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  • TheOnly 3DSGuy
    TheOnly 3DSGuy 10 minutes ago

    This is basically like the Wii Mini but except its the Switch Mini.

  • Aleksandar Atanasov
    Aleksandar Atanasov 14 minutes ago

    Are we sure Elon didn't plan ahead and create a clone of himself a couple of decades back?

  • David Cabrera
    David Cabrera 17 minutes ago

    One of my favorite RU-cliprs always look forward to these drops

  • Earths Keeper
    Earths Keeper 20 minutes ago

    I know this is 5 years ago but why didn’t you save the dogs a life is more important then tech

  • Lullaby
    Lullaby 21 minute ago

    both monitors costs more than my entire room. ❤️

  • anshul bhatia
    anshul bhatia 24 minutes ago

    That’s y apple is so expensive company bcz of u idiots who always preferred over rated things. And underestimate budget related things

  • reallorn
    reallorn 26 minutes ago

    when you realize you can't even afford the broke gaming

  • Jason Reigle
    Jason Reigle 29 minutes ago

    Austin you should take the consoles apart and fix the problems and add upgrades them.🤔

  • Eiter Daus
    Eiter Daus 37 minutes ago

    islam terror fuck bill gates in tomb

    FR0ZENxTUNA 38 minutes ago

    whoever edited that Michael Jackson moonwalk deserves a raise

  • emmanuel jose ingua
    emmanuel jose ingua 44 minutes ago

    Still have my ps2 slim haha

  • Yoshi Fan
    Yoshi Fan 54 minutes ago

    Wii U wins!

  • Omor Abu13
    Omor Abu13 Hour ago

    I’m watching this on iPod 6

  • Ken Checkeye
    Ken Checkeye Hour ago

    Maybe it’s not fair to compare him to Musk, but celebrate the resolve of a very passionate and brilliant young man.

  • Rali Thorn
    Rali Thorn Hour ago

    I loved the evil laughter!

  • SlowRide
    SlowRide Hour ago

    I have the 11 Pro Max and I actually have a little bit of buyers remorse. This thing is overkill. I feel like I should have gotten the 11.

  • ShepardComander
    ShepardComander Hour ago

    So a switch that doesn't switch.

  • KatBandit
    KatBandit Hour ago

    Does anybody know which 3rd party battery he is using?

  • CrayZay
    CrayZay Hour ago

    What type of cable dud you use

  • Dragos
    Dragos Hour ago

    Elon, take him under your wing

  • Dragos
    Dragos Hour ago

    For the sake of our future, let's hope he will be even better

  • Jag Dewit
    Jag Dewit Hour ago

    I will choose thae laptop that was worth a car

  • ZEE
    ZEE 2 hours ago

    Yup and thats why i hope all gamestops close for good!!! I fucking hate gamestop!!!

  • Bunny rabbit Care
    Bunny rabbit Care 2 hours ago

    Does anyone else not like the camera because it looks like clusters of holes?

  • Akanaro O.O
    Akanaro O.O 2 hours ago

    Here's the thing though. You can not design real rockets without having a degree in physics. I don't know if people somehow gets the idea the Elon Musk just watch "how to build rocket" videos on RU-clip but the reality is he has a degree in economics and a degree in physics. Without a proper understanding of "rocket science" the best you can hope to achieve is building some cool toys. Drive and ambition will get you so far but then you need that education to take you all the way. Elon sold his first company at age 28 for $340 million. At age 31 he sold Pay Pal for $1.5 billion. This kid is angling for a job at Space X. Two vastly different ideas of ambition and drive.

  • Niklas Laurila
    Niklas Laurila 2 hours ago

    How much does the iPhone 11 64gb cost in the US including tax? It's $925 here in Finland..

  • Peter Dosedla
    Peter Dosedla 2 hours ago

    You should have used an old monitor

  • GyZo
    GyZo 2 hours ago

    Hotel trivago

  • Hariprasad Rajan
    Hariprasad Rajan 2 hours ago

    Austin!!!! Come to India and you can have ur build for double/triple the money!!!!!!!

  • Noz Prekpaljaj
    Noz Prekpaljaj 2 hours ago

    Im first to comment after 2 years...

  • Saifi Production
    Saifi Production 2 hours ago

    Do the ultimate ps3 video please!


    3.5 hour battery life is bad? lol, millennial



  • Eencole
    Eencole 2 hours ago

    The next level of impersonations


    Lastpass spies on you and sells your information to third parties

  • ThatOneBoredSpeed
    ThatOneBoredSpeed 2 hours ago

    not anymore

  • Sans 2415
    Sans 2415 3 hours ago

    Ken you dumbass

  • the normal one
    the normal one 3 hours ago

    This is my favourite IPhone since the X and the SE


    lol @ chromebook with core i7.....

  • 20k subscribers with no videos

    And here i am with 20mbs


    It's like a Microsoft Surface 4 with inferior specs


    Thanks for buying a thousand dollar chromebook so I don't have to

  • Ahmad Sarfraz
    Ahmad Sarfraz 3 hours ago

    I won no doubt 😂😂

  • chary
    chary 3 hours ago

    *T H A T I S N O T V E R Y C A S H M O N E Y O F Y O U*

  • Frey
    Frey 3 hours ago


  • Exprez Gamer
    Exprez Gamer 3 hours ago

    Please do a dell precision t3500

  • Crazy Bela
    Crazy Bela 3 hours ago

    I got scamed from this video cuz i didnt saw butt plug 😠😠

  • KetchupGuy Official
    KetchupGuy Official 3 hours ago

    Kinda clickbait...

  • Harvey Degree
    Harvey Degree 3 hours ago

    *edge detection* fail

  • PatrickdoesVlogs
    PatrickdoesVlogs 4 hours ago

    Why is this my recommended in October 8th 2086

  • Stephen Hawking's Epic gaming chair

    $900 AUD as of October 2019

  • Mikail
    Mikail 4 hours ago

    When mystery tech goes too far Keine Schwäche zeigen

  • FalleN Recons
    FalleN Recons 4 hours ago

    on a 69 dollar pc no joke LTT did an video on this A dell optiplex 755 27 USD GTX 750ti 42 USD

  • Aman Grewal
    Aman Grewal 4 hours ago

    Says he doesn’t want to build things but wears a fortnite skin outfit

  • You average kid
    You average kid 4 hours ago

    Oh its RGB linus gonna like it

  • legendfang
    legendfang 4 hours ago

    Only proves more so that GameStop is a crap company and never buy used game console from them.

  • Cold Day YT
    Cold Day YT 4 hours ago

    What You Can Buy A Better And Cooler Pc For Less Than 750 Come On!

  • Lucas Helwig
    Lucas Helwig 4 hours ago

    Can I have a PC?

  • Ярослав Терещук

    this dude just realized that he looks more like Elon than Beaber.

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 5 hours ago

    Wow the Wii is so expnsive in the USA here in the UK they sell for £15 or $19.50 lol

  • Eason Choo
    Eason Choo 5 hours ago

    madcatz ftw

  • Flappy 2048
    Flappy 2048 5 hours ago

    I AM getting the 11 pro

  • Vitex
    Vitex 5 hours ago

    Put the ultimate PS4 inside of the ultimate gaming PC ;)

  • Carter 92103
    Carter 92103 5 hours ago

    When roboraptor was born

  • Vuxscious _
    Vuxscious _ 5 hours ago

    My setup -HP pc -cheap headphones from economy seat on airplane -wood chair -$16 mouse

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia 5 hours ago

    That's why I don't buy anything at GameStop anymore.....

  • Lojalny
    Lojalny 5 hours ago

    just ordered ps4 pro, upgrading from slim

  • Jacob
    Jacob 5 hours ago

    Can you also text non android from the app? (Airmessage)

  • shaggyFL
    shaggyFL 5 hours ago

    COMPUTER QUESTION i got a new pc when i first used it i entered my email and password. i went to use a program it said file not found so i deleted it. but when i went to my old pc it was deleted as well. why is that?? is there a way to fix that. tyvm in advance

  • gamingfriend 0815
    gamingfriend 0815 5 hours ago

    The fingerprint sensor gets better after using it more often.

  • Vampfrog1
    Vampfrog1 6 hours ago

    When a snorlax is suddenly considered as ‘tech’

  • Braedon Morrissey
    Braedon Morrissey 6 hours ago

    If you haven’t already, buy their refurbished tablets and smartphones 👀😳

  • TheRoxk
    TheRoxk 6 hours ago

    Ohh... those aren’t from WiSh?

  • Waluigis_Meme_Warehouse

    I fucking despise ken

  • Infinateplus
    Infinateplus 6 hours ago

    no, no , nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo 1:10

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 6 hours ago

    Gamestop: *Stonks*

  • Ze Bunker
    Ze Bunker 6 hours ago

    A room in an apartment is not a home theater.

  • Griffin
    Griffin 6 hours ago

    You forgot an important feature with the notebook. It allows you to scan the page using your phone, and turns it into text you can edit

  • Paul The bearded one Downing

    man this shit is freaky a friend of mine had a stalky ex that had put a four gang power socket with a listening device in her house. it had a SIM tray!! basically call it up and just listen she found it when she noticed a faint but annoying hiss this totally blew my mind I thought these things were possible to make but not so easy to buy

  • Kaaskop_baaskop intranet

    Wooow ik looks like you stil got a bit of chocolate milk on your upper lip

  • Xavier McDonald
    Xavier McDonald 6 hours ago

    The old fat PS4 lol

  • DrFcku 2350
    DrFcku 2350 6 hours ago

    Thumbnail 130 $ keyboard = broke...

  • Shimmo
    Shimmo 6 hours ago

    Bro you mad disrespectful to that starwars game, I had it when I was a kid and it was hands down one of my favourite (I want to say) third party? Game

  • Gammario
    Gammario 6 hours ago

    Hmm... 1:26 So Austin has a power to do anything just by saying LOL

  • Ashin George
    Ashin George 7 hours ago

    Hmmm 😶😶😶 why is this in my recommended after 5 years

  • Josh Fowler
    Josh Fowler 7 hours ago

    is he out of spiderman home coming movie???

  • Dino Rexy
    Dino Rexy 7 hours ago

    Ken is fucking annoying, he acts like a 3 year old.

  • Tony Zhu
    Tony Zhu 7 hours ago

    DP Cable Shorting is a thing. Happened to me with a Dell SFF PC before.

  • Scotty Brooks
    Scotty Brooks 7 hours ago

    I’m not sure what GameStop you went to but I’ve faithfully been to the same 2 for 10+ years and have never gotten anything close to a bad deal or something being non functional

  • The PeaceKeeper
    The PeaceKeeper 7 hours ago

    This is 725$ then theres the monitor and the mouse and the mousepad and the keyboard and most likely a desk, and my brother tries to convince me this is cheaper then a helios 300 in a cyber monday sale lmao

  • Michael McGivney
    Michael McGivney 7 hours ago

    Ur being rude to apple

  • Rareッ
    Rareッ 8 hours ago

    So what's plan B if you have friends on BOTH?

  • Copyright ZJRB
    Copyright ZJRB 8 hours ago

    google cam + redmi note 7 = mindblowing

  • paperman12
    paperman12 8 hours ago

    That is no where ultra cheap that's just low end (Unbox therapy) 4$ android smart phone

  • shawn
    shawn 8 hours ago

    Ken and Austin listening to Signal album. Intellectuals

  • PokeBattle Fan
    PokeBattle Fan 8 hours ago

    My “Future stepfather” looks younger than me.

  • Depressed Trashcan
    Depressed Trashcan 8 hours ago

    Ken for President plz

  • Pedro Katz
    Pedro Katz 8 hours ago

    Pretty sure he's Elon's spawn.

  • WikiTv
    WikiTv 9 hours ago

    Try with a Rocket Heavier 👍

  • kris reddish
    kris reddish 9 hours ago

    As far as nonionizing EM, the poison is the dose. EM can hurt you, a laser can blind you, RF can catch you on fire. You have the dielectric effect for instance. This is why the governments of the world place strict limits on broadcast power levels far below what can be dangerous. EM spreads fast so the power density is less at distance. If a point or omnidirectional antenna the equation for inverse square laws applies. This protects you, though a tech working in an antenna farm can get toasty, this may cause damage. Also knocking electrons to higher discrete energy levels can make chemical reactions occur. There are possibly billions of chemical reactions we do not even know about so safe, well ya, you cannot fear ignorance or no progress is ever made. 5g is safe as far as we know, but for a handful of folks that have electrocution risk or burns risks because they work on live systems and are at close range to transmitter arrays. They take the proper precautions though so it is safe if they do not mess up. Meanwhile, just HAM radios can be dangerous, and I have lit my hair on fire from UHF working at antenna farms for the Army.