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    there are 11 MAB

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    There is some problem in Transfer Mispricing explanation. Kindly check

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      High tax companies buy from from low tax countries(tax heaven) increasing the profit of the low tax companies....he said High tax companies sell at high cost instead it buys at high cost

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    Sir I think the transfer pricing explaination is wrong, The parent company (in a high tax country) buys product at a very high price from the subsidiary (in a low tax country) This increases the operating costs (production cost) of the parent hence low taxes in HTC While the subsidiary earns high profit by showing high profits in LTC. If the parent(in a high tax) sells at a high price , it doesn't increase the operating costs of parent , it increases it's profit.

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    11 biosphere reserves of India are in UNESCO MAB

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    Recently, Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve has become 11th from India in WIBN list. Still a great video to watch and learn. Thank you sir!

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    Presented by: Mr. Mangal Singh, Rau’s IAS Study Circle #HinduAnalysis #RauIASDNS #UPSC #Currentaffairs #Hindunewspaperanalysis PDF - bit.ly/DNS-Notes-14-10-19-PDF Word - bit.ly/DNS-Notes-14-10-19-Word News covered today: 1. Base Erosion and Profit shifting - Economic - (00:25) 2. Great Nicobar Biosphere reserve - Environment (14:48) 3. Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey - Social Issues -(19:43) 4. World bank - South Asia Economic Focus - Economic - (23:36) 5. Nepal - China Road link - International relations - (27:32) 6. Practice Questions (31:03)

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      Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve has become the 11th Biosphere Reserve from India that has been included in the Council (ICC) of Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme of UNESCO video u told 10 its 11

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    Russia is not part of it ( Australia, India, South Korea ,New Zealand and China)

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    Naga Pratap sir, the way you explained RNA i was very lucid. Thankyou sir and thanks Raus ias

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    Should Nagendra Pratap have came either earlier or now? I have been confused about their arrival but now i am very cleared. The new faculty has come with a great experience in this field. We hope you will come into trust and also your teaching is very fascinating, explanation is very easy to understand. Thanks for coming to join with us. #Rau's_IAS

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    Presented by: Mr. Nagendra Pratap, Rau’s IAS Study Circle #HinduAnalysis #RauIASDNS #UPSC #Currentaffairs #Hindunewspaperanalysis PDF Link: bit.ly/DNS-Notes-13-10-19-PDF Word Link: bit.ly/DNS-Notes-13-10-19-Word News covered today: 1. Mamallapuram Summit: Key Takeaways - International Relations (00:33) 2. GM Cotton Seeds: RNAi Technology - Science & technology (10:55) 3. Naga Peace Accord- Internal Security (16:00) 4. Extinction Rebellion- Environment & Biodiversity (22:14) 5. Practice Questions - (24:06)

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      How simple was that explanation of GM cottonseeds and how RNA i affects the m RNA . Science was fun and easy to mug up. Thanks.

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    sir your analysis good,do something about presentation.its confusing as you superimpose many facts on other printed material.(presentation if improved then it will best)

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