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  • Philip Capehart
    Philip Capehart 5 minutes ago

    Fails was when Burger king switch from pepsi over to coke. I hate coke love Drinking pepsi. pepsi is Better then coke. Burger king need to go Back to having pepsi or I will Take in my own Drink witch would be A pepsi. have coke over pepsi is A Fails . For me it's butter to have pepsi over coke. coke suck I hate coke I love Drinking pepsi.

  • rambobunny1
    rambobunny1 13 minutes ago

    a lot of chavs hang around in Burger King and McDonald's

  • cute paws
    cute paws 14 minutes ago

    They are merciless on chicken they must kill the chicken first.

  • Joy B
    Joy B 21 minute ago

    So the secret menu consists of ordering the sandwich that you want, the way you want it with the toppings you want... because that’s what you do when you get a subway sandwich. Except for the old cut, what’s the actual secret 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Dldld Rffflf
    Dldld Rffflf 29 minutes ago

    They look they.’re from a fancy restaurant in france : we french ppl don’t eat muffin

  • Ross Nelson
    Ross Nelson 36 minutes ago

    I was around for the New Coke / Coke 2 thing. I want New Coke back.

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum Hour ago

    I’m gunna take a guess that she likes hash browns

  • Jordan Jordan
    Jordan Jordan Hour ago

    4:26 Are those contacts? Or is this dude a reptilian XD

  • Brighton Bogan
    Brighton Bogan 2 hours ago

    How can there be Coca-Cola in 200 countries when there is only 195????

  • Ceeboy ForLife
    Ceeboy ForLife 2 hours ago

    Bodybuilders in the 70s looked a lot better, more natural look is wayyyy better in my opinion

  • C Dubs
    C Dubs 2 hours ago

    *ThE FrEnCh FrIeS ArE PrEtTy GoOd*

  • salt
    salt 2 hours ago

    We still have those maoam's in Finland, I have seen some and tasted some edit: and I didn't even notice, but now that it even changed

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 3 hours ago

    Did anybody else notice Kris Jenner at 3:26??? Nevermind... I paused it, and posted that comment before the narrator said something.

  • Alfie Fellows
    Alfie Fellows 3 hours ago

    Me:starts singing Everybody: 7:21

  • Joy B
    Joy B 3 hours ago

    I’ve been putting hash browns in my breakfast sandwiches way before it was a thing lol

  • Free Rider 208
    Free Rider 208 4 hours ago

    that purple guys is creepy

  • Izy Cananua
    Izy Cananua 5 hours ago

    My BP is 165/116 today Its a good day to visit

  • Izy Cananua
    Izy Cananua 5 hours ago

    No insulting the nurse industry

  • Cats like salt and vinegar crisps

    So, is it Muk-bang or Muk-bong?

  • Blair Drummond
    Blair Drummond 5 hours ago

    Remi is a boy.

  • Dani Collantes
    Dani Collantes 5 hours ago

    I didn’t know Lucky lights candy cigarettes were discontinued. I say this because last year I got a box at a candy store. Then again it was probably one of those stores that sold nostalgic candy

  • Joy B
    Joy B 5 hours ago

    10:15 how did a feather come into contact with chicken?? Is that a real question ??

  • bbyuyook trash
    bbyuyook trash 6 hours ago

    Burger and Mcspaghetti is always my choice when I don't want rice. PH IS THE BEST

  • Joy B
    Joy B 6 hours ago

    “Taco Bell staff makes their own crazy items” Have you ever worked in a restaurant lol

  • ALFredo Cuomo
    ALFredo Cuomo 6 hours ago

    I’ve toured the facility. It’s amazing!! If you love this stuff, you’re gonna feel like a kid in a Candy Store it’s that awesome!

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 6 hours ago

    This video makes me feel sick to my stomach... 🤢🤢🤢

  • Sidney Mathious
    Sidney Mathious 6 hours ago

    I found out some time ago that Wal-Mart is much more expensive than other food stores so I don't usually go there looking for quality groceries at a reasonable price. The bottom line is don't go to Wal-Mart looking for a discount price on their food. Their food isn't the only thing they cheat you on and if the shoppers notice Wal-Mart have stopped selling more of other clothing brands in their stores and instead selling their brands produced in foreign countries which don't pay their workers a decent wage.

  • Daryl Gonzales
    Daryl Gonzales 6 hours ago

    C2 is still pretty strong here in the Philippines, I always buy it if I want a refreshing drink. I am actually shocked that it flopped in the US.

  • Sid Mirghani
    Sid Mirghani 6 hours ago

    Imagine if MLB had a steroid free division! Wait, they used to, it was called the AL Central . LOL

  • the ultimate cracker

    I like smarties

  • Jonathan Bordi
    Jonathan Bordi 6 hours ago

    Oh my god I loveeeeed me some trix yogurt. I can’t find it anywhere it was so fucking good

  • Mabelline Loaf
    Mabelline Loaf 7 hours ago

    In Canada we call smarties, rockets and the smarties we have are sweeter m&ms

  • patrick Wall
    patrick Wall 7 hours ago

    The bitch that owns Zume is a lying whore. She's doing it out of greed. She like Dominos cares nothing about quality. it's not just the pizza business either. There's not one person in this country at the executive level or higher of any company that wouldn't kill their whole family for a penny. Who do they think is going to buy their products/services if no one has a job.

  • Secrets Of the past
    Secrets Of the past 7 hours ago

    I work at McDonald’s and once one of my co workers forgot to set a timer, and they came out so burnt they were hard thruout. All my co workers tried them (since we couldn’t sell them obviously) and said they actually weren’t that bad 😂

  • jake Bowden
    jake Bowden 7 hours ago

    Dude, if she flip my tables food I would have been so fuckin piss and sad at the same time

  • Paul M Krukovsky
    Paul M Krukovsky 8 hours ago

    I craving onion nuggets now

  • TiK tAK
    TiK tAK 8 hours ago

    *Matt Stonie walks in* Heart Attack grill: "Aw shit, here we go again."

  • jayJava GGdev
    jayJava GGdev 8 hours ago

    I know this is a little bit more aduolt but I hope a fast food place (any place) makes stranger things toys that be awsome

  • JJ Nestler
    JJ Nestler 8 hours ago

    I guess some people like the taste of testicles

  • JJ Nestler
    JJ Nestler 8 hours ago

    When I saw scrapple I almost puked

  • Leo Koppel
    Leo Koppel 8 hours ago

    Bubble gut is cause of steroids

  • lindo Ordoña
    lindo Ordoña 8 hours ago

    Wth The ph has kinder and pushpop itas not illegal the kinder is different than us kinder

  • Gray M
    Gray M 8 hours ago

    I remember the Scooby-Doo bucket for Halloween I was so disappointed when there wasn’t a toy

  • Subscribe to me for no reason

    I loved candy cigarettes they where so good If I see the spidermen ones I usually buy them no matter what for nostalgia. 😂

  • Størmy :3
    Størmy :3 9 hours ago

    I saw the road kill in dollar tree I’m in USA

  • David
    David 9 hours ago

    The narration of this video was obnoxious...

  • jimmyjames McMac
    jimmyjames McMac 9 hours ago

    It makes good policy to not do back ground checks. I know people who have been accused of fof sexual harassment and lost their jobs but when you look closer and find the truth they were the victims of some dishonest people who saw a chance to cash in big on false and misleading accusations.

  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 9 hours ago

    Am I the only one to notice that three out of the ten were desserts??? Sounds like he has a sweet tooth. 🍥🍰🎂🍮🍫🍭😋😋😋

  • Minspincher Gaming
    Minspincher Gaming 9 hours ago

    13:34 I want mint and bubble gum cola

  • Minspincher Gaming
    Minspincher Gaming 9 hours ago

    11:33 no

  • Minspincher Gaming
    Minspincher Gaming 9 hours ago

    11:13 anything good with bacon

  • andrewjohnallen1986
    andrewjohnallen1986 9 hours ago


  • Edson Gutierrez
    Edson Gutierrez 9 hours ago

    That PTSD lol

  • Ollie N
    Ollie N 9 hours ago

    Fuck you fba kinder eggs are fine! And btw kinder eggs still exist

  • quilaila
    quilaila 9 hours ago

    i live in rhode island and i seen most of these candies

  • Minspincher Gaming
    Minspincher Gaming 9 hours ago

    Wait what you mean I still see it.

  • Greyhawk Grognard
    Greyhawk Grognard 9 hours ago

    You do realize the McLobster is just their version of a lobster roll, right? And it's still available in New England? It's not some weird thing they just came up with out of thin air.

  • Minspincher Gaming
    Minspincher Gaming 10 hours ago

    112 yes

  • Minspincher Gaming
    Minspincher Gaming 10 hours ago

    0:47 I came back

  • Kelli Armstrong
    Kelli Armstrong 10 hours ago


  • Mike the Philosopher
    Mike the Philosopher 10 hours ago

    Bring back the Third Ponder and the Big and Tasty for a dollar 🤗

  • HiredMayhem
    HiredMayhem 10 hours ago


  • Ice Bear is ready to Tokyo Drift

    12:47 When you find a Fortnite player and hates every other game.

    LiNCOLN SPiRACY 10 hours ago

    Sometimes I get an itch inside my brain and the macdonalds hash browns make it go away. Otherwise I have to bang my head on the wall until it goes away

  • Roxi Snow
    Roxi Snow 10 hours ago

    A well-done steak is good, if you know how to cook it right (though I prefer medium-well).

  • Imperial Hulinabis
    Imperial Hulinabis 10 hours ago

    "Con" means "with" in Latin, so for English language we should call it Churros with chocolate not Churros con chocolate. Unless you are Latin 😁

  • SJ S
    SJ S 10 hours ago

    Nope, can’t get the enchirado anymore. At least that was what I was told several months ago in my Indiana city. She told me they had removed the item key from the register. Soooo not happy. Always my favorite Taco Bell item. I started buying it when my son was very small. Back then, the enchirado was topped with 3 slices of ripe olives in a row down the center, and thickly sliced green onions. He is now 45 years old. Bring it back! Bring it back!

  • Kirishima Eijiro
    Kirishima Eijiro 10 hours ago



    I've been to the Philippines and trust me red lizard is the best burger i ever had in the Philippines Cebu! Ayla mall! You won't regret it z

  • bigandmad thanos
    bigandmad thanos 11 hours ago

    In Canada we have pop tart

  • Cubby
    Cubby 11 hours ago

    5:17 they put in the most random movie clips OMG WHAT DOES THAT EVEN HAVE TO DO WITH THE VIDEO😑

  • Music Takes Over
    Music Takes Over 11 hours ago


  • Unboxing Stars
    Unboxing Stars 12 hours ago

    I live where the smarties are banned in Michigan

  • patrick averil
    patrick averil 12 hours ago

    Me I will just take the bacon pls 🥓 😁

  • Piper Lichtl
    Piper Lichtl 12 hours ago

    I love hash browns

  • patrick averil
    patrick averil 13 hours ago

    The first is ulgy

  • lisa a
    lisa a 13 hours ago

    Imma go eat my healthy Lebanese food ÙwÚ💖💗

  • Kevin Lombardo, Jr
    Kevin Lombardo, Jr 13 hours ago

    Stop reusing the same clips and thumbnails

  • Alynn Alceus
    Alynn Alceus 13 hours ago


  • Alynn Alceus
    Alynn Alceus 13 hours ago

    Beef flavor!? I wanted to try it but after hearing beef flavor I can't!! I'm vegan!! Come on MCDONALDs!!! New subscriber by the way!

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill 13 hours ago

    Up here in Canada we got jalepeno and habanero pepper flavored mcchickens

  • Guy543 23
    Guy543 23 13 hours ago

    1:13 that’s stranger things

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill 13 hours ago

    I really miss the pizza they need to bring it back and the arch deluxe

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill 13 hours ago

    They did in Canada

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill 13 hours ago

    I live in Canada and I have tried both American and Canadian hashbrowns and I am not being bias but the Canadian ones are much better there thick and not oily at all but in the states I have had some great in the states but usually not as up to par with the Canadian ones this channel should compare them and find


    funny that yesterday i just buy one hash brown😂 my saviour for quick fill😂 Unfortunately my mcd didn't sell all day breakfast

  • A AAA
    A AAA 13 hours ago

    Stop talking and stop with the dead memes you arnt funny

  • parKb5
    parKb5 13 hours ago

    In Japan they had a limited Burgers of America campaign and one of the hamburgers was the Idaho Burger . It was a hamburger with bacon and a hash brown with onions and a melted cheddar cheese sauce.

  • Basic Coding With Adam

    It’s so crazy that in 2019 people can watch RU-clip and make a RU-clip video about other RU-clip videos researching RU-clip videos in hopes to gain sole-less corporate sponsors to millennials who believe they’re too unique to work a regular job. 1920 was so long ago. Fuck off.

  • 摩天楼オペラ
    摩天楼オペラ 13 hours ago

    False again babletop. Kfc hasnt used 11 herbs and spices in years. Its just salt peper and msg now.

  • JuiceThePolarbear
    JuiceThePolarbear 14 hours ago

    *I need more of Tommy in my life*

  • SepticSpring
    SepticSpring 14 hours ago

    Alexander is good

  • Obsidian n
    Obsidian n 14 hours ago

    When you watch these videos and your like eww tomorrow you eat it.

  • Jordan Jenkins
    Jordan Jenkins 14 hours ago

    Nah y'all just hating on mcdonalds

  • adrienne Reaves
    adrienne Reaves 14 hours ago

    I live in the USA and theres kinder eggs in Walmart's by me.

  • Phantom Phool
    Phantom Phool 14 hours ago

    I love smarties tho