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OMG GTR - 200mph!!
Views 303Year ago
Autobahn South 1
Views 44Year ago
SBD GTR First Fire Up
Views 460Year ago
Bell housing
Views 61Year ago
RZR Jump
Views 892 years ago
RZR XP Turbo - 13 9@87
Views 2092 years ago
OMG GTR - 8.8 @ 164
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OMG GTR - 8.862 @ 160mph
Views 3152 years ago
RZR XP Turbo Fun
Views 1.4K2 years ago
Throwing those flames
Views 2982 years ago
Elite Plus Pump Gas Pull
Views 3482 years ago
TSM Elite Plus Dyno - E85
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OMG GTR - 1208awhp/896awtq
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OMG GTR Street Hits
Views 8133 years ago
SBD1400R Street Tuning 2
Views 4773 years ago
Lemasters first fire
Views 1103 years ago
OMG GTR - 9.6 @ 151
Views 2423 years ago
SBD1400R first test hits
Views 1.2K3 years ago
GTR Bell Housing Rattle
Views 3.9K3 years ago
9.4 @ 153 Bogging
Views 943 years ago
9.4 @ 153 Spinning
Views 863 years ago
OMG GTR - 9.4@153
Views 1053 years ago
SBD 4" Race Spec Exhaust
Views 1.2K3 years ago
Views 3763 years ago
OMG GTR 60-160 pull
Views 2K3 years ago
OMG GTR vs TT Lambo TX2K16
Views 8463 years ago
SBD Qualifying Round 1
Views 843 years ago
SBD Qualifying Round 2
Views 1143 years ago
SBD Eliminations Round 1
Views 1373 years ago
Houston streets
Views 1103 years ago
OMG GTR - 1072/855 Dyno
Views 5653 years ago
OMG GTR V2 - First Fire Up
Views 8683 years ago
OMG GTR Trolling
Views 1.9K4 years ago
OMG GTR vs Alpha 10
Views 5714 years ago
GTR Bell Housing Rattle
Views 4.6K4 years ago
GTR Full Exhaust
Views 2014 years ago
TX2K15 - Mullets GT
Views 2504 years ago
TX2K15 Supra Finals
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TX2K15 - Supra Finals
Views 844 years ago
Alpha 10 E85
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4th Gear Pull
Views 954 years ago
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GTR First test drive
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VHT Wrinkle Coat
Views 1.7K4 years ago
VR Assembly - Crank
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e85 cold start
Views 874 years ago
Vicary Day 2014 Run 4
Views 324 years ago
Vicary Day 2014 Run 2
Views 2204 years ago
Vicary Day 2014 Run 1
Views 254 years ago
Vicary Day 2014 Run 5
Views 244 years ago
Vicary Day 2014 Run 3
Views 564 years ago
Views 8525 years ago
IFO Chicago Run 4
Views 255 years ago


  • Auto Obsession
    Auto Obsession 6 days ago


  • tigerbiterhater
    tigerbiterhater 6 months ago

    Plan on picking up a 2010. Will bell housing be consider transmission issues? Plan on getting a warranty that covers all engines, turbos , transmission and rear differential.

  • Jonathan Crippen
    Jonathan Crippen 9 months ago

    Mod list? I just found this on a corvette forum

    • vglnte1
      vglnte1 6 months ago

      416 NA motor. Stock ls3 top end. 4.10 gear.

  • Andrew Prosser
    Andrew Prosser 11 months ago

    This straight pipe or with muffler??

  • Trucker Dave 215
    Trucker Dave 215 11 months ago

    Stock sound like shit

  • StreetScene Videos


  • Elliot Beggs
    Elliot Beggs Year ago

    This is a rad video man. I'd love to see more content like this.

    BEM GANG Year ago

    this looks like my 65 in a 25

  • SNIPSTA35-Cars and Karts

    That thing is rolling!!!

  • R35PEKT
    R35PEKT Year ago

    What broke?

    • R35PEKT
      R35PEKT Year ago

      Booztd3 Sorta looks that way. I’m installing the elites in the next couple weeks, and also have local drag strips and road course. I plan to do both, but may have to think about the road course ...,

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 Year ago

      Still running them. I think they're too big for a road course, especially one like this thats ~2 miles

    • R35PEKT
      R35PEKT Year ago

      Booztd3 Are you still running the Elite+ turbos? If do I was wondering how they would at a road curse and how hard they would hit as well.

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 Year ago

      Final Drive Gear

  • bocajuniors55
    bocajuniors55 Year ago

    SBD Turbos?

    5LEEPER 2 years ago

    How much boost?

    • 5LEEPER
      5LEEPER 2 years ago

      Booztd3 is that about all the turbo can handle?

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 2 years ago

      5LEEPERISAH23I - 37ish

  • CamoLot Rzr
    CamoLot Rzr 2 years ago

    Giddy Up!

  • R35PEKT
    R35PEKT 2 years ago

    Nice run! Who built your Roll Cage?

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 2 years ago

      GTR1KHP _ it's a Titan bolt-in

  • Northern Rider
    Northern Rider 2 years ago

    The power is so damn addicting!!!!

  • mark h
    mark h 2 years ago

    I recently took my 2015 gtr to nissan, rattling away, apparently bell housing not worn eough yet to replace under warranty bring it back in September for another inspection. Apparently happens to them all but mine only has 8000 miles and been launched 6 times by me since new

  • mark h
    mark h 2 years ago

    My 2015 gtr 7000 miles bellhousing gone already. Strange thing having a battle with nissan as there gtr tecnician says yep all normal.?

  • BiGAlsGotta9er
    BiGAlsGotta9er 2 years ago


  • Zong Yang
    Zong Yang 2 years ago

    I met the guy who owned this car..greay guy..! sad that he wrecked it but he has a monster now..!

  • bustinevo
    bustinevo 2 years ago

    There's sound! :) Man, this makes me wish I never got rid of my White 14' last Oct! Car sounds amazing man. What tires are you running?

  • Zong Yang
    Zong Yang 2 years ago

    great work..! wish you was closer to me.

  • Gabe Al-Akkawi
    Gabe Al-Akkawi 2 years ago

    What turbo is that?

  • Adam K
    Adam K 2 years ago

    Those cams really make the exhaust sound so much better

  • Adam K
    Adam K 2 years ago

    What do you charge to build the motor like your setup

  • Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy 2 years ago

    Is the torque limited?

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 2 years ago

      Just Some Guy nope

  • TheHitman™
    TheHitman™ 2 years ago

    Love your car bro!

    • TheHitman™
      TheHitman™ 2 years ago

      Nope. I'm not selling it. :D

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 2 years ago

      TheHitman™ thanks Sam. Is yours gone?

  • BiGAlsGotta9er
    BiGAlsGotta9er 2 years ago

    mmmmmm BOSS!!!

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 2 years ago

      BiGAlsGotta9er BUSSSSSSS

  • Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy 3 years ago

    That shit spins harder then a RWD car.

  • Idiots Of The Road
    Idiots Of The Road 3 years ago

    youll have to give me a ride back when im back in town man.

  • bustinevo
    bustinevo 3 years ago

    Looks like the power is wicked man.

  • flattrate maniff
    flattrate maniff 3 years ago

    Still on the stock block? I followed you Nico and RBZ32 always loved the car man.. why you selling?

  • flattrate maniff
    flattrate maniff 3 years ago

    This car still alive?

  • bocajuniors55
    bocajuniors55 3 years ago

    nice! When I decided to buy my turbo kit 6 months ago I was reluctant to get an SBD kit (no testimony from builders/shops and lack of real world reviews/performance) looks like it runs well

  • 1jiveturkey1
    1jiveturkey1 3 years ago

    Normal play or time for a replacement?

  • Marcus Riller
    Marcus Riller 3 years ago

    Stock transmission other than clutches!?

  • Marcus Riller
    Marcus Riller 3 years ago

    Your 3rd gear roll video you only had a set of clutches and built motor? What was your power level back then?

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 3 years ago

      +Marcus Riller - It made 880/715 on a dynojet back then. The car now has a Jacks LC950

  • Dylan Carroll
    Dylan Carroll 3 years ago

    Have you been able to make any 1/4 runs with your new set up?

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 3 years ago

      +24dll - Made one pass on Saturday. Bogged severely with a 1.8-1.9 60ft and went 9.90. New setup is going to take some dialing in on the launch as everything is completely different

  • Dylan Carroll
    Dylan Carroll 3 years ago

    I'm looking forward to seeing you at Cordova this year. Have a safe trip back.

  • Mike Foster
    Mike Foster 4 years ago

    Hello matey I'm very interested in this turbo and have been trying to do as much research as I can but most info seems to be on the s366. I'd be running on a rb25 but on rebuild it will have rb26 interact. in terms of spool what was you seeing like full boost etc? thanks Mike

    • Mike Foster
      Mike Foster 4 years ago

      rb26 interals that was supposed to say lol

  • Dakota k
    Dakota k 4 years ago

    Motion I'm a subscriber sence 2012

  • Racing Fuel Mod
    Racing Fuel Mod 4 years ago

    What do you do for a job, because I would Like to get into cars

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 4 years ago

      @Gt3 Fire - Algorithms, PID loop tuning, Flow tests, spreadsheets/macros, etc - Yes, there is a lot of math

    • Racing Fuel Mod
      Racing Fuel Mod 4 years ago

      @Booztd3 if you don't mind me asking does it have a lot of math in it

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 4 years ago

      @Gt3 Fire - I'm an HVAC Engineer

  • TiteSpeed
    TiteSpeed 4 years ago Your GTR is at 1:09 seconds...

  • XxAtomic646xX
    XxAtomic646xX 4 years ago

    eeeeeek thats how you blow t cases

  • Chuck Forquer
    Chuck Forquer 5 years ago

    Is the full flow oil cooler setup worth it? I bought the non-full flow and didn't realize they had that option. Uprade is $190. How did you get your side markers to fit with AshSpec massives? Mine hit the duct big time even after grinding the side markers. Final question, where did you get the 370 filters? The JWT site shows that style but say's they don't fit the 300zx. The traditional JWT's seem to hitt the crash bar with the AshSpec inlet piping. Sorry for so many questions!! L

  • 406_Chevelle
    406_Chevelle 5 years ago

    30 minutes? Thanks for the quality porn.

  • Dan Boles
    Dan Boles 5 years ago

    Wait, man this thing cant have that many miles on it? Does it use a hydraulic tensioner?

    • Booztd3
      Booztd3 5 years ago

      It has 103,000 on it now - there are 4 tensioners that complete the timing chain system. 3 of them are oil fed including the primary chain tensioner.

  • lo re olivier
    lo re olivier 5 years ago

    il vaudrai mieux la donner a quelqu’un qui va la pousser un peu plus tu va la tue ta 300!! achète toi un 4 cylindre pour faire sa pas un 300cv gamin it would be better to give it to someone who will push you a little more going to kill your 300! buy yourself a cylinder 4 to its not a kid 300cv

  • Pilot Cory
    Pilot Cory 5 years ago

    So compared to your Z (assuming you didnt sell it) you find yourself liking the GTRs performance much better or?

  • quk6spd
    quk6spd 5 years ago

    Yours? Beautiful car!

  • jonathan williams
    jonathan williams 5 years ago

    What is your 60ft?

  • Dan Boles
    Dan Boles 5 years ago

    smooth like a sewing machine

  • Scott LeMasters
    Scott LeMasters 5 years ago

    NA suxs!

  • Drax3D
    Drax3D 6 years ago

    Wow! I wish i got times near that :/

  • Christopher Mundahl
    Christopher Mundahl 6 years ago

    Have you corner weighed your car? I am totally stuck decided whether to build my VG or go RB25...

  • Ant_Cerv
    Ant_Cerv 6 years ago

    What kind of bov is that? Sounds amazing.

  • Sm1nts2escape
    Sm1nts2escape 6 years ago

    Surprised I don't see any head work or super high lift cams? Without those things it should be pretty mellow till the boost kicks in. Cant wait to hear what this thing sounds like and puts down on the dyno.

  • MrEvilCitizen
    MrEvilCitizen 6 years ago

    Do you still have the 240ss?

  • Rafael Tavarez
    Rafael Tavarez 6 years ago


  • Booztd3
    Booztd3 6 years ago

    The mod list of things I completed are in the video description

  • Rafael Tavarez
    Rafael Tavarez 6 years ago

    What all have you done to the car? Can you write up a mod list?

  • Marcelino Rodriguez
    Marcelino Rodriguez 6 years ago


  • Mikey Rocks
    Mikey Rocks 6 years ago

    I have to ask how's the mileage with the rb26 swap?

  • Brian Heiden
    Brian Heiden 6 years ago

    You nailed it bud!

  • Pilot Cory
    Pilot Cory 6 years ago

    Nice run Andy. Good to see your car still at it. Saw your new dyno run at SP.. keep it up!!

  • Booztd3
    Booztd3 6 years ago

    Low 11? Can you read?

  • Vu El
    Vu El 6 years ago

    That squat was hectic!

  • DUDBIRD113
    DUDBIRD113 6 years ago

    Low 11 pass im guessing

  • c1110670
    c1110670 6 years ago


  • Houston Z Auto
    Houston Z Auto 6 years ago


  • 1badz32
    1badz32 6 years ago

    Very, VERY, nice!!

  • rmp459
    rmp459 6 years ago

    absolutely filthy

  • Jax Endsleigh
    Jax Endsleigh 6 years ago

    holy fuck.... sounds amazing and quick too. Can't wait to get a 25 in mine >.<

  • Scott H
    Scott H 6 years ago

    So awesome. :) Let's see some 9's Andy!!!

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 6 years ago

    I saw this car at the Cat Electronics car show, I work there. I had a bike in the show. My son Kyle knows you or knows of you. I took pics of the car at the show and sent them to him because he's all about Sylvia's, he had one (or some facsimile.

  • Dan Boles
    Dan Boles 6 years ago


  • Denis Kopytyuk
    Denis Kopytyuk 6 years ago

    That BOV

  • Deblerge08
    Deblerge08 6 years ago

    How was the turbo set up with the ls?? Response things like that?? Also whats the horsepower and torque numbers your car put down at what pounds of boost??

  • Anthony Zappia
    Anthony Zappia 6 years ago

    What tires are you running ?

  • Sm1nts2escape
    Sm1nts2escape 6 years ago

    Keep uploading stuff like this. Nice car.

  • Hoon Jung
    Hoon Jung 6 years ago

    this sounds SOOOOO right to my ears

  • Avninder Singh Khangura

    Mind sharing ur ign map? Thanks

  • Booztd3
    Booztd3 6 years ago

    I believe most of the build is on LS1tech - just search for booztd 3 username. RU-clip wont let me paste a link If you can pull the link out of the photobucket album in that thread there is about 340 pictures. It took me about 3 months to do the entire swap

  • 6923dj
    6923dj 6 years ago

    Ok ive got the itch to do this swap but first have to sell my rb25 swap. Wife says I cant have both lol. Do you have a build thread?

  • XTZTwinTurbo
    XTZTwinTurbo 6 years ago

    Fun stuff!

  • josh11915yo
    josh11915yo 6 years ago

    UGHHHH, that noise!!! I'm going to make on now.. Lol. So much sexy going on right thurrr!

  • HoooBa14
    HoooBa14 6 years ago

    Love your Z... I'm still working on mine, but the bank ran out of money on me. :(

  • HoooBa14
    HoooBa14 6 years ago


  • TheGudritz
    TheGudritz 6 years ago

    Sweet ride man. Want to do that to my Z32 someday. I'm from Illinois too ;)

  • Booztd3
    Booztd3 6 years ago


  • Strictly Infiniti
    Strictly Infiniti 6 years ago

    Sounds fucking nasty id love for my Z to sound like this... Internal parts list?

  • Sam Day
    Sam Day 6 years ago

    okay thanks. which BOV is it?

  • Booztd3
    Booztd3 6 years ago

    Its a mixture of both. The turbo i surging just a little. It could probably use a little tighter spring in the BOV

  • Sam Day
    Sam Day 6 years ago

    the noise at 0:35 .... is that the blow off valve or the turbo fan? anyone know?

  • Booztd3
    Booztd3 6 years ago

    It does not surprise me there are so many dipshits on youtube....

  • Nolan Hays
    Nolan Hays 6 years ago

    Tough to be forced induction when you see a wide open throttle body.

  • Booztd3
    Booztd3 6 years ago

    Do you know of any cars that make boost at idle? I dont....

    • JustSENDit_Ro
      JustSENDit_Ro 2 years ago

      these comments are funny as hell lmao love the build tho man

  • Jordan Wall
    Jordan Wall 6 years ago

    how is it boosted when the throttle body is wide open?

  • Booztd3
    Booztd3 6 years ago

    At the time, it had a crappy ACT 2600 in it. After battling lock-out issues I finally put an exedy twin-disk in it

  • tomac661
    tomac661 6 years ago

    Looks like it rips. What clutch were you using??

  • kyle walcott
    kyle walcott 6 years ago

    hey man i also have a z32 and i wanna swap my vg30dett for a NEO rb25det i just wanted to know if you had to do any major modifications to get it to fit or was it just a straight fit???