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    50 6 minutes ago

    If i try to live "authentically", i will be taking what Sartre is saying as a gate to my own freedom, thus having bad faith.

  • Jeffrey Payne
    Jeffrey Payne 14 minutes ago

    Last July 12 2018 at 11:09 P.M. I was taken from my home by five officers . no arrest , no warrant, no complaint, no 911 call from the premises or from anyone else. I live with him and he was there that night. I had gotten home from playing tennis around 9:30. cleaned up. put some fresh clothes on. it was quiet. dog was asleep. my father watching T.V. in living room and was in my room. i basically just rent the room use the bathroom and kitchen. Out of no where There is a fist pounding hard on the door and since I have been being harassed by my local police force over the last few yrs or so I knew exactly who it was. I began recording audio within about 5-10 seconds: got my dog on a leash. 4 out five officers didn't have there badges on. The recording is about 1 hour and 15 minutes long.If anyone wants to listen to it you can on my youtube channel. it is the last video I posted that you want to watch channel name is JeffreyPayne: and if any one could help me out after listening to audio as far as what kind of civil rights and liberties did break .I assume all kinds. when you hear it for yourself maybe somebody could tell me on channel in a comment. Thanks( any contingency attorneys out there)

  • tamika jackson
    tamika jackson 16 minutes ago

    Our Heavenly Father said love thy God with all thy strength and do not worship false gods or idols. CHRIST taught his Disciples how to pray in secret because of the Fallen angels who try to incept prayers and Christ told them in the closet with the doors closed and ask of Our Heavenly Father in secret. No one may claim Our Heavenly Father Holy Temple of Worship as their own not even fallen angels of St Gabriel churches or St branches thereof.

  • Big Ounce
    Big Ounce 16 minutes ago

    No his most important official was cardinal richilu. So much of this stuff was done by richilu thru the king

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  • Atif khan
    Atif khan 38 minutes ago

    Bravo!!!!! My concept of energy is finally clear

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    Big Ounce 38 minutes ago

    My guy didn’t even mention cardinal to holy of France :(

  • Fatmah Sumayyah Langco
    Fatmah Sumayyah Langco 43 minutes ago

    Allah(S.W.T) is the best among the best engineering. Imagine how he create our brain and how its work. The brain is the commander of our body, that make us different into animals.

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    Noah Ellis 43 minutes ago

    I have test in 2 days thanks for helping me study

  • Sittie Alyzah Espinola
    Sittie Alyzah Espinola 43 minutes ago

    Dalton was one of the famous scientist, he was the father of eugenics. He has a big contribution not only on science but also on society, overpopulation was not healthy anymore, he found this solution to minimize the social problem.

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    Kubilay Kaptanoğlu 45 minutes ago

    This episode was one of the best episodes.

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    Daisy Estras 46 minutes ago

    Bruh God made us you fools go to church

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    rolands raimunts 55 minutes ago

    How much of this base on facts? Is it moore base of bibel storys? PS bibel is more fiction book then history book.

  • Rachel Vandusen
    Rachel Vandusen 58 minutes ago

    Is an example of mirror neurons like someone who vomits and another observes them and vomits also?

  • Iftisam Balindong

    Since the brain controls our body, and if our brain is mentally ill or brain is physically ill then our body is ill too. But brain physicall illness is different from mentel illness. Because the mental illness is the result of our bad experience that we cant forget, while the brain physical illness is the ill in our brain like tumor etc. But all of this can be heal but in different ways. -from GEC108/Gg

  • Jeremiah Haremza

    "I know Kung Fu" - Neo "Show me." - Morpheus

  • Wafah Abduljalil

    Psychology is an interesting topic for me because we are studying or talking about the brain, the master of our body. Our mind is the one that differentiate us from other organism. It is really fascinating how our mind works.

  • Brian T Parent
    Brian T Parent Hour ago

    Oh...I figured out who took over The United States from within. It took me 15 years to figure them out.

  • Brian T Parent
    Brian T Parent Hour ago

    Of course, they were also called Pilgrims on The Mayflower.

  • Brian T Parent
    Brian T Parent Hour ago

    Of course, according to Smithsonian, Roger Williams was persecuted by The Roman Catholic church. Of course, I know that his great grand daughter's husband, Reverend Valentine Wightman, was as well since I'm a descendant of Reverend Valentine Wightman's brother, Reverend George Wightman (Baptist Encyclopedia) Puritans......Separatists they were called and for good reason.

  • Brian T Parent
    Brian T Parent Hour ago

    and that all stems from Roger Williams's Separation of Church and State to prevent governing powers from influencing scripture.

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    Castrol Brian Hour ago

    Everything in the video is amazing

  • Rosemarie Tsai
    Rosemarie Tsai Hour ago

    person from chinese culture who learned the WHOLE version of Chinese history : I actually spent 2 years studying Chinese history and you just finished it in 12 minutes (also why does confucius have water on top of his head he is obviously not a "water"

  • Ilham Jamil
    Ilham Jamil Hour ago

    Technology is a great help in today's life which was absent before. People suffering from mental illness are rather kept in asylum but thankfully the study of neurology and psychology evolved.

  • abhishek bodla
    abhishek bodla Hour ago

    i dint understand anything.

  • abdulghaffar latki

    Why do they have to talk fastly? Doesn't that mar the very objective of sound learning?

  • Wolf of Afghanistan
    Wolf of Afghanistan 2 hours ago

    where persian subtitle??😭

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    raqFarha 2 hours ago

    I love that they picked the picture of Dr. MLK that has him giving super strong side eye at John Green

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    Louisa Young 2 hours ago

    Just tell me in done with this project

  • Karan Abraham
    Karan Abraham 2 hours ago

    I think praying does make a difference because even though God already has planned his decision, he did so bearing in mind that u were going to pray and even if u change ur mind and not pray, he already knew u were going to change ur mind 🤷‍♂️ do you guys agree. What do u guys think?

  • Tyson Boyd
    Tyson Boyd 2 hours ago

    Alright, so there is no number 4 to why they weren't seen as very good.

  • mackdrama79
    mackdrama79 2 hours ago

    Slavery started a civil war???? In what country..

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    gonaye1 2 hours ago

    So Jane McGonigal is an academic... does she also happen to be a Professor....? 👀

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    complete channel 3 hours ago

    India is looking moonward INDIANS 👍 👇

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    Theodore The Dude 3 hours ago

    She looks like a skinny Lauren Godwin

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    Abdullah 3 hours ago

    the inequality rate will continue to rise...unless we stop allowing interest

  • Es Wee
    Es Wee 3 hours ago

    a bit of feedback: it is easier if the next 'episode' link is in the description Apart from that, this video explained it really well, good job :)

  • Adam Augustus
    Adam Augustus 3 hours ago

    because people working on AI are virgins.

  • Janal Mamogcarao Ador

    The study of human brain and how it works is something really difficult especially in the late period were advance technology were absent. The mental illness were considered on those time as a punishment of the divine and intervention of bad spirits. But as time goes by, there was an analysis and a study called phycology that tackles the idea on mind and brain. Sigmund Frued, a famous psychologist and known to be the father of psychology was the one who acquired the most influential idea kn how the Brian worked. He analyse the different mental problems by talking to the patients wherein he acquired informations from the patients past childhood, his relation to the parents and even in sexual experience. He gives the idea that a person is actually shaped by his past. His idea was actually about the childhood experience of a person will absolutely shape his adulthood. Trauma and other bad experience from the last will more likely affects the brain of the person. He was the one who propesed that the brain was actually in 3 parts, using an iceberg model, he theorized that that upper part of the brain is the conscious one, the middle was the precocious and the last one is the unconscious. It has long definitions and it was actually my report in the class. His introduction. To the ID, the Ego and the Superego were also an excellent idea. Thank to this knowledge.

  • Hollow Purity
    Hollow Purity 3 hours ago

    My Professor added this playlist to his recommended refferences for our homework. This series is great. Thank you!

  • Mohammad Hadji Mahmod

    The Mind, the main discussion about psychology. As a human, and person who have a brain should know how it works. Knowing basic stuff could actually help you in many ways. Before, studies about the human mind is limited and largly unknown. Thanks for people such as Sigmund Freud and etc. for their wonderful incredible theories about how brain works, we've come up rational reasoning about how a particular human brain behave differently. Just like for example, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of soldiers.. People might mistakenly call insomnia into disease or hysteria/Dyslexia into a contagious infection etc.. Thankfully, science try and always will answer every possible questions about how things work and how it behave in a ways we hardly know.

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    Aaron Malcomb 3 hours ago

    Here from the Daylyt freestyle.. doing homework

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    pinkey tripathi 3 hours ago

    12:59 they actually made a AI John in crash course AI #9

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    G Dp 3 hours ago

    Americans teaching history 😔✌🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Vaibhav Tripathi
    Vaibhav Tripathi 4 hours ago

    crash course is awesome.

  • Vaibhav Tripathi
    Vaibhav Tripathi 4 hours ago

    crash course is awesome.

  • Vaibhav Tripathi
    Vaibhav Tripathi 4 hours ago

    Crash course is awesome.

  • Jenan Mustapha
    Jenan Mustapha 4 hours ago

    Every ideas in this world came from our minds. In order to contribute good ideas that may help the world to be better, we should first understand how our mind works, how do we interact and understand human behavior. When talking about the well-being of a person it always includes his state of sanity. It was so great that there are people who shares their idea about this, and because of it we now know how to interact with people who has this kind of mental disorder.

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    Christie Nel 4 hours ago

    There are four lights!

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    Jon Miller 4 hours ago

    I prefer to be Zheng he except for that Eunuch part.

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    Mariem Ben El Kadi 4 hours ago

    Historia bilingüe, no me he enterado de nada JAJAJJA

  • Nashima Guinar Esmail

    Brain/mind oas a subject matter is kinda minblowing, tricky amd weird but it's fun. Here I loved how it discussed about mental disorder/illness which is a trend and contemporary issue nowadays. Allah is indeed the most powerful for he created the humans balancing spiritual and mental health by certain conditions. Before psychology, there was a therapeutic asylum which serves an institution that opened the door for mentally-illed individuals. Who stunned me the most? No other than the amazing Sigmund Freud who had left a legacy in the field of psychology. Of course this episode tackled the difference between psychology and neurology which are too diffetent atudy but both take the brain/mind as a subject concerning human thinking behavior and interpretating mechanisms. Our brain is as important as our hearts for it plays a vital role in decision-making, knowledge making and rational learning.

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    Sha Wn 5 hours ago

    We need this guy for more videos in philosophy. BRING HIM BACK

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    The whole series was amazing and the best series I've watched. Thanks

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    Wolf of Afghanistan 5 hours ago

    we need persian subtitle plz

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    ikkedansk 5 hours ago

    false/true logic is very outdated and new features like maybe should be implemented

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    Vidar 1312 5 hours ago

    "A octopus with teeth" So a octopus? You do realize they have teeth right?

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    "HA HAR, We are obscenely rich from our evil and awful acts of colonial oppression Mwahahahahahaha *POOF* "WHO ARE YOU!!" *smoke clears* " Oh HIIIIIII . . . . .Im Inflation, this is Economic Depression, over there is Recession and somewhere round here is Market Bubble . . . . .. . Tah Dah . . . . . . "

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    i have a revision exam for my chem final coming up and hell yeah for videos that explain the stuff i barely understood!!!!

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    David de Boer 6 hours ago

    Wonderful show. Very well produced! Small error: The States General did not elect the stadtholder; the individual provinces did. Most chose the same guy, but the province of Friesland, for instance, had a different stadtholder most of the time.

  • Saad Abdulla
    Saad Abdulla 6 hours ago

    OK, so the modern philosophers took out the 'purpose' factor out of the apple, and jumped into the infinite 'what if' abyss, If only they pondered on the purpose of the existence of the apple,--- Why does a phone exist?, Why does a book exist?, why does an umbrella exist?why does an underwear exist? think about the intelligent brains behind it , we designed and developed those things to fulfil certain purposes of ours right? and then you are talking about the inimitable miraculous apple that nourishes us, look at the purpose of a tree, purpose of soil, purpose of water and the purpose of intellect, my intellect tells me some amazing brain is at work here,

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    Fact Rant 6 hours ago

    I'm about to scroll down. Time to see how much stupid can fit in one comment section.

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    Jenna Riseley 6 hours ago

    Misspelled Antoine Lavoisier 0:55

  • Вася Пупкин

    i'd really like to see math and music theory crash courses

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    A white guy giving history lessons on Africa and disrespecting Mansa Musa? Get TF out of here you cornball 🌽🌽😂😂😂

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    I didn't even know, jabril could speak with an open mouth.

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    Mikhail Panzo 7 hours ago

    Title should have been: Edison's stolen invention #2

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    Phoney Duck 7 hours ago

    the function of the brain is considered chaotic. the neurons fire randomly and chaotically for no apparent reason. if everything is caused by something, then what causes a random occurrence.

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    SonOfOdin 7 hours ago

    Buddha mean the Awakened One

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    Tall Random Guy 7 hours ago

    Honestly Statics was a fun class. It's dynamics where the poop hits the fan 😂

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    “Lone wolf and cub” please educate

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    This guy is so unfunny

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    Michael Gainey 7 hours ago

    10:54 It starts out as a handshake but turns into some kind of dominance game.

  • AV Don't Drop the E
    AV Don't Drop the E 8 hours ago

    I'll say this the only reason God well be exempt from all other things is the fact that God is divine God exist out of Time Space and Matter so I feel like he is right about proof that it is a higher power in the universe or universes because you can't make something out of nothing you can only make something out of something and turn something to nothing but never nothing to something even the big bang shows you that its impossible to make nothing into something something or somethings all ways was there just like the big bang shows to think that God is anything like us and falls in the laws of Nature and Science is completely wrong because that well not be an God it'll just be a even smarter creature or being God lives in us and vice versa but only God is the beginning and End that's just my take on it would love your feed back thanks for the lesson

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    Izzy Duffy 8 hours ago

    I’ve never shocked myself more than knowing it was Winthrop who wrote the document 😯

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    Is it okay if I use Hank Green's as my symbol

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    Genius 😀😀

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    Its not the britons issue its God's

  • Collins Shiyanda
    Collins Shiyanda 8 hours ago

    Just read your history from way back not just the 19th century u ll stop making noise especially the presenter do ur home u ll not confuse n 1

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    Now I have to go and check "toilet paper orientation" on Wiki.

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    i hate how irrationally angry a hotdog being called a sandwich made me i feel so weak pero like at the same time i will fight anyone who defends that position right here and now lmao

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      Yesid Antonio They also don’t have bread around them.

    • Yesid Antonio
      Yesid Antonio 21 minute ago

      Hello There corndogs are not sandwiches

    • Hello There
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      Bread around meat. Would you think of that as a sandwich.

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    Hey John Green give me like...........🙋🏻‍♂️

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    1959 what a great year!

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    I’m white

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    Ah, comics and philosophy, two of my favorite subjects

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    (cheery theme song)

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 10 hours ago

    The video is incorrect. The path of the light being shone toward the mirror will be unaffected by the train's motion. So when Bob shines the light across the carriage, the light will actually travel as though the train were stationary, which means that because the train is moving, Bob will leave the light behind as he moves along with the train and the light will miss the mirror. So there will be no triangle created, and therefore no basis for time dilation. Commensurately, the person on the platform will never see the light because you can't see light side on: you can only see it if it hits you in the eye directly. In line with this, if the side of the carriage which has the mirror were missing, then when Bob shone the light to that side he wouldn't even see it himself, because you can't see light as it goes away from you: you can only see it if it is reflected back to you and hits you directly in the eye. So the whole idea tricks people by superimposing their common perception over the top of something that is impossible to test because of the speeds involved. People think of light as a beam they can see side on because they think of a flashlight which hits dust particles in the air, but in such case they are actually seeing light coming in a straight line from various dust particles to their eyes: they are NOT seeing the actual original light, but are seeing deflected light. So the whole thing is like a magician's trick which gets you to assume things that are wrong, and then proceeds from there. It is a con.

  • MyBackHurts
    MyBackHurts 10 hours ago

    When this happened as a kid I didn’t notice much but looking back it impacted a lot

  • granworks
    granworks 10 hours ago

    Ah, this really takes me on a memory trip to the very first time I used Prolog -- a symbolic language. At this point I had already had passing experience with several functional and procedural languages plus a smattering of assembly. They all "flowed". It's like knowing a Western European language and learning another -- they are all in the same conceptual ballpark and so jumping from one to another makes sense. But then there was Prolog, a symbolic language. It is NOTHING like the others. It's like knowing Western European languages and encountering Mandarin Chinese. The rules in place and even the way of thinking is so different that nothing you've learned before can really help understanding this new thing. It was quite the mind trip! I had fun building up my propositions and making my inferences along with trying to understand some of the complex programs available but there isn't much of a job market for it and so I eventually migrated back to the safer realm of "conventional" languages. For a little while, though, it felt like computers were just a little bit magic again.

  • ZED H
    ZED H 11 hours ago

    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you can insult your president or insult anyone else, but protect you from saying the truth.

  • Kiki Rizki Arpiandi
    Kiki Rizki Arpiandi 11 hours ago

    What is the circle symbol at 06:38

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    Did anyone else notice that backwords star on 4:52?

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    Where the AP students at???

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    note : sunni and shia was made way after the religion and it is not a part of the religion , muslims are muslims

  • Deborah Pezold
    Deborah Pezold 11 hours ago

    Very interesting to learn more about the man who ordered the systematic rounding up and slaughter of many of my ancestors in Europe. He tried to protect Native Americans! I did not know that! How bizarre. You just never know about people, any more than they know about this life either. He was more than clueless about most of the things he was expected to tend to in the position that was created for him to be born into, and he knew how ignorant he was. Then you realize: the equality of all human beings is inherent. Everyone is insecure. Everyone is born blind. Everyone leaves this life taking nothing with them and everyone deserves empathy and rarely collects enough of it in this lifetime to do more than scratch through this existence, no matter the illusion of wealth or grandeur that is either portrayed or expected... -- Deep Thoughts From Deb.