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25 Funny Farmer Jokes
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25 Funny Pig Jokes
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Top 25 Cat Puns
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25 Popular Myths Debunked
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25 Most Bizarre Spiders
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  • mark montemayor tinapay

    Megadeth has 99 ways to die...

  • apex_grind
    apex_grind 3 hours ago

    Kidney stones. The feeling of pissing bobbed wire.

  • coco morales
    coco morales 3 hours ago

    They where granted citizenship???

  • Sarah Rubin
    Sarah Rubin 3 hours ago

    I liked the back story of Halloween. Have you ever wondered why Johnny Depp is in most Tim Burton movies?

  • matt purrazzo
    matt purrazzo 3 hours ago

    No pappy or other rare Bourbons or scotches ranging from 250 to 1000 dollars. Half these bottles you are posting you are paying for a bespoke bottle or rarity due to year or gems added to the bottle

  • supertuber120
    supertuber120 4 hours ago

    Caitlyn Jenner has dyslexia which can be genetic so Kendall may also have it. That could explain why she had so much trouble reading that teleprompter at the awards show.

  • Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw 4 hours ago

    The United kingdom is not part of the European continent. I have lived all around the world England Wales Scotland Italy Spain Morocco South Korea China and Japan. I did it on my own dime with my disability check. The problem is I came back to the US and people didn't want to hear my stories because number one I touched a dream they may have had so they were jealous. Number to they are ignorant of the rest of the world and don't want that pointed out. I was back here about two weeks when it felt like a metal pole went through my head and I realized I was back in American society and I hated it and how I was treated by it! You would be surprised that nearly every person I ran into in every country I lived in did not think what you're giving in this list about America. Oh and I forgot Egypt. other countries really don't complain about here and many of them asked me if you are American then what the hell are you doing here?! My parents came to visit me in the UK for a month during Christmas and New Year and my father was asked the same question in the grocery line. The Man Behind him heard his accent and asked him what the hell he was doing there instead of America! I came back with a very Global way of thinking that did not mesh with the people in my home state of Maine many of whom have not been to Boston. If you can't get out of your own backyard the learn about the world then quit bitching about the world!

  • drmodestoesq
    drmodestoesq 4 hours ago

    Re: Hayden Christensen. His wooden and whiny acting ruined a character many have loved for such a long time. What? People loved Darth Vader? He murdered billions of people. Ask the people of Alderan if they loved him. Oh, they can't answer you...because they're all DEAD!

  • Richard Cantin
    Richard Cantin 4 hours ago

    Ever see the house hippo commercial..... wife actually asked me if that’s true.....

  • Patrick Turner
    Patrick Turner 5 hours ago

    Dumb dumb

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 5 hours ago

    My favorite is, and always will be, "The Other" by Tom Tryon. I will never forget the chilling question: "Holland, where IS the baby?"

  • Philly Bob Squires
    Philly Bob Squires 5 hours ago

    Most expensive I've had was Remy Martin King Louis XIII - about $3500 US... (unless you see the "Rare Cask" which can got for over $40K!) A friend was given a bottle (the $3500 one) as a retirement gift and he opened it one night at a Christmas party.

  • Keanu Taiaroa
    Keanu Taiaroa 5 hours ago

    Top 25 celebrities with insane criminal records 50 cent- arrested for swearing

  • Snow Queen
    Snow Queen 5 hours ago

    Canadians think a lot about how America's lack of gun laws have meant guns being smuggled across our border by gangs and criminals. Thanks America. From a Canadian NOT holding it all inside and letting it stew.

  • Carla Hansen
    Carla Hansen 5 hours ago

    Trust Americans to think they are the best at everything. WRONG!!

  • SapekQ
    SapekQ 5 hours ago

    1. Viral fever, which is like dengue (reduced platelete/white blood cells, can't remember which one). You'll feel weak, and loss of appetite to eat even when hungry. Your body feel hot, but you dont want to take bath and prefer wrapping yourself in blanket 2. Headaches from cracked tooth. Sharp edges from the tooth is hurting your gum from deep inside, you'll feel pulsing pain even during sleep

  • Jerry Howard
    Jerry Howard 5 hours ago


  • Elena Romero
    Elena Romero 6 hours ago

    My nephew is 2 he always points at the to my bathroom & says who's that.. And he's very adamant there was someone there the boy. When I was younger I found out a little boy about 11 hung himself in my bathroom. 👻

  • XflaarPuh
    XflaarPuh 6 hours ago

    Number -25: Todd Howard

  • Michelle R
    Michelle R 6 hours ago

    I remember hearing about a guy that broke into someone's basement, and was attacked by the family dog. To escape, he wound up ripping off his jacket, which had his parole papers in his pocket.

  • Mariposa!
    Mariposa! 6 hours ago

    #1 isn't uncommon. most women shave but a lot of women have chin hair.

  • James Barrett
    James Barrett 6 hours ago

    Well, there are Democrats and Republicans and I am from western Canada (Alberta) and government intervention piss off a lot of Albertans

  • Mariposa!
    Mariposa! 6 hours ago

    I didn't think Tomorrowland was that bad. not great but not horrible.

  • nightfox
    nightfox 6 hours ago

    its obvious that the list is made by a feminist, 2 woman in top 3 greatest philosophers ?? I wouldnt be surprised if i saw Marilyn Monroe at no1 with her brilliant quotes lol

  • Mary Barnett
    Mary Barnett 6 hours ago

    I hate the interaction with the off camera person.

  • Durban Poison
    Durban Poison 6 hours ago

    My wives vibrator goes zero to burnt out in under 1 minute

  • Michael Glaser
    Michael Glaser 6 hours ago

    I paid $60 for a bottle of Bumbu Rum in Jamaica

  • Durban Poison
    Durban Poison 6 hours ago

    I have a phobia of *FUCK YOU, THAT’S WHAT!?!?*

  • Gio 10
    Gio 10 7 hours ago

    Shouldn’t it have every way to die nobody wants to die any way ,other then depressed people save depressed people every body don’t let them die god bless

  • Sheree Hardin
    Sheree Hardin 7 hours ago

    I've got a 6 y old cousin who's a big brat, challenges authority disrespects adults. I think she's also autistic and pissed off at her mom and grandma who 'take care of her' but takes out her anger on others. Anyway one night she told me she's scared to sleep alone bc the boogeyman will come for her. She seemed so serious. She's a strange kid, has supposedly talked about a witch without being told what one is so yea.

  • Theang
    Theang 7 hours ago

    What about the USVI's?

  • Donna Grabillo
    Donna Grabillo 7 hours ago

    I'm waiting for the comments on the background. 😂

  • Toyuzu
    Toyuzu 7 hours ago

    I couldn't get past number 24. Since it's the sperm cell from the male that determines sex, the lady could live on nothing but bananas during pregnancy, and it would have absolutely no bearing on whether she conceives a boy or a girl. Try again guys.

  • Brandy Drace
    Brandy Drace 7 hours ago

    I got a college acceptance letter from a Dr.Pepper.

  • Dean Morrow
    Dean Morrow 7 hours ago

    No wonder this world is becoming a bunch of snowflakes.

  • Pseudo
    Pseudo 7 hours ago

    On LSD, I had a 2 hour long panic attack that also made me experience a disconnect from reality. My heart was the only thing I could hear and feel, and the world around me completely dissolved and turned into a square of mirrors that slowly closed on me. I couldn't tell whether or not I was dead or even existed anymore. My mind told me I was in hell and would feel those hellish hallucinations forever. Then it wore off and i smoked a joint and passed out. Good times being a teenager :)

  • Phil Pecora
    Phil Pecora 7 hours ago

    I'm a new fan love your videos and your voice is AWESOME

  • Diego Enrique
    Diego Enrique 7 hours ago

    Bad jokes.

  • Kristina Robinson
    Kristina Robinson 8 hours ago

    The bloody nuckle with a coin, we called it bloody quarters

  • Mr_No_Name SUPREME 0

    He used everyone execept hitler 😂

  • Denise Cook
    Denise Cook 8 hours ago

    Whoever said you had to only use one bill? They lied.

  • Paul Newcombe
    Paul Newcombe 8 hours ago


  • doowops3
    doowops3 8 hours ago


  • Lorenzo Lorenzo
    Lorenzo Lorenzo 8 hours ago


  • Crystall Williamson
    Crystall Williamson 8 hours ago

    You guys make me smile 😊

  • Jayson Stonne
    Jayson Stonne 9 hours ago

    The "trend" of wearing pants mid-ass is actually from prison. It's a signal letting inmates know you'll put out for protection. Seriously.

  • Felix Martinez
    Felix Martinez 9 hours ago

    I am just wondering, where is Napoleon?

  • Pizza goes splat
    Pizza goes splat 10 hours ago

    I once sold an American a measure of paddy's whiskey for €70. Its normally €5. I wanted to point out that he left himself open to be ripped off when asking for the most expensive whiskey we have. I did give him his money back with an explanation after he finished it and him describing the flavour to me I should point out.

  • Sandra Maragulov
    Sandra Maragulov 10 hours ago

    I feel like some factory workers don’t care about global warming

  • heather turner
    heather turner 10 hours ago

    I remember seeing a vodka filled bong worth about $14000.00 down in Laredo

  • Michelle Wood
    Michelle Wood 10 hours ago

    My we cousin was talking to herself in her room so I went in and said who you talking to and she said the girl with the blue lips so I asked her question about it and she told me she lifted at the Canale under watter then heard 2 weeks later a we girl drowned in watter at a Kanal has been found.

  • Hector Luis Sanchez
    Hector Luis Sanchez 10 hours ago

    Wow, what man on Earth can be justified simply through the works of the law, read the book of Galatians. I agree with some of the things in your video, but not all...

  • Cassandra Morrison
    Cassandra Morrison 10 hours ago

    Sugar Sugar by The Archies...or Kurt Russell. I like both versions'

  • Martin de Deugd
    Martin de Deugd 10 hours ago

    we are alone indeed. not scary

  • Andrea Gudino
    Andrea Gudino 11 hours ago

    Hufflepuff sadly

  • Anon Emous
    Anon Emous 11 hours ago

    You are a true gen x if nothing phases you. . .ever. You act as if you can get surprised, shocked, elated, but deep down you're like...meh.

  • gwendolyn smith
    gwendolyn smith 11 hours ago

    Why don’t these people tell people how yo find out their blood type?

  • Habs Fan
    Habs Fan 11 hours ago

    Mike, I want $38 for a new mailbox that your face broke.

  • Garry Mackay
    Garry Mackay 11 hours ago

    23 and 24 are only around $30-$60... Get your facts right

  • roadrunner247365
    roadrunner247365 11 hours ago

    that's it I'm Greek lol

  • Julia Naylor
    Julia Naylor 11 hours ago

    The Lone Gunmen was used as a plot device in the second X Files film.

  • Joan O'Daly
    Joan O'Daly 11 hours ago

    You seem as disgusted as I am. My stomach is turning to consider there are homeless and hungry, yet folks Would spend some frivolously calling others “deplorables”

  • Julia Naylor
    Julia Naylor 11 hours ago

    The British version of Law and Order had equal weight given to the court and police procedure.

  • Dina Ashford-More
    Dina Ashford-More 11 hours ago

    The man hurling on the roller coaster is the cringiest

  • Julia Naylor
    Julia Naylor 11 hours ago

    There was a successful spin off of the Mary Tyler Moore show that did succeed, Rhoda the star of which, Valerie Harper died the other month.

  • Bryan M
    Bryan M 11 hours ago

    I didn’t realize how much I missed the 80’s. Riding in the bed of my dads pickup truck and spending Saturday night on the phone trying to get through to the local radio station for the request and dedication hour......... ahhh. Good times

  • Julia Naylor
    Julia Naylor 12 hours ago

    The British version of Three's Company was Man About The House and it's spin offs George and Mildred and Robin's Nest were both a success.

  • Victoria Turner
    Victoria Turner 12 hours ago

    #2 Å, is pronounced as "o" almost. check out this funny music video for correct pronunciation

  • Mit Yelsob
    Mit Yelsob 12 hours ago

    I sucked at dodgeball but it was the only sport during PE that I could get into. It was a little dangerous but that is what made it fun. YOu either nail some other kid with a ball or enjoy the suspense of about to be hit. It was so much fun.

  • Castors Bats
    Castors Bats 12 hours ago

    *Gen z squad*

  • Mit Yelsob
    Mit Yelsob 12 hours ago

    What kind of pussy calls peanut butter sandwhiches PB and J?

  • Mit Yelsob
    Mit Yelsob 12 hours ago

    Neon? You wore neon?

  • Mit Yelsob
    Mit Yelsob 12 hours ago

    Bring back dodgeball.

  • Michael Potter
    Michael Potter 12 hours ago

    The Earth was named after a Norse God (Jord)

  • Cassandra Morrison
    Cassandra Morrison 12 hours ago

    Everyone knows what happened to Dorothy Arnold. She turned into a swan, "Upon Dec. 12th, 1910, a handsome, healthy girl disappeared somewhere in New York City. The only known man in her affairs lived in Italy. It looks as if she had no intention of disappearing: she was arranging for a party, a tea, whatever those things are, for about sixty of her former schoolmates, to be held upon the 17th of the month. When last seen, in Fifth Avenue, she said that she intended to walk through Central Park, on her way to her home, near the 79th Street entrance of the park. It may be that somewhere in the eastern part of the park, between 59th Street and the 79th Street entrances, she disappeared. No more is known of Dorothy Arnold. This day something appeared in Central Park. There was no record of any such occurrence before. As told, in the New York Sun, Dec. 13th, scientists were puzzled.(29) Upon the lake, near the 79th Street entrance, appeared a swan." FORT, CHARLES. The Fortean Collection: The Book of The Damned, New Lands, LO!, Wild Talents, The Outcast Manufacturers (with Linked TOC) . Spastic Cat Press. Kindle Edition.

    • Cassandra Morrison
      Cassandra Morrison 10 hours ago

      29. "Lone swan from the sky." New York Sun, December 13, 1910, p.1 c.6. Director Smith, of the Central Park menagerie, "was puzzled by the coming of the bird," but there is no mention of other scientists in this article. FORT, CHARLES. The Fortean Collection: The Book of The Damned, New Lands, LO!, Wild Talents, The Outcast Manufacturers (with Linked TOC) . Spastic Cat Press. Kindle Edition.

  • oki2723
    oki2723 12 hours ago

    I was held back and had that same result. I’m very intelligent.

  • Steve Leiker
    Steve Leiker 12 hours ago


  • Dave Druid
    Dave Druid 12 hours ago

    #25's Picture was taken from the Movie 'Kindergarten Cop'. That was the Evil Matriarch of the Drug Dealer that Arnold was going after. Thumbs Down on this for this Issue.

  • Bobby Downs
    Bobby Downs 12 hours ago

    Donald Trump

  • Brandan Copas
    Brandan Copas 13 hours ago

    I loved private practice 💓

  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer 13 hours ago

    I’m herec.

  • ScottyFox
    ScottyFox 13 hours ago

    Fatman telling lies & crap..Welcome to BoobTube.

  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 13 hours ago

    Has anyone seen Young Einstein from Yahoo Serious?? He turned his violin into an electric guitar.. I love that movie

  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 13 hours ago

    I'm very OCD with my electronics, I clean my phone and tablet everyday. I sat in on a 3rd grade science class and they swabbed EVERYTHING.. phones, pencils, the push button on the hand dryers, legs on chairs and many many other things had more bacteria on them then toilets, door handles and even the tables

  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 13 hours ago

    My old wives tale is, growing up, I was always told that if I ate the seeds from a watermelon then 1 would grow in my tummy.. well, I was a very poor girl, I really didnt think that was bad, I just thought "well I wont go hungry" .... until I watched the movie Leprechaun and saw the pot of gold come out the guys stomach, that looked painful

  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 13 hours ago

    Hey you guys are fun and educational, I enjoyed this video and will be watching more! Good job guys!!

  • just me
    just me 13 hours ago

    Why are they even making these robots? I understand some of them but why tf are they giving them emotions and self awareness??

  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 13 hours ago

    A happy wife does NOT always mean a happy life, sometimes it means shes planning 😆 Sorry everyone, I post as I watch, downfall of a phone

  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 13 hours ago

    So no surgery on a full moon, good to know 😜

  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 13 hours ago

    Who's gramma told them that if they eat yarn they'll grow a twin?? Wtf

  • Walter Santos
    Walter Santos 13 hours ago

    Most expensive bottles filled with booze... crazy stuff

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 14 hours ago

    the black guy who think is a recasted Crabbe is a character called Blaise Zabini

  • Amy Shew
    Amy Shew 14 hours ago

    I had about a square foot of mesh ( pig skin ) implanted in my abdomen as the left side of my abdominal wall was ripped out by my seat belt. The mesh is designed to allow the body to create scar tissue around it then dissolve. My mesh didn’t dissolve, caused infection Yet caused my insides to be kinda glued together. They removed the bad mesh and put in more bad mesh - but if there’s been a gun I’d have used it ! The pain was ... let’s say I was observed crying in my sleep. I’d choose death over that experience.

  • Reg. Oper. Team
    Reg. Oper. Team 14 hours ago

    they are even worst then the Islam and Jehova

  • M.o.M does everything
    M.o.M does everything 14 hours ago

    Shame, poor Tristan.

  • Allysa Rupp
    Allysa Rupp 14 hours ago

    I can't get the flu shot in logic it to it

  • Robert Goldman
    Robert Goldman 14 hours ago

    Not liking the robotic speaker,

  • Kristina Graham
    Kristina Graham 14 hours ago

    My favorite words is vespertine, followed closely by chiasmus.

  • Zemby7
    Zemby7 14 hours ago

    Wow i do all of these hmm..... MOMMA CALL 911 I THINK IM GOING CRAZY

  • Kristina Graham
    Kristina Graham 14 hours ago

    I like my bacon AND fries somewhere in the middle. Crispy on the outside and soft/chewy in the middle. Also, where can I download a Mike?!