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  • LusciousHeart
    LusciousHeart 7 hours ago

    Hey guys! I look like a mix of Kylie. Kim and Kendall my instagram is _cynthiaruiz and I’m 22 years old follow me and get me famous so I can start to show you guys more of my perfect life! I have Kendall’s body except my boobs are double d’s so they’re like kylies Kim’s skin color and hair color and I have the perfect mixture of Kendall aNd kylies face! Love you guys 💗

    ARIF MASIH 8 hours ago

    Hello sister how r u and marry Christmas in advanced we are so much happy u always help peoples so can u help poor people's to we need your help infect we r your big fans u r so good peoples

  • Esther Janssen
    Esther Janssen 9 hours ago

    18:27 is what hell sounds like

  • Amber Morales
    Amber Morales 10 hours ago

  • FaZe Egg Official
    FaZe Egg Official 10 hours ago

    This is how much money Kylie has made in her lifetime 👇 ( × 10 million )

  • Sabrina Brooks
    Sabrina Brooks 10 hours ago

    *next video* last to stay in the bath wins $10,000

  • Gissaya
    Gissaya 10 hours ago

    I love watching a rich and succesful mother executive's everyday life

    MDXX TV 11 hours ago

  • Dina Semghouni
    Dina Semghouni 11 hours ago

    i love you Kylie

  • Sally Fara
    Sally Fara 12 hours ago

    I like kylie's kind heart

  • 신예지
    신예지 12 hours ago


  • hayden windball
    hayden windball 13 hours ago

    Okay, Stormi has so many clothes😶

  • (Rica) Usapat Vanichjakvong

    at then minute kloe’

  • bluethenewb
    bluethenewb 15 hours ago

    khloe’s side profile is exactly like Kris tf



  • Elementia David
    Elementia David 15 hours ago


  • asiay sayfulaeva
    asiay sayfulaeva 16 hours ago

    Есть кто русский?

  • Lesslie Madrid
    Lesslie Madrid 19 hours ago


  • Cool is my middle name

    Who else found it irritating when Kylie said,"I missed you...i missed youuuuu". Practically shrieking😖

  • Inez Sullivan
    Inez Sullivan 22 hours ago

    omg i really want to meet you im number one fan!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla Kairouz
    Kayla Kairouz 22 hours ago

    anyone notice the mark of Kylies shirt near the end of the video

  • Ari’s Arianator
    Ari’s Arianator 22 hours ago

    Stormi is so cute with those glasses on!💕💕💕

  • Tachibana
    Tachibana 23 hours ago

    Khloe looks better without makeup..Kylie too

  • V 33
    V 33 Day ago

    Kris’s laugh😆😂😂😂😂 (shuts Em down, then laughs their ass out)

  • melo star 91
    melo star 91 Day ago

    I feel broke

  • Sweetnr
    Sweetnr Day ago

    the screaming in this video is toooo much... like we get it, you're drunk... fuckin hell

  • SerenaN724
    SerenaN724 Day ago

    i don’t understand how theyre all okay with sofia being with scott but they all hate jordyn for fucking around with tristan

  • 7
    7 Day ago

    ok but i need to know the bra kylies wearing

  • Aesthetic subs

    when she's walking away from that guy doing her hair I just relate to that, but instead of a professional, it's my mother

  • Fatima Kadhum
    Fatima Kadhum Day ago

    Her closet is the size of my room 😂

  • semper
    semper Day ago

    love ya all of my heart ❤❤❤❤

  • vlogs by Esam
    vlogs by Esam Day ago

    So many views!

  • Dry Banana
    Dry Banana Day ago

    k just loved seeing kylie being rich and oh my god stormi is so cute

  • A Dudette
    A Dudette Day ago

    I did not know what luxury what was until now

  • Azrin Afif
    Azrin Afif Day ago

    Idk why..but im expecting.. riiisee and shineeeee

  • Sundry Gonzalez

    Is it me or do they look orange

    • V 33
      V 33 Day ago

      Sundry Gonzalez 😂 lol... Cause they tan for more COLOR😉

  • Poo ie
    Poo ie Day ago

    Fuck you

  • Katie Louise
    Katie Louise Day ago

    I love the family! 💕

  • Martina Sosa
    Martina Sosa Day ago

    Amiga q se siente tener el trastero operado I love you😻❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Natalia Adamkiewicz

    Poland ? Hihi->

  • Lio Lio
    Lio Lio Day ago

    Why are they look sooo orange!!!

    • V 33
      V 33 Day ago

      Lio Lio for more “color” w/o they’d be pale as hell 😂

  • Laila Duff
    Laila Duff Day ago

    You can tell unlike a lot of people she actually works hard for her success.

  • Ocasio Family
    Ocasio Family Day ago

    Hey hey new here❤️

  • Tom Risa
    Tom Risa Day ago

    JUST STOP IT PLEASE, never upload another video, no one even likes you, they just like your body, ur peronality is a bitch u moron

  • Alejandra Peña

    Arriba las viejas borrachas

  • Amoni broadie
    Amoni broadie Day ago

    I need her life 😂

  • Jessica Forever

    Their so cute! My snakes name is Storm.

  • Jessica Forever


  • Maria Elisabeth

    You is perfect 😍

  • (Rica) Usapat Vanichjakvong

    Kylie is a mom?

  • akia goldsmyth

    I watch this because it makes me work harder and smarter, while I can!

  • Gabrriiee Marriiee

    “ Caaaalllllaaaabbaaassssaaaaasssss-aaahhh 🗣🗣 lmao 🥰

  • kim_ taehyung
    kim_ taehyung Day ago

    Ok,she's rich and all..But STROMI IS THE BOMB

  • K1DD 214
    K1DD 214 2 days ago

    Plz Kylie Jenner do another Vlog

  • Sid Sid
    Sid Sid 2 days ago

    That baby is so cute

  • Saint Montpellier
    Saint Montpellier 2 days ago

    chimbo duro es lo que necesitas perrita hijueputita

  • Albelis Nuñez gomez

    I love stormi

  • miss maya rawrr
    miss maya rawrr 2 days ago

    Did anyone notice Khloe with a juul at 16:23???

  • Albelis Nuñez gomez

    I lo veo kyli

  • Albelis Nuñez gomez

    Hablo en español

  • Jamie Munkacsi
    Jamie Munkacsi 2 days ago

    Send me a bot

  • Aurra
    Aurra 2 days ago

    follow for follow back :D

  • SimplyPineapple
    SimplyPineapple 2 days ago

    who's here after RU-clip rewind 2019?

  • Komedi TÜRKIYE
    Komedi TÜRKIYE 2 days ago

    She is so humble i like her ! ❤️

  • Amina Ulusoy
    Amina Ulusoy 2 days ago

    kylie jennr one of the my favorite psonaliy which probably the only one who have almost everything but too humble and not an arrogant at all,she inspires me a lot and really im so grateful that at least i have one idol whic gives me motivation to keep head up and go out and to mkae own bisuness, maybe she is not a self made at all ,bc she has got more support from siblings and mom,but i think she did more things,sh started from the botom and made her company

  • Amina Ulusoy
    Amina Ulusoy 2 days ago

    kylie jenner:what car should i take? me: ok,another question

  • Erin Tierney
    Erin Tierney 2 days ago

    If I hear one more high pitched girly scream I am shutting this shit off

  • Mia Cole
    Mia Cole 2 days ago

    Omg so much botox ahe is not even 25. What happens when she hit 30. She totally look different from the picture in magazine

  • karen gastelum
    karen gastelum 2 days ago

    Soy Latina y te amo. Beautiful Kylie

  • noteasymoney 30
    noteasymoney 30 2 days ago

    After watching this, my ear is bleeding

  • Carly Leon
    Carly Leon 2 days ago

    I like how her phones cracked and she’s a billionaire

  • Snow Gacha
    Snow Gacha 2 days ago

    Okay we get it you’re rich

  • 萧深
    萧深 2 days ago

    资本主义必定走向灭亡! 共产主义万岁!

  • Andreea Radu
    Andreea Radu 2 days ago

    Risssseeee and shineeee

  • so so
    so so 2 days ago

    the hear same fake in back

  • José Marcelo Soares

    I Love you Kylie

  • Kenelia Bernard
    Kenelia Bernard 2 days ago

    Her phone screen is broken I just feel a little more better cuz mines not broken😂😂 but guess what she has more than 1 phone🙄💖

  • Habib Keçe
    Habib Keçe 2 days ago

    Laat zien dat je doucht

  • Person !!
    Person !! 2 days ago

    I know that I am poor no need to rub it in my face

    SAPTADIPA GHOSH 2 days ago

    Stormi is such an angel!!☺

  • PPAO en la Web
    PPAO en la Web 2 days ago


  • Cresss R
    Cresss R 2 days ago

    Where’s the Kendall collab?

  • ana sofia parra
    ana sofia parra 2 days ago

    like para algun comentario en español

  • Baby Angelz
    Baby Angelz 2 days ago

    No copyright worry up in here~

  • george washington
    george washington 2 days ago

    hey i live a kinda rich lifestyle

    • george washington
      george washington 2 days ago

      parents are practicing attornies(attorneys?) thats like 150k a year (i think)

  • Lorelai Davis
    Lorelai Davis 3 days ago

    I think she’s prettier without makeup, no hate but that’s my opinion

  • Tony Brophy
    Tony Brophy 3 days ago

    Kylie is gorgeous and I would love to split a case of Heineken with her while listening to Larry Carlton and the SWR Big Band doing Room 335.. I promise not to throw up

  • Zenh
    Zenh 3 days ago

    I really love kylie 💞

  • Yasmin Kroda
    Yasmin Kroda 3 days ago

    Cadê os BR ?? 🇧🇷

  • Kamarin DeAngelis
    Kamarin DeAngelis 3 days ago

    This girl has soulless eyes

  • Luiຮค_ stüDïõ

    No entiendo ni verga pero me gusta ver los videos XD :vvv

  • Delfi vlogs
    Delfi vlogs 3 days ago

    who can not die of love to see stormi? I love her

  • Xoxo_gabbyy :
    Xoxo_gabbyy : 3 days ago

    Kylie: “are you okay?” Khloé: 💃🏻🕺🏻 “no” Honestly meeeee

  • kat
    kat 3 days ago

    when stormi has a toy tesla

  • Janet Salas
    Janet Salas 3 days ago

    Rip headphone users 😔 16:35

  • Karolina Bartoszyńska

    Wyglądasz w tej sukieńce jakbyś się dusiła

  • Karolina Bartoszyńska

    Masz dużo torebek

  • Emma Richardson
    Emma Richardson 3 days ago

    Dude. If I drank that much 1942 I would be incoherent before even starting the video. She’s literally 3 years younger than me and a better drinker. ☠️

  • Karolina Bartoszyńska

    You look so biutyful

  • TroyeSivanStan
    TroyeSivanStan 3 days ago

    i love jose