our best lineman and should keep starting. Need to fix those penalties.

    GARNETT LEE 2 hours ago

    He's scared of Clemson

  • Jeff Harrison
    Jeff Harrison 2 hours ago

    I love this young man Such class,and such a talent!!!ROLL TIDE!!!

  • bishop1shox
    bishop1shox 3 hours ago

    Barmore#58 should start on the D-line, Benton#36 and Mayden #21 were lost

  • shannon matthews
    shannon matthews 3 hours ago

    He always about the team I like that about Tua Roll Tide.

  • Andrew Patrick
    Andrew Patrick 4 hours ago

    Tua needs to pick his game up. That interception in the end zone will not cut it against LSU. My top 8 is 1) Ohio State 2) Wisconsin 3) OU 4) PSU 5) Clemson 6) LSU 7) UA 8) UF. Justin Fields and Burrow Heisman frontrunners.

    • Zich Ragland
      Zich Ragland 2 hours ago

      Who cares what you think? Trying to impose your worthless drivel. When you put PSU up there, you proved not only are you biased but you also know very little about football. And most definitely biased against the SEC teams. I bet one of our teams has kicked you team in the teeth in the not too distant past and it still hurts "wittle andrew."

  • Christopher McCloud
    Christopher McCloud 4 hours ago

    I would put LSU @#1 then Bama Clemson & Wisconsin

  • Darth nataS
    Darth nataS 4 hours ago

    Georgia fan here. Just watched Jimbo's press conference. It's funny that Texas A&M Athletics have turned off comments on all of his press conferences. Things aren't going so well for him without Rapis Winston. Saban is going to destroy that man's career like he has done to so many others.

  • Dustin Davis
    Dustin Davis 4 hours ago

    The records that Tua is breaking won’t ever be broke again.. especially since the season is only half way over

  • Jance 716
    Jance 716 4 hours ago

    Christian Harris really impressed me against the run. Was able to close and shed blockers at will. Kid is greatly improving since South Carolina

  • Jerard Jackboi
    Jerard Jackboi 4 hours ago

    ...roll tide...🐘🐘🐘🐘 ... Still praying for Skylar Delong ...😒

  • xxDPKINGxx
    xxDPKINGxx 5 hours ago

    Offensive line is big and mean! These guys are going to be pushing teams around this next half of the season.

  • TrainCannon
    TrainCannon 5 hours ago

    Audio so quiet it has to be recorded on that tired old karaoke mike they got laying up there like it climbed the table and died.

  • Brenden Knight
    Brenden Knight 6 hours ago

    I hate to say it too but 1. LSU 2. Alabama 3. Ohio state 4. Clemson

    • Robert Prince
      Robert Prince 5 hours ago

      Brenden Knight As a Bama fan, I agree. Alabama still has a lot to work to do on defense. But I do think Bama will beat LSU because I think Bama’ defense will come up big enough times for us to get a lead.

  • Brenden Knight
    Brenden Knight 6 hours ago

    This was definitely the biggest and best line that we could put on the field but our defensive line needs to be better we got great support from Jennings and Lewis pass rush and run defense/contain needs to be better for the back half of the schedule

    • 100anti
      100anti 6 hours ago

      Yeah, they need to have 1 player in the middle to prevent qb from escaping.

  • Joseph Mellen
    Joseph Mellen 7 hours ago

    Tua is a class act.

  • Metcraft
    Metcraft 8 hours ago

    on Dolphins tanking for Tua. We all expect Tua to go first pick NFL but wouldn't it be funny after Dolphins tanking he decides to stay with Bama his senior year just to avoid going to Dolphins. No I dont expect him to but it would be funny.

    • DonD2001
      DonD2001 4 hours ago

      I would love for Tua to go to the Cincinnati Bengals instead of that dumpster fire down in Miami. Miami absolutely sucks but what 20 year old is gonna turn down 4 year 30+ million dollars with 20+ guaranteed million dollars.RTR

    • 100anti
      100anti 6 hours ago

      i was just thinking

    • Dionne
      Dionne 7 hours ago

      Metcraft That would be funny!

  • Earline Reed
    Earline Reed 8 hours ago

    Thank you Coach‼️you are 💯percent speaking truth!! Stay in the moment!! Work on the present!!! Better yourself and the future will come in time!!! Spoken with great thoughts Coach‼️🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  • Huncho Fredo
    Huncho Fredo 8 hours ago

    My top 4 rn Alabama Lsu Ohio St Clemson

  • nathan d
    nathan d 8 hours ago

    I felt Alabama played a much more balanced game. All the penalties and extra opportunities they gave A&M I felt they still showed a lot of growth. The running game was about what u wanted the one play where Najee ran for a first down, then a penalty called the play back, so it was 1st and 15, they gave the ball to Najee again and he picked up the first right away! Waddle ran wild and him and ruggs about ran it home a few times. The defense put a lot more pressure on A&M. The one thing I’m worried about is the secondary. They keep getting turned in circles on simple motions, that needs to be fixed before they play LSU. The defense tho has some turnover could’ve had rhat pick but jsut a small tug on the shoulder turned the pick into a defensive penalty but the team played good

    • Robert Prince
      Robert Prince 4 hours ago

      nathan d So if Alabama and LSU were playing next week, who’s your pick?

  • W C Guy
    W C Guy 8 hours ago

    Coach when you play AR, would you please put your punter in as QB. We just got beat by a WR at QB.

  • Rammer Jammer
    Rammer Jammer 8 hours ago

    Ohio st?? Play somebody then come back into conversation. 1. Lsu( beat ranked texas/florida) 2.Bama 3.Oklahoma 4.Clemson. Bamas pass rush looked better with 3 rushing. Defense giving up 3rd and longs absolutely kills this team. Golding is gonna get a pass this year but if nothing improves next year he'll be out..ITE!

  • Joseph George
    Joseph George 9 hours ago


    • 100anti
      100anti 6 hours ago

      Roll Tide!!

    • Ben Currier
      Ben Currier 8 hours ago

      Joseph George when’s Ohio State play a team with an offense even comparable to LSU?? The double standards are laughable. 🤣🤣

    • Joseph George
      Joseph George 9 hours ago

      TheBg29st I don’t trust Alabama’s defense just yet. We’ll see after LSU.

    • BatmanGamingHD
      BatmanGamingHD 9 hours ago

      Lol ok

    • TheBg29st
      TheBg29st 9 hours ago

      How is Ohio st above bama?

  • Alabama Football
    Alabama Football 9 hours ago

    Managing editor Kyle Henderson of provides his 10 takeaways following the Alabama Crimson Tide's 47-28 victory over Texas A&M. 1. Tagovailoa shines in Texas It was another marvelous day for junior Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa who was 21 of 34 passing for 293-yards with four touchdowns and one interception. On the day, Tagovailoa threw four touchdowns to four different receivers and became the all-time leader at Alabama for most touchdowns thrown in a career with 81. *With his 293 passing yards at Texas A&M, junior quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has accumulated 6,613 passing yards in 30 career games to rank third all-time at Alabama. *In three games against Southeastern Conference opponents this season, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has thrown 1,155 yards and 15 touchdowns with only one interception on 75-of-106 passing (70.8). *Denotes information provided by the University of Alabama's athletic department 2. Jaylen Waddle has his breakout game The Houston, Texas native shined in his home state racking up 48-yards receiving and another 128 punt return yards. Waddle caught his first touchdown pass of the season in the first quarter when Tagovailoa hit the sophomore speedster on a screen pass, which Waddle then did the rest from 31-yards out. It's clear that when Waddle has the football, he's among the most dangerous offensive threats in all of college football. 3. Offensive line play was excellent Landon Dickerson started at the center position and Deonte Brown started for the first time this season at the right guard position and it was clear that this is Alabama’s best set of offensive linemen. Alex Leatherwood started his sixth game at left tackle, true freshmen Evan Neal started his sixth game at left guard, and Jedrick Wills Jr. started his sixth game at the right tackle position, and for the first time this season, you could see each linemen holding their blocks, which created a pocket for Tagovailoa to step up and make throw after throw. “I think Landon did a great job,” said Tagovailoa following the game. “With communicating upfront with the guys, giving mike points to protect me, and I think Deonte Brown did a great job as well. We had some miscommunication up-front, but in the second half I thought we fared better and cleaned everything up.” Continue reading

  • lovefunkrockmusic
    lovefunkrockmusic 9 hours ago

    The punting still sucks. And is absolute garbage and does a disservice to our Defense.

  • Brian Green
    Brian Green 9 hours ago

    He reminds me of Ardarius Stewart

  • Diane Lowrey
    Diane Lowrey 10 hours ago

    He’s so cute

  • john keller
    john keller 11 hours ago

    need some volume

  • Defiant Truth
    Defiant Truth 12 hours ago

    Rat poison is DEADLY to Alabama! If you ask me, it only takes a SMALL amount of hubris and lackadaisical attitude, and then Bama can easily be beaten by LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Ohio State, and Clemson!

    • 100anti
      100anti 33 minutes ago

      @lovefunkrockmusic Yup, he is a man on a mission!

    • lovefunkrockmusic
      lovefunkrockmusic 9 hours ago

      Defiant Truth Bama will not be. Saban is not that type of coach. It’s going to be upwards from here on out

  • Defiant Truth
    Defiant Truth 12 hours ago

    As usual TERRIBLE sound quality.

  • kcirrad51
    kcirrad51 13 hours ago

    Play #58 Barmore.....

  • dpas869
    dpas869 15 hours ago

    They HAVE to leave the offensive line the way it is! This is the best I've seen them play all year. Dickerson at center was outstanding! I didn't see the center sitting in Tua's lap once today. Deonte Brown being back was awesome for the run game, as well as, stonewalling rushers. Chris Owens was the weak link to the O-line. He just doesn't anchor well or seems to have any nasty in his game. THIS is the best 5 offensive lineman we have! 👏👏👏👍

    • 100anti
      100anti 36 minutes ago

      @lovefunkrockmusic yup, they were on fiiaahh!! ROLL TOGETHER!!

    • lovefunkrockmusic
      lovefunkrockmusic 9 hours ago

      I think so. But I think more run plays and plays under center and play action pass would be great too. Now that o line is doing well. Keep the mesh routes, RPOs too. I would like this offense to keep the defense guessing all the time

    • Defiant Truth
      Defiant Truth 12 hours ago

      They did look pretty damn good most of the game!

    JOHN TUI 15 hours ago

    this is why i never give a damn to what you guys say!!!!

    • JOHN TUI
      JOHN TUI 15 hours ago

      oops wrong comment on wrong video

  • suavelealofa
    suavelealofa 18 hours ago

    47 Bama 28 Texas

  • Ant New
    Ant New 19 hours ago

    Somebody tell Jennings, stop going offsides. Damn🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Chris Crocker
    Chris Crocker 19 hours ago

    Kirby Smart says Georgia is still one of the 4 best teams, how do you respond? Saban: snicker snicker next question

  • Theron Wright
    Theron Wright 19 hours ago

    Texas A&M better than there record says they are.. to be honest LSU defense not good at all. Florida QB average at best and they kept up with them. That one interception killed momentum. Roll Tide!!! Georgia got exposed like I said

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 19 hours ago

    I can't hear shit and I even have on my over the ear sony wh00003x thingy

  • Kali Fiya
    Kali Fiya 19 hours ago

    Great game Tua! Just shut out the noise and focus on the next game! You will always have critics, just air them out and keep doing what you do best! You played good today, keep it up and remain focused! RollTide💯☝️💪🐐

  • 4 all ages
    4 all ages 19 hours ago

    Tua - lose the earrings dude - why u wanna look like a girl?.....ONLY girls wear earrings Tua - Do Not follow the world - your NOT of this world. You have been bought with the price - Yeshua - Jesus Christ!....Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

    • 4 all ages
      4 all ages 7 hours ago

      @Vidot Daniel - that's your problem - you speak b4 you think. Tua claims 2 be a Christian who believes - things he does in this case doesn't represent Christ - that's human nature - so why follow it's path of destruction?

    • Vidot Daniel
      Vidot Daniel 7 hours ago

      @4 all ages I never claimed to be anything so let's get that straight first! like I said Tua can do whatever he wants and wear whatever he wants he is GROWN unlike you obviously.

    • 4 all ages
      4 all ages 11 hours ago

      @Vidot Daniel - ....sir.......LOVE in a HATEFUL way is wrong.....- But - LOVE without the - TRUTH - & you claim to be a believer in Christ - is being a LIAR!...don't put a question mark where God put a period.

    • Vidot Daniel
      Vidot Daniel 16 hours ago

      Oh STFU. Kid can do whatever tf he wants he doesn't need your input on what he can and can't wear.

  • Absurd Hero
    Absurd Hero 19 hours ago

    But who have they played Lou 🤓

    • Keno Noke
      Keno Noke 8 hours ago

      Absurd Hero lol oh I was just sayin lol ppl always saying they don’t play any 1 I’m like they do lol

    • Absurd Hero
      Absurd Hero 15 hours ago

      @Keno Noke aye yall, I'm a Bama fan myself. I was only joking with what Uncle Lou says all the time lol. I believe in my Tide 100% every game. I may delete the comment if ppl will think I'm trolling

    • Jason Howell
      Jason Howell 16 hours ago

      Why is it that everyone says oh this team is going to give BAMA a tough game yada yada yada then we stomp em out and next thing u know oh that team BAMA beat sucked. When is it going to be BAMA makes good teams look bad because we are a good team? Every year watch out for A&M LSU or South Carolina then after the game oh there trash? No BAMA just does that to good teams. Look at s.carolina today js

    • Keno Noke
      Keno Noke 19 hours ago

      Absurd Hero they play good teams & bad teams ,but when u have a target on your back every game u play your going to get there A game, I think it shows toughness they can maintain being a elite program Clemson played no 1 Georgia played SC & lost ok Bama played Sc & own them u think Sc didn’t play to win ? They did I promise ,u put Georgia, LSU , fla , Auburn ,Bama In any conference they’ll either win or be in top 3 any power 5 conference

  • ACE
    ACE 20 hours ago

    Good game Coach! Just lil mistakes needing cleaning up but good job on the Win! Can’t wait for the LSU and Auburn game, every game counts! Stay number 1 and take it all the way to the Championship. Don’t worry about the outside noise, just focus and prepare for the next game. Good job Coach Saban and staff. God Bless and RollTide! 💯☝️💪🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🐐🐐🐐🐐

    • ACE
      ACE Hour ago

      lovefunkrockmusic Alabama receivers are too good, they on a whole different level. That’ll be a good match!

    • lovefunkrockmusic
      lovefunkrockmusic 9 hours ago

      ACE Exactly. I want to see that Jeudy vs Stingly match up. Surtain and Carter vs Jamar Chase. McKinney and Diggs vs Jefferson.

  • Keno Noke
    Keno Noke 20 hours ago


  • David Bannister
    David Bannister 21 hour ago

    A good win, but there's always room for improvement.

  • South House Productions

    Dang, like to see Raekwon do some serious sacking- nonetheless, we had a pretty good game. RTR

    • lovefunkrockmusic
      lovefunkrockmusic 9 hours ago

      Yeah, but as long as Raekwon shuts down the running game. I am happy with that. Sacks is just icing on the cake.

    • Jason Howell
      Jason Howell 16 hours ago

      Me too but he's eating alot of double teams up. He's still a BEAST

  • GooogleMan
    GooogleMan 22 hours ago

    After the miscommunication with Jeudy I watched them the rest of the game and Jeudy seemed to be really frustrated with Tua. Idk if anyone else watched them but I keyed in. I think Jeudy is frustrated with his catches this year.

    • lovefunkrockmusic
      lovefunkrockmusic 9 hours ago

      Well, I think the moment the defense pays too much attention to Smitty, then Jeudy will be making good plays. And do not underestimate Ruggs and Waddle. And they reunited in the sidelines

    • Jason Howell
      Jason Howell 16 hours ago

      No question jeudy is still the 🐐

    • GooogleMan
      GooogleMan 20 hours ago

      PatchesMalone I’m a diehard Alabama fan so I know exactly who’s the top wideout is. The fact is that the defense keys on him, double team, hold, bump, etc and it prevents him from having tons of catches. After the SC game Tua said that Jeudy was frustrated for the above reasons and they had to keep encouraging him. I was at that game and can say that he was 100% correct.

    • PatchesMalone
      PatchesMalone 20 hours ago

      @GooogleMan I think you ask any Bama fan, and any opposing team , they will all tell you the same who is the top dog of the Rydeouts. He's the incumbent Belitnikoff winner for crying out loud. And what's more, this his last year regardless, so let someone else eat. Him and Ceedee Lamb will both be the top wide receivers gone in the first round of draft. I'm more worried about players frustrated on the defensive side of the ball imo.

    • GooogleMan
      GooogleMan 20 hours ago

      May not affect his 1st round draft status but you now have to ask “Is he the best receiver on the team” I know he is but it’s a question now.

  • GooogleMan
    GooogleMan 22 hours ago

    After the miscommunication with Jeudy I watched them the rest of the game and Jeudy seemed to be really frustrated with Tua. Idk if anyone else watched them but I keyed in. I think Jeudy is frustrated with his catches this year.

    • 100anti
      100anti 6 hours ago

      @Carl Hall 100

    • Carl Hall
      Carl Hall 8 hours ago

      Jeudy is a great competitor and wants to produce for his team. That’s all. Does he want the ball more? Of course he does! He is just wanting to contribute, but at the end of the day if he doesn’t catch another pass for the whole year his draft grade doesn’t go down. Scouts know how Alabama is structured, and just because he isn’t getting as many touches doesn’t hurt his stock in the least. If anything, it’s helping him, because it’s less wear and tear. Obviously, this comparison is apples to apples, but look at Josh Jacobs. He got but a fraction of the touches that D. Henry got but yet is still a high first round pick. Where I’m going with all this, is for these kids, the team comes first. No question, but at the end of the day (and as Saban rightfully points out), this is a business. Jeudy is still helping the team tremendously because he is freeing up other great play makers, while adding to his draft stock. Even if he isn’t getting the touches! Remember, the scouts focus just as much on how well a kid blocks down field at his position which Jeudy and the rest of the tide receivers do a really job of.

    • 100anti
      100anti 14 hours ago

      There are so many factors to consider surrounding the team. This year's team' strategy and coaching are more complex, than last years. Many different plays and routes the players have to learn. Coaches have their focus goals for the team. It's not a certain player. So easy to think it could be but NO! Just keep being open, working and talking to coaches and qbs. Other teams are covering Jeudy a lot more aggressively because it comes with the territory of winning an award. That's a compliment! I do have to say Jeudy is a great blocker too, that assisted with TDs for the team. Shoooe... those defenders Jeudy are blocking are probably hard on him because he blocks well. Lol. Another compliment! Hang in there, when the attention is on the others, they might just leave you alone, and you will get your td! Tua threw many balls to him in most of the games. This is the only game they mostly didn't connect. It's the nature of the process. Yeah, I sure hope Sarks can get a great play for him too. They all have no problem going on to the next level, Just continue to stay healthy!

    • Cheryl Coleman
      Cheryl Coleman 16 hours ago

      Jerry had gotten comfortable with getting the majority of catches. Sark is rotating receivers so his catchez and TDs are less. He's frustrated with that because if caught he would have turned that into a TD. Hang in there Jerry! Your days are coming but in the end its about the TEAM! RTR

    • 31TITAN
      31TITAN 18 hours ago

      @morgan williams true the play they argue about was jeudy want to sit down on the route but Tua want him to continue now watch the interceptions Tua throw to Jeudy expecting Jeudy to sit there but Jeudy continue on forward and got open..if anything Jeudy should do a better job when to sit a route and continue it

  • Jerard Jackboi
    Jerard Jackboi 23 hours ago

    We can block a punt... But we can't punt... Roll Tide...🐘🐘🐘

    • 100anti
      100anti 40 minutes ago

      Punts will get better!

  • L & N Pau-Tusi
    L & N Pau-Tusi 23 hours ago

    Great game uso

  • Kama Ortiz
    Kama Ortiz 23 hours ago

    Awesome job Team! Aloha from Hawaii!

  • Sadie Mears
    Sadie Mears 23 hours ago

    Who’s gonna be player of the week?

    • Sadie Mears
      Sadie Mears 3 hours ago

      John bailey I mean for bama

    • John Bailey
      John Bailey 3 hours ago

      Sadie Mears Joe Burrow will be .. 21-24 293 passing yards 40+ rushing yards, 3 passing TDs vs the #1 ranked defense in the nation

    • Sadie Mears
      Sadie Mears 3 hours ago

      @spider man me!!

    • spider man
      spider man 7 hours ago

      Me 🌚

    • spider man
      spider man 7 hours ago

      Who's gonna be fan of the week?

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 23 hours ago

    Man I am glad we came away with a big win away from home. If A&M was ever in the game it was due to Bama mistakes. But 11 penalties and fights (even after the game!). Come on team we gotta clean up our act. We expect you to play smart and with class, win or lose.

    • Keno Noke
      Keno Noke 20 hours ago

      David Wilson honestly it wasn’t close as the score shows it could’ve been worse , but yes a good win & the D is getting better

  • Pnutt Roll tide
    Pnutt Roll tide 23 hours ago

    Roll Tide!

  • ImNotMad ButUR
    ImNotMad ButUR 23 hours ago

    I’m so proud of our guys when they’re in the media, they a have class. They never boast, throw their weight around, talk trash like other teams do. Saban does us proud in the Alabama traditions. He can fly off the handle (with a unique style) but otherwise he leaves the trash talk to the outside fan base to take care of, RTR 🐘🏈🐘🏈🐘🏈🐘

  • Tony Stracener
    Tony Stracener 23 hours ago

    Too many dang garbage points given up at the end of the game.

  • Andrew Bowen
    Andrew Bowen 23 hours ago

    I think Tua has lost his edge. He looks pedestrian this season, I'm not sure what happened in the off season, he has been throwing behind and missing deep balls. The defense was good at times, but had way too many penalties, and left some plays wide open, like the TE being wide open in the 4th. However, the run game looked much improved, and the return game was electric, but their punter got like 6 tackles this game that prevented TDs. Whoever was supposed to block him messed up pretty bad

    • 100anti
      100anti 13 minutes ago

      @Andrew Bowen It's what the coaches give him. He has thrown some pretty nice ones. Heck! As long as Bama gets the W, that's all that matters!

    • lovefunkrockmusic
      lovefunkrockmusic 7 hours ago

      dpas869 Exactly. Florida played too much Zone defense, which worked against Auburn’s Seth Williams because Auburn does pre snap reads. LSU does that too but not all the time. Bama defense with Surtain and Diggs and Carter and McKinney and Mayden will have to play on Man within a zone concept to beat LSU.

    • dpas869
      dpas869 8 hours ago

      @lovefunkrockmusic, Oh I totally agree. He is reading defenses a lot better which is something I love seeing. Also, he made some check-downs that literally made me stand up and clap! I can see his progression as a QB, which is why I don't agree with @Andrew Bowen's assessment that he was playing at a pedestrian level, but I do agree with him on the quality of some of his throws. I thought I was the only one noticing that for a while there. But yea, still better than most, if not all. Burrow has shown beautiful ball placement this year. I still want to see if it'll be that good when teams come up and challenge his WRs in B and R. Florida was playing 7-10 yards off last night and I was just calling out where he was going with the ball. They made it way too easy for him. Hopefully, when we play them we put Jobe in the game and challenge those WRs at the line and then get after Burrow's ass. That zone, off coverage bullshit probably won't work. Roll Tide!

    • lovefunkrockmusic
      lovefunkrockmusic 9 hours ago

      dpas869 I think they are still better than some of the throws compared to other colledge QBs. The positive thing is he is reading what the defense gives him, as opposed to focusing on one guy like Joe Burrow or a Trevor Lawrence. Also I will add that these WRs are built for slants and post routes. Although they can go for the 50 deep balls. They are not as big and swoll like a Amari Cooper or one of those Clemson WRs

    • lovefunkrockmusic
      lovefunkrockmusic 9 hours ago

      Jeffrey Smith I would like to see more plays under center with a two tight end set at the 50 yard line. It will make Bama less predictable. Now that the O line is playing very well.

  • The Great Javale McGee

    Hes right tho. If u tired of those slants then stop it lol

  • Harry Knight
    Harry Knight Day ago

    ROLL TIDE......

  • The Great Javale McGee

    I hate to say this but damn it I dont see bama winning this year. Can bama score hell year but can people score on bama hell yeah cause that defense suck

  • Sarah Crain
    Sarah Crain Day ago

    Roll Tide!

  • rooster
    rooster Day ago

    number 33 jennings has been called for being offsides in almost every game?

    • 100anti
      100anti 22 hours ago

      @keith connell yes they need to clean that up

    • keith connell
      keith connell 22 hours ago

      @100anti We've literally been called for lining up in the neutral zone at least twice in each of the last 4 games. It's amazing! Not in a good way. I'm not even talking about the blatant off-sides calls as well.

    • 100anti
      100anti 23 hours ago

      Yeah, that will cost us a lot. They just got to wait until the hut. Better wait than lose yardage. It takes out more energy and time. I know they want to tackle but better to wait! :) I'm still proud of them for staying focus and finishing!

  • Jim Preston
    Jim Preston Day ago

    It would be nice if they would put a little volume on the mikes that the reporters are using. I can't hear half of the questions.

    • Derrick Kyle
      Derrick Kyle 19 hours ago

      Jim Preston I watched the same interview on a different feed and bang no issues very loud

  • josh Thompson
    josh Thompson Day ago

    Penalties, Penalties, Penalties!! Have to clean that up

  • Judith Forgony

    It's okay every game are different and they did good I'm proud of them so gets some rest and start back again

  • Johnny Red Dot

    Pure class

  • jesse boyd
    jesse boyd Day ago

    Big dick alert

  • Jance 716
    Jance 716 Day ago

    Loved how we got after the QB. We’re not elite but a definitely a defense that is still learning.

    • lovefunkrockmusic
      lovefunkrockmusic 9 hours ago

      Bama has to do that against Burrow. Bama has to take away Jamar Chase and Jefferson

    • Keno Noke
      Keno Noke 19 hours ago

      Jance 716 they did looked better, the score could’ve been worse but they have to clean up those red zone woes

    • Derrick Kyle
      Derrick Kyle 19 hours ago

      Jance 716 you guys will win it all

    • ILovestorms
      ILovestorms 23 hours ago

      We're not elite...yet. Seems we might slowly but surely be getting there.

    • michael till
      michael till Day ago

      Jance 716 Defense isn’t great but I’ve seen improvement and pass rush is starting to come around we gave up a lot yards and 28 points but we also got 4 3 and outs and a 4th down stop in the game and with this Offense I think we’re just fine

  • Abbyrose M
    Abbyrose M Day ago

    I ❤ u Tua!!🥰🥰🥰

  • Jerry Hyche
    Jerry Hyche Day ago


  • Roman soldiers

    Still not a bad game for u tua u did great against a ranked team

  • nathan d
    nathan d Day ago

    Can we stop with the bs penalties. I liked how A&M can smack Tua but no call and Mond get touched and they throw flag

    • Eric Starnes
      Eric Starnes 5 hours ago

      What a bunch of whiny babies! You have a great team. Enjoy it! What nonsense about the punch. Unless you’re new to football, everyone knows that the player that reacts second is usually the one that gets caught. What do you think that Bama is so special that the historical norms don’t apply to you? I’ll guarantee Saban isn’t whining about this and consoling him, ‘there, there, it’s ok, he punched first and you had every right to punch him back’. Saban is on him like glue, ‘wtf were you thinking? Get your head on straight or you’re riding the pine’. Blame your player not the ref on this call.

    • Jason Howell
      Jason Howell 16 hours ago

      No excuse for lining up in the neutral zone but that defense is starting to warm up! We're only getting better! Can't wait for both the defense and offense to put both together at the same time

    • ayyoisaac
      ayyoisaac 21 hour ago

      @Sarah Lloyd dude threw 2 punches at smitty too smh

    • nathan d
      nathan d 21 hour ago

      Sarah Lloyd and Smitty was thrown down.

    • nathan d
      nathan d 21 hour ago

      Eric Starnes 🤣🤣... that’s equal to qb getting roughed. That blind side hit was so close the guy was turned enough to get blocked. That’s why they didn’t call it. U trash

  • Trey Ragland
    Trey Ragland Day ago


  • Jamiya Jenkins

    Alabama score is 40 and Texas am score is 20

  • unarammer
    unarammer Day ago

    42-17 bama

  • Erin Phipps
    Erin Phipps Day ago

    Bama 48 A&M 21

  • SSnakesii
    SSnakesii Day ago

    Did Ruggs look fully healthy?

  • Jackie Sexton
    Jackie Sexton Day ago

    Bama 38-a&m 27.....u bringing the in game chat form on today...hope so

  • Team TCS
    Team TCS Day ago

    Bama48 Texas A&M 21

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Bama 55 atm 30

  • Kyle Chancey
    Kyle Chancey Day ago

    Bama 45 texas a@m 17

  • aadd07928
    aadd07928 Day ago

    A&M 23 Bama 21

  • Disc Master 69

    Bama 42 Texas am 17

  • Jeffrey Sims
    Jeffrey Sims Day ago

    Nick saban should be the first mfker out of all coaches to support the pay the player endorsement mfker you've been one lucky egotistical mfker

  • King Kang
    King Kang Day ago

    This is a hard game to pick the spread

  • John Wiley
    John Wiley Day ago

    Bama 56/Texas A/M 13

  • Mason Mullins
    Mason Mullins Day ago

    Alabama 45 Texas a&m 20

  • Justin Scott
    Justin Scott Day ago

    Alabama 45/ Texas A&M 21

  • Mike Aldridge
    Mike Aldridge Day ago

    Alabama 52 A&M 16

  • Juicy Fruit
    Juicy Fruit Day ago

    Ha I'm loving these scores RMFT!!! 🐘🐘🐘

  • Toriano1 Orr1
    Toriano1 Orr1 Day ago

    Texas a&m 31 AL 24

  • Kevin Henry
    Kevin Henry Day ago

    Alabama-45, Texas A&M-20

  • Aj Savini
    Aj Savini Day ago

    Bama 42 TxAM 13