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The New Daily Reveal!
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i made a big mistake
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2020 Supra Gets Lowered!
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2020 Supra gets NEW WHEELS
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S15 Update - FD STL Setup
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  • Faateh asim
    Faateh asim Hour ago

    where is the 240?

  • LBP 1
    LBP 1 Hour ago

    Did I misunderstand him or is he building a drag supra??!! (I'm guessing the mk5)

  • Tics Gloving
    Tics Gloving Hour ago

    What why is Nicole's car back ?

  • JohnnyThun Films

    OG LZ is fucking dope! your pops is awesome

  • Alexander Stoker

    “Plz clear the brakes plz clear the breaks” *clears brakes by a mile*

  • ittzz The_OG_Phil

    Nice 8 series in the beginning

  • robert jones
    robert jones Hour ago

    Oh adam hear me out cbf drag wing on the chaser

  • No Jack
    No Jack Hour ago

    Adam: "Missile Car" Also Adam: "$5,000 wheels"

  • Tomas
    Tomas Hour ago

    you have a cool dad

  • DDDaanUbels
    DDDaanUbels Hour ago

    You need a v10 beemer

  • -_.ησαн_ρσтαεтσ gαcнα._-

    Ur dad is the best xD

  • EFormance Engineering

    I'm 1/3rd of the way through and if he sells the car, he has to pay taxes on the net profit. If he keeps the car it's considered a business deduction and he effectively pays no taxes on that $43k he got from youtube videos. If he keeps buying cars and not selling them, until he's owned them for 5 years, he gets to have his cake and eat it too. By the time he's had the car for 5 years it is depreciated as a business asset and the resell value is much lower. At some point he has to turn a profit, but it benefits him to continue buying new car stock to feed his channel, to offset the revenue he's getting from the videos. He gets to take the full purchase price as a business deduction, even as the car depreciates -- think about that, he gets to deduct (not pay taxes) on the original purchase price of the vehicle, even when the vehicle is depreciating in value as he owns it. He can then resell the vehicle and he only has to pay taxes on the money he made above the original purchase price.

  • mulisha metal
    mulisha metal Hour ago

    Nice dick duster

  • ANTHONY Blake
    ANTHONY Blake Hour ago

    Man this is exactly how my dad would react, cocky, but proud (won’t show it of course).... I’m only like 6 minutes in but damn man this hits home hard. This really motivates me to get on my grind for the things I really want in life.

  • Mr. H
    Mr. H Hour ago

    Still haven’t gotten use to that ‘70s porno ‘stache.

  • jesse cloete
    jesse cloete Hour ago

    08:45 some real tool porn

  • Sam Gimbert
    Sam Gimbert Hour ago

    I like how adam is so rich that he gets like 10g of tools for free

  • Rhinowear
    Rhinowear Hour ago


  • Synfuhl
    Synfuhl Hour ago

    thought this was the 2019 open house and thought he was hanging with nicole again i was happy to see them together but realized the date.

  • Junior_ 97obs
    Junior_ 97obs 2 hours ago

    Adam would you ever build a Drift Truck ???

  • Madmansmitty
    Madmansmitty 2 hours ago

    So everyone knows most diffs are like 500-750. This dude spent about 1.5k on that Cusco diff. Hot damn.

  • bronzeagle1
    bronzeagle1 2 hours ago

    Always heard about you from other youtubers I watch like tjhunt throtl dustinw but never watched a single video of yours until this one and will say judging from this video I can tell you're a great person and I will be subscribing and following your channel

  • Matthew Melke
    Matthew Melke 2 hours ago

    The new wheels for the missile aren🔥🔥🙌

  • Jonas Van Horn
    Jonas Van Horn 2 hours ago

    OH BOI she looks good!

  • CryptMSC
    CryptMSC 2 hours ago

    im thicc

  • James Williams
    James Williams 2 hours ago

    We have to see cleetus in Zeroy!

  • RavingFX 2Intros Per Week

    better raid cam this toolbox till someone fucks the order up

  • JPGtampa
    JPGtampa 2 hours ago

    Military enlisted guy mustache 😄

  • willburr13
    willburr13 2 hours ago

    Those drag wheels look dope

  • Jmmman
    Jmmman 2 hours ago

    Live stream the open house!

  • Daniel Marquis
    Daniel Marquis 2 hours ago

    Definitely get 326power tension rods your caster is getting bad in the rear of the chaser

  • Daniel Marquis
    Daniel Marquis 2 hours ago

    I have the same width wheels with similar offset on my jzs161 and i run a 215/40r18 on the front to clear the angle, i have lock to lock with no rubbing and the car sits on the ground

  • BNE Exotics
    BNE Exotics 2 hours ago

    Stable is looking tight brother 👊😎

  • Ryno
    Ryno 3 hours ago


  • Shintaro Dee
    Shintaro Dee 3 hours ago

    Adam fucking loves spacers

  • Nathan Grima
    Nathan Grima 3 hours ago

    Your dad is awesome

  • Jamesmcnamee Mcnamee

    Copyright 8:13 youngthug

  • Jiggly Jiblits
    Jiggly Jiblits 3 hours ago

    wholesome: 100, you've just earned an extra sub xD

  • SeanLeonDrums
    SeanLeonDrums 3 hours ago

    Must be nice to be rich. One day.

  • Nickali
    Nickali 3 hours ago

    So no one going to talk about Alberto moving that 13b around..

  • Caleb Sadek
    Caleb Sadek 3 hours ago

    Get Alberto a bigger tool box you know he deserves it

  • Monster Man
    Monster Man 3 hours ago

    1000bhp will certainly get your attention, loved the look on Dads face when you opened it up....!!!

  • lil_andyy422
    lil_andyy422 3 hours ago

    We know he been wit Cletus to much cuz he saying hell yeah brother 😂😂

  • anthony Booser
    anthony Booser 3 hours ago

    You should never own a white van, it looks like you have to stay 500ft from a school zone.

  • zevi 2000
    zevi 2000 3 hours ago

    Right now the car has an open diff from Tommy's clit.... Did I hear that right?!

  • Wail Ful Carp
    Wail Ful Carp 3 hours ago

    Let That dude in blue do car reviews on all of your cars . New wheels do look sick

  • nobody dontworry
    nobody dontworry 3 hours ago

    Anyone know the song? In opening?

  • Mega Muww
    Mega Muww 3 hours ago

    Very American....expensive and sexy looking missiles.

  • Barrett Friesen
    Barrett Friesen 3 hours ago

    When will we see an update on the yellow evo? Is the aussie evo 1000herzz perzz yet??

  • HellaWave831 _
    HellaWave831 _ 3 hours ago

    Bae pass me the hookah

  • semamepepoo
    semamepepoo 3 hours ago

    Че за стилаф

  • James Williams
    James Williams 3 hours ago

    So many sick cars!

  • chance Jensen-Summers

    Did that tool box come with all of those tools or did you just fill it with what you had?

  • Titus Baker
    Titus Baker 3 hours ago

    Lowkey miss back when he use to work on his own cars everyday at his house garage

  • Dreamchasing Tv
    Dreamchasing Tv 3 hours ago

    Can i get a ride one day i live in Miramar Florida text me if ur 7867659066

  • Adam Kennedy
    Adam Kennedy 3 hours ago

    18:10 Alberto casually moving the tiny rotary with a dolly 👌🏻

  • Kodiakcatdog
    Kodiakcatdog 3 hours ago

    Drift missile. Wheels worth more then the car.

  • GHOST R33
    GHOST R33 3 hours ago

    its probably a r34 gtr

  • jelly21176
    jelly21176 3 hours ago

    How hard would it be mic all your friends?

  • ghostninjaYT gaming
    ghostninjaYT gaming 3 hours ago

    Favorite park. Next park my favorite next my favorite

  • Justin Wright
    Justin Wright 3 hours ago

    If Alberto takes a piss. Is it considered a boost leak?

  • Mario Manzo
    Mario Manzo 3 hours ago

    Adam's garage be wildin like Los Santos Customs lol

  • Matthew Regidor
    Matthew Regidor 4 hours ago

    the chaser is looking so dope!

  • Chris Barcelona
    Chris Barcelona 4 hours ago

    You should get a tool box like that for big boost he deserves it

    THE VR E36 DRIFT 4 hours ago


  • Austin Jeffris
    Austin Jeffris 4 hours ago

    You already know Adams dad is the one who taught him how to drive a stick so when his dad started talking shit when Adam stalled it. So wholesome.

  • Frederick Tambunan
    Frederick Tambunan 4 hours ago

    This is a nice video. Explaining the world of RU-cliprness in car guy terms👍👍clear and detailed

  • RB Productions
    RB Productions 4 hours ago

    Think you should bring back the tie dye pizza shirt 👍🏻

  • Steve Rivera
    Steve Rivera 4 hours ago

    What spot in Orlando did you say for the plastic? I looked up ABS Orlando and nothing popped up...

  • Jonny Tran
    Jonny Tran 4 hours ago

    I say you keep the new chaser wheels on the white chaser and run the others on the missile chaser

  • Tanner Williams
    Tanner Williams 4 hours ago

    Adam "I could fit a spacer" LZ

  • Steve Rivera
    Steve Rivera 4 hours ago

    Is he open house this weekend the 8th?

  • Standard Nerd
    Standard Nerd 4 hours ago

    Haha, I love that your Dad commentated throughout. He seems super sweet, loved the double thumbs up of approval.

  • Bummy Kid
    Bummy Kid 4 hours ago

    I’m getting head while watching Adam Lz

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 4 hours ago

    Is it weird that I can't buy a set of rims. If it does not come with a 5th wheel? Just worries me that I will get stranded somewhere I can't get the right size tire.

  • Zachary Sager
    Zachary Sager 4 hours ago

    Would love to see a forester build!

  • Mike C
    Mike C 4 hours ago

    obeying laws when scaring someone? hell your porn mustache was scarier

  • Chaiden Corbin
    Chaiden Corbin 4 hours ago

    iTs GoInG tO bE eBiSu SpEc

  • Rocky Best
    Rocky Best 4 hours ago

    "missile chaser"

  • Spirit Level Studios

    Dam hawt wheels. wow

  • David Rolland
    David Rolland 4 hours ago

    Can’t wait for the open house videos!!!

    BIGRED PRO GAMING 4 hours ago

    Girlfriend update lol

  • James obrien
    James obrien 4 hours ago

    I’ll still never get over the fact your missile cars are better then my daily’s 😂

  • eternalredline
    eternalredline 4 hours ago

    Did he give you roadhead?

  • luis maldonado
    luis maldonado 4 hours ago

    Slam the chaser Jimmy oaks style

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 4 hours ago

    That whine is incredible

  • Trenton Deel
    Trenton Deel 4 hours ago

    Dude your cars are looking sooooooooo good! 👌

    E NAASTYY 4 hours ago

    Those my favorite wheels if ya make a poster I’m definitely copin

  • hollywoodae86
    hollywoodae86 4 hours ago

    There’s no such thing as +0 or -0 ................

  • Zac Lowther
    Zac Lowther 4 hours ago

    Your dad..i love him. Good man.

  • jonathan abreu
    jonathan abreu 4 hours ago

    Why press the clutch if is a sequential tranny?

    MILKLUXX 4 hours ago

    Hot boi

  • Raul Andrade
    Raul Andrade 5 hours ago

    Brown chaser might as well be a show car

  • Justin Elliott
    Justin Elliott 5 hours ago

    Surprise alberto with a new toolbox at the open house

  • prime air
    prime air 5 hours ago

    Your s15 sounds like a jet

  • Sebastian Duarte
    Sebastian Duarte 5 hours ago

    Well look like a adam should get Alberto a tool box for Christmas

  • Mr BodyMakover
    Mr BodyMakover 5 hours ago

    Next stop a DIY BMW Mechanic when it breaks down

  • Team Spintop
    Team Spintop 5 hours ago

    24? sigh. I'm here working 9-12 hour days, 7 days a week for the last 15 years and I can afford 1 car, and no not a new car... a 90's car. Almost 40 and If I sold everything I own I still will not be able to buy a Porsche GT3. I should have vlogged.

  • Clark joseph Timpug
    Clark joseph Timpug 5 hours ago

    That wheels tho 👍

  • Perry Shawana
    Perry Shawana 5 hours ago

    Geeze cant be all from sponsors. All the stuff. House cars. Been watching you for the last 3 years you progressed the vids no lie glad to see someone putting there money in to cars I wish I could:D