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    PCYCHOTIC GAMER 56 seconds ago

    Guys Actually this is scary in many frightening levels, I often see something in my dream which is scary and would jump off from my sleep panting heavily, it feels like sooo real sensation that we are falling ir something is happening

  • Master D1
    Master D1 6 minutes ago

    The thumb nail picture and the last one look either Greenland shark or a megamouth shark

  • Stephanie Feliciano
    Stephanie Feliciano 7 minutes ago

    He seems to age slowly. Or just has good genetics.

  • Antwanesia Harris
    Antwanesia Harris 7 minutes ago


  • Nightin- Side
    Nightin- Side 11 minutes ago

    "The prince tripped and snow white spat the apple from her throat" Me: Hold up-

  • WRB-Berto
    WRB-Berto 11 minutes ago

    At 12:41 why does the guy on the far right look like Adam Scott from the step brothers 🤔

  • werewolf914
    werewolf914 16 minutes ago

    I started playing Amnesia last year and I intentionally played alone at night with headphones, and it has to be the most terrifying thing I've ever played or even seen, I played maybe 20 minutes before it was triggering my Anxiety so bad that I couldn't keep playing. I want to finish it to see what happens so I'll have to try it in the day without headphones because I'm a pussy.

  • Michael Quigley
    Michael Quigley 19 minutes ago

    I truly believe Travis Walton !!!

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 21 minute ago

    I’m seriously starting to believe that the amount of crazy psychos outnumber the amount of normal people

  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg 21 minute ago

    You should do a video on the real people from that movie, “The Fourth Kind.”

  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg 24 minutes ago

    What kind of a name is Cy? 😂

  • Pontius Pilate
    Pontius Pilate 26 minutes ago

    Awesome one of my favorite channels had just added one more.

  • Banshii
    Banshii 27 minutes ago

    I don’t believe it, I believe aliens, but the whole cliche description of the UFO and the aliens gives it away. I highly doubt aliens look like Rodger from American dad. There is endless possibilities, but no, they represent the childhood cliche expiration we have of them.

  • Smith Js
    Smith Js 33 minutes ago

    I want to i do believe him

  • samantha deer
    samantha deer 51 minute ago

    Ive had anxieties all my life and labells my environment family history and dna all play apart .. violent background my mom sexretly abused me suppressed me kept me locked away she had ocd shes scitzophrenic she was out of controk but i waz a kid n e way i was bullied 2 went to toseveral schools and got locked away as a result my fam distance me but they dont no me or mqybe they do i feel qlone suicidal i hate my mother cos shes very manipulqting etc .. im on drugs i bn in abusive relqtionships nightmatlre dont end im an empath but dont do me favours evry day i feel peep in crowd no * me cos way im treat men say im pretty but inside im a lil girl i lost my babies cos i was mentally ill but its bullshit im a target victim 😢😢iw wish i cud take my own life i swaer . This video is bit of pisstqker if u ask me to reality

  • The Joker
    The Joker 53 minutes ago

    You think bullying someone for not being able to ride a bike is okay

  • Kenneth Lemire
    Kenneth Lemire 58 minutes ago

    I’m sorry but that voice is hideous you need to change it

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown Hour ago


  • Aku From the future

    Some may be true, but anytime a haunted doll and rocking chair are involved, it'll be rigged to rock.

  • Stuart baines
    Stuart baines Hour ago

    Bud sadly if you came to my house all skeptics have now come believers due to the practices I can do and the vessels I have I use CCTV what is harder to fake and you can see on a day and night mists black masses things being moved screams..crying and alot more you can not disprove the paranormal as the government have shut down genuine investigators as they found the truth

  • Potrimpo
    Potrimpo Hour ago

    This is something that's always bugged me about the case. The men were being accused of murder, so the scenario that one sheriff believed that they killed Travis, buried his body, and concocted a UFO abduction to explain his disappearance? What is this, Scooby Doo? Now during the polygraph, obviously they would be telling the truth that they didn't kill Travis -- because they didn't. YET apparently they were all telling the truth that they saw an object and they saw Travis get zapped. One I can understand that he found a way to beat the polygraph. But 6? Statistically speaking one should have cracked. Speaking of cracking, when they were being accused of murder, where they more devoted to the alleged hoax that they were willing to go to jail for it? I'm sure at least one would have cracked and said it was a hoax. It's only subjective, but to me it says that the events discounts the possibility of a hoax.

  • Golden Frog
    Golden Frog Hour ago

    Form a trained well equipped heavily armed unit to be posted in the parks This unit's mission is to go on patrol in the deepest most remote areas of these cluster parks and find whatever is responsible for causing these heartbreaking disappearances. I'm serious about this The Park Service is useless, "service" with the NPS is a bad joke. 411 is demonstrating that something something very very bad is going on in these many national parks.This special task force patrol needs to go out into the woods find whatever it is that's been doing this taking people..and kill it! I can tell everybody out there I will NEVER go camping ,hiking, or even so much as visit any one of our parks. The NPS along with the F.B.I. knows what is going on WHY would the F.B.I show up to some of these searches Why send in a team of Green Berets on some of these previous searches Why end a search effort suddenly with no clear explanation SOMETHING is going on We know it the Park service knows it the Government knows it Cut the crap end this B.S. charade on the part of the NPS stonewalling administration. People are disappearing....WHY???

  • Stuart baines
    Stuart baines Hour ago

    And any flash light method is bad as it's fake as you twist the top where the battery sits it conducts heat it then turns the flash light on and off as it cools then reheats

  • dinosoid2000
    dinosoid2000 Hour ago

    True or not Fire in the Sky is a great film. From the sound of things his actual experience was not as horrific as how they were portrayed in the film.

  • Stuart baines
    Stuart baines Hour ago

    I am a demonologist and so many fakes its shocking with all the haunts I've been only 15 out of a 100 where true haunts all these places where where most haunted went I get paid nothing but trying my hardest like others to proof ghosts are real

  • Pedro's Vlog
    Pedro's Vlog Hour ago

    He looks like a liar ,I bet he did this for money.

  • Matthew Whatshisname

    19:25 This is common of face to face encounters. But they are not a reliable indicator of a person's trustworthiness. As an extreme example, world leaders who met Hitler spoke kindly of him as opposed to leaders like FDR and Churchill who did not. Bush claimed that when he looked in Putin's eyes he had a beautiful soul. People should be judged by their ideas not how charming they were to meet. Pleasant personal encounters with Walton do not override occams razor.

  • Matthew O'Brien
    Matthew O'Brien Hour ago

    I saw them movie about this abduction and felt there was some truth to the story, Fire in the sky was the movie.

  • Henry Earnest
    Henry Earnest Hour ago

    I'm surprised Ted Bundy didn't make it to the Top 5. 🤷

  • Mike Lawton
    Mike Lawton Hour ago

    Whilst I'd like to believe the events described by Travis Walton actually happened, the critical thinker me asks: what is the more likely scenario? Did an alien spacecraft visit a remote forest, accidentally kill a man, bring him back to life and then dump him back on Earth 5 days later, or did a group of guys come up with a plan to get out of contract they were behind on with a story that would compensate then enough to offset the contractual loss? Polygraph tests are seen as unreliable, not admissible in a court of law, and it's possible to train yourself to throw a result. The lack of physical evidence in the area where it allegedly took place or on Travis himself also does the story no favours. As I said, I'd live such a fantastic to be true, but sadly in the cold hard light of day, I'll have to conclude that human greed probably outweighs Lazarus effect aliens this time.

  • Chris Ruona
    Chris Ruona Hour ago

    I can’t believe someone got a video of a ufo without shaking the shit out of the camera.

  • dryboneskirby
    dryboneskirby Hour ago

    Funny how all these creatures look humanoid. You’d think these aliens that evolved on an alien planet would look, I dunno, alien? Given the different variables that exist that can impact the form of a species is mind boggling in number, including environment and lifestyle, the odds of convergent evolution between species across space is highly, highly unlikely and that’s not even mentioning the odds that such a species would interact with us. Even here on earth there aren’t many creatures with similar body plans to us. Most comparable are apes. I’d sooner believe that aliens are babbling amorphous blobs than humanoids like all these supposed abductees claim.

  • Ronnie Baxter
    Ronnie Baxter Hour ago

    A picture of Hillary Clinton in the White House would be terrifying.

  • danielle hannah black

    My house has been randomly blurred out on google street view too..

  • Levity
    Levity Hour ago

    How can we see Galaxies light years away but can't see the Oort cloud? Is it that the Oort cloud is too dark? (genuine question)

  • hi meme
    hi meme Hour ago

    Oh boy I searched up the origional pinocia story *OH BOY*

  • beware gravity
    beware gravity Hour ago

    Aliens Mass Aliens, More Space! More Space!!!! More Aliens, More Space.

  • John Andersen
    John Andersen Hour ago

    Great upload! 6:46 I used to operate old cranes and a northwest shovel exactly like that one :) Brings back good memories and some scary ones. Used to get an odd feeling of being watched from the woods when I ran them at the quarry alone. Loved the job, loved the people I worked with and always a fun time running those big machines, but sometimes all of a sudden a feeling of dread and sadness would overcome me for no apparent reason. I blamed it on the fact that there were rituals performed on the property just next to the quarry, a part of the Gray Craig/Van Buren Estate/Bird Sanctuary. Came across some odd items there when I was young and exploring, weird statues with rams horns, busts of gargoyles, small animal bones and blood, not to mention a large old cast iron tub with lions feet completely surrounded by fully grown trees. Maybe thats why Nicholas Cage wanted to sell his house there.

  • Levity
    Levity 2 hours ago

    It amazes me that everything we know about the universe could all be completely wrong

  • Connor Livingston
    Connor Livingston 2 hours ago

    12:45 Ben Wyatt 1973, post Ice Town incident.

    GOLDEN BUDDHA 2 hours ago

    Too bad the lion didn't get the 2 people ...such a shame.😈

  • Josef Szentjobi
    Josef Szentjobi 2 hours ago

    If I may make a confession, I've been a UFO fanatic since I was a kid, but I NEVER SAW ONE IN REAL LIFE! So being interested in UFOs doesn't make you a UFO HOAXER, IMHO.

  • Frederick314
    Frederick314 2 hours ago

    "Smashed perfume bottle on rock that then rolled and killed him" Sounds like a Looney toons plot device.

  • AbsurdBirdDog
    AbsurdBirdDog 2 hours ago

    I stopped watching this channel regularly a couple years ago and just started watching again. Dude, your quality has drastically improved. Bravo. Glad I stayed subscribed.

  • I blame Tom green for my weirdness

    They faked it to make it, the amount of money they would of made from this would of far outweighed any crap they would of got for this story, it is all crap they are spouting.

  • Jussi Ketonen
    Jussi Ketonen 2 hours ago

    melkosta paskaa! :)

  • ChocoMintTea
    ChocoMintTea 2 hours ago

    666 DISLIKES!!!!!

  • The Peanut Vendor
    The Peanut Vendor 3 hours ago

    Biggest hoax in alien abduction history.

    • Savage Thanos
      Savage Thanos Hour ago

      The Peanut Vendor yeah this does sound fake to me too

  • Legend XY
    Legend XY 3 hours ago

    I may be the only that knows about all the true stories when I was like....five?

  • Kirsty Austin
    Kirsty Austin 3 hours ago

    0:25 Snow White 2:00 Pocahontas 4:16 Tangled 6:39 Pinocchio 8:53 Winnie the Pooh

  • Si Hulbert
    Si Hulbert 3 hours ago

    I saw a qr code

  • family family 3 hours ago

    2 pound dog: **running towards scary shadow figure** Person behind the camera: *OH NO JERRY CAN DIE.* like biiitch-

  • Legend XY
    Legend XY 3 hours ago

    Whales: just Swimming around here nothing suspects Scientists: NEW STUFF!!! SEA MONSTER!!! ICEBERGS!!!!!!

  • Here's Chica
    Here's Chica 3 hours ago

    Here's my two cents on the whole thing. The Story - The story that each of them gave does seem really fishy in a way because there were some things in their stories kinda don't match on some occasions. Lie Detector Test - The Lie Detector Test (AKA Polygraph Test) is not 100% accurate with the results if i remember right. I think it's anywhere from 64% to 95% accurate and is not normally used in a court case. The Men In Black - I have sometimes wondered why the Men In Black never made themselves known to Travis & the other guys when they had gone to the police about what had happened? It does seem weird.

  • Legend XY
    Legend XY 3 hours ago

    No wonder why the sun explodes

  • R0ckaboy
    R0ckaboy 3 hours ago

    Not bad, but not Amnesia level good..

  • Galaxy_ Jasumin
    Galaxy_ Jasumin 3 hours ago

    I have read a story book about the Snow White and Rapunzel story. Weird am I right 😂

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant 3 hours ago

    i bet gay dudes want to be abducted and anally probed. they’re probably hoping the aliens are from Uranus.

  • Gulsah Sahin
    Gulsah Sahin 3 hours ago

    The lion one is fake and the couple explained it already it was an experiment and you are the dumbest person in the world to believe this shit is real.

    • Gulsah Sahin
      Gulsah Sahin 3 hours ago





  • Toad
    Toad 3 hours ago

    Have you ever heard a Minecraft cave sound?

  • Lee EightiesBaby
    Lee EightiesBaby 3 hours ago

    *Jeffrey Dahmer does not look 'normal', he looks weird, creepy and uncomfortable in that family setting--you people need to stop romanticizing him*

  • matanuska high
    matanuska high 3 hours ago

    I live a couple miles from matanuska lake where Israel keys dumped that girls body. I also know another guy who downed in that lake. I refuse to fish in that lake it’s got bad mojo..

    • matanuska high
      matanuska high 3 hours ago

      Also his truck stuck out like a sore thumb with the green side boxes and I’ve seen it many time before that Samantha Koenig murder.

  • Remus Morandante
    Remus Morandante 4 hours ago

    That shark is totally a Megalodon shark. 🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈

  • Saara Penttinen
    Saara Penttinen 4 hours ago

    1 ice melting on a nearby lake 2 a bear?

  • Saveurital
    Saveurital 4 hours ago

    I wish Michael Shermer were abducted by aliens.

  • Rantony Charles
    Rantony Charles 4 hours ago


  • cody white
    cody white 4 hours ago

    It's astronomically impossible for there not to be life beyond this planet

  • 0hp
    0hp 4 hours ago

    Why is this channel slowly dying?

  • Neels Smit
    Neels Smit 4 hours ago

    Polygraph tests are very unreliable, been proven many times to not work. A UFO fan concocts a UFO story and makes more money they will ever do cutting down trees, and to boot becomes (in)famous. The $10k offer means nothing. Lier lier space aliens pants on fire!

  • D Loui
    D Loui 4 hours ago

    the shark's length was way more than 50 feet ...

  • Pips LS
    Pips LS 4 hours ago

    It feels like the clown thing was only yesterday, I remember being too scared to go out in the dark🤣🤣

  • Couch Gaming Tv
    Couch Gaming Tv 4 hours ago

    It's not the murderous children that are terrifying, it's the root of the problem that is terrifying!

  • Genxtasy 99
    Genxtasy 99 4 hours ago

    He was cosplaying Mysterio

  • Sean Barron
    Sean Barron 4 hours ago

    No Silent Hill? Really?

  • jeremy gilbert
    jeremy gilbert 4 hours ago

    That screaming twat in the last one was bloody annoying.

  • Erin Ginther
    Erin Ginther 4 hours ago

    If only I could time travel would go back and stop myself from watching this..

  • Nexus0Z
    Nexus0Z 5 hours ago

    stop creating multiple channels. people subscribed to your channel for these kind of content to watch them here not scattered in other channels

  • Get Wrecked Kid
    Get Wrecked Kid 5 hours ago

    SPEAK UP! I can barely hear you in your videos man

  • ROVER25X
    ROVER25X 5 hours ago

    If you keep telling the same lie over and over again it will become your reality.

  • HD Tigerrr
    HD Tigerrr 5 hours ago

    HBO one is the least scariest of all

  • Brian Fordhamm
    Brian Fordhamm 5 hours ago

    How cruel humans might be... and it's indeed creepier when you hear their voices.

  • 라버
    라버 5 hours ago

    If we don't start acting in the next 5-10 years, its gonna be hard for us

  • HD Tigerrr
    HD Tigerrr 5 hours ago

    6:27 why are all aliens British

  • Alexander LaVey
    Alexander LaVey 5 hours ago

    #4 was a puppet

  • Ben Worrell
    Ben Worrell 5 hours ago

    My only problem is it's always an American that gets abducted and very few stories outside America

  • Gacha JuliannaTheUnicornnn U `w ` U

    excuse me, THEY ARE NOT FREAKS

  • Angel A
    Angel A 5 hours ago

    Rethinking going to the beach this summer, but I will......just for a quick dip for my feet 😚 AND don't share this with your kids!! LOL

  • Who da Fook
    Who da Fook 6 hours ago

    Now we have MMA

  • Bright Outlook
    Bright Outlook 6 hours ago

    Guess what it's true. I lived right near there and I saw and witnessed strange lights too. I don't care what people think. You would have had to live there and see those things for yourself. I didn't believe in things like this until I, as well as others I know, witnessed these things too. On a side note, the local Navajo tribe, who live not far from this area, hired a couple of Native Americans to be official police officers who only investigated paranormal happenings/claims from anyone. They investigated all sorts of alleged paranormal claims because it was such a common occurrence.

    • antone cruz
      antone cruz Hour ago

      I believe u & travis. How can humans & the animals here on earth be the only living creatures? The universe is so vast. Where does it end/ begin?? Does it ever end/ begin??? Just cuz we dont see/ feel/ smell/ hear things, does that mean it doesnt exist? Thats just my personal opinion

  • MonsterSIP
    MonsterSIP 6 hours ago

    I hate to let you guys down but if you're wondering why that flashlight rolled it's because weight they're walking around on an old house that probably has uneven floorboards this stuff would also happen me when I would have oranges on the counter and step on a certain part of my floor the orange with roll backwards on the counter but towards the wall and there's likely poor contact with a battery and that Conor McGregor thing that's a fucking planter Jesus come on people. And for the rest of the videos I mean you can explain those yourself those other ones look like absolute bulshit anyway this comment I used text to speech so if it doesn't make sense I'm sorry

  • Pnanglebeans
    Pnanglebeans 6 hours ago

    ...f*** Phillip Klass...

  • Nick
    Nick 6 hours ago

    The way Dahmer flips through that magazine. Screams psycho

  • Peace Walker
    Peace Walker 6 hours ago

    I'm going to take a guess and say: RE7 Outlast Silent Hill 2 Dead Space And Fatal Frame 2 is on the list. Edit: Well I got Fatal Frame 2 and Outlast right. I don't fully agree with this list. I love P.T. but if you don't already have it on your PS4, you can't download it so it's not available. Layers of fear is good but there are other games that deserve a spot on this list more than it.

  • Natalie 82
    Natalie 82 6 hours ago

    Polygraph tests are not admissible in court for a reason. I have terrible anxiety and I couldn't pass as telling the truth if they asked me if I personally was an alien time traveler living with Elvis's ghost. The fact that only ONE came up as inconclusive is extraordinary. It was a witch Hunt for sure. Any one of those guys could have said "we made it up" and gotten way more money than selling the rights. Not one of them ever has. What benefited them? Being ridiculed and ostricised by the community? Being told they were all money hungry nutjobs? I believe their story. I really wish they'd remake this movie more accurately to Travis's description.

  • Yvette-marie
    Yvette-marie 6 hours ago

    Aliens are a major thing for me I study a lot I read, watch what I can and talk to ppl! I have done a lot with the story! It’s definitely one of my faves you left out stuff that makes a huge difference!

  • Derpy Mink671
    Derpy Mink671 6 hours ago

    Nobody 99 percent of the comments: *ICebErG*

  • Children of The Charnobyl

    It's a first time I gave you thumb down dude.. Please don't put any more bullshit like that, please.. I always wondered why UFO's bullshit happened only in America, after living there for 12 years, I figured out that only Americans are dumb fucking idiots enough to believe in that cartoons stories!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Faben32
    Faben32 6 hours ago

    Gill-ess-pee. Not gill-ess-pie