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behind the bloopers
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  • Jameson Sahariah

    I was getting little bit of feeling or crush on her. Now I realize she is 50 & also a mom :(


    Her and Chris Hemsworth are hilarious for Aussies

  • Michael
    Michael 3 days ago

    09:56 my gos that's willem dafoe

  • Iulia Radulescu
    Iulia Radulescu 5 days ago

    i love her so much!!

  • faye faye
    faye faye 7 days ago

    I had no Idea Cate Blanch is this hyper ....or maybe she is drunk

  • Suran Khoramdin
    Suran Khoramdin 9 days ago

    she and McKenzie davis come from heavens. 😍😍😍

  • AshitaNoKanousei42
    AshitaNoKanousei42 9 days ago

    I looked up Australian mud crab. She wasn't joking, they're huge.

  • Victoria Porozova
    Victoria Porozova 11 days ago

    She is so energetic!

  • Katarina Stanković
    Katarina Stanković 12 days ago

    cate, sharon stone and kim besinger are my top 3

  • Parash Saikia
    Parash Saikia 16 days ago

    My Crush

  • C o o k I e D I n o
    C o o k I e D I n o 16 days ago

    im so gay for her

  • ʙʟᴇᴇᴅɪɴɢ ʀᴏsᴇ

    *cries in gay language*

  • Bel Fiore
    Bel Fiore 22 days ago

    Such a pretty face . So funny. Love her

  • Virginia Woolf
    Virginia Woolf 26 days ago

    "It totally is for the little kids." "I've been told to say that" Hilarious.

    ABC DEF Month ago

    I'd love to know what Sandra Bullock once told her

  • C.L. Rae
    C.L. Rae Month ago

    Her low tone voice. Ugh! It's calms your soul.

  • Nausica D'Angeli
    Nausica D'Angeli Month ago


  • Masht Ali
    Masht Ali Month ago

    nobody speaks English better than the British.

  • ML H
    ML H Month ago

    She didn't get along with Ellen.......what was going on there?

  • Katie's comment is correct,

    Supported Weinstein so...

  • Jim Sibayan
    Jim Sibayan Month ago

    1:14 god i so love her

  • Sassy Squid
    Sassy Squid Month ago

    Why do I love her

  • Daniel Villalobos

    You kind of undercut yourself by putting in footage of Cate being cheeky and awesome, next to that dumbass twat Jimmy Fallon.

  • rock roll
    rock roll Month ago

    9:22 suddenly I thought it was kristen stewart with claire foy's voice.

  • Dan Frost
    Dan Frost Month ago

    A poor mans Emma Thompson

  • viggolover1
    viggolover1 Month ago

    How I will miss her in The Crown 👑🎩💂🏻‍♀️🇬🇧

  • Isaac
    Isaac Month ago

    Her hair in that Vouge video is gorgeous where she's taking selfies

  • Fyou Suckers
    Fyou Suckers Month ago

    3:40 i want a banana .. i want a banana .. why do you want a banana ??

  • Christopher
    Christopher 2 months ago

    Lol Jimmy pretending he can't drink a beer faster than Cate. How he looks at her glass to make sure it looks close but he doesn't win

  • Leviosa Lily
    Leviosa Lily 2 months ago

    i want all of her suits pls thx

  • David Perez
    David Perez 2 months ago

    She looks like michael voris...

  • Xiao Ran Li
    Xiao Ran Li 2 months ago

    "Mom this is the coolest thing that you've ever made" Wait till her son sees Thor Ragnarok

  • Outsider 14
    Outsider 14 2 months ago

    Aristrocatic beauty. 😙There is no an actresss that can be better Queen Elizabeth I . She is queen anyway.👑

  • sutmarani sudurbai
    sutmarani sudurbai 2 months ago

    So Ellen what would you like to be food of again

  • Shane Vanover
    Shane Vanover 2 months ago

    Kate is so awesome. I cant say much else 😊

  • Anita Blunt
    Anita Blunt 2 months ago

    "for 25,000 dollars i'd do it"

  • Joy Davis
    Joy Davis 2 months ago

    Too funny!

  • STNeish
    STNeish 2 months ago

    I think she needs to come over here and marry me.

  • Paul Jenkins
    Paul Jenkins 2 months ago

    I absolutely love Cate. She is so down to Earth and lovable.

  • Deba Dev
    Deba Dev 2 months ago

    It has 3 meanings knob idiot knob tiny bit of butter and a guys thingy

  • Pookie0504kb
    Pookie0504kb 2 months ago

    bow to the Queen ;)

  • HeyItsKatie
    HeyItsKatie 2 months ago

    Claire is the cool mum we all want 😂

  • Chrissie Chrissie
    Chrissie Chrissie 2 months ago

    Still can't believe I had the privilege of body doubling for Cate on Elizabeth Love her

    • Chrissie Chrissie
      Chrissie Chrissie 2 months ago

      @Pookie0504kb I did 3 weeks extra work and was chosen to double Cate dancing in a field in green dress with big red bow. I also doubled Emily Mortimer in the same film, on a regatta boat

    • Pookie0504kb
      Pookie0504kb 2 months ago

      waht scene? why?

  • German BG
    German BG 3 months ago

    I love this woman, is beautiful, excelent actress and she's got a singular charisma and yes Cate Blanchett is amazingggg!

  • Princess_Greenleaf _xx

    She’s one of my favourite people I think ever

  • J Mac
    J Mac 3 months ago

    I find her to be one of the most beautiful fascinating women ever

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 3 months ago

    wow cate blanchett chugs beer faster than jimmy fallon. and jimmy fallon is an alcoholic

  • Estella Edwards
    Estella Edwards 3 months ago

    She’s brilliant

  • effyou128
    effyou128 3 months ago

    she is sooooooooooo UGLY!

  • ACIM222
    ACIM222 3 months ago

    My fav older Jennifer and more interesting she fast and says anything. Too cool she’s great I’ll watch anything she’s in

  • x iLeon
    x iLeon 3 months ago

    What a stupid title, "Cate Blanchett Is AWESOME" (any more groupie and you die!...) Of course you might say: if it's so stupid why am I here commenting? Well, I'll tell ya. This has been cropping up on my suggestions for weeks now. I've been looking at the title, cringing and then moving on to selections I AM interested in. But since it kept cropping up, with that stupid title, despite all my ignoring, I finally had enough, so here I am giving you a piece of my mind! Stop being wit-less groupies! Grow a self for a change!!! (btw - I have no issues with Blanchett, great actress. It's the hideously mind-numbing connotations of sheepish "groupie-ness" that the title evokes that I'm reacting to)

  • Stefka Eric
    Stefka Eric 3 months ago

    Cate and Ellen best duo

  • tom ryan
    tom ryan 3 months ago

    "Why are there so many actors?" "Why are so so many queers?"

  • audrey delos santos
    audrey delos santos 3 months ago

    cate is the real life phoebe buffay

  • Rahul Thosar
    Rahul Thosar 3 months ago

    2:53 cate: "they have been smoked" the small boy gets life time trauma 😂😂🤣

    • C o o k I e D I n o
      C o o k I e D I n o 16 days ago

      puts his hang on his heart

    • Mike O'Keeffe
      Mike O'Keeffe Month ago

      I lost it when the kid was visibly shocked, omg I found that hilarious. RIP B&H

  • Joe Antouri
    Joe Antouri 3 months ago

    5:50 When she said she's delicious I would have said: Is that what the mudcrab said?

  • nicolas A.Q
    nicolas A.Q 3 months ago

    Talent, charm,beauty.

  • ekim andersom
    ekim andersom 3 months ago

    She is proof that you don't need to be goodlooking to become famous. So is that lame Ellen btw. No idea why that horrible cunt is succesfull, its not like she is funny.

  • Jeannette Oliver
    Jeannette Oliver 4 months ago

    That's our Australian Lady. 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    • Leo Chav
      Leo Chav 4 months ago

      Yes! Be proud! 👍🏼

  • oopsitsnolan
    oopsitsnolan 4 months ago

    4:04 me trying to distract the guards at area 51

  • Eduard Hagiu
    Eduard Hagiu 4 months ago

    We should clone this woman. The most perfect in the world!

  • Diksaca Yehovah
    Diksaca Yehovah 4 months ago

    I loved her as Helga the queen of dorks

  • Hugo Bell
    Hugo Bell 4 months ago

    I know

  • shigeru makino
    shigeru makino 4 months ago


  • kosmos007
    kosmos007 4 months ago

    When one tries to outdrink the Aussie 😅😂🤣

  • Albert Uy
    Albert Uy 4 months ago

    5:12 hela mode activated

  • Ling Ling
    Ling Ling 4 months ago

    She could top me

  • Marino Buneta
    Marino Buneta 4 months ago

    funny lady briliant

  • Kisuke Urahara
    Kisuke Urahara 4 months ago

    I think she's beautiful

  • angelina p.
    angelina p. 4 months ago

    Nob actually means penis in english so ...Cate's not lying

  • Ngayaishang Chahongnao

    Cate is a genius

  • Artur Gaynullin
    Artur Gaynullin 4 months ago

    all inclusive package

    PHILLIP HARTLEY 4 months ago

    Check her out on Red Faces ,Cate Blancett

  • David Perez
    David Perez 4 months ago

    She's a gaurdian angel!!!

  • f a r a
    f a r a 4 months ago

    she radiates lesbian energy but sadly she isn't

  • Szymon W.
    Szymon W. 4 months ago

    I should learn to my french exam... and voilà here I am :-P

  • Lyon
    Lyon 4 months ago

    Aries Moon

  • savvy gravvy
    savvy gravvy 4 months ago

    "I'm not a Queen or a monster.... I'm the Goddess of Death."

  • Nhi Tue Nguyen
    Nhi Tue Nguyen 5 months ago

    Cate Blanchett yelling "For God's sake shut up" to a bunch of angry men is the best thing I've ever seen

  • TJ Monserrat
    TJ Monserrat 5 months ago

    I LOVE CATE. ❤️

  • mdiem
    mdiem 5 months ago

    Poor Ellen had such a raging hard-on.

  • jsmall10671
    jsmall10671 5 months ago

    OMG, a drunk Cate Blanchett. I'm done.

  • Cynthia TC
    Cynthia TC 5 months ago

    She ate her gum back maaannn...

  • Lime
    Lime 5 months ago

    I'm straight guy, but i'd stay straight for her.

  • Warrior Woman
    Warrior Woman 5 months ago

    Also her laugh when asked what Sandra once told her, soooooooo cute I cant stand it!!!!!!😌💖

  • Warrior Woman
    Warrior Woman 5 months ago

    Cate:" I'll do it" Ellen: " I know you will" 😌🥵😁

  • Freesia Gail Aninipot
    Freesia Gail Aninipot 5 months ago

    God Im so Inlove with her. Did I mention we share the same bday?

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams 5 months ago

    Incredible, talented, elegant, intelligent, beautiful & TERRIFYING!

  • TacShooter
    TacShooter 5 months ago

    Galadriel <3

  • Mr. Frozenwater
    Mr. Frozenwater 5 months ago

    I want to see her and Jennifer Lawrence in a film together.

  • mckavitt13
    mckavitt13 5 months ago

    Benign in the US? Attacked by people... even your parents... friends of the family... guys in the street.

  • Mike Perry
    Mike Perry 5 months ago

    I love Kate!!!

  • Vickery Kennison
    Vickery Kennison 5 months ago

    My favorite actress...and she is awesome live in person

  • Jenna Marie
    Jenna Marie 5 months ago

    I haven't seen them actually chug the beer yet but I have a feeling Cate is going to absolutely thrash Kimmel at it

  • Jenna Marie
    Jenna Marie 5 months ago

    Ellen just casually trying to undress Cate is my fucking mood

  • Jenna Marie
    Jenna Marie 5 months ago

    *OH MY GOD IT IS SO BIG* _thank you_

  • Jenna Marie
    Jenna Marie 5 months ago

    just gonna say I would literally throw myself in front of a bus for her just saying

  • Alejandra Fidalgo
    Alejandra Fidalgo 5 months ago

    She's really crazy and goes for anything that moves

  • SaintsGames92
    SaintsGames92 5 months ago

    She's one of my favorite actresses

  • • [ chochoco ] •
    • [ chochoco ] • 5 months ago

    1:12 cute!❤️