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"Was ist des Deutschen Vaterland?" (What is German Fatherland?) - German Patriotic Song
Views 7014 days ago
"Was ist des Deutschen Vaterland?" (What is German Fatherland?) is a German patriotic song which was popular during the 19th century; lyrics were written by Ernst Moritz Arndt in 1813, and the music was composed by Gustav Reichardt in 1825. In the text, Arndt asks the German question and answers it by demanding a Greater German nation-state comprising all German-speaking areas in Europe. The so...
"Hej brigade!" (Hey, Brigades!) - Slovenian Partisan Song
Views 91Month ago
"Hej brigade!" (Hey, Brigades!) is a Slovenian Partisan song used as an unofficial anthem of the Slovenian Partisans during the World War 2. Lyrics were written in the October of 1942 by Matej Bor, and the melody was composed by Franz Sturm during the April of 1943. Lyrics: Hej, brigade, hitite, Razpodite, zatrite Požigalce slovenskih domov! Hej, mašinca, zagodi, Naj odmeva povsodi Naš pozdrav ...
"Solidarity Forever" - Song of the IWW
Views 73Month ago
"Solidarity Forever" is a popular song of the trade-unionism, used as the anthem of IWW (industrial Workers of the World). Text was written by the Ralph Chaplin in 1915, and it was sung to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". The song has been performed by many musicians such as Utah Phillips, Pete Seeger, Leonard Cohen, and was redone by Emcee Lynx and The Nightwatchman. It is still ...
"Мы - армия народа" (We are the Army of the People) - Soviet Military March
Views 64Month ago
"Мы - армия народа" (We are the Army of the People) is a soviet-era military song written by R. Rozhdestvenskiy, while the music was composed by G. Movsesyan. Lyrics: Стоим мы на посту, повзводно и поротно Бессмертны, как огонь. Спокойны, как гранит. Мы - армия страны. Мы - армия народа. Великий подвиг наш история хранит. Не зря в судьбе алеет знамя. Не зря на нас надеется страна. Священные сло...
"Прощание славянки" (Farewell of Slavianka) - Soviet Patriotic March
Views 1Month ago
"Прощание славянки" (Farewell of Slavianka) is a Soviet/Russian patriotic song originally written by the composer Vasily Agapkin in the end of 1912. It was written in the honor of the Slavic women who accompanied their husbands in the First Balkan War. Since the song was about Russian patriotism and religion, Soviet communist authorities had made big changes in the lyrics before giving a permis...
"Panzerlied" (Tank Song) - German Marching Song
Views 7KMonth ago
NOTE: this video does not promote, nor glorify German Wehrmacht and its actions during the war; purpose of this video is pure educational! "Panzerlied" (Tank song) was a military march of the German Wehrmacht primarily sung by Panzerwaffe, its tank force during the Second World War. It was composed in 1933 and was popularized during the 1965 with the movie "Battle of the Bulge" Lyrics: Ob’s stü...
"Auferstanden aus Ruinen" (Risen from Ruins) - National Anthem of the German Democratic Republic
Views 1012 months ago
"Auferstanden aus Ruinen" (Risen from Ruins) is a German patriotic song that served the purpose of being a national anthem of German Democratic Republic (better known as East Germany) during its existence from 1949 to 1990. It was written by the poet Johannes R. Becher, who later became Minister of Culture, and music was composed by Hanns Eisler. Lyrics: Auferstanden aus Ruinen Und der Zukunft ...
"Стани юнак балкански" (Wake up, Balkan hero) - Bulgarian Patriotic Song
Views 762 months ago
"Стани юнак балкански" (Wake up, Balkan hero) is a Bulgarian patriotic song singing about Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 after which Bulgaria gained it's independence from the Ottoman rule. It was written by Dobri Chintulov (Добри Чинтулов), one of the well-known Bulgarian poets and writers. Lyrics: Стани, стани юнак балкански от сън дълбок се събуди, срещу тирана отомански ти българите поведи!...
''Pešadijo pešadijo'' (Oh Infantry, Infantry) - Yugoslav Military March
Views 622 months ago
''Pešadijo pešadijo'' (Oh Infantry, Infantry) was a Yugoslav military march dedicated to the Infantry branch of the Yugoslav People's Army (yug. Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija, JNA); it was sung at the military parades among with other songs dedicated to other branches of the military (Navy, Airforce, Territorial Defence). Lyrics: Mi nemamo bela odela, Bela k'o decembarski dan. Ni kape plave k'o ...
Big Channel Announcement - I'm Back
Views 232 months ago
Greetings, dear viewers of this channel. Before everything, I'd like to thank merciful God for once again being able to see my beautiful community and share some fantastic music with you; also, I'd like to explain you what happened in the span of last 7 months. On the 5th of June last year, I have received an e-mail address saying that my account has been suspended due to violation of RU-clip's...
"Но пасаран!" (They shall not pass!) - Song of the Yugoslav International brigade
Views 18810 months ago
"Но пасаран!" (They shall not pass!) is a song of the Yugoslav volunteers from the Spanish Civil War (who fought on the side of Republicans), but it is originally a Spanish song. It's title comes from the phrase which was commonly used in the Spanish Civil War - "No pasaran", which meant that some position will be defended at every cost. Lyrics: Овде је била Интербригада И чекала мирно сутрашњи...
"Марш на Дрину" (March to the Drina) - Serbian Military March
Views 19110 months ago
"Марш на Дрину" (March to the Drina) is a traditional Serbian march composed by Stanislav Binički in the city of Valjevo at the beginning of the First world war in honor of Serbian victory over the Austro-Hungarian military on the mountain Cer, and in honor of the commander of the Iron Regiment, Milivoje Stojanović. It became a symbol of the Serbian bravery in the First world war who, despite e...
"Alte Kameraden" (Old Comrades) - German Military March
Views 41510 months ago
"Alte Kameraden" (Old Comrades) is the popular German military march written around 1889 in Ulm, Germany, by military music composer Carl Teike. Lyrics: Alte Kameraden auf dem Marsch durchs Land Schließen Freundschaft felsenfest und treu. Ob in Not oder in Gefahr, Stets zusammen halten sie auf's neu. Zur Attacke geht es Schlag auf Schlag, Ruhm und Ehr soll bringen uns der Sieg, Los, Kameraden, ...
"Oktobersong" (Song of October) - German Communist Song
Views 32311 months ago
Greetings, dear viewers! Sorry for this inactivity (again :/), it's really not up to me. But not to mention that, I thought of making a group of people who would help me make subtitles for my videos in their native languages.I think I mentioned that idea earlier, but if not, it shall be a group of volunteers who would make subtitles for my videos in their own language, because some people want ...
"Интернационала" (The Internationale) - Left-wing Anthem (Yugoslav Version)
Views 24511 months ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! Before we get on with the song, I wish to say something. I'd like to dedicate this video to my friend Marko, with who I got in a fight a few months ago, and that fight ended our long friendship. I didn't want it to happen, and I'll gladly take all the guilt on me if it means everything will be as it was before. If you're reading this, then please, forgive...
"Клянемся, партия, тебе" (We swear to the Party) - Soviet Communist Song
Views 37611 months ago
Not much could be found about this song, except that the music was composed by Yuri Strzhelinsky, and lyrics written by Vyacheslav Gostinsky. Lyrics: Далёкие годы, нелёгкие годы Бросаясь под пули бойцами встаём И вместе с отцами, октябрьское знамя На самые первые стройки несём И как прежде, ты снова веришь партия в нас Твоя воля, твоё слово - это нам как приказ В том, что цели добьемся, не отст...
"Funkerlied" - Song of German Signal Troops [REUPLOAD]
Views 2.2K11 months ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! I have seen that my video on the song "Funkerlied" got restricted as well, which angers me, because it doesn't have to do anything with the Nazi propaganda or war efforts, and I have decided to reupload this masterpiece. Enjoy! "Funkerlied" is a song of the German radio operators originating from WW2. It doesn't have anything to do with the music genre of...
"Westerwaldlied" (Westerwald Song) - German Folk Song
Views 328Year ago
Same information as for previous one, just more modern recording. Lyrics: Heute wollen wir marschieren Einen neuen Marsch probieren In dem schönen Westerwald Ja da pfeift der Wind so kalt. Oh du schöner Westerwald Über deine Höhen pfeift der Wind so kalt Jedoch der kleinste Sonnenschein Dringt tief in’s Herz hinein. Und die Gretel und der Hans Geh’n des Sonntags gern zum Tanz Weil das Tanzen Fr...
"Westerwald Marsch" (Westerwald March) - German Folk Song
Views 462Year ago
Not much is known about the origins of this song. It was used as an inspiration for numerous songs about the world, including Chilean Armed Forces song "Himno de la Sección" and South Korean military song "Our Nation Forever". In recent years it has become somewhat controversial in Germany due to its origins during the national-socialist era, with the German military ceasing performances of it ...
"La Sagra di Giarabub" (The Saga of Giarabub) - Italian song about North Africa Campaign
Views 213Year ago
The songs says about an event that occurred in 1940 when the Commonwealth Forces isolated the Giarabub Oasis in Libya, leaving a regiment of 2100 Italians trapped there with insufficient supplies, but they did not know that those Italians were not willing to give up, which caused a twelve-hour combat and heavy Allied losses, despite of very few supplies and the starvation and thirst which haunt...
"Kaarina" - Finnish Marching Song
Views 619Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! I am deeply sorry for this massive inactivity, I had some problems in the school, too much work to do, and I didn't have access to my PC for a week or so. I was only able to see and respond to comments through my phone. "Kaarina" is a song of a Finnish origin. It was written based on one of the most popular German songs - Erika. It was intended for the vo...
"Steg Partije" (Banner of the Party) - Yugoslav Communist Song
Views 285Year ago
Greetings, dear members of RU-clip! Yesterday, we finally got 100th subscribers on this channel, and, on this occasion, I want to thank each and every of you who supported me this far. Also, I will be uploading one of my personal favorites amongst the music I listen to, so here we go. "Steg Partije" (Banner of the Party) is a song which was created as a reaction to the accusations from the Reso...
"Четырнадцать минут до старта" (14 Minutes until Start) - Anthem of the Soviet Space Program
Views 289Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! Again, sorry for inactivity, my school break was over this Monday, and I had a lot of stuff to do, thus not making videos. While this school period lasts, I will try to upload 1-2 videos in the span of this five days (Monday-Friday), and 1-2 on Saturday and Sunday. Overall, you can expect 3 videos a week. "Четырнадцать минут до старта" (14 Minutes until S...
"Sosban Fach" (Little Saucepan) - Welsh Folk Song
Views 5KYear ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! First of all, I'd like to apologize for inactivity, I planned to upload this one three days ago, but there were some problems with my internet. I had a ton of mobile data, thus i could see and reply to your comments. Another thing, you might have noticed a thumbnail of a kind, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on that - should I make one for every video,...
"Krupp und Krause" (Krupp and Krause) - West German Pro-GDR Song
Views 557Year ago
I couldn't find any information about this song, so here's the text. Lyrics: Durch Deutschland geht ein tiefer Riss Der spaltet die Nation - 'Ne Neuheit ist das nicht, gewiss - Doch von Interesse schon! Das Beispiel »Krupp und Krause« klärt Den wirklichen Verlauf Der deutschen Spaltung - zugehört! - Als Klassenfrage auf! Denn Krupp ist Monopolherr Und Krause ist Prolet - Das ist der Klassengege...
"Svi smo jedna armija" (We are all one army) - Anthem of the JNA
Views 259Year ago
"Svi smo jedna armija" (We are all one army), otherwise known as "Moj je otac bio partizan" (My fatherwas a partisan) is an anthem of Yugoslav People's Army (JNA). It was typically sung at the end of the Yugoslav Armed Forces Medley after the anthems of the three major branches of the military. It was composed in 1974 by Branko Karakaš, and sung by "Dubrovački trubaduri" Lyrics: Moj je otac bio...
"Черноглазая казачка" (Dark-eyed Cossack Girl)
Views 235Year ago
Song in this recording was sung by Leonid Kharitonov accompanied by Red Army Choir. Kharitonov was noted in the West in 1965 for his video of the "Song of the Volga Boatmen". Lyrics: Черноглазая казачка Подковала мне коня. Серебро с меня спросила, Труд недорого ценя. Как зовут тебя, молодка? А молодка говорит: Имя ты мое услышишь Из под топота копыт. Я по улице поехал, По дороге поскакал. По тр...
"Der Offene Aufmarsch" (The Open Deployment) - East German Anti-NATO Song
Views 254Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! As I just saw now, I have reached 50 subscribers, which I consider a milestone of some kind, and I'd like to thank everybody who supported me and helped me grow to this moment! And another thing - I was listing through statistics of the channel, and I saw that 96% of my viewers aren't subscribed, so I'd like to ask you to subscribe if you haven't already....
"Aj Karmela" (Ay Carmela) - Serbian Anti-communist song
Views 5KYear ago
"Aj Karmela" (Ay Carmela) is a Serbian anti-communist song which was written during the World war 2. It is a "copy" of the popular Spanish republican song "Ay Carmela", hence why I couldn't find any more information, so enjoy! Lyrics: Mi smo vojska ugnjetača I njihovih pomagača Legionara i Fašista aj Karmela, aj Karmela Legionara i Fašista aj Karmela, aj Karmela Želja nam je ostvarena Sad crven...
"British Grenadiers" - Song of the British Grenadier Troops
Views 329Year ago
"The British Grenadiers" is a traditional marching song of British and Canadian military units whose badge of identification features a grenade, the tune of which dates from the 17th century. It is the Regimental Quick March of the Royal Artillery (since 1716), Corps of Royal Engineers (since 1787), the Honourable Artillery Company (since 1716), Grenadier Guards 'The First (later 'Grenadier') R...
"Varsovan Laulu" - Finnish Warszavianka
Views 411Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! As i saw that my posts weren't showing up to you, I will post 2 comments on this video for you to tell me your opinions, so I can adopt this channel to it's viewers. "Varsovan Laul" has not much of a history, it's simply a finnish version of the Polish song revolutionary song, "Warszawianka" (which I thought to post soon); it's also called "Varšavjanka". ...
"Три танкиста" (Three Tankmen) - Soviet Military Song
Views 290Year ago
"Три танкиста" (Three Tankmen) is a song from the Soviet movie Tractorists, filmed in 1939. This one is about the Soviet-Japanese border conflict, Battle of Khalkhin Gol. It speaks about the crew of a BT-7 tank successfully defending their Soviet motherland and her Mongolian ally from the Japanese invaders. Lyrics: На границе тучи ходят хмуро, Край суровый тишиной объят. У высоких берегов Амура...
"Czerwona Holota" (Red Scum) - Polish Anti-communist song
Views 506Year ago
Only thing I could find about this song is that it speaks of group of the former Polish Underground Resistance who went to battle against the invaders (Soviets), who installed a communist regime in the country after WW2, and their puppets, and it lasted up until the 80's. Lyrics: Był już krwawy Bierut I krwawy Gomułka Potem krwawy Gierek, Teraz wojtka spółka. Obojętnie kto z nich Będzie rządzić...
"Bella Ciao" (Goodbye Beautiful) - Song of Italian Anti-fascist Movement
Views 646Year ago
"Bella ciao" (Goodbye beautiful) is an Italian folk song that was adopted as an anthem of the anti-fascist resistance. It was used by the Italian partisans during the Italian Civil War between 1943 and 1945 in their struggle against the fascist Italian Social Republic and its Nazi German allies. "Bella ciao" is used worldwide as an anti-fascist hymn of freedom and resistance. The song has much ...
"Прощай Германия" (Goodbye Germany) - Soviet Victory Day Song
Views 201Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! As I promised, I will upload a set of videos to make up this period of me being unactive. But first, I've got a couple of announcements. First of all - video representing the song "Narva Pataljon Laul" is even more popular. I would like to thank everybody for showing support and helping me grow, because it is insane for me at this point to have a video wi...
"Roter Wedding" (Red Wedding) - Song of the German Red Front
Views 293Year ago
"Red Wedding" is a song of the workers movement in Germany (Weimar Republic), and was originally the performance song of the Agitprop Troupe "Der rote Wedding". The melody was composed by Hanns Eisler, and text written by Erich Weinert. Wedding, a locality in Berlin, was called "Red Wedding" for its militant, largely Communist working class, where communists and nazis had clashes in the 1920's....
"Песня объединённых армий" (Song of the United Armies) - Anthem of the Warsaw Pact
Views 289Year ago
Warsaw Pact was the Eastern Bloc’s military alliance created during the Cold war, which was created in May 1955 because of West Germany joining NATO. Lyrics: Мы не хотим войны но снова, коль враг нарушит наш покой, За мир и счастье мы готовы, на грозный бой, на правый бой! Мы на удар в ответ ударим, Советский воин и мадьяр, Поляк и чех, румын, болгарин, ответят на любой удар! Друзья, друзья, су...
"Марш артиллерии Сталина" (March of Stalin's Artillery) - Soviet Military March
Views 152Year ago
"Марш артиллерии Сталина" (March of Stalin's Artillery) is a Soviet era song originating from the times of WW2. It was written in 1943 by Viktor Gusev, and composed by Tikhon Khrennikov. Lyrics: Горит в сердцах у нас любовь к земле родимой, Идем мы в смертный бой за честь родной страны. Пылают города, охваченные дымом, Гремит в седых лесах суровый бог войны. Артиллеристы, Сталин дал приказ! Арт...
"Frente al Cabo de Palos" (In front of Cape of Palos) - Spanish Civil War Song
Views 302Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! I'm sorry for not uploading these days, I had some problems with PC, and you can expect a few videos in the next hour or so. One more thing to say - I was looking at the stats of the "Narva Pataljon Laul" song, and what I saw literally blew me away. It has nearly 700 views, which is absolutely insane for me at the moment, so let's see if we can do it agai...
MOW Intro
Views 179Year ago
"Rhodesians Never Die" - Rhodesian Patriotic Song
Views 91Year ago
"Rhodesians Never Die" is a Rhodesian patriotic song, written and first recorded by Rhodesian singer-songwriter Clem Tholet in 1973. Though originally released as a pop song, its lyrics caused it to gain an iconic status amongst Rhodesians during the Rhodesian Bush War of the 1970s. Lyrics: Here's the story of Rhodesia A land b...
"Soldaten Marsch" (Soldiers, march) - East-german military March
Views 229Year ago
"Soldaten Marsch" (Soldiers, march) is military march originating from East Germany (Deutsches Demokratisches Republik - DDR). It's a german version of the Soviet march "В путь" (Let's go) composed in 1954, which you can find on this channel. This recording special was sung by "Unterwegs" choir. Lyrics: Unser Weg ist noch nicht zu Ende, Kamerad, blick weit voran, sieh im Wind die Fahne vor uns ...
"Narva Pataljon Laul" (Song of Narva Battalion) - Estonian SS Anthem
Views 66KYear ago
"Narva Pataljon Laul" (Song of Narva Battalion) is Estonian SS Battalion song written by German soldier Hillar Erma in 1944 during World War II It was originally dedicated to Estonian soldiers of the Estonian SS volunteer armored armor battalion "Narva" and the 5th SS Armored Division "Wiking", but later the songwriter, Hillar Erma, changed the wording, interweaving the text "and the Nevel swam...
"Ain't I Right" - American Anti-communist Song
Views 270Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! First things first - happy New year to all of you! I hope you celebrated it in joy and with loved ones, and I hope 2019 will be the best year of your life so far! "Ain't I Right" is an American anti-communist song written in 1966 by Marty Robbins. He wrote and recorded this song that takes aim at communists (“a bearded, bathless bunch”), protestors (“tram...
"Partisanen vom Amur" (Partisans of Amur) - Song of German Democratic Republic
Views 184Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! One of the last videos, "Erika", had blown up with the views, and it was extremely unexpected for it to be that popular! I'd want to thank all of you for that, and let's see if we can accomplish the same again. Now, onto the video. "Partisanen vom Amur" (Partisans of Amur - also "Through the mountains, through the steppe") is the German version of the Rus...
"Zem Musu Kajam" (Under our feet) - Latvian SS Anthem
Views 1.3KYear ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! First of all, I wish you all Merry Christmas! May you celebrate it in happiness and joy, and with your loved ones! I want to apologize for inactivity, and I should probably start uploading on daily in a few days. Now, let's get back to music. "Zem Musu Kajam" (Under our feet) if the song of Latvian SS divisions, specially 15th and 19th Latvian Grenadier L...
"Боят настана" - Bulgarian Patriotic Song
Views 1.5KYear ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip. We are back with another song. "Боят настана" was a Bulgarian patriotic song written and composed by Ivan Vazov. I couldn't find any other information about this song. Lyrics: Боят настава, тупкат сърца ни - ето ги близо наште душмани. Дързост дружина вярна, сговорна - ний не сме веке рая покорна. Бийте, братя, Бог е с нас, вража порода - бой за чест и св...
"Föl Föl Vitézek" (Top-up Knights) - Hungarian Patriotic Song
Views 4.3KYear ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! Today, I bring you a new innovation, this time from Hungary. "Föl Föl Vitézek" is a Hungarian patriotic song composed by Béni Egressy in 1849, while he did his service in the Komárom fortress (under the command of György Klapka) during the Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-49. The defense of the Komárom fortress and the sorties during it are amon...
"Njet Molotoff" - Finnish Winter War Song
Views 276Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! Today, we are back en route with the songs of newer times. This time, we will take a look at the Finnish front. "Njet Molotoff" is a Finnish war song written during the Winter war, otherwise known as Finnish-Soviet war. It was written by Taavetti Pekkarinen, and music was composed by Lennart Mathias Jurvanen. THe song is about Soviet Minister of Foreign P...
"By Order of the King" - British WW1 Song
Views 169Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! Today, we will take a look at the WW1 song of English origin. This will probably be one of the last WW1 posts for the time being, with some more songs added until the end of the week. Now, the song itself... "By Order of the King" was a World war 1 song written by Albert E. MacNutt and composed by M. F. Kelly. Assumption is that it's purpose was to encour...
"La Madelon" (Madelon) - French WW1 Song
Views 2.1KYear ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! Today, we will take a look at the another one of musical masterpieces of the time of WW1, this time from the French point of view. La Madelon or Quand Madelon, also known in English as Madelon (I'll Be True to the Whole Regiment) is a French popular song of World War I. Although it is mostly known as "La Madelon" the proper title is "Quand Madelon" which ...
"Тамо далеко" (Over there far away) - Serbian WW1 Song
Views 119Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip. Because I didn't upload much videos for the past period of time, I am uploading another song for this night, and you can expect much more for the weekend! Today, we take a look at the Serbian side of the war. "Тамо далеко" (Over there far away) is a Serbian WW1 era song. The words of the song are sung by a Serbian soldier at Corfu after a cruel retreat ac...
"Over there" - American WW1 Song
Views 286Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! Sorry for this period of inactivity, I had some real-life issues, long story. Well, today, we are back with another one of WW1 songs, which will be continued until the beginning of December, maybe little bit longer. Little annotation - if you know any good WW1 songs, please, share their names in the comments, and possibly lyrics and/or some information. "...
"Марш сибирского полка" (March of the Siberian Regiment) - Russian Military March
Views 275Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! Today, we are bringing you yet another song from the period of World war 1, and this is a very special one. One little note before we get to the song description and lyrics - my last video on German WW1 march got restricted in numerous states, and got it's rating and comments system disabled. If any of the readers have reported the video for some reason -...
"Argonnerwaldlied" (Forest of Argonne Song) - German WW1 Military Song
Views 551Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! It's been a long time since I've uploaded a video. As we all know, 2 days ago, on 11th of November, we celebrated 100th anniversary of the end of World war 1, and in that honor, I will be uploading WW1 songs for the next period of time. We will start of with a song of German origin, and all of the songs will be mixed up! "Argonnerwaldlied" (Forest of Argo...
"В коммунизм великий Сталин нас ведёт" (To Communism Great Stalin Led Us) - Soviet Patriotic Song
Views 121Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! It's been 2 days since I've uploaded last song, so here we go again. "В коммунизм великий Сталин нас ведёт" (To Communism the Great Stalin Led Us) is a Soviet patriotic song. It represents Stalin and his form of communism as the best and glorious one. Not much information could I find about this song, but here you are some... Lyrics: Когда в семнадцатом г...
"Марш защитников Москвы" (March of the Defenders of Moscow) - Soviet Military March
Views 61Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip. Today, we are representing you with first Soviet military march on this channel! "Марш защитников Москвы" (March of the Defenders of Moscow) was, as it says, dedicated to the Soviet soldiers that participated in the defense of Soviet Union's capital city - Moscow. Not much information could I find about this song. Lyrics: В атаку стальными рядами Мы посту...
"Гимн партии большевиков" (Anthem of the Bolshevik Party) - Soviet Communist Party Anthem
Views 162Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! TOday, we will take a look at one of the more official songs of the Soviet era. "Гимн партии большевиков" (Anthem of the Bolshevik Party), was, as it's name says, anthem of the Russian communist party. It was written in the same manner as the National Anthem of the Soviet Union, just with the different lyrics. It was written by V. Lebedev-Kumach, and musi...
"По долинам и по взгорьям" (Through valleys and over hills) - Soviet Partisan Song
Views 86Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! To finalize today's day, we represent you with yet another Soviet era music, and you probably heard of this from one of our previous videos. "По долинам и по взгорьям" (Through valleys and over hills) if the world-wide known song, translated to many languages, one of them being Yugoslav (Serbo-Croatian), which version we represented on this channel as "Po...
"В путь" (Let's Go) - Soviet Patriotic Song
Views 174Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip. For the second time today, we represent you with another of the Russian songs of the Soviet era. "В путь" (Let's Go) is Soviet patriotic song composed by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi and written by Mikhail Dudin in 1954. It was originally written for the movie "Maxim Perepelitsa" which was released in 1955, but the song gained massive fame and glory independent ...
"Красная Армия всех сильней" (The Red Army is the Strongest) - Soviet Patriotic Song
Views 108Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! Today, we represent you with another one of the numerous Russian songs of the Soviet era, this one maybe one of the most known of them all. "Красная Армия всех сильней" (The Red Army is the Strongest) or otherwise known as "Белая Армия, чёрный барон" (White army, Black baron) is a Russian song originating from the time of Russian civil war, and was meant ...
"Be Glorious, our Free Motherland" - National Anthem of the Soviet Union (1977)
Views 188Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip. As I promised you, we are bringing something different this time - national anthem of the Soviet Union. I probably won't upload music linearly after I finish with the Soviet era, but randomly. National anthem of the Soviet Union, whose real name is "Be Glorious our Free Motherland" was the official national anthem of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic...
"Po šumama i gorama" (Through the forests and hills) - Yugoslav Partisans' Song
Views 233Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! This is the last Yugoslav song I'm going to upload, at least in the time soon. This may be the last song, but surely isn't the least popular. This is the most known, and most famous song, throughout the world... "Po šumama i gorama" (Through the forests and hills) is, as said before, most famous song from the Yugoslav era of time, and still is popular amo...
"More i mornari" (Sea and sailors) - Yugoslav Navy Song
Views 386Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip! Today, we represent you with yet another song of Yugoslav origin. Just a little announcement before we continue - there are probably going to be a few more Yugoslav songs, and then we will get to others. Today's song is different from the others, because it was official army song of SFR Yugoslavia, specially Navy song. It is also longer than the previous ...
"Uz Marsala Tita" (With Marshal Tito) - Yugoslav Partisan Song
Views 134Year ago
Greetings, dear members of RU-clip. To conclude today's session of videos, I will post one more Yugoslav song. This time, we will represent one of more known Yugoslav songs... "Uz Marsala Tita" (With Marshal Tito) is one of the most known Yugoslav songs. It was composed during the World War 2, and was first time played publicly in 1943, on the second meeting of "AVNOJ" (Anti-fascist congress of...
"Kud narodna vojska prodje" (Where the People's Army Passes) - Yugoslav Partisan Song
Views 185Year ago
Greetings, dear members of the RU-clip. Welcome to my second video. From now on, I will stop announcing videos like this. Anyways, I hope you will like the song represented in this video. "Kud narodna vojska prodje" (Where the People's Army Passes) is Yugoslav Partisan's song composed during the World War 2. Origins, and most of the other information, are unknown to today's date, but the lyrics...
"Hej Sloveni" (Hey Slavs) - National Anthem of SFR Yugoslavia
Views 167Year ago
Hello dear members of the RU-clip! Welcome to my channel, Music of War. This is my first video ever, so I hope you will like it. If you like old music, especially military one, you will like this channel, and you are more than welcome to stay here! "Hej Sloveni" (Hey Slavs) is the national anthem of the former SFR Yugoslavia. It was just a patriotic song in the first place, until 1945, when it ...


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    Mein lied

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    Fuck the fascists !

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    Press F to pay respect to Germany for composing such an amazing song

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    Great song

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    German marches gets me marching vibe lol

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    Where's mein radio?

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    FpsCount100 18 days ago

    People still think that Estonians liked Germans. They disliked the Germans just as much as the Russians. Great Grandfather conscripted into this battalion as well.

  • People's Union of Wales

    Can the next song be 'Men of Harlech' please

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 18 days ago

      I actually tried uploading it a few days ago, but it immediately got severely restricted and taken down due to Copyright Guidelines violation.

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    austria for ever

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    Love this

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    I Love German

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    thanks for reupoloading, this is my favorite version

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    I love this music !

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    One version I favored 'Naxsoamerica' & 'RU-clip' got it removed because it violated copyright laws here in America, but could be seen in other countries. One person on YT said that N.A. had copy writes on the original theme of "Stars Wars".

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official Month ago

      Oh yeah, Naxsoamerica got my "Farewell of Slavianka" removed from RU-clip because of the violation of copyright laws. It's really ridicolous how they remove literally everything these days...

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    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official Month ago

      @Luan Rosa Have you considered using ?

    • Luan Rosa
      Luan Rosa Month ago

      I already researched the name of the band, the name of the song in English and Russian and I can't find it to download it in good quality

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official Month ago

      I think there is no album, but I'll check it out. It was sung by the Red Navy Choir (this information might be useful to you)

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    I might need this in school if my time has come

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    Браво приятель, каждая честь за усилия

  • Music of War Official

    I'd once again like to apologize for not uploading in a long time. Well, that's only partially true. I actually uploaded "Farewell of Slavianka" two days ago, but it was just today that I saw it was taken down because of the violation of copyright guidelines.

  • Kleinimus Prime
    Kleinimus Prime Month ago

    The importance of the radio corps is always under appreciated. The effect they had/have on morale is not insignificant.

  • Ryan Lol
    Ryan Lol Month ago

    one of my favorites but i like the panzerlied hoi4 version better lmoa

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official Month ago

      Yeah, that one is perfect, but I thought it would be better to upload this iconic version first. Actually, I might upload HOI4 and one other version soon.

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    Let's see how long it takes until RU-clip decides that this is hatespeech and is removed 😒

    • Music of War Official
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      Let us hope they will actually not take this down, but chances for that are, unfortunately, quite low... 😔

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    Ko je pravi komunista nek LAJKUJE

  • Bogdan Simovic
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    Pozdrav za sve drugove komuniste

  • People's Union of Wales

    I feel like I had a part in this

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official Month ago

      Of course I can comrade, thank you for the suggestion!

    • People's Union of Wales
      People's Union of Wales Month ago

      It's a good song I like it, next can you do "Yma o hyd" please

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official Month ago

      You had comrade, to a certain extent you had a part in uploading this. I didn't know if I should risk this, but after seeing the support for this video, I decided to upload it.

  • Music of War Official

    I'd like to apologize for not uploading anything until now. All hell broke loose during the last 10 days, it's miracle I managed to stay alive. Anyway, enjoy the video!

  • N O L M Animates
    N O L M Animates 2 months ago

    Ah yes the original

  • Piefkerl
    Piefkerl 2 months ago

    If you want another good GDR song, there is "Hammer und Zirkel im Ährenkranz".

  • Music of War Official
    Music of War Official 2 months ago

    Should I risk and try to upload "Panzerlied" next?

  • Music of War Official
    Music of War Official 2 months ago

    By the way comrades, I have thought of maybe changing the name of my channel to something different (because it seems like RU-clip really dislikes the word "War"). Thought of maybe naming it "Musica militaria" or something like that (I am yet to come up with a good name). So, what do you think? If you agree with this idea, leave your suggestions for a new name here!

  • Rainer Ait
    Rainer Ait 2 months ago

    was there some specific video you got banned for or was it the whole of your channel?

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 2 months ago

      I don't think so. They hadn't taken down or restricted any of my videos two-three weeks prior to them banning me. But if that's the case, then I assume I was taken down because some German song, most likely "Erika", "Russlandlied" or "Sieg Heil, Viktoria"

  • Ryan Lol
    Ryan Lol 2 months ago

    oh thats why i haven seen you uploading for awhile

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 2 months ago

      Yeah comrade, that's the reason. But I'm glad that, even after these 7 months of ban, I can see old faces like yours is.

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    Песня красивая. Безусловно. Совок -- говно.

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    WE MADE IT RU-clip RELISED US FROM IT'S LEFTIST CLAWS!! LONG LIVE ESTONIA BROTHERS!! btw my grand drand father escaped the soviets and the ss let him get away from the soviet monster beacuse they knew theyd return

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 2 months ago

      @MrToxic Oh, brother, this may be the nicest thing I've ever heard during my career on RU-clip. The most and only thing I care about are my followers. I don't care for money or any other materialistic thing, but people like you matter to me the most.

    • MrToxic
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      @Music of War Official thank you for caring about all the followers and i think i speak for all of us when i say that in difference of how youtube does it you actually delivers which make you a great youtuber, thank you

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 2 months ago

      @MrToxic Comrade, whatever makes my community happy, makes me happy as well; I'm all about making you guys satisfied, happy, relaxed - whatever you feel at the given moment.

    • MrToxic
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      @Music of War Official that makes me happy

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 2 months ago

      Of course comrade, we're finally back on this platform! I have received an e-mail earlier today and I was so happy that they actually decided to revoke a ban on my channel. It's so good to be back with my community once again!

  • Cici adam
    Cici adam 9 months ago

    Why the middle is same to the byzantine flag(except colors?.

    • Jaf Gdfb
      Jaf Gdfb 25 days ago

      That one of many types of Serb flag (this was under german occupation)

  • Toivo Tungal
    Toivo Tungal 10 months ago

    eesti parlamendile sobilik laul

  • Piefkerl
    Piefkerl 10 months ago

    Ya hemos pasao! .... .... Sorry but I had to do it :D

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 10 months ago

      Oh, yeah, I remember. That's what Franco said when Nationalists captured Madrid.

    • Piefkerl
      Piefkerl 10 months ago

      @Music of War Official It means "We already passed!" in Spanish. It's what the nationalists sung after their victory in the Spanish Civil War.

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 10 months ago

      I don't get it, but don't worry, you are free to do so XD

  • Slavic Boi
    Slavic Boi 10 months ago

    I love all songs like these, anything

    • Slavic Boi
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      @Music of War Official yes

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      Music of War Official 10 months ago

      Yeah, I could say they are the best of all, but it's all a matter of taste.

  • Ryan Lol
    Ryan Lol 10 months ago

    Lord of the Rings Yugoslavian Version lol jk

  • People's Union of Wales

    Do Men Of Harlech next

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    Respect from brazil 🇧🇷

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    Yeah!Estonia SS Army March is well

    • Avarid Mapping
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      I am Turkish. ı am not Estonian but ı love this march

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    Дай му!!

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    Someone can give the clarinet note

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    Why does it sound like those of soviet union

  • Qub1tus
    Qub1tus 10 months ago

    Its Heino with Westerwald. Theres no difference between March and Song. Its the Same.. the Version here is only a remake from the German Artist Heino. Greetz

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 10 months ago

      Hello there! Yeah, I know it's the same thing, but the "march" version sounds much more like a military march, while this one sounds somewhat "romantic", if I can express myself like that, and I wanted to provide both the versions to the YT, thus this one is called "Westerwald Song", and the other one "Westerwald March". But anyways, thank you for the heads-up! Greetings!

  • Petar
    Petar 10 months ago

    Za kralja i otadžbinu!

    • Destić
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      E ako oces mozes li pogledati moj KLIP O KOLUBARSKOJ I CERSKOJ BITCI I DATI MI PODRSKU

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    I remeber those days Mud blood and war Yes those days the good old days

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    It feels relaxing, hearing the Old Era of Yugoslavia....

  • Affliction PL
    Affliction PL 10 months ago

    Hi. I'm from Poland and I could help you with the translation

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 10 months ago

      Well I'd be very grateful if you do that. You could write it here, in the comments section

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    As Commies didn't copy songs

  • Ryan Lol
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    i wonder whats the next video

  • Music of War Official
    Music of War Official 10 months ago

    Hello everybody! Forgot to mention this in the description - my friend just started a new channel of his own, and I'd like to ask you all to show him support (if possible). It'll mean as much to me as it would to him. He is currently in the process of setting up the channel, but he shall be up and running pretty soon. Here's the link to his channel: I'd like to thank in advance to those who decide to subscribe to him, or to show support in any other way :)

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    Better than Czech anthem...💗💗💗💗🔝🔝

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    Cymru am byth Welsh men never yield Edit: thanks for the heart

  • Christian Beck
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    When Germans and Russians have a love child

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    We do not argue with those who disagree with us,we destroy them-Benito Musollini.

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    Izdajnicki okot

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      Ti si izdajnik

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      @SERBIAN NATIONALIST swiftkey се зове тастатура коју користим. Такође молим те склони тај SS знак са слике јер не приличи уз тај лого Недићеве Србије.

    • Мистер Серботрон
      Мистер Серботрон 9 months ago

      @SERBIAN NATIONALIST пре бих рекао да си ти "kidara" пошто користиш ту реч...

    • Мистер Серботрон
      Мистер Серботрон 10 months ago

      Нек су издакници 1000 пута ако су спасили 22000 срба оправдано им је

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      Глуп си момак

  • Rainer Ait
    Rainer Ait 10 months ago

    Hey! I'd be interested in making Estonain subtitles, hit me up if you got more info or need more.

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 10 months ago

      Thank you comrade! I'll keep you in mind when creating a group. For now, don't worry about anything, you will get more information when the time comes.

  • Milán Dávida
    Milán Dávida 11 months ago

    Excellent translation!

  • rorschach1985ify
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    Video is great. Ignore that Brit Bong in the comments who is intent on a being a petty little shit instead of appreciating a song on another countries perspective.

  • Quirin
    Quirin 11 months ago

    Its like the finnish version of erika

  • copsondonuts
    copsondonuts 11 months ago

    Why wont germany use this flag again, such a terrific flag

    • Joshua Romero
      Joshua Romero 26 days ago

      Fr it this and the iron cross looks way better.

    • Admiral Mudkip
      Admiral Mudkip Month ago

      At least the red white and black one, it looks better imo

  • Cuntonio Cunte
    Cuntonio Cunte 11 months ago

    Mysmo voiska ûnietacha y nîjovik pomagacha leguionara y fashista, ay Karmela, ay Karmela leguionara y fashista, ay Karmela, ay Karmela Shelia namie ozvarena zad jervenic visha nema zgromishe âvioni, tenkovi, kâmioni, ay Karmela zveus pômoch munitzie, îz nemotchke italie, ay Karmela Satre lehi bombe vishe odoluhie ihed kishe neese ova pesma ori, ay Karmela, ay Karmela h’potzumu yamigori, ay Karmela, ay Karmela

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    Very good somg Comrade.

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    • Siegfried Faust
      Siegfried Faust 11 months ago

      @Slavic Boi ww2 was just a complete tragedy in general

    • Slavic Boi
      Slavic Boi 11 months ago

      @Siegfried Faust Yeah me neither, but at least the west had it "fair" because they also controlled berlin

    • Siegfried Faust
      Siegfried Faust 11 months ago

      @Slavic Boi i don't like that either man

    • Slavic Boi
      Slavic Boi 11 months ago

      @Siegfried Faust Just like the west conquering West germany but we don't talk about that cause it's not Communist.

    • Siegfried Faust
      Siegfried Faust 11 months ago

      @Music of War Official idunno. upload what you want

  • ? unknow
    ? unknow 11 months ago

    Hey dude if you really are going to create a group for subtitles you can be sure I will be there, when I heard the music quality I instantly hit the sub button,salutes from Italy :)

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 13 days ago

      @? unknow Thank you too comrade! Take good care of your health and stay safe!

    • ? unknow
      ? unknow 14 days ago

      @Music of War Official I'll be waiting here for your next upload and for the subtitles group announcement, thank you really much!! Stay healthy😁

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 18 days ago

      @? unknow Well hello comrade! Don't worry for not answering, I think you had no possible way of doing it since my channel was down from May of 2019 up until the January of 2020, so yeah... I will continue to make more and more videos, that's for sure, it's just that I was in a really bad situation for the past few weeks (life has been tough), so you can expect me to return on RU-clip by the end of this week. Now, that project of making group for the people who will write subtitles has died down because of obvious reasons, but as soon as I revive my channel a bit more I'll start planning it again. I will most likely make a special video announcing my ideas, so you don't have to worry about that. Anyway, thank you for your offer of help, I appreciate it very much! Have a nice rest of the day!

    • ? unknow
      ? unknow 18 days ago

      @Music of War Official thank you too for continuing to make videos! ~ I'm sorry for not answering for a long time but I'm still ready to give some help~ by the way I like the music you post so there are no requests from me;) Have a wonderful day!

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 11 months ago

      Hello there! First thing to say - thank you for everything written in this comment. I planned on making a group sometimes soon, when I see people are willing to help me. Now, don't worry about that, when the time comes, I will notify everyone that the group is up, and that I will add anyone who wants to join (planned on making that group by beginning of June). And yet again, thank you for volunteering, it means a lot to me to see people who want to help my ass make a better video, suitable for a wider public 😀 P.S. you can ask me anything you're interested in.

  • Ernst Erzählmann
    Ernst Erzählmann 11 months ago

    Letzte ehrliche Kameraden

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    aga miks parast seda Nõukogude Liit hakkas küüditamine tegema Eestis?

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    Respect from your American Brother 🇺🇸🇪🇪🇺🇸🇪🇪

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    Ay carmela is a communist song, you are so wrong piece of shit

  • Papa Tapio
    Papa Tapio 11 months ago

    Tosin loistava laulu! (That's Finnish for "A truly glorious song!").

  • Andor Tóth
    Andor Tóth 11 months ago

    Respect and Great song from Hungary! My great-grandfather fought in the hungarian Hunyadi SS division. He was an armored driver. At the end of november, 1944 his 41M Turán tank got a shot on it's right side by a russian Zis-3 Anti-Tank gun. The AT gun penetrated and made his tank unusable, also killed the tank captain and the loader of ammunition. He and another 2 guy of the crew got out of the tank but 1 of them was killed by the russians as he tried to take up defensive position by the tank. As he and his comrade were defending the wreck of the tank they killed 8 russians, then the russians charged the wreck and killed his last comrade too. My great-grandfather could kill there 2 russians by his Király 43M submachine-gun but 1 of the russians shot a full series of PPSH magazine onto his left leg. He was nearly took as POW ( The damn soviet commies would bring him to a Siberian gulag! ) when suddenly a group of 3 estonian panzergrenadiers fought back the attackers from the wreck and saved his life. They took him behind the front lines and he was sent home to the small town of Szécsény where now I live too. I wanna thank you brave estonian brothers that you saved my great-grandfather's life so I could born too! :-)

  • Jeremy Gunn
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    Hell yeah

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    Good luck in the future!

  • Some epic gamer boy
    Some epic gamer boy 11 months ago

    Wow this isn’t quite as good as Despacito but I guess some Spanish people always make the best music

  • Ryan Lol
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    Tito would be proud le mao

  • This again
    This again 11 months ago

    Dude I found out about your channel about half an hour ago while looking for some Finnish WWII songs and dang, I can’t believe that your channel isn’t massive! The music you post have some of the best quality I’ve heard! Keep up the work man!

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 11 months ago

      Aw, thank you! It's people like you that keep me going on. Be sure the work will be kept up. And again, thank you for your support!

  • Ryan Lol
    Ryan Lol 11 months ago

    Rush B

  • Sinisa Vacev
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  • Citizen of World
    Citizen of World 11 months ago

    Слава Эстонии!

  • Echo
    Echo 11 months ago

    Remember, for education purposes, this person does not condone the SSes actions as far as we know

    • Levi For Waifu
      Levi For Waifu 10 months ago

      For historical archives purposes, obviously

  • Wild YT
    Wild YT 11 months ago

    If you listen closely it sounds like SS Latvian division song

    • Wild YT
      Wild YT 11 months ago

      I wish I could see my grand grandfather fighting against Germans in soviet army :(

    • Wild YT
      Wild YT 11 months ago

      Oh okay

    • Music of War Official
      Music of War Official 11 months ago

      It does, because both songs share same origins, I think. If not that, all three are connected to each other, but I believe the German one was written first, and then these other two.

  • Ryan Lol
    Ryan Lol 11 months ago

    Alfons Rebane wants to know your location

  • Ryan Lol
    Ryan Lol 11 months ago

    this is getting Funky

  • Robert Kreamer
    Robert Kreamer 11 months ago

    Better dead than red ~Canada

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    It was Kruschkevs fault not mine

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    Greetings from Croatia! 🇭🇷🇪🇪

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    Better than the original tbh

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      @Scor Based

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      _ vukrock_ Defeated Now Eh’ Commie?

    • Scor
      Scor 10 months ago

      @Blue eyed Devildude I was kidding I'm a fascist myself, I only made the comment cause I know this dude irl.

    • vukrock
      vukrock 10 months ago

      @Blue eyed Devil Nah fuck u

    • vukrock
      vukrock 10 months ago

      @Scor Right

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    greetings from finland

  • cookingwithdegrelle 1488

    When a Swedistanian says Estonia isn't Nordic

    • Sigurðr
      Sigurðr Month ago

      Can i into nordic

    • Krabis ja
      Krabis ja Month ago

      Nils Ingvar Estonia isnt Nordic


    I hate Nazis and facisism but DAMN IT there music is good

  • Ryan Lol
    Ryan Lol Year ago

    Imagine a song Name *East* erwald

  • Michelis Demetrius

    The same melody as in Latvian waffen-SS division anthem. It looks as it is universal.

  • The Wehrmacht General

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